Fools: Original 3

Fools: Original

Chapter 10

1.1K Dec 11,23 Yeong Ha

Nothing makes Eungi feel anything anymore. Life is a blur between attending college classes, having meaningless drinks with classmates, and maintaining the nearly defunct guitar club. That is, until one day, he comes across a freshman named Jeongwoo, who is eager to make a good impression on his senior. Though Jeongwoo's bubbly personality rubs Eungi in all the wrong ways, Eungi can't help but fee
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Back to the Year When My Husband was the Most Handsome Boy in the School 5

Back To The Year When My Husband Was The Most Handsome Boy In The School

Chapter 15

11.6K Dec 11,23 Fire工作室 , 昔闻今上

Better to chase after my future husband than to chase after idols! Bai Yaoyao, who traveled ten years back in time, decided that she was going to bring forward her claim to married life and woo her wealthy (now hottest guy in school) future husband!Back to the Year When My Husband was the Most Handsome Boy in the School, Back to the Year When My Husband Was the School Hunk, Chong H** Laogong Dangx
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Cupid's Club 5

Cupid's Club

1.6K Dec 07,23 Anecdoche

not found...
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Partly-Cloudy Hearts With Chance of Sunshine 3.2

Partly-Cloudy Hearts With Chance Of Sunshine

Chapter 6

5.7K Dec 08,23 Fuu Aikawa

It's their final year of high school. Gaku's one-sided feelings for Haru, which he'd kept hidden all these years, have begun to stir. They'd been friends ever since high school began, and they thought that their relationship would never change. They would hang out with girls from another school, focus on studying for college entrance exams, and take a breather at the school festival... "I love you
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Uma Musume Pretty Derby PisuPisu☆SupiSupi Golshi-chan 5

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Pisupisu☆Supisupi Golshi-Chan

253 Dec 06,23 Naoki Shibata

Uma Musume Pretty Derby PisuPisu☆SupiSupi Golshi-chan is a spinoff gag manga, featuring Gold Ship as kindergartener
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Heimin no Watashi desu ga Koushaku Reijou-sama o Taburakashite Ikiteimasu 3.7

Heimin No Watashi Desu Ga Koushaku Reijou-Sama O Taburakashite Ikiteimasu

5.5K Dec 06,23 Kitao Taki

Lilah, a commoner, is cast out of the only home she's ever known, finding herself lost in the depths of a forest, on the brink of death. Fate, however, has other plans, as she miraculously reunites with Eva, a young lady of nobility she once played with as a child, narrowly escaping a dire end. Moreover, this encounter leads Lilah to an unexpected role as Eva's personal bodyguard. Now, she faces t
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Inochi no Tabekata 4.2

Inochi No Tabekata

2.5K Dec 06,23 Jyumonji Ao, Eve

Otogiri Tobi, a 2nd grade middle school student, spends his depressing days searching for his missing older brother alongside his inhuman companion, Baku.Tobi used to rarely speak to anyone besides Baku, however one day after his classmate Shiratama Ryuuko suddenly approaches him, his life begins to change...? This is an adventure surrounding the "human" and the "inhuman" that a lone boy f
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Kanpeki na Iinchou-chan to Gouhou Gyaru-chan no Manga 3.5

Kanpeki Na Iinchou-Chan To Gouhou Gyaru-Chan No Manga

2.2K Dec 06,23 Hinosaka Aki

It's a yuri manga!! It's original!! wholesome all-ages manga that isn't illegal at all!
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Thunder 3 5

Thunder 3

1.4K Dec 06,23 Yuuki Ikeda

A trio of teenage boys taken straight from a classic retro-looking gag manga jump through dimensions to a hyper realistic modern sci-fi world Gantz-style in order to save one of the boy's little sister.
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Ruirui Senki 3.6

Ruirui Senki

3.3K Dec 04,23 Amemiya Kento

Kasane are spirits who latch onto the shadows of people's hearts. But as long as Yayoi and Aoba are around, evil spirits won't be hurting any students at the school! Beautiful art and occult action! The door to the unknown has now been opened...
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Natsuki Crisis 5

Natsuki Crisis

2.6K Dec 04,23 Tsuruta Hirohisa

Natsuki is the top female karateka in her high school. Beautiful and cheerful, she charms most people she meets. Most of the young men in her class would dearly like to be the object of her affection but she saves her passion for karate. Unfortunately, all the big ugly thugs she comes across want to fight her so she's always finding practical application for her karate skills. As the series contin
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Point of No Return 4.3

Point Of No Return

2.5K Dec 04,23 Inuoka Nii

Ao, with a cool and kind personality, is known as the most handsome prince in school. His childhood friend Haru, is one year older than him. However, Ao, who's secretly in love with Haru, feels lonely because they're in different grades. Meanwhile, summer vacation begins, and when the two boys are curious about a kissing scene they see on TV; Haru suddenly blurts out, "I wonder what kissing f
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Gunjou Other Half 5

Gunjou Other Half

1.8K Dec 04,23 Yunota Yuu

"I found you, my fated person"I thought it was something that existed in a totally different universe from mine...Naganuki Natsume is unexpectedly assessed to have transitioned into an Omega. Unable to catch a break, on that same day, he meets his "fated pair", Arima Kouta.The naive and innocent Arima, who transferred into his school, remains undettered and constantly whispers his love
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I Have 90 Billion Licking Gold 3.5

I Have 90 Billion Licking Gold

Chapter 15

95.1K Dec 05,23 Fanqie Manhua (番茄漫画)

Chen Yuan, a loser college student, licked the goddess Lin Shutong wildly for three years but was kicked by her. In grief, he accidentally activated the dog-licking gold system. It has 90 billion dog-licking gold in its memory. It can only be used to lick women. The more you spend, the more cash you will get back, and you can also get various attribute bonuses and become Superboy. It’s called the
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The Fan & M Museum

Chapter 2

7.6K Dec 05,23 Akatsuki Akira

I want to find out the secret of the natural and slightly H Mizuki-sensei......!!!?Tenma Akitaka, a curious junior high school boy, has something he can't stop thinking about. It's his homeroom teacher, Mizuki-sensei. Her glasses and dull outfit gives her a plain appearance, but for some reason she always visits the old school building with her cute face!!!!Tenma's intellectual curiosity
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Scandala 3


6.1K Dec 04,23 Matsumoto Denchi

Haku Ogino, who was once hailed as a genius child actor, attends in the entertainment department of Seigun Gakugei High School, one of the top schools in Japan. In this class where stars gather, Haku doesn't have any work in the entertainment industry and spends his days being made fun of, but in reality, his secret identity is Kanda, the mediator who controls the activities of suger moms and dads
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Yuusha-bu Biyori Party♪ 3

Yuusha-Bu Biyori Party♪

1K Dec 04,23 Kotamaru

A peaceful and cute 4koma set in the world of Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru, Hanayui no Kirameki (or YuYuYui) where the Heroes and Mikos of every era come together!
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A New Me at the Academy 5

A New Me At The Academy

Chapter 3

9.8K Dec 02,23 脑回路文化

The Pentacle. Five handsome men. My new life at the academy. Who knew my life would take a turn?A New Me at the Academy, Da Nei Ao Jiao Xueshenghui, Ein Sprung mit Folgen, Tsundere Student Union in Imperial Palace, , mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations
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Iljjin Romance 4.3

Iljjin Romance

Chapter 1

34.8K Dec 01,23 Yuhwa Yuhwa

Jin Daim has no friends, but likes drawing. Iljina is the most popular girl in school, even though she rejects every confession. Daim thinks she and her friends are an annoyance and disturbs his drawing time before class, but all he ever draws is her. Things get complicated when his secret sketch books gets discovered by one of Iljina's friends.
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Kinzoku Slime wo Taoshi Makutta Ore ga 3.3

Kinzoku Slime Wo Taoshi Makutta Ore Ga "kurokou No Ou" To Yobareru Made

Vol.1 Chapter 1: The Miniscule Dungeon That Emerged In The Yard

45K Dec 01,23 Onsen Capybara

One day, a large hole opened up in the yard of a house. There was a mysterious slime with a metallic body that was trembling and shaking.For some reason, Yuma Mitaka, a dull high school student, spends his days exterminating the "metallic slime" that springs up in the hole every morning. As he repeats this daily routine, Yuma's body undergoes an astonishing evolution!This is an unprecedented Musou
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