Welfare Center 4

Welfare Center

Chapter 10

6.7K Dec 01,22 Kwak Nana

Seonghye wakes up in a room she does not recognize, surrounded by women she does not know. It is a torturous, malevolent prison, ironically called the Pureum Welfare Center. With no memory of how she got there, and using nothing but her wits, Seonghye must overcome hostile social dynamics, unknown dangers, and her own psychological roadblocks to rediscover her past and free herself from the Welfar
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The Guy Upstairs 3.6

The Guy Upstairs

Chapter 10

10.3K Dec 02,22 Hanza Art

Rozy finds her neighbor, the guy who lives upstairs a little bit too suspicious.
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Revenge Against the Immoral 4.3

Revenge Against The Immoral

Chapter 64

109.7K Dec 03,22 Sakura (サクラ)

This suspense manga tells the story of a betrayed wife's revenge, cracking down on her unfaithful husband and his homewrecking mistress! Shiho Tachibana (31) got married five years ago. She and her husband swore eternal love to each other, but recently they have stopped having sex even though she wishes to have children. Every day, people around her torment her by asking when she's going to have a
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Checkmate (TAN) 4.5

Checkmate (Tan)

Chapter 91

125.1K Nov 17,22 TAN

When he was just a student, Soohyun, ranked second, felt envious of the perfect Eunsung. Although he tried catching Eunsung, his soul aflame with passion, it wasn't enough, and he lost all his motivation upon graduation.As time passed, Soohyun forgot everything. However, when he saw Eunsung collapse for the first time, he felt extreme pleasure. With his obsession for Eunsung rekindling, he has a d
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The Tyrant's Annals 4

The Tyrant's Annals

Chapter 13

125.1K Nov 28,22 YD , Nimby

Welcome to Seoul, 2022. Woo San is an orphaned gangster who makes a living by stealing and selling artifacts. Following the orders of his gang superiors, he steals an ancient relic that once belonged to Yeong Jong, the 26th king of the Hwa-yeon Kingdom. Meanwhile, back in the year 1852 during the Hwa-yeon Kingdom's reign, Heo Myeon is trying to retrieve a precious family heirloom that his father g
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Chapter 15

265.3K Nov 16,22 Lee Sungwoon, Yosam

ETRANGERE manhwa, Etrange, Introduction of the work You guys have been summoned.' South Korean special forces captain Kang San' and female military officer Kim Bi-yeon' have a sudden accident during descent training. Immediately after the accident, an unfamiliar world opened up in front of the two of them. A desperate survival story of two men and women unfolding in an unfamiliar world!
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DeathCord 4.4


Chapter 14

245.3K Oct 24,22 Buffering,Lim Dong-Gyu

One day, Kyung-min, whose self-esteem has hit rock bottom from being Tormented/Bullied by his friends, suddenly receives an invite to ‘DeathCord’, a chatting room where you can kill people through voting. Anonymous death penalty vote in the chat room! Anonymous participants invited to the chat room are keen to kill people for their own reasons. However, one of the chat participants becomes the tar
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The Decagon House Murders 4.6

The Decagon House Murders

Chapter 25.5

58.7K Oct 24,22 Kiyohara Hiro,Ayatsuji Yukito

Students from a university mystery club decide to visit an island which was the site of a grisly multiple murder the year before. Predictably, they get picked off one by one by an unseen murderer. Is there a madman on the loose? What connection is there to the earlier murders? The answer is a bombshell revelation which few readers will see coming.
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Aquaman 2.9


Chapter 127

80.4K Nov 14,22 Mcqueen Studio

Jump into the life of twenty-something Naru as he navigates through the confusing world of modern dating. He's faced with familiar moments we've all been through such as "should I add that smiley face at the end of the text?" or "why haven't they responded to my text?" But the added challenge for Naru? He's never dated, doesn't use a cellphone and most importantly someone's out there to sabotage h
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The House Without Time 4.7

The House Without Time

Chapter 47

185.2K Oct 20,22 Hego

An abused little girl with nothing to live for meets an old man with a nasty personality
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I Know Your Secret 4.2

I Know Your Secret

Chapter 47

170.1K Nov 28,22 沐七

After she was nearly killed and then rescued, Ruan Ruan lost all her memories. Her savior, Ding Xiao, treated her with all the tenderness in the world; she completely let her guard down in the face of his perfect image. After figuring out the identity of her attacker, Ruan Ruan naively thought they were heading toward a happy ending. However, after discovering Ding Xiao's secret, her world turned
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Boku wa Kimitachi wo Shihai suru 3.6

Boku Wa Kimitachi Wo Shihai Suru

Vol.2 Chapter 9

511.3K Nov 28,22 Daisuke Chida

Seven women, one man, a suspenseful harem story! During a class reunion, the school became an enclosed dimension without warning. Yelling and screaming brought no response. 26-year old unemployed Haruka Sato has to survive by cooperating with seven of his former classmates. Soon, the extreme conditions began to eat away at their sanity, and Haruka's hidden desires began to take hold.
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Confinement King 4.1

Confinement King

Chapter 7: The Second Confinement

1.2M Oct 17,22 Yoika Ashimoto,Masai

A girl who calls herself a devil appeared before a timid student named Fumio Kijima. The girl claims to be a campaign girl from the demon world and she gives him the ability to “summon a room” from nothing but thin air. At first he doesn’t abuse his power and uses it as a convenient ability in his every day life. But one day he is bullied by his classmates under an unfair pretext and is made to s
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Alone Like a Wolf manhwa 3.5

Alone Like A Wolf Manhwa

Chapter 12

73.7K Oct 17,22

Alone Like a Wolf manhwa , Alone Like the Wolf, Towards the end of the Joseon period, In a village between the borders of Joseon, Russia, and China, an old man who buried his violent past, Mu Myeong', lives his life out. Suddenly, a pale Russian girl, as white as a birch branch, comes into his life. For the girl, he plunges himself into the inferno once again! The blade of twilight shining in the
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Scroll if You Dare 3.5

Scroll If You Dare

Chapter 27

186.9K Nov 23,22

Think you can make it to the end? Blood-thirsty spirits, vicious curses, and sickening twists haunt these individual horror stories from 29 different creators. Scroll if you dare. But whatever you do, don't scroll alone!2022 [] Don't ScrollJangan Scroll
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Marriage of Convenience ( The Marriage Business) 4.8

Marriage Of Convenience ( The Marriage Business)

Chapter 59

1.5M Nov 29,22 hanheun

Marriage of Convenience manhwa, The Marriage Business , The Wedding Business Bianca de Blanchefort. The wife of Zachary de Arno, thrown out of Arno family after his death due to her self-indulgent, frivolous, and immoral behavior. She had nowhere to go, the Blanchefort family having already fallen to ruin, and was more or less kicked to a convent out in the border. A woman who ultimately met her e
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The Foul 4.6

The Foul


320.4K Nov 13,22 Aczer X Chaepali

After the death of his father, Joo Hawon is left with his father’s astronomical debt in the foreign land of Macau. With no future in sight, Hawon works as a casino dealer, barely getting by each day. One day, a mysterious man, Kwon Taeha, shows interest in him. “Now then, let’s have some fun, shall we?” Hawon agrees, believing that they will be spending their time together in a more frivolous an
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Mobile Suit Gundam Walpurgis 3.5

Mobile Suit Gundam Walpurgis

Chapter 52

77.3K Nov 28,22 Kaitou Reiji

Universal Century 0089. Mashiro Oaks is a high school student on Side 2 Colony "Olympus." He gets the high score on a game titled "Walpurgis Night" and, by distributing the video on an underground network, he gets noticed. The tagline reads, "Young Man, defy your cursed fate!!"
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Girlfriend for Hire 4

Girlfriend For Hire

Chapter 36

608K Dec 01,22 Rusena

They say unhealthy attachments are the root of most problems. Kim Luna knows this because she's attached to many things - her toxic ex-boyfriend, her kind but unavailable psychiatrist, and most of all, her opulent lifestyle that she lost after her family went into debt. So when she meets Moon Sung-hyun while working as a girlfriend-for-hire, it's no surprise that another unhealthy relationship beg
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CEO Bao Was Dumped By His Wife 3.6

Ceo Bao Was Dumped By His Wife

Chapter 34

188.8K Oct 24,22

CEO Bao Was Dumped By His Wife MAHUA, Summary: The beloved wife of CEO Bao ran away as soon as their marriage contract ended. He didn't expect that he was just a plan B among many plans of his wife. She was one of the top students in college. She is the champion of boxing. And now, she has stolen his heart! Unbelievable.
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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray Re:Master Edition 4.8

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Astray Re:master Edition

Vol.3 Chapter 13: Ed The Ripper

60.1K Dec 03,22 Tomohiro Chiba

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray (機動戦士ガンダムSEED ASTRAY, Kidō Senshi Gundam SEED ASTRAY) is a side story manga set in the Cosmic Era timeline that takes place concurrently with Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. It is the first of the SEED Astray series.Whereas the main story of Gundam SEED focuses on the struggles between the Earth Alliance, ZAFT, and Orb Union, the Astray series is focused on the three MB
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Twilight Sisters 2.7

Twilight Sisters

Chapter 20: Tattoo (Part Two)

20.1K Oct 10,22 Yuririn

Nanfeng and Ya were a team of paranormal investigators with different personalities. Nanfeng loved to investigate various haunted places while Ya prefered to observe the world quietly. They gained some local fame for solving a paranormal case. However, more incidents occurred and their true identities became even more obscured. It was as though someone was drawing them from the school to the city.
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What I Decided to Die For 4.6

What I Decided To Die For

Chapter 59.5

966.1K Dec 02,22 YUJU

What I Decided to Die For , The Reason I Decided to Die, Ji Oh, a senior in high school who was injured ahead of the National Taekwondo Competiton, is facing late puberty. Cha Gyeol, who met Ji Oh while having all sort of bad thoughts, is completely swoon over by Ji Oh with her dazzling smile. However, the people around Cha Gyeol are somehow dangerous for her to go head over heels with him. Her mi
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The Call of Animals 4.4

The Call Of Animals

Chapter 9

107.9K Oct 29,22 好饭

Wan Tang is a police officer who possesses magical eyes that can hear the sounds of birds and beasts.Strange cases in small cities are frequent. Black cats send fingers, while Orange cats send babies. The strange cat group seems to be in charge of the whole city's crime, and the black hand behind the scenes is hiding in the police station?Will a super policewoman & sand sculpture detective
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