Crimson 5


Vol.03 Chapter 5

143.5K Mar 15,18 Kirishima Tamaki

From Bliss : In this universe, there are four worlds: Meikai, the center of the universe, Ninkai, the human world, Youkai, where monsters with shape-shifting forms live, and Shintenkai, the world of the Celestials. Shiba Yukinari is one of the few who are born of both Youkai and Celestial blood - during the day, he works as a detective, but also has the job of exterminating youkai. As he works co
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Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi 4.6

Seikoku No Ryuu Kishi

Chapter 34 : The Knight Of Avalon

1.5M Mar 15,18 Mizuchi Shiki

This is about a male student in an academy that teaches students to raise dragons. That particular male student's dragon finally hatches one day... and it's a beautiful girl. The adventure begins.
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Earthian 4.6


Vol.04 Chapter 6 : Extra ~ Recipe 2002 -4 [End]

288.4K Mar 14,18 Kouga Yun

From Blu: It's present day, and Archangel Michael is fed up with the pathetic development of the human species. The angels, in their world high above ours, have been given the choice between destroying or preserving humanity. This will be decided by having "Plus Checkers" looking for good points and "Minus Checkers" looking for bad points, and whichever finds 10,000 points first decides the outco
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F.O.X 5


Vol.05 Chapter 3.5

322K Mar 13,18 Os Rabbit Cat,A-bao

Tiem Sum accidently sees a cute silver fox turning into a guy. He confronts her and tells her that she has to marry him since she saw him naked. He is also looking for his lost brother while trying to woo Sum.
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Desert Coral 5

Desert Coral

Vol.5 Chapter 25

172.6K Mar 12,18 Murayama Wataru

From ADV: Naoto Saki is a typical young boy. He gets average grades in school, and nothing about him really stands out. His favorite thing to do is sleep - which doesn't exactly endear him to his teachers when he dozes off in class. Whenever he falls asleep, Naoto dreams of the same fantasy world. Then one day, Naoto gets magically summoned into the very world he had once only seen in dreams! A
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Queen's Blade Anthology Comics 5

Queen's Blade Anthology Comics

Vol.2 Chapter 3

345.7K Mar 12,18 F.s,Hakuga Maina,Hirose Madoka,Kira Hiroyoshi,Kokuryuugan,Kuroneko,Kurosaki Kotora,Mizuki Hitoshi,Rusty Soul,Shimamoto Harumi

A compilation of QB stories by different artists.
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Thunderbolt Fantasy 4.9

Thunderbolt Fantasy

Chapter 34

633.7K Mar 10,18 Urobuchi Gen, Sakuma Yui

In an ancient kingdom, a vicious warlord is on the hunt for a magical sword. Forced to escape his soldiers, the young girl who guards the sword is hunted until she receives some unexpected help from a pair of odd strangers.
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Sailor Moon 4.6

Sailor Moon

Vol.19 Chapter 9 : Extra: Parallel Sailor Moon

2M Mar 08,18 Takeuchi Naoko

Usagi Tsukino is a normal girl until she meets up with Luna, a talking cat, who tells her that she is Sailor Moon. As Sailor Moon, Usagi must fight evils and enforce justice, in the name of the Moon and the mysterious Moon Princess. She meets other girls destined to be Sailor Senshi (Sailor Scouts), and together, they fight the forces of evil! Note: The anime is LOOSELY based on the manga, so t
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I Wish... 5

I Wish...

Vol.07 Chapter 4

360.6K Mar 08,18 Seo Hyun-joo

From Tokyopop: K is a wizard who can grant wishes--all he asks in return is that which is most precious to the wisher... Mourning from a horrific loss, Jin Ryu wants K to bring back her parents and brother from the dead. But when K tells her that a wish such as this can only lead to greater tragedy, he agrees to take her on as an apprentice. Now Jin observes K with his various and sundry clients:
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Oyayubihime Infinity 5

Oyayubihime Infinity

Vol.06 Chapter 0 : End

98.7K Mar 08,18 Fujieda Toru

Long ago, a group of friends banded together—and now the whole gang has been reincarnated in the present day. Each has a reminder of the past: a butterfly-shaped birthmark on their thumbs. When the marks touch, they catch a glimpse of their shared past, though what they see doesn't always match. Tsubame insists that he and Kanoko are fated to be together. By the time Kanoko finds out it's not tr
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Petshop of Horrors 4.8

Petshop Of Horrors

Vol.10 Chapter 4.1 : Destruction

883.4K Mar 06,18 Akino Matsuri

From Tokyopop: A smoke-filled alley in Chinatown harbors Count D's Pet Shop. The pets sold here aren't your everyday variety and the Count prides himself on selling Love and Dreams in the form of magical creatures that come with an exclusive contract. But buyers beware. If the contract is broken the Count cannot be held accountable for whatever may happen. A fascinating and macabre look in
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Vampire Doll 5

Vampire Doll

Vol.06 Chapter 7.5 : Extra

153.5K Mar 02,18 Kari Erika

Guilt-Na-Zan is a vampire aristocrat who was sealed into a cross by Kyouji's ancestor more than 100 years ago. Now Kyouji has revived him--although his soul was resurrected into a cute female doll and can only transform into his real figure when he sucks blood from Kyouji's sister Tonae... But when you combine Goth clothes and hot vampires, slowly but surely everyone will start to feel like one bi
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Ghost Sweeper Mikami 4.6

Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Chapter 392 : Earthquake Relief Special 2

2.3M Mar 02,18 Shiina Takashi

A man and a woman are working together in their own business. Not very interesting, you say? And if they are ghost sweepers, professional exorcists exterminating evil spirits and demons? Huh, not inventive enough? Then what if the man is a total pervert, beyond hope of any salvation, and the woman is a total hottie? And there are more babes to come! What? Sounds like a standard harem manga? Ok, th
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Modern Life of the Immortals 4

Modern Life Of The Immortals

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Back To City

268.7K Feb 27,18 Nowdo

Once upon a time, there were many mysterious and strange animals, immortals and monsters How did they look? A snake with a human being face, a dog similar to a cat, a bird with colorful feather... Are they still alive? God knows, maybe extinct, maybe still living among us...
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Nijiiro Togarashi 4.9

Nijiiro Togarashi

Vol.11 Chapter 10

342.4K Feb 27,18 Adachi Mitsuru

From Adachi's Universe: We start with our main protagonist, Shichimi, bidding farewell as he readies for his journey into Edo (on our Earth, Edo was the old name of Tokyo before it became the capital of Japan). His mother has just died, only leaving him a walnut and a request for him to go to his half-siblings. Shichimi bids farewell to a sternly old man, who is a firefighter. We can tell this fr
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Star Ocean: Till The End of Time 4.8

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time

Vol.7 Chapter 30 : Creation Of The Universe

290K Feb 25,18 Kanda Akira

Based on the popular PS2 games is Star Ocean the End of Time. Twelve heroes thwarted the Ten Wise Men's plot to destroy the universe. Four hundred years have since passed. The date is SD 772. The Pangalactic Federation has already explored one third of the Milky Way, and continues to research in its insatiable quest for even more power. In that time, the young Earthling Fayt Leingod and his fam
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Ghosts Among the Wild Flowers 4.7

Ghosts Among The Wild Flowers

Chapter 87

242.9K Feb 23,18 Ghost Wintersnow

Ghosts among the wildflowers¨ is a webcomic about a group of strangers coming together to search for a treasure they arent sure even exists.
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Densetsu no Yuusha no Konkatsu 4.6

Densetsu No Yuusha No Konkatsu

Chapter 15

1.4M Feb 21,18 Nakamura Takatoshi

The story takes place in a world after the legendary warrior defeats the demon lord. After he brought the peace to the world, he decides to set another adventure to search for his wife.
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Dragon Quest Retsuden - Roto no Monshou 4.6

Dragon Quest Retsuden - Roto No Monshou

Chapter 20

227.5K Feb 20,18 Kawamata Chiaki,Koyanagi Junji

Many years after the fall of Zoma, the descendants of Roto left Alefgard and divided his emblem into two parts. The brother with the top half, created the kingdom of Loran. The brother with the bottom half, created the kingdom of Carmen. The kingdoms were peaceful and prosperous for many years. Emblem of Roto begins 100 years later. Read More Here
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Touhou Sangetsusei: Strange and Bright Nature Deity 4.8

Touhou Sangetsusei: Strange And Bright Nature Deity

Vol.3 Chapter 25 : The Two Worlds (Part 3)

334.2K Feb 13,18 Zun

A manga based on the Touhou series of games, written by its creator. Mostly focuses on a trio of fairies and the mischief they get up to, as well as the main characters of the games. The first five chapters have the English subtitle Eastern and Little Nature Deity and were drawn by Matsukura Nemu. Nemu then had to leave the project for health reasons, and it continued for 25 more chapters as St
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Welcome to the 3rd Dimension! 4.5

Welcome To The 3Rd Dimension!

Chapter 187

220.9K Feb 12,18 Dongdong

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Jekyll no Tsukaima 4.8

Jekyll No Tsukaima

Chapter 1 : Oneshot

72.7K Feb 12,18 Ishikawa hiroki

Densuke Konomiya is a powerful exorcist, hunted down by numerous Magical Beings who hope to drink his blood and gain immense power. He can normally get rid of them without much effort, until he meets one who won't give up no matter how many times he's beaten down. Instead of fighting him again and again, Densuke decides to make the pest his familiar instead.
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Monokuro Shounen Shoujo 4.8

Monokuro Shounen Shoujo

Chapter 71

1.3M Feb 12,18 Fukuyama Ryoko

From Midnight Scans: Kureha Mimachi, a 15-year-old girl, has just transferred into Shiritsu Kenhono High School. However, there is something weird about this school, it is actually a school where the Princes and Princesses of the beast-kind go to...?! Even though Kureha is human, she is there as a way to help the students their lives peacefully with humans and has the role as the "rabbit". Wil
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Bakuden Shoot Beyblade 5

Bakuden Shoot Beyblade

Vol.14 Chapter 4.5

374.3K Feb 12,18 Aoki Takao

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade = Beigoma (a Japanese spinning top game) Takao Kinomiya dreams of becoming the best beyblader in the world. Along with his friends Kai, Max, Rei, and Kyoujou, they make the team known as the Bladebreakers. They strive to be the best but don't do it alone... because within each of their beyblades resides a Sacred Spirit that gives them even more power to reach their goals
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