I Arrived at Oni-san's Place 4.8

I Arrived At Oni-San's Place

Chapter 10

431.4K Mar 21,19 Mokke Amezawa

A girl was given to an oni as a sacrifice, however, he had merely asked for a servant. Since the oni in question is against child labour and she has no place to go, he decides to make her his temporary "wife" in name. So the young girl and the cheerful oni begin their warm (married?) life together.
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Dark Web 2.8

Dark Web

Vol.1 Chapter 6: Chapter 6

192.8K Mar 20,19 JkSManga

The Dark Web is a part of the internet that is unseen by most of the general public. ID Theft, contraband, perverted imagery, terrorism, bigotry and more can be found there. Few will ever access the Dark Web but Jack and his friends have CHOSEN to go. They want to find there friend and they think they are brave enough to withstand any horrors.
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Habataki ~Ein Marchen~ 5

Habataki ~Ein Marchen~

Chapter 2

49.2K Mar 19,19 Ikuko Hatoyama, Tatsuo Hori

‘Habataki ~Ein Marchen~’ is an adaptation of popular novelist, Hori Tatsuo, (famed for his modernism and proletarian literature during the Showa period) novella of the same name. This is one of his early fantasy pieces published in 1931 and collected in ‘Hori Tatsuo Early Fantasy Masterpieces’.
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Hari no Hana 4.7

Hari No Hana

Chapter 29.5 [End]

405K Mar 19,19 Inariya Fusanosuke

Summary by Dangerous Pleasures provided by Backlash67 from intro page: He has the seal of the beast carved into his skin. The story of rogue monk Ashiya Douman begins now!
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Isekai Shoukan-sareta ga Kyousei Soukan-sareta Ore ha shikatanaku yaseru koto ni shita. 4.1

Isekai Shoukan-Sareta Ga Kyousei Soukan-Sareta Ore Ha Shikatanaku Yaseru Koto Ni Shita.

Vol.2 Chapter 8

2M Mar 19,19 Ame Shigure, Daikokudou Ikuya

Haruhiko is a 32 year old fat shut-in. One night he gets hit by a bus and finds himself summoned to a new world. However due to weight limitations the summoning system produces an error and he's sent back home. A princess from the other world accidentally comes back with him. In order to return her to her world he must lose weight.
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The Priest's Chart 4.5

The Priest's Chart

Chapter 99: I'll Remember (2)

1.6M Mar 18,19 Gob

The priest Edward meets a veteran under a vicious curse. This is the love story of the young priest who wants to save the veteran.
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Marry Grave 4.8

Marry Grave

Chapter 52.1: Afterword

3.6M Mar 18,19 Yamaji hidenori

The lonesome vagabond Riseman Sawyer is following the trail of myriads of ingredients required for a peculiar magic.
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Level Up 4.4

Level Up

Chapter 6

1.5M Mar 17,19 Sa Shu, Zhi Yi Dong Man

This is a game traveling story of a man and his perfect best friend. Will this be a relationship of subjugation or will they turn into complete adversaries? When your best friend becomes your opponent, and the line between the real and virtual worlds becomes blur, how should we face the truth then?
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Wolf Lover 4.4

Wolf Lover

Chapter 4: Cutie Or The Devil? Pt. 2

163.7K Mar 17,19 SiSi Li, YiZhou manhua

This is a gorgeous, popular adventure-fantasy shoujo! She's an ascended vampire bride and he's a good for nothing werewolf, together they make an unmarried, unreliable couple. How will these two save the world from imminent danger?
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Limbless Schira 4.5

Limbless Schira

Chapter 20: Butterfly (2)

819K Mar 17,19 Yoousi

Will the child be turned into demons? Why is it related to the past lives? In order to save the white nights that are cursed by the curse, Ye Ye embarked on a curse of liberation and curse. As the journey deepens, the truth of past lives is revealed a little... This is a collection of intrigues, Daguai, friendship and love, and everything. Want to see the magical elements of the hilarious adven
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Hitomi-sensei no Hokenshitsu 4.7

Hitomi-Sensei No Hokenshitsu

Vol.8 Chapter 44

1.3M Mar 17,19 Shake O

A new monstergirl series running in Comic Ryu that follows Hitomi, a cyclops that works as a nurse at a school, and the many students that come to her for help with their human (and not-so-human) problems.
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Let Love Rule 4.8

Let Love Rule

Vol.10 Chapter 5: A Faint Light.

198.3K Mar 17,19 TheYoungOne

Let Love Rule is a story about adventure, friendship and an impossible love. Daisy de Jong is an spoiled rich girl who went on a cruise with her mother and ended up on a strange island where demons rule the land. To save her mother from the evil demon lord who attacked the cruisse ship she has to join forces with the sarcastic outcast, demon pretty boy Diablo. Will Daisy
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Deity’s Path through Ten Thousand Worlds 4.5

Deity’S Path Through Ten Thousand Worlds

Chapter 5

379.4K Mar 14,19 Xueying

Every world is like a flower, The secular realm as we know it is but a speck of dust in the hands of deities and demons. One moment for them, a thousand years in the mortal world. Even mountain ranges and vast oceans are but mere illusions The Tianyuan God Sect was once the mightiest sect in the great Dashang. Ye Xingyun’s master and also the sect leader of the Tianyuan God Sect
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Tiger x Crane 4.5

Tiger X Crane

Chapter 235

5.6M Mar 13,19 Huang Xiao Da

Ghosts and demons, mystical demon arts, rare treasures. A fantasy world where demons are tamed and tradition is protected.
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Tenraku Akuma! Demon's Core 4.8

Tenraku Akuma! Demon's Core

Chapter 13: No-Good After All! [End]

1M Mar 11,19 Musashimaru

From MangaHelpers: An exorcist has just finished defeating a demon, when one comes falling out of the ceiling. However, she's nothing like the sexy, dangerous demon he had just faced. She has no horns, she's in ragged clothes, she's starving, and despite the fact that she claims she's here for his soul, it's clear that she's little threat. Instead of killing the demon, the exorcist is moved by
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Memesis (Yagyuu Takuya) 4.5

Memesis (Yagyuu Takuya)

Chapter 45: Our Story [End]

1.7M Mar 11,19 YAGYUU Takuya

In a fantasy world where monsters roam the land, the heroes party of Leon, Kijira and Ash traveled and slayed monsters together. But when Leon broke up with his partners so he could hang out with cute girls, Kijira and Ash starts carving their own legacy and it's one built on the back of jealousy as they look to overcome Leon in both monster slaying and women wooing.
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Tachiagare! Orc-san 4.7

Tachiagare! Orc-San

Chapter 1

149.2K Mar 10,19 Aramoto Kei

Ines, a girl from an orphanage, lands a job at a place that exploits orcs!! What's more, the company's business is adult-oriented entertainment!? A unique fantasy about a business crossing orcs and the adult world!
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Crossing the Boundary - Twins 4.3

Crossing The Boundary - Twins

Chapter 58: Two Years (2) (End)

762.3K Mar 09,19 Heimai

Curiosity led Luo Wei to explore the forbidden cave on his school grounds. There, he discovered a pair of mysterious twins fleeing a plague. Little did he know that the cave is a portal to another world — things are not as simple as the twins make them out to be… The original webcomic can be found here:
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Succuba & Siren 4.6

Succuba & Siren

Chapter 4

150.1K Mar 09,19 600

An entry for "Let's Meet at the Witches' Gathering."
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Flowers & Thorns 4.7

Flowers & Thorns

Chapter 3

146.5K Mar 09,19 马它合鸟

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Newman 4.9


Chapter 170

1M Mar 09,19 Josh Ulrich

Newman and Gwen are professional monster hunters who work for the Creature Removal Department, but for these two, killing monsters is the easy part, it's navigating their relationship that gets complicated. Set in a modern fantasy world, Newman is a mix of comedy, action, romance, and a little bit of horror.
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Clothes Can Talk 4.9

Clothes Can Talk

Episode 1

65K Mar 09,19 Supernova Awards

Rachael has the ability to talk to clothes that worn by her. One day, she accidentally put on the coat of Ethan of the next class, and learned from his clothes that this seemingly normal boy was actually tracking her?! Then, Rachael's clothes suddenly disappeared in the classroom. Isn't Ethan the only follower, but there's also a big metamorphosis?!
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Robot 4.6


Vol.10 Chapter 10: Polaris

838.9K Mar 09,19 Okama,Kinutani Yuu,Miura Yasuto,Naruko Hanaharu,Sanbe Kei,Nekoi Mie,Sabe,Abe Yoshitoshi,Itoh Mami,Yasuda Suzuhito,Murata Range,Asada Hiroyu

Robot is a series of books containing the art of various Asian artists, created by Range Murata.
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Haken no Kouki Altina 4.5

Haken No Kouki Altina

Vol.4 Chapter 23 [End]

2.2M Mar 07,19 Murasaki Yukiya

Regis Ulrich is an incapable soldier; bad at both sword and archery, who passes the time by only reading books. While transferring to a remote region post, he meets a girl who turns out be the red hair and crimson eyed princess Altina, the wielder of the great sword "Grantneil Catoll." Despite being only fourteen years old, she was appointed to become the commander of the army in this re
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