Haime to Zoukihime 4.3

Haime To Zoukihime

Vol.2 Chapter 10: Hybridization

15,016 Jun 24,22 Senga Shiki

When wicked rule is the righteous rule!! When delicateness is exciting!! An end-of-an-era world ruled by violent masses of sailor uniforms… The boy Jaime and the mysterious women BB who is getting close to him goes on a travel for one small wish. This is the momentary story of two people united by pure bonds.
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Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time 3.6

Detective Conan: Zero’S Tea Time

Chapter 57: Which One Is It...?

10,007 Jun 24,22 Arai Takahiro

A Detective Conan spinoff featuring Amuro Tooru, a man of three faces - Bourbon, the Black Organization operative, Amuro Tooru, the private detective and Café Poirot waiter, and Furuya Rei, the NPA officer. Delve into his everyday life that no one's seen before!
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Damn Reincarnation 4.8

Damn Reincarnation

Chapter 20

315,318 Jun 23,22 Park Jeong yeol (박정열),Kiki (키키),Mogma (목마)

The warrior Hamel went on an adventure with his companions to defeat the Demon Kings, but after dying just before the final battle with the Demon Kings…. “Waaah.” ‘What the fuck!’ He was reincarnated as the descendant of his fellow warrior, Vermouth. Hamel — no, Eugene Lionheart was reborn with the blood of the Great Vermouth. ‘My previous body held enough talent to be mistaken for a genius, bu
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Start Raising Dragons From Today 4.3

Start Raising Dragons From Today

Chapter 7

30,030 Jun 23,22 瞎子哦

In a world full of magic, Lynn, who got isekai-ed, obtained the cheat – the Dragon Ranch. Lynn relied on the power obtained by raising dragons, so I started to raise dragons diligently. Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Ice Dragon, Steel Dragon… Dark Dragon, Bright Dragon. many years later to enter the Holy Iris Academy to learn magic. He wanted to hide his strength and develop wretchedly, but he always
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It All Starts With Being Reborn 1 Thousand Times 4.5

It All Starts With Being Reborn 1 Thousand Times

Chapter 26

120,118 Jun 23,22 猫仆工作室

Three years ago, the supreme bone got seized and Jiang Yu has since become a handyman disciple. Three years later… “Congratulations to the host’s supreme bone rebirth, awakening the strongest physique in the heavens and the earth!” Hearing this, Jiang Yu smashed the pole! Finally, The system has activated!---**Links:**- ( (https://www.ku
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My Senior Brother Is Too Steady 4.3

My Senior Brother Is Too Steady

Chapter 13

30,034 Jun 23,22 优酷动漫

After being reborn in ancient times before the Great God-Conferment War, Li Changshou became a small cultivator.To survive in the cruel Primordial Times, Li Changshou tries hard not to accumulate any karma. He always plans thoroughly before doing anything and never allows himself to walk into dangerous situations. He hides his trump cards well, trains himself in escape techniques, refines pois
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My Mom Is My Constellation 4.6

My Mom Is My Constellation

Chapter 8

80,080 Jun 23,22 갈색팬더

Miraculously, I went back in time after my death. But that isn’t the issue right now.“M-Mom?”My mother, who passed away a few years ago, is my constellation?
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak 4.6

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak

Chapter 6: #6

10,013 Jun 23,22 Karasuma Tasuku,Kadono Kouhei

The year is 1999. Ten years have passed since DIO’s death, but his presence sticks with many of his former followers - including Hol Horse, a mercenary-turned-freelancer. Operating from Egypt, Hol Horse is asked by an elderly woman to find her lost parrot - it was trained by the previous owner of Pet Shop, and therefore may also have a stand. After consulting with Boingo, his reluctant partner w
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The Newbie is Too Strong 4.6

The Newbie Is Too Strong

Chapter 21

130,158 Jun 23,22 Shin Jung-Min (신정민),Ssikku (씨꾸),Itbaem (잇뱀),Midas

JaeJu (which means “skill” in Korean) grew up without parents in an orphanage skillfully, just like his name suggests. One day, he heard that the orphanage was having a hard time and would have to close in 3 years. While trying to raise money for the orphanage, JaeJu got an alert on his phone. On it, he saw a video of himself climbing the tower as a BJ (broadcasting jockey aka streamer). Seven yea
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Even Though My Character is a JellyFish, I’m Still Super Strong 4

Even Though My Character Is A Jellyfish, I’M Still Super Strong

Chapter 17

5,053 Jun 25,22

In the virtual online game, the race has forced the protagonist to be of the inferior "Stinging Jellyfish", and through the fairy operation, he becomes the first in the whole server! Which changes the legendary experience of real life.
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The Kicked Out S-Rank Appraiser Creates the Strongest Guild 3.9

The Kicked Out S-Rank Appraiser Creates The Strongest Guild

Chapter 5: First Class Gemstone!

173,419 Jun 21,22 Nagomi Shimotsuki,Seto Natsuki,Furo

Appraiser Laurent was kicked out from his guild 『Golden Hawk』. It was a result of one-sided jealousy from the guild leader, Lucius. Feeling hurt and crushed by the sudden dismissal, a female mage named Lilianne gave him a helping hand. Together with her, he decided to create a new guild to mess with Lucius. Eventually, those talents that Laurent found through his appraisal skill will create the st
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Sekai Saikyou no Shinjuu Tsukai 4.3

Sekai Saikyou No Shinjuu Tsukai

Chapter 4

200,206 Jun 23,22 Yasahashi Rakku

Mag (Magu) was gifted the skill , a skill capable of attracting monsters and causing disasters. As such, he was banished from the city. Therefore, he decided to live alone in a hunting cabin deep in the mountains. However, there, he draws the attention of Divine Beasts: Loa the Dragon (a beautiful girl), Fiana the Phoenix (another beautiful girl), and Kelpie the Maera (another beautiful girl)
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The Forgetful Dark Lord 4

The Forgetful Dark Lord

Chapter 55

15,021 Jun 22,22 봉준호

The Dark Lord is forgetful!? (
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X & Ash 4.6

X & Ash

Chapter 37

85,093 Jun 21,22 Kim Sehoon (김세훈)

X, a genius thief, and Ash, a boy with a mysterious past, decide to join the Azure Knights after a chance encounter with Ryu, the prime swordmaster.The entry exam for the Azure Knights is where the best of the best come to show exceptional skills. X and Ash must prove their might and win against the elite aristocrats!Will they be able to become knights? And what cruel destiny will they fac
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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Define 3.3

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Define

Vol.8 Chapter 30: Struct 30

12,358 Jun 22,22 Hajime Yatate

Universal Century 0087, seven years after the end of the One Year War between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. Ensign Reccoa Londe has provided the Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) with information regarding possible mobile suit development at the civilian colonies of Green Noa. Lieutenant Quattro (Char Aznable) with his wingmen Lieutenant JGs Apolly (Andy) and Roberto (Ricardo) hea
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Absolute Sword Sense 4.8

Absolute Sword Sense

Chapter 6

68,360 Jun 25,22 Hanjung Wolya (한중월야), Kim Durumi (김두루미)

With his dantian shattering from a ki rampage, So WoonHwi was cast aside by his family.After that, he was kidnapped by the Blood Cult, where he spent his life as a third-rate spy.One day, he’s killed after being used to find the legendary Secret Records of the Sword Sage.But instead of really dying, he wakes up 10 years in the past on the day he was kidnapped by the Blood Cult, along w
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The Peerless Martial Spirit 4.1

The Peerless Martial Spirit

Chapter 70: Testing Out Moves

130,146 Jun 25,22 Zhang Yue Culture

The continent of Long Mai is home to thousands of sects where cultivation is the way of life. The strong conquer everything while the weak live like ants. Young Chen Feng was born with a weak energy core, making him unable to cultivate. Nevertheless, he ignores the countless sneers directed at him. Incidentally, he comes across mysterious dragon blood that opens up a new chapter of his life. He fi
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Plundering The Heavens 4.6

Plundering The Heavens

Chapter 6

75,085 Jun 25,22 Yuewen Manhua (阅文漫画)

Some people say that he is a black sheep in the cultivation world, one with no sense of righteousness and honor, and one who disrupts the order of Taoism! Some people say that he is the biggest scum in Nanzhan Prefecture, colluding with demonic cultivators, swindling and committing all kinds of crimes! To all the slanders, Fang Xing said, “that’s right, I’m that legendary black sheep. Is there a p
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Residents of District 37 4.3

Residents Of District 37

Chapter 83: A Peaceful And Prosperous Time 5

20,021 Jun 25,22 Bai Chuan Studio

A sanatorium famous for its psychiatric patients hides at an inhabited area 6000 meters below sea level. Rumors has it that those so-called madmen are entities beyond mortals. The life of mortals are equated to fireworks while theirs are closer to an atomic bomb. At Eastern Zhou, 307 B.C. — 2300 years ago.
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The Lazy Swordmaster 4.5

The Lazy Swordmaster

Chapter 20

375,413 Jun 21,22 Chorok Cha

He is a warrior who was chosen by the Holy Sword regardless of his will for the sake of mankind, but he became tired of living for others. Out of salvation, he defeated the last enemy, the Demon King, and decided to die. In order to relieve the burden of being a warrior and a master of the holy sword, he was going to give up on his life and fall into eternal rest... "Oh!! It seems like the young
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My Companion Is the Strongest Undead in Another World 4.7

My Companion Is The Strongest Undead In Another World

Chapter 14

775,877 Jun 25,22 Kizaki Uno

Yuuma, a timid college student who has been summoned to a different world. It was thought that a fun life in a different world would begin with the cheating ability given to you, but what was waiting for him was cold-hearted and cruel treatment. His body is chopped up, fear and severe pain run throughout his whole body, and it is a living hell that never ends. “Why did this happen to me…” Aside fr
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Legend 3.7


Vol.2 Chapter 8

5,321 Jun 23,22 Soo Jung Woo (우수정)

Once upon a time, a selfish king summoned the monstrous Bulkirin into the real world. The monster killed half of all human beings, leaving the rest helpless as to what to do. That is, until one day when a hero appeared and defeated the Bulkirin with the legendary ”Seven Blade Sword.” But…what does all this have to do with 8th grader Eun-Gyo Sung?! First, she gets suspended from school for fighting
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A Story About a Dragon and the Rising of an Adventurer 4.7

A Story About A Dragon And The Rising Of An Adventurer

Chapter 6

150,307 Jun 17,22 Kishimoto Kazuha,Karikari Ume

"Understand for yourself that you are worthless. You are already obsolete." Dion, the recovery wizard who was told so, was seriously injured by the hands of party members and left behind in the interior of the highest difficulty dungeon. On the verge of running out of his life, he happens to encounter a dying dragon. Dion realized that he couldn't help him anymore, and he treated the dragon to l
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Zatsu Tabi: That's Journey 4.1

Zatsu Tabi: That's Journey

Chapter 7: First Time On A Remote Island

8,165 Jun 16,22 Ishizaka Kenta

Chika Suzugamori, a rookie manga artist, has been getting rejected every time she submits a new draft. On the verge of giving up, she suddenly gets the idea of going on a journey- A journey that heals precisely because it's rough - the ultimate travel comic!
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