The Shinigami's Rowing Her Boat as Usual - Touhou 4.9

The Shinigami's Rowing Her Boat As Usual - Touhou

Chapter 6

164.4K May 01,20 Aya Azuma

Ongoing Touhou manga from Azuma Aya published in the Strange Creators of Outer World magazine.
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The Special Girl 4.6

The Special Girl

Chapter 5

332.1K Apr 30,20 Bian Li Jun, 卞丽君

Nan Qiao Er, the perpetually top-searched Very Important Person of the celestial realm, transformed into a cheeky little imp before tens of thousands of live viewers during the broadcast of her ascension. Then, she was picked up by the fearsome Demon Lord to serve as a meat shield. Thank goodness mini Qiao Er still retained her angelic looks. Now all she has to do to latch firmly onto the Demon Lo
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Kochira Isekai de yoroshikatta deshou ka? 4.5

Kochira Isekai De Yoroshikatta Deshou Ka?

Vol.2 Chapter 6

7M Apr 29,20 Torakage Makoto

An ordinary Japanese man dies and is sent to another world. The twist, though is... well... you know that Pixar movie Onward? Or Bright, the one with Will Smith? Basically, a setting where magic and dungeons and dragons are all real, but so much time has passed that they’ve developed a society similar to ours so you have orks working on their college dissertations in coff
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Divine Spirit 4.2

Divine Spirit

Chapter 12: Chapter 12

1.6M Apr 27,20 索以文化

Taichu Realm is where people's souls belong after death. The terrain is complex and the cities are numerous. They are ruled by emperors and generals who have awakened the spirits of the gods. Qin Xi and Fang Qian entered the Taichu Realm by mistake, but occasionally they met Raksha and invaded them. Bearing the legend of Tianzong, they had high hopes from the Five Divisions and practiced the s
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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha - 4.7

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha -

Chapter 56

7.3M Apr 25,20 Touno Mamare

After a long and treacherous journey, our Hero finally arrives at the Dark Lady’s castle only to find himself being asked for help. The Hero explains how the war that the demons have brought upon the humans have killed thousands and put more in misery. The queen of demons however argues that this war has made the human society band together as one and showed empirical evidence how it has inc
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The Strongest Holy Knight in a Different World Is Too Much of a Noob, He Got in a Troll Fight Today Too~I Don't Follow You and You Don’t Follow Me, but Please Excuse Me.~ 2.7

The Strongest Holy Knight In A Different World Is Too Much Of A Noob, He Got In A Troll Fight Today Too~I Don't Follow You And You Don’T Follow Me, But Please Excuse Me.~

Chapter 5

1.1M Apr 25,20 Marimo Enda

Multiple years ago a man in a turtleneck appeared from a different world with his cheat abilities and high intellect he cooperated with the dwarves to make the device that changed the world the “Smartphone”, years later, the world was taken by the magic of social media, and encouraged by his companions, the holy knight “folg” has decided to make an account, but with the int
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Wandering Beyond 4.6

Wandering Beyond

Vol.1 Chapter 13

411.5K Apr 23,20 김순태

The coming of age story of one’s teenagers journey in an era of war, fighting, and intrigue. As we dwell on the story of his cursed existence and how fate takes cruel turns.
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Tian Xing Yi Shi 4.5

Tian Xing Yi Shi

Chapter 21

498.4K Apr 23,20

In the world of demons where humans are simply an old folklore...
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His Majesty the Demon King’s Housekeeper 4.7

His Majesty The Demon King’S Housekeeper

Chapter 3: The Saint's Miracle Is The Mark Of The Cherry Blossom

2.4M Apr 21,20 Mika Kajiyama,Saiko Wadori

Sakura is a high school girl who loves to clean. One day, she suddenly crashes into a Demon King from another world. Apparently, this world has fallen prey to a curse that forbids the use of cleaning magic...?! A modern-day-high school student in an unknown world... can be useful by “cleaning”!? A super new and exciting otherworldly fantasy----!
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Romance Sonata 4.4

Romance Sonata

Chapter 9

276.9K Apr 20,20 Jellyfish

I'm writing to you again today as a friend with trust and love. I hope that when you receive this letter, you will think of me. Whenever I remember you, I am filled with such longing, agony, and affection.<br><br>Romance Sonata — A collection of short love stories. <br><br>Story #1: Rowen's Red Roofed House<br>Story #2: Gift<br>Story #3: Andvas'
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World Tatto 1.9

World Tatto

Vol.1 Chapter 6.2: March To The Castle! Pt. Iii

138.3K Apr 20,20 A.Sheriff

In a world where every one has a power kept in them that manifest on their bodies in a form of a tattoo; there rises a corrupted group that runs the world toward demise and whose there to stop them?! Literally no body , so our best shot is a guy who don't remember a thing and and he has a super cool powers and his name is ............ Let's Know that together!!
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Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru 4.7

Uragiri Wa Boku No Namae O Shitteiru

Vol.13 Chapter 63: Last Story

1.3M Apr 19,20 Odagiri Hotaru

From Yen Press: Abandoned as a baby and raised in an orphanage, the kind-hearted high-schooler Yuki Sakuragi is driven by a need to find the reason for his existence. Plagued by mysterious dreams, Yuki also possesses the strange ability to read the deepest, darkest thoughts of anyone he touches. As both the dreams and his powers intensify, there appears before him a beautiful young man named &ldqu
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Grand Blues! 3.8

Grand Blues!

Chapter 1473: Lucius Hunts The Remnants

4.5M Apr 18,20 Cygames, Monji Kikuchi

Grand Blues is the official 4-koma parody of Granblue Fantasy.
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Welcome to Religion in Another World 4

Welcome To Religion In Another World

Vol.2 Chapter 15: Welcome To An Ikiri Audience

907.5K Apr 18,20 Chihiro Sakutake

Past the dreams there is a special world, where monsters and demons fight for supremacy, it so happens those same monsters and demons are also the objects of cult for religions in the real world. A victory in the monster world, means the success of a religion in the real world.<br>Wahowaho is a new religion, aiming to the top, and while searching for their god they have summoned a clueless h
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Strategy of Reborn Movie Queen 4.1

Strategy Of Reborn Movie Queen

Chapter 35

1.2M Apr 17,20 HangMan, Thigh Son Studio

What Chu Chi faced on her wedding day was not happiness and desired future, but the murder of her sister and the heartlessness of her fiancé. Pushed down from the roof, Chu Chi clearly saw their ferocious smiling faces. After rebirth, returning to the place where the plot just began, how will Chu Chi change her destiny?
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The Azure Soul Caster 4.5

The Azure Soul Caster

Chapter 2

598K Apr 17,20 Tapas inc

The Four Deities – Qing Long, Zhu Que, Bai Hu, and Xuan Wu – were once the guardians of the world. One day, they were all corrupted by an unknown power, altering their minds and making them begin to destroy the world they had sworn to protect. The sole descendant of Qing Long, named Luo Zi, has decided to search for the source of this unknown power to undo its corruption and restore th
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Hero's 4.6


Chapter 10.5: Heroine's

2M Apr 17,20 Hiro Mashima

A crossover of Rave, Fairy Tail, and Edens Zero to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Shounen Magazine.---Official Release:- Indonesian release by Level Comics
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Ring Finger Thief 4.6

Ring Finger Thief

Chapter 15

543.5K Apr 16,20 Jo BuGyeong, 조부경

Linda is a girl who lives in poverty searching for her mother who disappeared 10 years ago. One day, her father comes home bringing a drawn map of the location of Rumpelstiltskin's hut. Filled with anger, Linda burns the map then becomes unconscious. When she wakes up, she finds herself in another world living as the daughter of a duke. Will Linda be able to find her mother and return to her h
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How to be God 4.4

How To Be God

Chapter 124: Red Dou's Arrival Chapter 31

9.3M Apr 16,20 Lin Jie The 4th

Yang Jian is exiled into the human realm from the Heavens in order to repent. His former partner, The Howling Celestial Hound, has reincarnated into a loli. Witness how a barbaric Immortal from the Heavens and a loli move 100 demons to tears.
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Godeath - Megami no Ketsumyaku 4.7

Godeath - Megami No Ketsumyaku

Chapter 15: Coffin 15

575K Apr 15,20 Shiozaki Yuji

It's the 18th century in Naples, Italy. There is a girl named Maria living peacefully in the city, but she is more than she appears. She is like a goddess of death, with a sword that cuts through everything. But what exactly is she? Where has she come from and what cruel destiny awaits her?
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I Will Go and Disappear Obediently 4.7

I Will Go And Disappear Obediently

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Strange Visitor

1.8M Apr 15,20 Nardack,RURU,Kirie

I was reincarnated as the daughter of Duke Lystil, who has been serving the Royal Family for generations. By using the clairvoyance skill that I possess, I had divination about a battle over the family succession caused by myself in the close future, which would also cause an uproar huge enough to shake the country... To avoid such dispute and live an enjoyable life peacefully, I decided that I wi
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Godly Figurines Descend 4.1

Godly Figurines Descend

Chapter 14

218.2K Apr 14,20 Ju xiao'an

Godly Figurines descend, and Bestoweds who obtain the figurines will obtain the power of the gods! This is a story of a young boy who has death premonitions. After obtaining the weakest Shrimp Soldier figurine, he climbs towards the summit step by step!
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Agent Love 3.6

Agent Love

Chapter 99

1M Apr 14,20 Bees and Birds Comics

I was here to be an agent, why do I have to be an idol?! The special forces office Sun Kefei was enrolled into the agency “Music Bureau” that he had been yearning for, but found that this agency was the biggest performers company in the country! Since ancient times, those agents had to take strict training, hid their identities and performed their tasks as pop stars...
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God of the City 4.6

God Of The City

Chapter 36

5M Apr 13,20 Boar Knight Comics

Before the fall of Chen Fei, one of the five celestial beings, the burning artifact reversed time and space and was come again to eighteen years old. The betrayal of the ex-girlfriend, the betrayal of the best friend, the suppression of the family... All the regrets of the past life, this world is going to take the path of the fairy.
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