Talking of a Hero Who is the Hero 4.2

Talking Of A Hero Who Is The Hero

Vol.2 Chapter 5

139.3K Nov 13,18 DU Bi, FAT Ip Ming

Hero is a dramatic adventure manga set in ancient China. Wang Xiao Shi is a martial artist of the capital's largest faction, the Pavilion of Light Rain. At the outset of the story, Xiao Shi is faced with an impossible situation, as the Prime Minister insinuates that he will kill Xiao Shi and destroy the Pavilion if Xiao Shi is unwilling to assassinate Master Zhuge for him.
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Oniisama E 4.8

Oniisama E

Vol.3 Chapter 17

202.8K Nov 07,18 Ikeda Riyoko

From Lililicious: A classic manga about girls at a private all-girls school. The storyline centers around the experiences of Nanako, a "normal" girl who is invited to join the prestigious school organization, the Sorority, and is resented by all the other students because she doesn't appear to be qualified. Other key characters are Nanako's two friends: Tomoko, her friend since childhood who is a
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Hakushaku to Yousei 4.6

Hakushaku To Yousei

Chapter 15.2: Fanbook Side Story - Tea Time

1.3M Nov 03,18 Tani Mizue

From Wikipedia- The story is set in Victorian England. It follows the adventures of 17-year old Lydia Carlton, who is nicknamed the "Fairy Doctor" due to her interest in fairies. Her life takes a 180-degrees turn when she meets Edgar J.C Ashenbert, the "Legendary Blue Knight Count" and his crew on a sea voyage to London. Edgar hires her as an adviser during his quest to obtain
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Sengoku Rance 4.5

Sengoku Rance

Chapter 25.5

1.8M Oct 30,18 Alice Soft

The manga form of a turn based strategy fantasy eroge game, with a strong element of a RPG. Sengoku Rance is all about the most perverted hero of a fantastical world. Feel free to use more adjectives to describe him: idiotic, silly, etc and etc... He journeyed to JAPAN in order to have his way with the ladies of this land, and ended up as the secret ruler of Nobunaga House. In the process of co
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Josephine the French Rose 4.4

Josephine The French Rose

Chapter 2

109.9K Oct 20,18 Igarashi Yumiko, Kaoru Ochiai

The historical romance story by the one and only Yumiko Igarashi! Rose was born in Martinique island of France and raised by a poor aristocrat family. One day, Rose was told by a fortune-teller that she would be "a strong presence more than the Queen" and she decides to go to homeland France...!? Josephine the French Rose, story of the upheaval of the French history unveils.
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Hototogisu 4.4


Vol.2 Final Chapter

181.8K Oct 16,18 Roka Tokutomi, Mako Takami

Late 19th Century, Tokyo. Namiko, born as the daughter of an army lieutenant, loses her mother, and finds herself suffering at the hands of her new stepmother. Soon, her kindly aunt introduces her to Navy General Takeo Kawashima. Now Namiko lives happily ever after, or so she thought...
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Soulless: The Manga 4.9

Soulless: The Manga

Chapter 21 [End]

621.4K Oct 15,18 REM, Gail Carriger

Alexia Tarabotti is laboring under a great many social tribulations. First, she has no soul. Second, she’s a spinster whose father is both Italian and dead. Third, she was rudely attacked by a vampire, a terrible breach of social etiquette. Where to go from there? From bad to worse apparently, for the appalling Lord Maccon (loud, messy, gorgeous, and werewolf) is sent by Queen Victoria to
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Scarlet Empire 4.8

Scarlet Empire

Vol.4 Final Chapter: The Promised Time [End]

506.8K Oct 15,18 Hikaru Tanaka, Hanjirou Tsukioka

Leader of Sekihoutai, Sagara Souzou, staying ahead of the turbulence era with his people. High School student, Miyasaka Kotetsu, aiming to be the top in Kendo with his younger brother. In order to change the world, In order to protect you, guided by the red string of fate. They encounter as they transcend through time. The revelations of the Bakumatsu era and youth unfolds here!
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Rose Guns Days: Season 3 4.2

Rose Guns Days: Season 3

Vol.3 Last Reason: A Symmetry

157.4K Oct 15,18 Ryukishi07, You Oomura

Everyone is searching for a reason. 1949, Post-war Tokyo-As the Japanese become more of a minority in their own homeland, they continue to place their hope for the future in Primavera's hands. Alan and Keith have returned from war to find Tokyo very different from the one of their memories. Both may be maintaining high spirits, but they struggle to find their reason to keep fighti
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Rose Guns Days: Season 2 3.7

Rose Guns Days: Season 2

Vol.3 Bonus Track [End]

178.7K Oct 15,18 Natsunishi Nana, Ryukishi07

A young woman's desperate flight from her would-be captors leads her directly into the path of Madam Rose--or, more accurately, Madam Rose's car. While the accident has delivered the girl from her pursers, the impact has left her with no memory of who she is. Now in the care of the Primavera family, "Rapunzel" has found a new home with the Wild Dogs, a trio of former street ur
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Seirei no Moribito 4.8

Seirei No Moribito

Vol.02 Chapter 76 : Vol 02

1M Oct 14,18 Uehashi Nahoko,Futatsugi Saki

Once every 100 years, a Water Fairy implants an egg into a person who then becomes the Guardian of Fairies. This time, the responsibility falls on Chagum, the second prince of the New Yogo Kingdom. Chagum`s life isn`t easy. The king finds Chagum an inconvenience and attempts to have him killed. As a result, the queen asks a female guard, Balsa, to protect Chagum. In addition to this, beings fro
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Anatolia Story 4.7

Anatolia Story

Vol.28 Orontes Love Song (Last Chapter)

6.1M Oct 12,18 Shinohara Chie

Yuri lived the peaceful, average teenage life until Queen Nakia drew Yuri across time and space into the ancient Hittite Empire to use her as a sacrifice! Yuri meets many different friends throughout her journey to find a way home, but when the season of the North Star comes, enabling Prince Kail to send Yuri home, can she make it back, or have her growing feelings for Kail become too much? Check
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Sengoku Blood - Bara no Keiyaku 4.5

Sengoku Blood - Bara No Keiyaku

Chapter 19

372.1K Oct 12,18 Hiroi Ouji

When twins are born to the Oda household, Karin is tossed aside as an unwanted child. The one person who gave her strength through her childhood was her brother, Oda Nobunaga. Now both adults, Nobunaga sets about his plan for world domination in order to unify the world and create a place of happiness for both his subjects and his sister. However, tragedy strikes as Nobunaga is attacked in his pal
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Grashros 4.3


Chapter 47: Ikuu [End]

3.4M Oct 10,18 KANESHIRO Muneyuki

A story set 30,000 years ago, starring the Cro-Magnon, by the duo behind Kami-sama no Iu Toori.
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Ouhi Margot 3.2

Ouhi Margot

Chapter 1.2

106.1K Oct 10,18 Hagio Moto

The title takes place in 16th-century France and tells the story of the historical Queen Margaret. The Japanese title of the series is identical to the title of the 1845 novel by Alexandre Dumas.
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Chuuou Asia Cooking 4.9

Chuuou Asia Cooking

Chapter 1

75.1K Oct 08,18 Mori Kaoru

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has sponsored a 7-part short introducing several famous Central Asian dishes and how to prepare them.
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Princess Agent 4.5

Princess Agent

Chapter 3.6

769.4K Oct 07,18 Xiao Xiang Dong er, Wei manhua

Chu Qiao was once agent 005 for the the military unit 11. After being framed and thrown into prison, she successfully escaped however she then sacrificed her life to protect the special agent unit from being bombed. She was then reincarnated into another time period, the Xia dynasty. Chu Qiao had traveled to the Xia Dynasty as an 8-year-old slave girl. Due to receiving help from Yan Xun during the
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Hime no Tame nara Shineru 2.8

Hime No Tame Nara Shineru

Chapter 39: Either Of Them Are Hopeless

455.9K Oct 06,18 Kuzushiro

This is a charming work that was very loosely based on the life of Heian era author and poet, Sei Shonagon. The 27-year-old Shonagon, depicted here as a sort of medieval NEET, manages to land a job as the private tutor of a beautiful and refined 13-year-old, Princess Teishi. There are also a number of other quirky court ladies, some of whom have their eyes on Shonagon...
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Kamui-Den 4


Chapter 9: Kagari

163K Oct 05,18 Sanpei Shirato

The story of a young boy Kamui growing up to become a ninja. His life of training ends when he realizes that he doesn't want to be a ninja and decides to become a nukenin (outlaw ninja), someone who is not affiliated with an organization and is hunted for leaving the clan...
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Black Butler Anthology Comic 4.7

Black Butler Anthology Comic

Chapter 13

326.7K Oct 02,18 Anthology

A collection of Kuroshitsuji one-shots chapters by various manga artists.
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Touken Ranbu Online Anthology - Uijin 4

Touken Ranbu Online Anthology - Uijin

Chapter 15

158K Sep 28,18 Anthology

Collection of stories from different artists. 1. The Moment Befitting the Crescent Moon by Ryou (II) Old men have old men conversations while doing old men things like eating dango and staring at the sky. 9. A Day of Surprises! by MUNEYAMA Yoshimi Tsurumaru plays pranks on the other swo
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Mushishi 4.8


Vol.10 Chapter 50 : Drops Of Bells (Part 2)

999.6K Sep 27,18 Urushibara Yuki

Some live in the deep darkness behind your eyelids. Some eat silence. Some thoughtlessly kill. Some simply drive men mad. Shortly after life emerged from the primordial ooze, these strange creatures, called "mushi", came into being. Ginko, a wanderer with a sardonic smile, is a "mushishi" one who has the knowledge and the skill, to help people get rid of their various mushi rel
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Kuro no Shishi 5

Kuro No Shishi

Vol.1 Chapter 3.2

93K Sep 27,18 Nagai Go

One of Go Nagai's first works, this violent period piece takes place in the 1500s and stars a talented low ranking ninja named Shishimaru. In it, Shishimaru fights against Ginnai Doma (an immortal samurai who, despite being butchered multiple times, doesn't die) because Ginnai murdered his comrades. Despite being set in historical times, it has machine guns/lasers/robots/atomic reactors with no re
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