Delicate and Meek, Me? 4.6

Delicate And Meek, Me?

Chapter 86

445.4K Mar 18,20 Xianyu Culture

Just before his wedding, the tyrannical CEO, Yun Gu, died in a car accident caused by his best friend. His soul reincarnated in LingXi Tang, the youngest daughter of the Tang family who'd died at a young age over 10 years ago. He must use his new identity to protect his teenage self, investigate the reason behind his best friend's backstabbing behavior, an
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Magic Book to Start from Zero 4.4

Magic Book To Start From Zero

Chapter 11

2.6M Mar 17,20 Kakeru Kobashiri

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Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho 4.5

Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho

Vol.3 Chapter 11

947.9K Mar 17,20 Kobashiri Kakeru, Iwasaki Takashi

Year 526 of the Liturgical Calendar. The world knew that witches existed, and that they practiced the notorious art of sorcery. Nevertheless, the world did not know anything about the study of magic. The story follows a half-man, half-beast mercenary; humans mockingly call his kind the "fallen beasts". He always dreamt of becoming a human, but one day, he met a witch who would chan
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I'm Thinking of Quitting the Villainess' Entourage 4.6

I'm Thinking Of Quitting The Villainess' Entourage

Chapter 7

3.2M Mar 17,20 Rika Fujiwara, Ponkichi Hoshimado

Diet... to avoid the Bad End! In a former life, Cosette was just a normal housewife. Now she's been reborn into the world of an otome game, not as the heroine, or even the villainess, but as a chubby unnamed NPC?! Is she destined to be pushed aside as the heroine follows her route, or can Cosette avoid the dark future that awaits her? With six years left before the game's story
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I've Been Targeted Since Before My Reincarnation!! 4.6

I've Been Targeted Since Before My Reincarnation!!

Vol.1 Chapter 7

1.3M Mar 16,20 Kanau Itsuka,Ren Hidoh

Renellette is the beautiful daughter of a Count, with a position, an education, and enough property befitting her status, yet somehow she can't get married. One day, while searching for a marriage partner, she meets a man who rekindles memories of her past lives, a stalker who interferes with her marriage every time Renellete reincarnates! She struggles to shake off the obstacles between her a
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ORIGINAL CHRONICLE Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The 1st 4.7

Original Chronicle Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The 1St

Vol.2 Chapter 6

80.5K Mar 16,20 Masaki Tsuzuki

The supplemental manga for Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Movie 1st, adding scenes inspired by both the original anime season and it's Sound Stages into the movie verse.
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Illegal Rare 4.4

Illegal Rare

Vol.3 Chapter 24: Delmeza 3

900.2K Mar 16,20 Shiibashi Hiroshi

From MangaHelpers: Supernatural creatures live alongside humans, but these "rares" are being hunted to extinction over time. An organization is being formed to protect these rares, and allow them to live their lives as they like. The starting members of this organization are few; there's the masked Fukumen, the Black Vampyr king AxL, and they are soon joined by the sweet-voiced mermaid Mirror.
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Tokumu Houkoukan Yumihari 3.5

Tokumu Houkoukan Yumihari

Chapter 33: Kororin [End]

358.8K Mar 16,20 TOMIZAWA Hitoshi

Following a temporal war that ravaged Japan, the young Shoichi, his two sisters and other children must flee their homeland by boat. During this journey, they are attacked by strange suitor samurai from the future. A girl named Shizue is even "draw" the face by an unknown life form. The children will be rescued by the crew of a strange battleship, the Yumihari. On board, Shoichi can o
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King of the Gods 4

King Of The Gods

Chapter 7

1.1M Mar 14,20

When Meng Fan was trying to find herbs for his sick mother, he was saved by a mysterious woman who promise to make him stronger in exchange for a few promises
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Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji 4.7

Momochi-San Chi No Ayakashi Ouji

Chapter 60

3.7M Mar 14,20 Shouoto Aya

Momochi Himari after being an orphan inherited a house out of nowhere. She decided to occupy that house despite of the warnings she received. According to the folks the House of Momochi is haunted. There she met three guys who live in the house, Aoi, Yukari and Ise. Then she discovered something unusual about them. What will happen to Himari's peaceful life when she decided to stay there? Find
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Lockdown No Escape 4.3

Lockdown No Escape

Vol.1 Chapter 25

666.1K Mar 13,20 JkSManga

The Sound of the alarm triggering the lockdown is the last thing Sam can remember. Sam wakes up in the middle of his classroom to discover everyone around him is dead. With no memories of how he got there, Sam tries to figure at what could have happened, but Sam doesn't just have to worry about what killed his classmates, because even the survivors are after his
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 My Grimreaper bodyguard 3.9

My Grimreaper Bodyguard

Vol.1 Chapter 33

1M Mar 13,20 Jksmanga

Death decides to give his youngest son his first-ever task, but instead of taking a life, he has to protect one instead. The problem is kai has never been to the human world and doesn’t know how to act like one either. This means someone’s got a Grimreaper as a bodyguard.
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Underage Eve 3.7

Underage Eve

Chapter 75

1.4M Mar 13,20 Next Door Teteluo

Will rib taken out from humans’ bodies really turn into Eves? This is obviously ridiculous! But what’s going on with this…little girl…in sight? Where is she from? Anyway… I'm not obsessed about little girls!,
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Rizelmine 5


Chapter 6.5: Level.00 Omake

137.8K Mar 13,20 SUGISAKI Yukiru

The government has been conducting experiments to genetically engineer a human. Its first creation is a girl named Rizel, and the experiment is a success--sort of.While healthy and cheerful, 12-year-old Rizel also possesses the uncanny need for love to further her development. Saddened by this emptiness in her life, she sheds tears that can end up destroying a city block.So what's a girl to do
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Manga Surprise! 3.4

Manga Surprise!

Chapter 15: Edmond, Alain & Hugues

98.2K Mar 13,20 Ashinano Hitoshi,Kuroda Iou,Takezaki Tony,Chen Uen,Yasuji Tanioka,Yasuda Hiroyuki,Pope Paul,Mazzucchelli David,Izumi Garret,Juan Ana,Hart Tom,Zierhut Anthony,Muth Jon J,Baudoin,Lewis Jon,Yoshida Mamij

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Chapter 1.1

64.3K Mar 11,20 Tatsui Koto

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Shinde kudasai! Yuusha desho? 3.2

Shinde Kudasai! Yuusha Desho?

Vol.2 Chapter 15

1.6M Mar 11,20 Leafy

Akito wants the stereotypical isekai experience and so he summons himself to another world, however things don't quite go as planned. He's the same unskilled loser that he was before. He can barely scrape together enough money to eat. One day a cute girl approaches him with a contract to join her party. He can't read what it says, but ends up being forced to sign it anyway. What'
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Zero One Daoist 4.3

Zero One Daoist

Chapter 1: Taboo - Part 1

393.1K Mar 10,20 iDreamsky

People train Yang while i train Yin, I cannot train my Dao in the world of Daoists. with no powers, thee useless boy goes into the Daoist academy for his childhood friend, from now he can only punch evil and kick monsters, trying to fight to change his fate. But this continent Yin Yang status is changing, eevil is on the rise
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My 4-inch Girlfriend 4.3

My 4-Inch Girlfriend

Chapter 10

249.5K Mar 08,20 Xing yue jiang

“I can’t be shorter!” Chen He’s childhood sweetheart Yuan Xiaohui suddenly became as short as 4 inches! How would the dull boy student deal with the restless girl who was always in trouble? Come and see the funny daily life of the couple with a height difference of 5.1ft!
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The Doctor's Supremacy 4.6

The Doctor's Supremacy

Chapter 30: Evil Is Here Regardless Of Age

4M Mar 08,20 Duanyan Muou

In a world where strength decides everything, people can awaken special powers by killing others. The protagonist, Bai Yi, became a "doctor" to heal the wounded and put a stop to evil... only to find out that there is no such thing as absolute justice or evil.
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Cookie Run: Hanja Run 4.4

Cookie Run: Hanja Run

Vol.2 Chapter 10: Alchemist Cookie Mobilizes!

119K Mar 07,20 Jo Juhui,Lee Taeyong

An edutainment adaptation of the mobile game Cookie Run, that teaches Hanja (Chinese characters used in the Korean language). Featuring an alternate universe where running, playing, and Hanja are banned for safety reasons, and the country's temperature is rising due to a volcano. With the help of elders that were champions in the past, a group of courageous Cookies go to collect pets and learn
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Furious Yama 4.6

Furious Yama

Chapter 2.1

133K Mar 06,20 使徒子

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The Fox Concubine 4.7

The Fox Concubine

Chapter 53

1.3M Mar 06,20 Kuang Sheng

Stone-faced prince x quick-witted fox? Nonono, just a kiss, little fox will become the beauty. Secret agent Sylph is transported into another world due to a typhoon and becomes a fox. Confronting demons’ sudden pursuit and eager to leave here, she seeks help from a cruel expressionless prince passing by and agrees to be taken back home. When they get home, it turns out to be that he is
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Delivery Knight 4.8

Delivery Knight

Chapter 89

3.7M Mar 06,20 Lee Yungyun

While most people avoid the suffocating pollution covering the world…Deliverymen press on, so the citizens can get the packages they desperately need. They are known… as the Delivery Knights!
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