Island Part 2. 3.4

Island Part 2.

0 Jul 01,22 Youn In-Wan

"On the beautiful Jeju Island, MiHo Won, a beautiful teacher, and Van, a cold and mysterious guy, become entangled in strange events, fighting unknown monsters. A legend of exorcism comics is back as webtoon!"
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Bokura no Ketsumei 4.5

Bokura No Ketsumei

Chapter 18

5,007 Jul 01,22 Kakazu Kazu

Kazu Kakazu's elegantly drawn tale of vampire siblings and the oath that binds them now begins!
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Don't Call Me a Naked Hero in Another World 3

Don't Call Me A Naked Hero In Another World

Chapter 4: The Naked Hero And Naked Socializing

55,043 Jul 01,22 Morishita Mao

You can get cheat skills in a different world, but...Somehow, she has no clothes⁉The naked comedy of the girl from a different world begins!While bathing in a hot spring Runa Hatagami is mistakenly transferred to another world as a hero in a towel...Moreover, the goddess only gave her a weird "Hot Spring" skill and a high defensive power? She managed to get a bath towel with her s
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Norman 5


Vol.3 Chapter 10.1: Control Tower

813 Jun 30,22 Tezuka Osamu

One night in 1968, a strange blue moon dubbed the "Death Moon" is spotted all over the Earth. During this time, Taku Nakazou and his family flee Japan due to his father's involvement in the arms trade. Tasked to go to a remote part of Southeastern Asia, the family later meets two other strangers with extraordinary powers. The new group, while traversing to meet with their "employer", are transpor
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Shinsujeon 3.1


Chapter 9

9,716 Jun 24,22 Satan (마왕)

For the sake of his parents, who became ill after hunting a tiger, Choi Hyeon went to the mountains in search of the sacred guardian tree. Upon finding the sacred tree, a mysterious man named Tak Myeong appeared before him.In return for helping his parents recover, Tak Myeong asks Choi Hyeon to visit him in the mountains for a hundred days. But, will Choi Hyeon be able to repay Tak Myeong’s ki
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My Debut as a Loser! 4.3

My Debut As A Loser!

Chapter 12

12,930 Jun 24,22 野比小培, 阿慢慢, 星空社

The popular actress Lin Meiyu woke up and became her vicious supporting actress! Holding the script, she knew that sooner or later the handsome guys around her would ruin her reputation and die without a burial! Black-bellied assistant Qin Fei: You taught me! Do anything to achieve your goals! Sunshine Security Shen Zai: You said you hate me? Well it's you! Ji Yuancheng, the ultimate b
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Strange Store 3.7

Strange Store

Chapter 14: A Charming Disguise - 2

20,916 Jun 23,22 Xingyue Jiang

This is a ghost online shop that betrays desire. As long as the customer needs it, the black business card will arrive as promised and will be delivered with exclusive items with magical effects. However, no one knows how much it costs to use these items. The legend of “Strange Store” has already started circulating in the city. “The next business card… will it appear next to you?”
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My Mom Is My Constellation 4.6

My Mom Is My Constellation

Chapter 8

125,137 Jun 23,22 갈색팬더

Miraculously, I went back in time after my death. But that isn’t the issue right now.“M-Mom?”My mother, who passed away a few years ago, is my constellation?
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Please Do Errands Instead of Me! 3.7

Please Do Errands Instead Of Me!

Chapter 31

8,864 Jun 30,22 Go Ara

There is a village called Yi Yang Ri where there are demons, love, and secrets.Eunho, who grew up there, became twenty years old just as the goblin who was asleep for twenty years had also woken up.Someone told her that there is something she must do to protect her precious friend... An emotional fantasy where human relationships grow stronger!
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak 4.7

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak

Chapter 6: #6

14,456 Jun 23,22 Karasuma Tasuku,Kadono Kouhei

The year is 1999. Ten years have passed since DIO’s death, but his presence sticks with many of his former followers - including Hol Horse, a mercenary-turned-freelancer. Operating from Egypt, Hol Horse is asked by an elderly woman to find her lost parrot - it was trained by the previous owner of Pet Shop, and therefore may also have a stand. After consulting with Boingo, his reluctant partner w
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Konjiki no Gash!! 2 4.7

Konjiki No Gash!! 2

Chapter 4

17,497 Jun 23,22 Raiku Makoto

The sequel to Konjiki no Gash!!, aka Zatch Bell. Once the battle to decide the King of the demon world, in which 100 demon children fought against each other, had come to an end… the King of the demon world was crowned, and the demon world lived out the rest of its days in peace. Or at least, that was how it was supposed to be. Now, a shocking fact about the demon world comes to light. And i
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Zatch Bell! 2 4.8

Zatch Bell! 2

Vol.1 Chapter 4

11,651 Jun 23,22 Raiku Makoto

The sequel to Konjiki no Gash!!, aka Zatch Bell. Once the battle to decide the King of the demon world, in which 100 demon children fought against each other, had come to an end… the King of the demon world was crowned, and the demon world lived out the rest of its days in peace. Or at least, that was how it was supposed to be. Now, a shocking fact about the demon wor
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Sekai Saikyou no Shinjuu Tsukai 4.3

Sekai Saikyou No Shinjuu Tsukai

Chapter 4

241,570 Jun 23,22 Yasahashi Rakku

Mag (Magu) was gifted the skill , a skill capable of attracting monsters and causing disasters. As such, he was banished from the city. Therefore, he decided to live alone in a hunting cabin deep in the mountains. However, there, he draws the attention of Divine Beasts: Loa the Dragon (a beautiful girl), Fiana the Phoenix (another beautiful girl), and Kelpie the Maera (another beautiful girl)
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X & Ash 4.7

X & Ash

Chapter 37

110,121 Jun 21,22 Kim Sehoon (김세훈)

X, a genius thief, and Ash, a boy with a mysterious past, decide to join the Azure Knights after a chance encounter with Ryu, the prime swordmaster.The entry exam for the Azure Knights is where the best of the best come to show exceptional skills. X and Ash must prove their might and win against the elite aristocrats!Will they be able to become knights? And what cruel destiny will they fac
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The Lazy Swordmaster 4.5

The Lazy Swordmaster

Chapter 20

530,568 Jun 21,22 Chorok Cha

He is a warrior who was chosen by the Holy Sword regardless of his will for the sake of mankind, but he became tired of living for others. Out of salvation, he defeated the last enemy, the Demon King, and decided to die. In order to relieve the burden of being a warrior and a master of the holy sword, he was going to give up on his life and fall into eternal rest... "Oh!! It seems like the young
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Touhou - Kirisame Rinne (Doujinshi) 5

Touhou - Kirisame Rinne (Doujinshi)

5,032 Jun 20,22 Honetsuki Frill (Circle), Ishikawa Spare Rib (Circle)

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The Prophecy of the Parallel Realm 4.5

The Prophecy Of The Parallel Realm

Chapter 4: The Last Alcosen

11,031 Jun 20,22 二十夜

‘Would you like to change it, be it past or future?’ Asked God.There are no accidents in fate.O all-knowing book of prophecy, will you be able to escape the endless cycle?---**Note:** Please support the creator and read the original webcomic (
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Qing Dong 3.7

Qing Dong

Chapter 6

5,781 Jun 20,22 人子Rz

In a beautiful and fantastical world—the Yanhuo Empire—the story of some cute and cheerful kids takes place in Haixi town. Brought together and separated due to love, how will their story unfold…?---**Note:** Please support the creator and read the original webcomic (
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Kidaru Black 3.5

Kidaru Black

Vol.0 Chapter 0.2: Another Level (Read Left To Right)

10,681 Jun 20,22 Aujua Denney

Enchanters are those blessed with special abilities that separate them from the average human. The Genki era is known as the golden age of society, during its time death, influence and many other foundations were at its peak. The world to come would feature a lot of negative stigmas surrounding Enchanters.
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Aliens Area

Chapter 4

30,735 Jun 28,22 Fusai Naba

Tokyo, Planet Earth... High schooler Tatsumi Tatsunami lost his parents at a young age and now works multiple part-time jobs to live a hectic but peaceful life with his younger siblings. One day his body undergoes a sudden change... And now mysterious beings are showing up at his house! In order to protect the people he holds dear, in order to protect Earth (or "area"), Tatsumi must awaken! He bet
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Kinemaquia 4.6


Vol.1 Chapter 3: Dream Warriors (1)

25,154 Jul 01,22 Oohira Kouta

Rindo Kurosawa is a man who loves horror films and aims to become "king of films", the top of the filming world with horror films. One day, he receives a master tape from Robert Skye, a master of the horror film's world whom he deeply admires. However, this is the beginning of a strange fate for Rindo, as Skye's unfinished work "Axeman" appears from the tape...! In order to realize his ambition, R
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I Obtained a Mythic Item 4.7

I Obtained A Mythic Item

Chapter 8

360,422 Jun 20,22 Jung Seonyul (정선율),Hess (헤스)

D-Rank non-combat raider becomes a great enemy of god that will save the world with the strongest restoration item.
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