If he died by the god’s mistake, he was thrown into another world with a cheat gun 3.3

If He Died By The God’S Mistake, He Was Thrown Into Another World With A Cheat Gun

Chapter 25

80.1K Oct 03,22 Kakurou

Tomoya Sadoshima died after a serious accident after returning to a convenience store. Then, after regaining consciousness in a pure white world, a woman of divine beauty emerged, she introduces herself as "The Goddess of Creation." The goddess of creation prepared a remedy for her suffering, she offers him to reincarnate a different world than his own. But it was a world in a war situation with t
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Fray (manhwa) 4

Fray (Manhwa)

Chapter 20

15K Oct 03,22

Fray manhwa,Frey, Add more firewood if you don't want to turn into ashes" In time of desperation, he have flames that can kill demons. However, the flames make its master a demon who
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Blue Giant Supreme 4.6

Blue Giant Supreme

Chapter 10: Meetin' Time

8.7K Oct 01,22 Ishizuka Shinichi

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Dead Knight Gunther 4.4

Dead Knight Gunther

Chapter 10

95.1K Sep 28,22 Mayoneoguli

The war between humans and vampires ends with the victory of the vampires, as everyone expected.After hard work for mankind's counterattack in Bahal', a holy land that has not yet been invaded, Succeeded in producing an immortal corpse knight' and a power source' that can move him, Gunter', who was a gladiator, is brought back to life as a corpse knight'.
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Houkago Saitensei! 4

Houkago Saitensei!

Chapter 9.3: Extra: My Quiet Best Friend Suddenly Confessed To Me And Then Suddenly Dumped Me

56.7K Oct 03,22 sometime

Ten years ago, a magic circle suddenly appeared above Earth, connecting it to the parallel world Alterna. This led to the invention of the Alternaphone, which allows people to freely reincarnate between worlds, allowing earthlings to become adventurers and otherworlders to become normal citizens. The series follows two amnesiac girls, earthling Kurami Utaho and otherworlder Melua Solaris, as they
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Death Row Boy 4.6

Death Row Boy

Chapter 19

105.1K Oct 02,22 Kim Soong-nyeon , Gwangsan

Park Tae-Jun Comics Company, Kim Soong-Nyung / GwangsanShin Kim, the rare serial killer who shook the Republic of Korea!Ji-hoo, who lost his family to Kim Shin, meets another victim, Du-seok, and is trained as a human weapon.And he goes to prison on his own to kill the killer with his bare fistsThere has been no execution in our country since 1997. Shouldn't someone be doing it?'
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Starting with the Guhuo bird 4.3

Starting With The Guhuo Bird

Chapter 17: Big Dipper Sword 24 Origin Fence

140.8K Oct 05,22 Huo er gai, 活儿该

Li yan, who is contracted with an incurable disease, by chance, entered a bizarre and motley world " Yan Fu ". Relying on his masterly skills, he step by step become a person of strong character. And in the process of walking through the world of Yanfu, he also began to discover the true mysteries of this world.
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Tsuraneko 4.4


Chapter 1: Alternate

4.6K Sep 25,22 Kumakura Takatoshi

Chibi-chan, a middle school girl, can go no further than 2km from the sacred tree that servers as her town's symbol. That is her "disability".Then one day, a mysterious figure arrives in town to help the girl's wish to leave, her name is Rokushaku-sensei.Guided by Rokushaku, Chibi attempts to bypass her "disability" by going to "Nedoko", backroads that can transport her to another location
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Darwin's Incident 4.5

Darwin's Incident

Chapter 5: One

44.1K Sep 28,22 Umezawa Shun

The terrorist organization known as the Animal Liberation Alliance (ALA) attacked a biological research institute and rescued a pregnant chimpanzee. That chimpanzee gave birth to a "humanzee" (half-human, half-chimpanzee) who was named Charlie. After being raised by human parents for fifteen years, Charlie enters his first year of high school. There, he meets the intelligent but socially misunders
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Killer Bang: The First Kill 3.4

Killer Bang: The First Kill

Chapter 26

12.4K Oct 05,22

Uigang Bang is an ordinary small business owner who leads an ordinary life until unordinary things start to unfold in his life. His business partner suddenly disappears, leaving a notorious loan shark chasing after his company. His wife and their child-like dog survive an attempted murder by an impulsive killer only to live in fear of his second attack. Uigang faces the killer to end the matter, b
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Chapter 19

20.2K Oct 05,22

In a city of clockwork, the worst day of Lyllian's life ends in tragedy: Her date murdered by a warrior who shouldn't exist. As Lyllian's own fight for survival unravels the mystery of her world, she learns of those known as SoulwindersWhose powers have the potential to recover what she lost. Remember DON'T CALM DOWN!
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Not Even Bones 3.8

Not Even Bones

Chapter 130

93.8K Oct 02,22 R.Schaeffer , Alai Cinereo

Nita doesn't hunt supernatural beings and sell their body parts on the black market her mother does that. Nita only dissects the magical bodies for her mother. However, Nita about to get a real taste of the family business and there is no turning back. Now, Nita must decide whether she is willing to become a monster... (Based on the YA novel by Rebecca Schaeffer.)
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Lu Bu’s life story 4.8

Lu Bu’S Life Story

Chapter 13

67.5K Oct 02,22 阅文漫画

“Take the prettiest women, ride the fastest war horse, wield the strongest weapon, one rider blocking the GuanDong 18 roads*. One man standing against ten thousand, they bow to this hero of turbulent times. People say if Lu Bu doesn’t die, there will be no opportunity to cause chaos. I laugh at all the hypocrites in the world; there are no other heroes besides Feng Xian. Entering the life story of
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Juuji Michi (2015) 4.3

Juuji Michi (2015)

Chapter 3.3

21.4K Sep 18,22 PD

Man, King, Virtue, and Divinity. The "Four Paths of Light" thought to guide one's way to the moral way of life and humanity is no longer pursued. In its place is the "Four Paths of Sin"; where one lives only for their desires In a world that is in chaos with rampant looting and murder, one man with hope and humanity at his core, dares to pursue the rights of humankind The provoking story of sword
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Loooser Loser Loser Loser Sensei 4.2

Loooser Loser Loser Loser Sensei

Chapter 10

103.3K Sep 17,22 Zeroyon

Souichi Kirisaki, who teaches at a private middle school, has a problem. Three of his students, Senka Yutugami, Yuki Kitsuregawa, and Momoka Watarase, make fun of him. Souichi wants to be friends with them, but they look down on him and tease him every day. Soichi is troubled, but the truth is that all three of them love Souichi, they just can't be honest with him, plus Momoka is a stalker... A sa
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Prey 4.7


Chapter 22: Crossroads (8)

62.3K Sep 18,22 Cyclops

Park Yun-yeong has a mysterious power which allows her to see ghastly creatures that seem to inhabit our world but not interact with it - unless they notice you acknowledge their existence. That’s when they stop being harmless.
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Siblings 2.9


Chapter 11

535.6K Sep 18,22 Iron

My father remarried my first love’s mother, I never confessed and looked at her from afar… Now we are considered ‘Brother and Sister’. “Do you like me too? Could we live a normal life?”
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Punishment for Brave Hero-9004 Corps Prison Record 4.5

Punishment For Brave Hero-9004 Corps Prison Record

Chapter 4

56.6K Sep 15,22 Natsumi Inoue,Rocket Shokai

The world entrusted the most evil yet powerful “Criminals” as hero. This is a story about struggling against despair. Hero’s Punishment is the most serious punishment. People who are punished are criminals that commit a grave sin, they will atone for that sin as a hero. The punishment is to fight the Demon Lord’s army that was caused by the Demon Lord’s phenomenon at the front most line. Even if t
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Spotlight 3.7


Vol.2 Chapter 6: Debut Ceremony

4.7K Oct 06,22 Miura Kaze

Kyohei Saito, a first-year college student who's gloomy and negative—in other words, "depressing"—falls in love with Ayame Ogawa, a beauty and contestant of their school's beauty pageant. Will the depressing nobody's feelings reach the goddess who basks in the spotlight? The curtain rises on an ensemble cast drama of college students shaken by the glimmer and helplessness of youth!
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The Executed Sage Who Was Reincarnated as a Lich and Started an All-Out War 3.4

The Executed Sage Who Was Reincarnated As A Lich And Started An All-Out War

Vol.6 Chapter 25.4

327K Sep 07,22 Yuuki Karaku

The Sage Dwight, he along with the Hero defeated the Demon Lord who sank the world into darkness. However, they were falsely accused of becoming the next Demon Lords because of his power, and were thrown to The Valley of the Dead to die…….But though his flesh has rotten away, he lives on as a skeleton because of his grudge against the world. Dwight has vowed to deny that wrong world, and
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Workplace Romance 4.1

Workplace Romance

Chapter 18

1.3M Oct 01,22 Gregor (그레고르)

Say goodbye to the never ending job hunt, the exciting and vibrant days are ahead.But it doesn’t make any sense that you’re my boss, my bully in high school! There are bad rumors about his boss, Hye-Jung. That’s how I’ll do it, I’ll find out her weakness, no matter what! A struggling new employee, Dong-hyuk’s office life and his beautiful coworkers will now begin.
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Ani Datta Mono 4.4

Ani Datta Mono

Vol.2 Chapter 19

34.8K Sep 30,22 Matsuda Minoru

My brother died. I come to visit my brother's grave with my brother's lover——...... This is a story of my brother's lover and me and the "thing that was my big brother".
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Vol.1 Chapter 1: Mana And The Wand

27.7K Sep 04,22 Bysne

“Wand” is the symbol of wizard in modern age of magic. “Mana” a magicless girl with “Nowand” status from birth wishes to go To Art College but ends up in a famous institute of defense magic?! She even accidentally releases “Cursewand”. What’s happening?! There’s a frickin’ curse??!!! An action slash fantasy about an unlucky girl in the modern age magical world has begun
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No cats were harmed in this comic. 4

No Cats Were Harmed In This Comic.

Vol.1 Chapter 11.5: Epilogue

26.3K Sep 24,22 Jun Hanyunyu

Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow! Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow. Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow!! Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow... Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow—?!
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