Mademoiselle Butterfly 4.8

Mademoiselle Butterfly

Vol.2 Ch.9 : +Omake

283.9K Jan 21,16 Ogura Akane

Our heroine is a girl who lives as a geisha in Japan. She has a male childhood friend who’s always been kind to her and is her favorite. He’s a painter, only he paints on human body parts and she loves it when he paints beautiful butterflies on her arms. She goes to visit him one day and finds a naked woman lying in his room. Immediately after, she gets a customer who’s rich and very interested in
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Magatsuhi 4.8


Vol.1 Ch.1

57.1K Jan 21,16 Yamashiro Yoshifumi

From MangaUpdates: Outcast... Accursed... Long ago when the gods dwelled in the mountains, the fief of Miyoshi is overrun and Princess Miyoshi flees to safety. But she is pursued by the Magatsuhi ("Devil's Masks"), powerful spirits who possess human bodies and foment rebellion and assassination. Then a mysterious girl, Kagachi, with strange powers appears to protect the princess. But could it b
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Mahoroba no Yobigoe 5

Mahoroba No Yobigoe

Vol.1 Ch.1

75.2K Jan 21,16 Ichinose Kaoru

Then she sees the boy she likes getting crushed under her eyes, Maomi leapt and landed into the past ... and landed in second century after J.C! Historical references to Yamataikoku (邪馬台国) and Queen Himiko.
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Mangetsu Monogatari 4.3

Mangetsu Monogatari

Ch.4 : [End]

86.6K Jan 21,16 NAKAMURA Shungiku

After a scandal got him kicked out of his position at court, Takaaki's been idling the days away at his manor, impulsive and bored. Then one day his friend Naruhito stops by and tells him an insane story about the most beautiful woman alive -- and drags him off in his attempt to win her heart. Tagging along, Takaaki soon realizes that the "Princess" isn't exactly who she (he!?) seems to be. Who ex
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Mercenary Pierre 4.4

Mercenary Pierre

Vol.4 Ch.26

252.4K Jan 21,16 Satou Kenichi

In the fifteenth century, when the French and English were at war, there appeared a woman claiming to be a visionary of God. She was Joan of Arc.
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Mirai no Football 4.8

Mirai No Football

Vol.1 Ch.5 : After Story

97.5K Jan 21,16 Yamatoya Eko

From SRoMU: While on a soccer tour, Toudou Mirai is involved in a shipwreck accident. When he comes to, he finds himself in 19th Century England. With him being saved by a player of the local soccer team named "Durham", Eddie, it seems Mirai will be joining "Durham", a team with their sights set on joining the world's first ever professional league... What with slipping through time, will Mirai
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Mugen Utamaro 5

Mugen Utamaro

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Fanatastical Painter

70.8K Jan 21,16 Dynamic Production

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Mushibugyo 5


Vol.1 Ch.8 : Haru's Chaotic Visit

321.1K Jan 21,16 Fukuda Hiroshi

The people have demanded change, Criterion boxes were created for the purpose of the people to leave their complaints in it. The result of this were two changes: the first being the creation of of 'Koishigawa Youjoujo' for the people, the second being an inner-city magistrate office, known as the Mushibugyo. Tsukishima Jinbee is a warrior who aims to be best, under the belief that a weak warrio
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Naki Shoujo no Tame no Pavane 5

Naki Shoujo No Tame No Pavane

Vol.2 Ch.5 : Reencounter ~ Reencounter~ [1]

90.6K Jan 21,16 Koge Donbo

From Syuura: During a field trip to the imperial capital, Tokyo, Kaga Nanao overhears the beautiful melody of a violin and immediately becomes captivated by it. In order to meet the mystery violinist, Nanao learns the violin and defies her father's wishes by attending the Marianne Music Academy for girls in Tokyo. Upon arriving at the school, Nanao comes across her mystery violinist who turns out
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Natsu e no Tobira 5

Natsu E No Tobira

Vol.1 Ch.1

51.8K Jan 21,16 Takemiya Keiko

Marion is a young schoolboy who prides himself on his adherence to a philosophy he calls "realism". Because of his distain for emotional display, he ignores anything remotely akin to affection. But when Marion is entangled in a romantic affair with an older courtesan, his rationalism is revealed to be little more than a cover for his own emotional immaturity. Learning to love, Marion blossoms unde
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Neji to Lantern 5

Neji To Lantern

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Know Thyself

78.1K Jan 21,16 Katsura Asuka

The very first manga by Asuka Katsura, who's worked on the Le Portrait de Petit Cossette manga and Blood+. Bolt and Lantern is an original oneshot set in 19th century england. Coco is a young girl who, due to the recent deaths of both her parents, has inherited the aristocratic title of "marquise" and the expectations that go along with it. A new tutor named Nidell is brought in to teach Coco all
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Oedo wa Nemuranai! 5

Oedo Wa Nemuranai!

Vol.5 Ch.32

234.3K Jan 21,16 Honda Keiko

From Wingtip Cafe: In Edo (ancient Japan), an oiran (high-class courtesan) joined a robber gang that stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Together, they battled against the enemy who used ‘Eleki’ (electric gadgetry and dolls) as weapons.
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Oniwaka to Ushiwaka - Edge of the World 5

Oniwaka To Ushiwaka - Edge Of The World

Ch.6 : Taira's Leader

97.3K Jan 21,16 Aoki Yuuya

Set during the late Heian era eight centuries ago, when the Taira samurai clan held power and just before the rise of the shogunate in Japan. This historical fantasy re-imagines the adventures of the real-life samurai leader Minamoto no Yoshitsune (Ushiwaka) and his loyal warrior monk Musashibou Benkei (Oniwaka).
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Ouji to Ken 4.9

Ouji To Ken

Ch.1 : Oneshot

58.7K Jan 21,16 Yokobaba Ryo

The coldly gleaming crimson sword will protect the life of a prince on the run...
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Oujo Alexandra 4.7

Oujo Alexandra

Ch.3 : [End]

98.4K Jan 21,16 MIUCHI Suzue

What will happen to a lovely princess when she is blinded after an accident? This story was first collected in 1978 in a manga volume with the same title. It contains Oujo Alexandra 1977, Fuyu no Himawari 1975, Manatsu no Yo no Yume 1972. It was afterwards reprinted for Suzue Miuchi's best works, volume 5 1996.
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Peony Pavilion 5

Peony Pavilion

Vol.1 Ch.7

112.8K Jan 21,16 Xia Da

A series of oneshot illustrations of famous Chinese folk tales.
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Rensen - Hana no Koe Yowa 4.9

Rensen - Hana No Koe Yowa

Ch.5 : Tales Of Hana No Koe [End]

85.8K Jan 21,16 Sumeragi Natsuki

A collection of four stories from Chinese folklore. Three of them (A Mercy Destiny, The Madman of the Flowers. and The Origin of Love) have the same characters that appeared in Hana no Koe: Dai-Chun, Song Gui-Xiang, and Ru-Chun in the Tang Dynasty. Dai-Chun and Song try to help their friends to solve their problems of vanity, pride, egoism, and envy, but Song's naivete complicates the situation.
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Pharaoh no Haka 5

Pharaoh No Haka

Vol.2 Ch.11A : The Burning Of The Sacred River

145.5K Jan 21,16 Takemiya Keiko

Egypt, a four thousand year old civilization, has now collapse and has entered into a war-torn era. There will be a period of power and angry waves. The small country, Esteria, was invaded and destroyed by their neighbouring country, Urjna, and its pharaoh, Sneferu. Prince Sariokis vows to get revenge on Sneferu, and avenge Esteria. A moving epic about love; and people with their struggles
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Ruru Chouchou 4.7

Ruru Chouchou


57.3K Jan 21,16 Nishiuri Nami

Set in feudal Japan, Sorano is often mistaken for a girl, and he is saved one day by Iori from some pushy guys; the two hang out together the following day.
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Proclaiming and Loving 5

Proclaiming And Loving

Vol.5 Ch.21

169.4K Jan 21,16 Yi Huan

A man and a woman meet in a time far from ours, in the ancient time of China. Love blossoms between the man and the woman, but this isn’t an easy time to love. And together they need to fight for the love they share together. Follow Liu Pu wei and Lu kou in a love story that takes you to the ancient time of China. Summary from Mangaupdates
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Qi Dan Qu 5

Qi Dan Qu

Vol.1 Ch.3

73.8K Jan 21,16 Nan Kong Yuu

MenJi Yu of the Tian Tai Tribe has been invited by BaCha KeHan to live in the tribe Qi Dan. Because he can’t understand the language of Qi Dan, the people of Qi Dan can’t get along with MenJi and vice versa. The only person that MenJi revealed a slight smile to was the Qi Dan Princess, KeYi GuChai. In order for KeYi to help MenJi fit into the Qi Dan lifestyle, she taught him what she is best at, t
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Qing You Du Zhong 5

Qing You Du Zhong

Vol.1 Ch.1

63.1K Jan 21,16 Luo Jun Lin

Summary from Sherbet Lemon: The story begins with a rich young lady named Mo Kai who is over the age of marrying but with with no proposed marriage. One day, she met a gentle scholar named Yi Nuo-Sheng and thought that she could woo him over without any troubles. But she later finds out that he already has someone in mind. All of the sudden comes a guy named Bei Tang-Yi who stops her plans. What w
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Rasen no Vamp 4.9

Rasen No Vamp

Vol.1 Ch.4

127.9K Jan 21,16 Mizuno Minami

From Dazzling Scans: In the late 19th century, the citizens of London began hearing news of a brutal street slasher and vampire. One day, Alan—a writer—meets a young woman named Marie who was attacked by this street slasher. He agrees to let this girl stay with him since she has lost her home, but ever since that day Alan begins suffering from strange dreams. In fact, Marie is a vampire! As the
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Renai Demo Classic 4.8

Renai Demo Classic

Vol.1 Ch.4.5

159.8K Jan 21,16 Shimada Chie

From Shoujo Crusade: It has been many years since the Taisho era. The daily private lesson life of a merchant's daughter, Aoi and a fallen noble, Reiichirou unfolds...!?
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