Basketball Club 3.7

Basketball Club

0 Jul 01,22 Power Time

The campus filled with vitality, hot-blooded youths, and the basketball club where they sweat, and the exciting Boys' love!Full of youthful vigour, this is a comic with BL and sports theme. BL~ BL! Here is the concentration campus for fujoshi, jiggle r-ring!+
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Family Mate 3.1

Family Mate

Chapter 17

0 Jul 01,22 Jungwoo

.One night, Kwon Yisoo somehow mistakenly become the sex partner of a superior he hated, Han Gangjin. Kwon Yisoo tries to break all ties with Han Gangjin but during a meeting for his mother's remarriage, he meets him as stepbrothers. He tries to get himself together but because he'll be living with Han Gangjin, Kwon Yisoo can't help but get pulled in by him.
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Kimi no Sumire 3.7

Kimi No Sumire

Chapter 6

0 Jun 30,22 Arima Arashi

Recently transferred to a new school, Sumire meets Toujou, a boy they all call, "The school's solitary Madonna." After stepping between a fight with Toujou and some others, he takes a liking to Sumire and they begin to spend their school days together. Although beautiful on the outside, Toujou is surprisingly brusque. Despite not making any effort to interact with others, he's surprisingly sweet t
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Xiu Zhen Nai Ba 3.4

Xiu Zhen Nai Ba

Chapter 65

2,713 Jul 01,22 青葶动漫

.The almighty Demon Cultivator Xie Tian gave birth to a child during the demon king selection and lost his place as the demon king! Now at the bottom of the pit, he decides to bring his son Duoduo and get his man back from the succession and marriage ceremony of the righteous sect! Who is the father?!Bai Jing: Since you're already, then you won't be going anywhere else. I want both the father and
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Ancient House Strategy 2.3

Ancient House Strategy

Chapter 40

1,562 Jul 01,22 博易动漫

Yu Xia at first thought he had entered the horror game, the gloomy old house, the monster of resentment. Later he discovered that the horrors of the game were still permeable, from skill pits to teammates. Later, teammates felt that looking for objects in the game he was the biggest pit.
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Be Watched By My Ex Again 3.3

Be Watched By My Ex Again

Chapter 88

35,038 Jun 28,22 Shu Dan Wang , 五彩石漫画社 , 橘猫哥哥

After five years, Yang Jiali met his ex-boyfriend again when he was most embarrassed. The ex-boyfriend who spoiled him a few years ago is now tossing him to death. He wants to keep his music portfolio, and his ex-boyfriend buys the brokerage company to disband; he desperately uses resources, and his ex-boyfriend directly stirs pornography. Yang Jiali: Are you not planning to let me go?
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Minority 2.8


Chapter 48

12,583 Jun 28,22 Hinoon

Jin Hyuk, a model student who only knows how to study, and Im Heechan, who is at the center of the (social) class. Jin-hyuk is irritated by Heechan's group that only does stupid, reckless, and useless acts that ruin the mood in the class. He swore to keep ignoring them, but on his way home from school, he saw Hee-chan being beaten by his father... curiosity strikes him as he saw his bruised face.C
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Mr. Dior 2.8

Mr. Dior

Chapter 12: Don’T Cry. I Won’T Tease You Anymore.

6,924 Jun 24,22 Chen Guojian

.A ridiculous story about two presidents who have been married for seven years. In which, the one who's scared of his wife hit his head too hard and suddenly became a truly domineering president.
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Little Wife, How Dare You Say Break Up? 2.5

Little Wife, How Dare You Say Break Up?

Chapter 38

74,697 Jun 29,22 Updating

Li Chengxiu tasted the bitterness of life at a young age and longed to be loved. Shao Qun has a distinguished background, the second generation of naughty and unruly character in high school to the extreme, due to curiosity and approach, from bullying to be attracted, youthful feelings occurred in the wrong period, doomed to harm. He wanted to leave everything behind and start anew, but will the e
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Tit For Tat 2.9

Tit For Tat

Chapter 20

21,442 Jun 29,22 水千丞

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Devil's Lover 3.3

Devil's Lover

Chapter 86

143,526 Jun 29,22 Re Meng Wenhua

.President Qi who traveled to another world after being killed. I thought I was a brave to save the world, until I was dressed up and put on a marriage bed, I knew I had to become the bride of the devil !! When the demon God who is flirty and fond of one person and the president who is cold and arrogant on the surface will they have a baby?
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My Master Is My Wife 1.9

My Master Is My Wife

Chapter 72

333,063 Jun 27,22 Updating

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I Asked My Deskmate To Beat You 3.7

I Asked My Deskmate To Beat You

Chapter 59

172,402 Jun 09,22 Changpei Literature Jiuchuan Animation

.Little poor Xueba was bullied by the campus, so he switched from a key high school to an ordinary school.Class teacher: Zhan Ming, what did you score on your test?Zhan Ming: I asked my deskmate to teach me.Former classmate: Gu Qinan, don't think we can't find you if you transfer.Gu Qinan: I told my deskmate to beat you.
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Please Love Me Gentle. 2

Please Love Me Gentle.

Chapter 89

191,524 Jun 24,22 Updating

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Miss You 2.6

Miss You

Chapter 67

48,964 Jun 28,22 Chang Pei

."You are brilliant, You are the God of beauty in the world." when the introverted fans meet the innocent and awkward actor Su Yan, has found his heart in the light, Xia Tingwan also solves the mystery of love in Su Yan's deep eyes, "Tingting, I understand. I understand it from the first time I watched "Whale", I have understood that you're not acting as Xiao Xia, I know you're the Xiao Xia. "
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Bermuda 2.2


Chapter 49

53,988 Mar 03,22 Huge

In the eyes of other people, they are completely unrelated people, but they share a secret;"As long as you want me to, I'll write for you".This is the realistic love story between a reader and an author
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The Concubine is a man 2.9

The Concubine Is A Man

Chapter 65

110,673 Jun 26,22 Updating

Happy and "scared" Xie Yan-huan vs. "Cruelty" Emperor Yan-gui. Xie Yanhuan who was discovered on the night of the wedding, thinks he can't save his life anymore, but the Ming emperor seems addicted to Xie Yanhuan! Can the cold-blooded emperor conquer this scared concubine, who runs away with all his heart and says nothing?
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Deliverance of the Counterattack 3

Deliverance Of The Counterattack

Chapter 225

1,375,171 Jul 01,22 Haier

.Having a two-faced bitch as a love rival isn't scary What's scary is that the bitch has the upper handreincarnating as his little brother! Due to his "little brother," his lover was snatched away, his grandfather suffered a terrible death, the family business was taken over, and on top of all that, he was chained and thrown into prison.However, on the night before his release, h
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brilliance: be mine 3

Brilliance: Be Mine

Chapter 114 : History (Episode 11)

246,317 May 07,22 Flashy

.The boy from Wolf Clan meets his brother whom he missed for such a long time while resting at countryside.
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Hope You've Been Well 2.8

Hope You've Been Well

Chapter 51

174,621 Jun 26,22 Bei Nan

Ten years ago, the frustrated Gu Zhuoyan met Zhuang Fanxin, a bright ray of sunshine. Zhuoyan was healed, and Fanxin was moved- but their mutual interest ended due to the distance between them.Ten years later, Gu Zhuoyan finds himself on a blind date with the one that got away. All the feelings he had long sealed away in the depths of his heart awakes once again, but how will he win back the heart
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Please Do Not Open the Beast 2.3

Please Do Not Open The Beast

Chapter 63

232,932 Jul 01,22 Wang Tao

.From Chocoreito TeamWhich one do you prefer to cherish, the one you broke up with nine years ago or the new lover who has come to your heart?
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Spring is Near 2.8

Spring Is Near

Chapter 58

353,828 Jun 25,22 Yu Chi Jin Ze

.He Wei originally used to live a peaceful life in a small sleeping town, with a more than lovers friend, Wan Jun. But suddenly, two guys who aren't used to living in small towns came from the big city. It was his non blood related brother, Song Qiurang, that caused He Wei to leave from home and Zhu Ma Bai Lin who he has a good impression of. The arrival of these two people changed He Wei'
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Yesterday was like Death 4.1

Yesterday Was Like Death

Chapter 42

215,652 Jan 06,22 Updating

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older." Xi ZongHe X Gu Tang Five years ago Xi ZongHe got into a car crash, and later I saw with my own eyes the whole process of him getting dumped. Five years later Xi ZongHe got into a car crash again, and n
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