Koujou Yakei 4.6

Koujou Yakei

Chapter 4: Goodbye

0 Jun 25,22 Aruga Rie

Ao and Takaomi are two childhood friends living near an industrial area. Keeping their feelings hidden from one another, they carry on with their high school everyday. "It's our final summer in school. Let's go see the factory nightscapes—just the two of us." This is their promise, and a romance begins to bloom. However, a certain incident spells turmoil for their budding relationship, placing th
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It Looks Like My Son Has Been Reincarnated into Another World 4.3

It Looks Like My Son Has Been Reincarnated Into Another World

Chapter 10: ... I'm Sorry

45,052 Jun 25,22 Kanemoto,Shibata Hikari

About a mother who has lost her child and her former classmate. Going through her son's bookshelf, she has convinced herself that her son has reincarnated in another world and wishes to find a method to meet him, enlisting the help of her otaku classmate.
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Yuri Love Slave 4.2

Yuri Love Slave

Vol.2 Chapter 7

35,042 Jun 24,22 Yuu Araoshi

Asakura is an ordinary high school girl. Once upon a time, she accidentally saw Reina, the class president who was rude and stiff, going to a bookstore. Asakura followed the chairman, and discovered that book the chairman bought turn was a gay manga.Asakura, who was surprised by it, along with a feeling of shame, opened and read contents of the book, and over time something tickled her crotch.
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I Want a Taste 4.2

I Want A Taste

Chapter 11: Exploring The Wet Sloppy Pussy

165,182 Jun 24,22 Team Danbi

Ho-Chan who visits Somang Enterprise after receiving their business card, was greeted with the Manager’s ample bust inside the rundown company? “Ho-Chan, aren’t you curious what’s inside my panties?”. Already being seduced by Da-Som and now… from an older woman with a supple body to a fresh 20 year-old… is this the life’s best restaurant?!
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Matazoro 3.7


Chapter 2

2,480 Jun 23,22 horoda

A teen disaster comedy about 3 girls who failed the grade.After spending nearly a year as a shut-in, Koto enters first year of high school for the second time.Together with fellow repeating students Shiki (held back due to poor health) and Tomoe (held back due to excessive free-spiritedness), as well as the expectation-immune, habitually late grade retention reserve army cadet Kaede, her e
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Watashi no Musuko ga Isekai Tensei Shitappoi 4.5

Watashi No Musuko Ga Isekai Tensei Shitappoi

Chapter 10: ... I'm Sorry

10,009 Jun 24,22 Kanemoto

About a mother who has lost her child and her former classmate. Going through her son's bookshelf, she has convinced herself that her son has reincarnated in another world and wishes to find a method to meet him, enlisting the help of her otaku classmate.
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak 4.6

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak

Chapter 6: #6

10,013 Jun 23,22 Karasuma Tasuku,Kadono Kouhei

The year is 1999. Ten years have passed since DIO’s death, but his presence sticks with many of his former followers - including Hol Horse, a mercenary-turned-freelancer. Operating from Egypt, Hol Horse is asked by an elderly woman to find her lost parrot - it was trained by the previous owner of Pet Shop, and therefore may also have a stand. After consulting with Boingo, his reluctant partner w
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Paripi Koumei 5

Paripi Koumei

Chapter 49

32,002 Jun 23,22 Yotsuba Yuuto,Ogawa Ryou

General of the Three Kingdoms, Kongming had struggled his whole life, facing countless battles that made him into the accomplished strategist he was. So on his deathbed, he wished only to be reborn into a peaceful world...and was sent straight to modern-day party-central, Tokyo! Can even a brilliant strategist like Kongming adapt to the wild beats and even wilder party people?!
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The Kicked Out S-Rank Appraiser Creates the Strongest Guild 3.9

The Kicked Out S-Rank Appraiser Creates The Strongest Guild

Chapter 5: First Class Gemstone!

173,419 Jun 21,22 Nagomi Shimotsuki,Seto Natsuki,Furo

Appraiser Laurent was kicked out from his guild 『Golden Hawk』. It was a result of one-sided jealousy from the guild leader, Lucius. Feeling hurt and crushed by the sudden dismissal, a female mage named Lilianne gave him a helping hand. Together with her, he decided to create a new guild to mess with Lucius. Eventually, those talents that Laurent found through his appraisal skill will create the st
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Yoka-san ga Nameru 3.6

Yoka-San Ga Nameru

Chapter 16

20,033 Jun 25,22 Bento Matsura

Aran Narushima, the lowest boy who is being bullied in the class, accidentally witnesses the secret act of Sakuya Yoka, a super popular girl in class number 1.Doing something on the skin of human face...!?With that as a kick, a secret relationship between the two who transcended the boundaries of the school caste started ... !!?
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Private Tutoring in These Trying Times 4.3

Private Tutoring In These Trying Times

Chapter 39

335,355 Jun 21,22 LObeam

In these trying times, hiring a private tutor for a study session at home is a necessity! Yu-chan is in a precarious situation because of his student's seduction attempts... Right here and now, a sweet secret private tutoring begins!
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Staying with Ajumma 4.4

Staying With Ajumma

Chapter 20

525,614 Jun 21,22 Geurogoreu (그레고르)

Middle School Graduate Jeong-Hoo is an orphan… His only warmth was an Ajumma. He endures life day by day but in a place like this, can he be with his Ajumma forever?
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Murdist: Shikeishuu Kazami Tazuru 4.5

Murdist: Shikeishuu Kazami Tazuru

Vol.2 Chapter 8: Cell Connector

40,224 Jun 21,22 Handa Hotori

Tazuru Kazami is a death row inmate who murdered 89 people in just a few years. With her murders gaining a reputation as beautiful "art," the number of copycat crimes has recently skyrocketed and become a social problem. In the midst of this, the imprisoned Kazami offers to hand over information about the copycats on the condition that she speak to a certain someone. The young man she chooses is a
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Yona Yona Yona 3.4

Yona Yona Yona

Chapter 6.5

8,329 Jun 20,22 Kouhei Shibata

In Hakone, phantom thief Yona and her team of specialists try and recover pieces of art stolen by the corrupt police force.
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My Companion Is the Strongest Undead in Another World 4.7

My Companion Is The Strongest Undead In Another World

Chapter 14

775,877 Jun 25,22 Kizaki Uno

Yuuma, a timid college student who has been summoned to a different world. It was thought that a fun life in a different world would begin with the cheating ability given to you, but what was waiting for him was cold-hearted and cruel treatment. His body is chopped up, fear and severe pain run throughout his whole body, and it is a living hell that never ends. “Why did this happen to me…” Aside fr
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Chi - Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite 4.6

Chi - Chikyuu No Undou Ni Tsuite

Chapter 49

16,362 Jun 23,22 Uoto

The setting is 15th century Poland. It was a time when heretical ideas lead those to who possessed such a mindset to being burned at the stake for their beliefs. Rafal, a child prodigy, is expected to major in theology, the most important subject at the time, at the university. One day, however, he comes across a mysterious man, and is now studying a possible "truth" in the midst of heretical thou
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Media Mix Maiden 3.6

Media Mix Maiden

Chapter 11

36,642 Jun 19,22 Maruto Fumiaki,Musha Sabu

Do you like working onee-san? Three women appear before Kouta Nagase, claiming to be colleagues of his father, a famous producer who has recently gone missing. It now falls upon him to take responsibility for a grand media project, the likes of which never seen before. But, all the people involved are crooks! In an industry overrun by greed and corruption, can Kouta make the 10 billion entertain
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Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou 4.7

Kaminaki Sekai No Kamisama Katsudou

Vol.1 Chapter 5: A Story Of A Turning Point In Another World

78,608 Jun 20,22 Akashiro Aoi

Yukito, the son of a questionable cult leader, lost his life due to the cult's ridiculous training practices. Now to his surprise, he was reincarnated into another world!It was an ideal world for him without the concept of "God" or "religion" BUT...!A unique "reincarnating in other world" adventure begins: creating a "religion" in a world without God?!
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Natsuko's Sake 4.3

Natsuko's Sake

Chapter 91

13,352 Jun 23,22 Oze Akira

Natsuko who was a copywriter starts to cultivate rice called Tatsunishiki which is a phantom kind and it is very difficult to grow. She does it to make her dead brother's dream come true. His dream was to make the best sake in Japan. There occur many difficulties to Natsuko.
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Enlistment Countdown 4.3

Enlistment Countdown

Chapter 10

145,169 Jun 20,22 Zunger

"100 days left, and I'm still a virgin"Guen is a 21 years old university student, he has a girlfriend but is still a virgin. Because my girlfriend Gaeul will be a virgin until marriage! Instead of a girlfriend showing no sign of permission, a tempting offer comes to Kun-hee, in a hurry before enlistment...
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Kyoto & Wagashi & Family 5

Kyoto & Wagashi & Family

Chapter 10: Clovers And The First Storm

28,092 Jun 17,22 ASANO Rin

Nagomu Irino returns to his Kyoto home for the first time in ten years when his father is hospitalized. Nagomu is eager to take over Ryokushou, the family's Japanese sweet shop, but he's instead asked to be a father figure to Itsuka Yukihira, the girl everyone calls the successor.
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Zatsu Tabi: That's Journey 4.1

Zatsu Tabi: That's Journey

Chapter 7: First Time On A Remote Island

8,165 Jun 16,22 Ishizaka Kenta

Chika Suzugamori, a rookie manga artist, has been getting rejected every time she submits a new draft. On the verge of giving up, she suddenly gets the idea of going on a journey- A journey that heals precisely because it's rough - the ultimate travel comic!
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Kurogane no Valhallian 4.6

Kurogane No Valhallian

Chapter 41: Recovery Operation

109,408 Jun 16,22 Matsubara Toshimitsu

When he woke up, Souma Tetsujirou, a samurai from Kamakura who had survived the Mongolian invasion, found himself in an unfamiliar place. He was told by Hrist, the girl who brought him there, that they were in Valhalla, a place where the souls of dead warriors congregate. In order for him to be revived, Tetsujirou now has no choice but to fight against the "dead warriors" from different eras in t
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Hirayasumi 4.8


Chapter 29: Midnight On Christmas!! Pt. 2

75,057 Jun 23,22 Shinzou Keigo

29-year-old freeter Ikuta Hiroto is a carefree young man without a love life, regular job, or any real worries about the future. He inherits an old house from the neighbourhood granny, where his 18-year-old cousin, Natsumi moves in with him to study art in Tokyo. This is a story about Hiroto and the people around him who struggle with life.
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