2.1K Dec 08,23 Jaehee

They live under our feet... Sihwan Kim decides to stay at Dabin Park's house for a while. Little does he know that unidentified ants dwell below... Through an experiment, a monster-like ant creature is born and begins to kidnap people. Will Sihwan and Dabin, who are now caught up in the incident, be able to escape after twists and turns?+
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Nothing More than Love Security 3

Nothing More Than Love Security

580 Dec 08,23 Leec

Do Myung is caught breaking up with his lover by Seol Haejin, the apple of his eye, whom he has been guarding for a long time. Seol Haejin begins to get jealous and starts to bully Do Myung."We shouldn't be doing this. I am ashamed to face the Chairman and Madam"+
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Morishita-Kun Is In Love With Arimatsu-San 2

Morishita-Kun Is In Love With Arimatsu-San

3.7K Dec 07,23 SATOU Toshio

College student, Morishita, discovers a high-paying part-time job nearby and eagerly applies. At the caf, known for its exquisite coffee and friendly staff, the only employee, Arimatsu is a challenging person. Feeling competitive, Morishita vows to excel in his job. However, as Morishita becomes captivated by Arimatsu's coffee-making skills, an unforgettable sight leaves a lingering impression. Is
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The Redemption of Earl Nottingham 4.1

The Redemption Of Earl Nottingham

Chapter 8

9.7K Dec 11,23 Boem 1800

Read manhwa The Redemption of Earl Nottingham / Is my cursed husband's fate up to me?Madelyn's husband Ian was left broken after the war, and in turn, made her life a living he**. Fleeing her doomed marriage, she meets a tragic end. But when she opens her eyes, she finds herself at 17 again. The war has yet to start, and Madelyn can still change her fate. But what about Ian?
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The Moon of the Underworld 2.6

The Moon Of The Underworld

762 Dec 07,23 Anorisil/haek

Riru, a low-level demonic incubus reputed to be the weakest in the Pandemonium. On the day of the coronation of Baal, the new demon king, Riru falls in love with him at first sight. Riru, who has been longing for Baal, hears from his friend that Baal will close the door to the human world, the source of energy for the incubus, and hurries to the Devil's Castle. Riru, who succeeded in infiltrating
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Where the Heart Is 4.7

Where The Heart Is

4.5K Dec 07,23 Nas

Min Harang's future is clear. Go to KNU law school, become a prosecutor, and be successful. At least, that's what her mother wants. But when Harang fails the entrance exam, she has to come to terms with the fact that her mother's wishes might not line up with Harang's own. Out sulking in the rain after an explosive argument, help comes in the form of her s**-crazed neighbor the very man who's con
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Dear, Teddy Bear 3.9

Dear, Teddy Bear

2.1K Dec 07,23 Pi Sang-gu

"Because in order for me to have a brother, it has to be like this."Minhyung, a psychopath who has lusted after Lee Jae, who raised him since childhood.He succeeds in hiding his crooked nature and making Lee Jae rely solely on himself, but their long-standing plans and relationship begin to go astray due to the intruder, Hyeon-ho, who appears in front of them.+
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His Extra-Large, Ever-So-Lovely... 2.7

His Extra-Large, Ever-So-Lovely...

Chapter 5

19.6K Dec 11,23 Omoimi

University student Aoi Yamamoto joins the Sake Research society hoping to get a girlfriend and lose his virginity, despite being unable to tolerate alcohol. At a club event, he gets wasted on liquor chocolates and is taken care of by Kobayashi-kun, a member of the same club. Despite being very handsome, Kobayashi-kun confesses that he is also a virgin... because of his enormous di**! How will the
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Devil on Top 3.1

Devil On Top

Chapter 9

26.2K Dec 10,23 Beolma

not found...
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Crimson Ocean 3.4

Crimson Ocean

3.2K Dec 07,23 Ragnow

Jake, who comes from a lower class, works as a minister after being discharged from the military. Meanwhile, while going alone to planet TA457 to conclude trade with the Thermo tribe, he crash-landed in an accident. "Can't we do it verbally, through conversation?" When Jake came to his senses, he found himself being raped mercilessly by an alien. Will Jake be able to adapt to life on planet TA457?
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Kono Ai Wa Yamai Ni Niteiru 2.3

Kono Ai Wa Yamai Ni Niteiru

2.3K Dec 07,23 Nengaranenjuu

not found...
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A Vacation With Passionate Kisses 4.2

A Vacation With Passionate Kisses

Chapter 4

5.1K Dec 09,23 Nagi Otonashi

Jun, the sucessor of a rich family from Tokyo visits Okinawa in the middle of summer to attend a wedding ceremony. However, his father who was supposed to be waiting for him at the venue abandons him, leaving him a letter that says "Work hard at this inn"...!! As Jun is wandering about under the blazing sun, Natsumi, a handsome guy, offers to take him to the inn. As it turns out, he actually works
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Nanse Usagi wa Koinu ni Muchuu 4.1

Nanse Usagi Wa Koinu Ni Muchuu

Vol.1 Chapter 5.6

21.6K Dec 02,23 Nie

Usagi Akira is a twenty-five-year-old introverted office worker who lives for two things: shojo manga and the spare moments when he can log into his favorite MMO, Tail Earth. There, his avatar is a beautiful bunny girl, and he's able to go on adventures with the charming wolf-boy Gakuto. When Gakuto asks if Akira wants to meet up IRL for the Tail Earth fan con, Akira agrees. Sparks fly between the
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Wild For Coffee 4.2

Wild For Coffee

Chapter 1

12.4K Dec 02,23 75

Akito has quite the quirk ? coffee gets him drunk, to a very salacious degree. That's why he avoids getting involved with people and works in food delivery. When delivering to a particular customer, he accidentally spills some coffee and gets drunk on the smell. After clinging to the man with his face upturned, the two spend the night together. He makes excuses for why it happened ? he was coerced
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The Method Leading to Rio and Shusei’s Love Fulfillment 3.5

The Method Leading To Rio And Shusei’S Love Fulfillment

Chapter 6

23K Dec 01,23 Tonaetarou Nenbutu

An ordinary high school boy that you could find anywhere, Rio, had his ordinary life suddenly turned upside down one day. As he was skipping class like usual to take a nap at the infirmary, the tight-laced math teacher, Mr. Shiramine, came in together with Shusei, a plain but beautiful male student. They then started having wild s** on the bed right next to him. The incredibly unusual, indecent sc
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Tougou-ka e Totsuida Hanashi 5

Tougou-Ka E Totsuida Hanashi

Chapter 3

16.4K Dec 01,23 Shimizu Sora

Almost all humans are born with a divine blessing from G**. However, in rare cases, a human being without a divine blessing is born ? a "cursed child". Aya Matsukata is such a "curse child". Because her divine blessing did not manifest, her father almost kicked her out of the house when she was young. Ever since, she has been nothing more than a servant in the Matsukata family. Every day she is ab
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Camboy Bunny 2.9

Camboy Bunny

Chapter 1

25.4K Dec 01,23 Soladi

not found...
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Egotists in Glass Houses 4.1

Egotists In Glass Houses

Chapter 1

12K Dec 01,23 Nakagawa Kaneko

Kitazono Haruhisa has always been popular with the ladies! But then underclassman Io appears, and all the girls including Haru's girlfriend leave him to fawn over Io. An annoyance at first, Io is soon smitten with Haru thanks to a certain incident. He's good-looking enough to get more girls than Haru, but this dang pretty boy Io just trails after Haru like a loyal pet and gazes at him so passionat
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Season of Dearing 4.4

Season Of Dearing

Chapter 6

12.9K Dec 01,23 Goru Kamori

Working at a public office, Haru leads an ordinary life. He lives together with Shuji, the son of his high school crush and friend, Natsu, who passed away. Shuji, who is set to move out after he graduates high school, looks just like his father. As they live together, Haru starts to grow feelings toward Shuji and agonizes over whether he should be spending time with him as his guardian. But then,
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Tonari no Ecchi na Oniisan 2.7

Tonari No Ecchi Na Oniisan

Chapter 2

60.1K Dec 01,23 Ainaryumu

not found...
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Seducing the Top Boss 3.4

Seducing The Top Boss

Chapter 6

19.7K Dec 02,23 Himemitsu

"Let me get you hot and bothered." A hot and steamy story between the fresh-faced new employee and his serious strait-laced boss. Who can get the other one going first?
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Erotic Advance Incoming! 2.7

Erotic Advance Incoming!

Chapter 9

74K Dec 02,23 Minoru

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard one day..." A countryside boy and a city boy, together 24/7. Ayumu seems to always be making passes at Hiromi, but is he even aware of this "unconscious sexual harassment?" And when they both end up at Ayumu's house one day, can Hiromi hold off his advances...?
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My Brother Left Behind Someone We Loved 3.5

My Brother Left Behind Someone We Loved

Chapter 6.5

12K Dec 02,23 Kure

After his brother Haruki passes away, Kazuki heads to a coastal village to meet Yukito, his brother's omega widow, with the hopes of living with him after their devastating loss. Yukito reluctantly agrees to let Kazuki stay in the shed on the property but insists that he doesn't need any help in his day-to-day life. However, with the side effects from the heat suppressants taking their toll on his
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