Jin 4.9


Chapter 51

791.3K Sep 11,17 Murakami Motoka

As a result of a strange encounter with a mysterious carcinogenic fetus he found inside a patient’s skull, brain surgeon MINAKATA Jin has slipped back through time. Equipped with modern medical knowledge, he faces various fatal diseases and injuries. Then, he meets the ordinary people of Edo as well as illustrious figures, and his surgical knife carves out a new history and story of life.
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Angels Tears 4.5

Angels Tears

Chapter 31 : Special 04

328.4K Sep 06,17 Mi Chongan

Follow Sudi, the traveling performer and Blackie, the talking cat through time as they try and find the mythic Angel Tear and make some cash along the way. A three arc story about angels, love, betrayal and beautiful men!
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Pocket Monsters + Nobunaga no Yabou - Ranse Iroemaki 4

Pocket Monsters + Nobunaga No Yabou - Ranse Iroemaki

Chapter 4 : The Red Scroll: Kunoichi's Reasons

128.2K Sep 05,17 Nanatsumu Launch

Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition ~ Ranse's Color Picture Scroll ~ (Japanese: ポケモン+ノブナガの野望 ~ランセ彩絵巻~) is a six chapter manga adaptation of Pokémon Conquest. It is illustrated by Nanatsumu Launch. Each chapter is hosted on Nico Nico Seiga. - Bulbapedia
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Pokemon Conquest: Ransei's Colour Picture Scroll 4.6

Pokemon Conquest: Ransei's Colour Picture Scroll

Chapter 3 : The Yellow Scroll: Hanbei & Kanbei

174.5K Sep 05,17 NANATSUMU Launch

Manga adaptation of the Pokemon Conquest (Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition) game for DS.
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Nenene 4.8


Chapter 7

1.1M Aug 24,17 Otousan

In order benefit their families, Koyuki (Age 16) was wed to Shin (Age 37). Despite the large age gap, both are exceedingly inexperienced in the matters of love, so they never quite know how to act around each other. To make matters worse, Shin is forbidden from being physically involved with Koyuki until she turns 20. In this environment, how will they form a proper husband-wife relationship?
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Nightmare Catalog 4.5

Nightmare Catalog

Chapter 7

136.7K Aug 16,17 Yukimichi Ouji

From Bunny's Scanlations: Ashley is a vampire who's been living an eternal life. In order to ease his loneliness, he starts traveling around the world to find a lover with his attendant doll, Noel… Its beautiful, delicate art adds charm to this sorrowful and serious story. Nevertheless, it somehow brings cynical laughter as well. Enjoy this dark (joke) fantasy!
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Wuchang Dao 5

Wuchang Dao

Chapter 6 : Mulian Attacks

132.7K Aug 15,17 Mysterylamu

Sharing the same body in the Mortal World, having to rely on human skin disguise to get by after losing the Invisibility Jade charm... They are the Messengers of Death, the smiley giant moth Bai Wuchang who is cunning as a fox, and the fiery-temper Hei Wuchang who is an expert in losing equipment. Let's take a look of the Human World through their eyes!
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Zhang Hai Hua 5

Zhang Hai Hua

Chapter 2 : Fate’S Cycle

66K Aug 14,17 Nanpai Sanshu

After five years the story continues. All the clues are hidden deep within the snow-capped mountains. Is this all coincidental or is it set up? Can Wu Xia uncover the dark mystery?
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A-presto 4.8


Chapter 3 : Passato 3

90K Aug 08,17 Shiina Takasato

From "Generation of Miracles": A mystery from the past ! During their school days, Rin and Karaku solved many mysterious cases together. Today, when they meet up as adults, they indulge themselves with memories of the past. However, what Rin still doesn't now is: that he is already dead, and walks as a ghost around the world ...
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Yue Yin Shen 4.5

Yue Yin Shen

Chapter 6

182.2K Aug 02,17 Milkfairy & Gulanjun & Pxtar & Buka Manga

An ancient spiritual� guardian comes to me when I start to look for the truth of my parents' disappearance. He calls me master and wants to stay with me…After launched� � investigation� into� the� incident,� my lost memories begin to recover…
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Beast of East - Touhou Memairoku 5

Beast Of East - Touhou Memairoku

Chapter 2

99K Aug 01,17 Yamada Akihiro

A thousand years before Christ, the last king of an ancient dynasty was seduced by a fox spirit that caused chaos in his land and drove his people to despair, before she killed the king and was finally sealed by an exorcist. During the Heian Period that golden-haired, nine-tailed vixen, known as Daji in China and Kayo in India, reappeared in Japan... In Kyoto, misfortune befalls Mikuzu's family
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Chrono Monochrome 5

Chrono Monochrome

Chapter 28 : At Philidor’S Mansion

296.3K Jul 27,17 Isomi Jingetsu

Inubuse Kuromu aspired to be King in Chess, he was so skilled he represented Japan in the World Youth Chess Championship at age 11. However, due to his loss to a mysterious, wolf-like player, he developed a condition where he can't sit in front of anyone?! Because of this condition, he stopped playing Chess and chose to solely focus on his studies until his fingers break. Three years since his los
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Yanjing Linren Chao 5

Yanjing Linren Chao

Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Flowers In A Mirror, The Moon In Water

63.1K Jul 25,17 Natsuki Sumeragi

Beijing of the 1920s is where the young and fashionable generation confronts the old and conservative one. During this period of social change, three brothers and one sister struggle to free themselves from the oppressive traditions of their grandfather. Help comes in the unlikely form of a Peking Opera actor, and his lively crew. -- Manga Updates
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Royal Dragon 4.9

Royal Dragon

Chapter 3

112.6K Jul 24,17

It's a story about a time-traveler, who passes through time and space of different world. Finally, he arrives at Three Kingdoms period. With familiar heroes, such as Zhuge Liang, Cao Cao, Guan Yu, he is going to rewrite the history in this fantasy journey!
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Shut Hell 4.9

Shut Hell

Vol.14 Chapter 90

1.1M Jul 16,17 Itoh Yu

Sudou, a young man who keeps having these vivid dreams of bloody battles is approached by Susuki, a shy and quiet girl. When Susuki comes to Sudou's apartment she plays an instrument of his and Sudou is transported to the year 1209, a time where he is a woman named Shut Hell and Susuki is Yurul, a mongol prince. The story takes place in the early 13th century. Genghis Khan has united the Mongol
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Okinimesu Mama (AKINO Matsuri) 5

Okinimesu Mama (Akino Matsuri)

Vol.2 Chapter 15

106.4K Jul 16,17 Akino Matsuri

Four hundred years back into the past... In a countrified corner of merry olde England lives Jacqueline, the daughter of a grand duke. She is infatuated with Raymond, a beautiful youth in a certain theatre troupe. Full of turbulent adventures, the fascinating tale of a tomboy-princess who dreams of love!
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I, the Emperor, am not a Superstar 4.7

I, The Emperor, Am Not A Superstar

Chapter 2

99.9K Jul 13,17 Nai-nai Bear & Royan

Beautiful as a flower, delicate as a young blossom, the ruler of a nation accidentally slips and falls through the passages of time to the present world. By strange coincidence he ends up in the body of a famous superstar with all eyes on him! How does the emperor, who is straight as a pen, become bent as coiled incense after traveling through time?! Read to find out!
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Sakamichi no Apollon 4.8

Sakamichi No Apollon

Chapter 50

1M Jul 12,17 Kodama Yuki

Nishimi Kaoru has moved from city to city and school to school because of his father’s job, so having his first day at a new school was just routine for him. Being intellectual in addition to being a transfer student all the time, he has always been seen as an outcast. All he has had to do was bear it as usual until the next time he moved. But things were slightly different this time. First,
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Yo! President Trap-Kun 5

Yo! President Trap-Kun

Chapter 1

57.9K Jul 07,17 Kouhei

Manga parody of Donald Trump running in Coro Coro magazine.
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The Wooden Savage and I 5

The Wooden Savage And I

Chapter 2 : I’M A War Booty?

158.3K Jul 07,17 Hypersensitivity,Old Cadre Of Mount Akina

Famous movie star, Su Ran, travels to the Stone Age during an accident on set. By chance, he encounters Lang Ya, a primitive warrior, and is taken back to his tribe. Greatly annoyed and fearing for his life, the fastidious and cultured superstar is now forced to live the barbaric life of a savage. But, he soon discovers he can return to the modern world for 24 hours during the night of a full moon
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Touken Ranbu Anthology ~ Hibana Mae, Touken Danshi ~ 4.2

Touken Ranbu Anthology ~ Hibana Mae, Touken Danshi ~

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Mikazuki Knows About It / Takagi Yuuna

211.2K Jun 24,17 Arito, Saida Nika, Curry Zawa Kaoru, Fuduki Roa, Kamatani Yuuki, Mitsuya Bond, Momotan, Nagata Ayumi, Noda Ayako, Pomeko, Renaissance Yoshida, Sakaki Root, Sumeragi Kohaku, Takagi Yuuna, Takuma, Tanak

Manga anthology based on DMM and Nitro+'s browser game Touken Ranbu -online-
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Hua Qian Gu 4.9

Hua Qian Gu

Vol.1 Chapter 07 : The Girl In Green

139.8K Jun 20,17 Fresh

This is a story of a young girl named Hu Qian Gu. After losing her father, Qian Gu goes on a spectacular adventure to become an immortal and chases after her dreams. -Sky Wind Scans
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Madan no Ou to Vanadis 4.8

Madan No Ou To Vanadis

Vol.10 Chapter 51 : The End

2.6M Jun 14,17 Kawaguchi Tsukasa

From JCafe : Set in Western Europe during times of war, Eleanor "Ellen" Vertalia, one of the Vanadis of Zhcted, leads the battle into Brune. There are, in fact, seven Vanadis, named for having each received a powerful weapon from the dragon to individually reign over seven territories. The power of the Vanadis invokes dread and fear from their enemies. An earl in the service of the count
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Eohwadungdungnae Boreumi 4.8

Eohwadungdungnae Boreumi

Chapter 24

492.3K Jun 10,17 Lee Yun-hee

The protagonist, Boreum Park, is the daughter of a goddess and a womanizing taoist. Stolen from her mother at birth, she lives on earth with her father Chun Park. Her whereabouts are hidden from her mother by the protective charms set up around their house and she is always forbidden to leave them. When on the prowl for women one day, her casanova father comes across a man playing the flute. As th
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