Fairy Gone Garden 3.2

Fairy Gone Garden

Chapter 2: Fairy Gone Garden (Part 2) [End]

221.8K Sep 26,18 Saiki Keita

A wandering blind man is taken off the street and brought to a brothel, where hopefully one of the girls can help him find the daughter he’s looking for.
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Maria no Shiro 4.7

Maria No Shiro

Chapter 10

506.4K Sep 22,18 Ueda Rinko

From Decadence: Spring of 1921 in the Taisho era, Ichijo Maria had lost her parents and entrusted herself to a friend's family. She leaves the house when the father became physical with her. Maria wanders the town and collapses in front of her old house. She is saved by a young doctor called Toudou Sei. There, she learns the house is currently being used as a dorm by the doctors of Imperial Ma
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Divine Abuse 4

Divine Abuse

Chapter 1

79.6K Sep 22,18 Qian Xin

As the towns and cities grow, the people who have Ascended to immortals disguise themselves as mortals in the cities, part of them can’t help themselves but to devour humans, but other than these cases showing up in headlines and on the news, there aren’t any other effects. Because of this, monsters and demons are almost extinct, and Gods rarely descend to the mortal realm. In th
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Virtus 4.9


Chapter 3: Massacre

105.8K Sep 11,18 Gibbon, Hideo Shinanogawa

Year 185, Commode emperor, cruel and thirst for blood, led Rome to its ruin. Instead of governing he prefers fighting in the arena. For, Marcia, his concubine, Rome has lost what has made its pride : Virtus Desperate, she ask a witch for help. With magic, she casts a group of prisonners from the modern japanese era.
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Yongbi 4.7


Chapter 149

7.7M Aug 21,18 Ryu Ki-woon, Moon Jung-hoo

A mysterious stranger rides into town. The peaceful village of Gang-Ho is disturbed when Yongbi, a seemingly foolish bounty hunter, comes to town looking to claim the bounty for the leader of Gang-Ho's deadliest clan of assassins. Will Yongbi collect the bounty unscathed, or will he fall victim to a vengeful pack of assassins hell-bent on retribution for their captured leader? Mar
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flower*flower 4.9


Chapter 13.5: A Maiden's Heart

140.9K Aug 20,18 IWAMI Shouko

Princess Nina has been sent to a foreign country to marry the prince, only, she'd prefer the princess instead. Shuurei's not sure about this - especially when Nina turns out to be more than a little cruel and sadistic. Showing Nina kindness, Shuurei begins to see another side of Nina.
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Eurasia 1274 5

Eurasia 1274

Chapter 6 [End]: Eurasia

84.6K Aug 16,18 ISHIKAWA Ken

The year is 1274, and the Mongols are invading Japan! It's Kublai Khan, aiming to conquer the world. But Japan has a secret weapon in a crack team of killers, known as The Carrion Eaters. Led by the vicious Ranomaru, who wants to take Kublai's head. Not all is well in Kublai's camp, though...a Korean leader might well be dissatisfied with what Kublai plans. This conflict will take them
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Daddy Long Legs (KATSUTA Bun) 5

Daddy Long Legs (Katsuta Bun)

Chapter 4: Daddy Long Legs [End]

112.2K Aug 12,18 Jean Webster,Katsuta Bun

An Endless Story: Set during the Showa period, an orphan named Itsuki is offered some unexpected support! The only condition is to write a letter every month… A fun-filled romance based on “Daddy Long Legs” and compiled with 3 other works.
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Sunaebo 4.4


Chapter 23

245.4K Aug 01,18 Aivan,Geo,Kim Se-young,Kim Yeon-joo

Volume 1: 1) Days Wishes Fall by YUN Ji Woon About the relationship between a father and a daughter. 2) The Door by KIM Yeon-Joo The reminisces of a girl in the temporary care of a lord apparent. 3) The Ravages of the Tiger by SEO MOON Da Mi A girl seeks revenge and death through hunting a tiger. 4) The Night has a Thousand Eyes by LEE Hyeon-Sook The relationship between a boy, his girlfri
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Gaikou-Kakkaku 1.8


Vol.1 Chapter: Rapid Fire

170.5K Jul 27,18 Kuji Mitsuhisa

A collection of oneshots. 1. Yume-Zamurai 2. Sengoku Juuhei Magoichi 3. Raiden Tokkou 4-5. Dangan Gaki 6. Chigusa-touge no Arashi 7. Rapid Fire Follows Dolores as she trains in self-defense, and her reasons for doing so. 8. Gaikou-kakkaku (Luminous and brightness)
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Musashi (MOTOMIYA Hiroshi) 3.8

Musashi (Motomiya Hiroshi)

Vol.3 Chapter 9: Kojiro Defeated

154.4K Jul 16,18 Motomiya hiroshi

Based on the life story of the swordsman Miyamoto Musashi.
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BLOOD+ A 4.9

Blood+ A

Chapter 4

189.7K Jul 07,18 Suekane Kumiko

The year is 1916. Saya and Hagi are entrusted with their first mission in Russia at the turn of the 20th century. The grand battle between Men and Chiropterans ensues in the Romanov Imperial court on the night before the Revolution!
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A Young Girl's Dream 4.4

A Young Girl's Dream

Chapter 36: End Of Season 1

913.3K Jul 07,18 Nachogirl,[add]

A girl wakes up in a foreign world after an drowning accident and is suspected to be the 'dragon priestess'. Orignal webcomic
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Lueduo Diren De Xin 4.8

Lueduo Diren De Xin

Chapter 30

1.7M Jul 05,18 Yusa

Irresistible lure that leads him to his enemy's heart. The one who contributed the most to establishment of a new dynasty, he is "Igen" the bloody tyrant. His cruelty, which the world fears, drive him to massacre the Azukun clan for revenge from several years ago. The only survivor from a clan that suddenly became a traitor overnight is "Kasan" and he curses himself for sur
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Kyuuyaku Marchen 4.8

Kyuuyaku Marchen

Chapter 12

236.6K Jul 04,18 Sound Horizon

Soga Shiina's interpretation of Sound Horizon's 7th Story CD Märchen. Will the promise made by the boy and the girl in days of the past come true? The curtain for the revenge tragedy at dusk is lifted.
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Dr. Mordrid 4.4

Dr. Mordrid

Chapter 6

200.4K Jul 01,18 Hokazono Masaya

Set in America’s old wild west, Archaeologist Doctor Mordrid begins his lonesome adventure! In the first chapter he happens upon a place where people are mysteriously being turned into gold.
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Doctor Mordrid 4.4

Doctor Mordrid

Chapter 6: The Unseen [End]

228.4K Jun 29,18 Hokazono Masaya

Set in America’s old wild west, Archaeologist Doctor Mordrid begins his lonesome adventure! In the first chapter he happens upon a place where people are mysteriously being turned into gold.
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Yume no Yume 5

Yume No Yume

Chapter 4 : The Phenomenon Of 'him'

108.5K Jun 25,18 Shitou Ryouko

(From Wingtip Cafe) Two stories: The first is from the Mesopotamians' Gilgamesh Epic, centering around Sdynaza, the woman who brought Enkidu to Uruk city, and Leo, the dream guardian.
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Sing, Erinna! 4.9

Sing, Erinna!

Chapter 116.5: Volume Extras

897.6K Jun 23,18 Sato Futaba

Ancient Greece. In a time when women were not even permitted to step foot outdoors on their own... Erinna is a bit of a strange girl who aspires to join the ranks of Greece's finest artistsーthe poets. Taken under the wing of Sappho, the greatest poetess of her day, Erinna wholeheartedly ignores her maidenhood and domestic training to throw herself into song and harp! She'll be participatin
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1925 4.6


Chapter 5

174.9K Jun 22,18 T-pocket

Tokyo in the Taisho Era, when Japan made a strong move towards modernization. Len, the eldest son of the Kagurazaka family, wants nothing more than to prevent his sister, Rin, from entering an arranged marriage. As a last resort, he goes in search of the urban legend of a ghost train that will grant any wish. Not only does he find it, but in order to grant his wish, the train's conductor, M
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Touken Ranbu Anthology ~ Records of Fresh Breeze~ 4.5

Touken Ranbu Anthology ~ Records Of Fresh Breeze~

Chapter 16: My Aimless Touken Ranbu Trip (By Suzuki Jirou)

313.4K Jun 20,18 Majiko, Daisuke Hagiwara, Haruto Shiota, Jirou Suzuki, Chisaki Kanai

A manga anthology based on the DMM Games/Nitroplus browser game Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-.
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Sakurahime Kaden 4.5

Sakurahime Kaden

Chapter 37: Beauty Is A Sin

741.4K Jun 18,18 Tanemura Arina

Sakura is a princess who lives alone with a few maids in a mansion deep in the mountains. She's been engaged to the prince of the country since she was born. She doesn't like that fact, as she wants to decide her fate on her own. However, one day, a messenger from the prince suddenly came to take her to the capital...
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Fugurumakan Raihouki 5

Fugurumakan Raihouki

Chapter 8: The Photo Studio's Preceding Visitor

112K Jun 15,18 Toume Kei

Yoh is the only human being living in a strange town that exists somewhere between this world and the Twilight World. Residing in this town are spiritual manifestations of real world objects that were forgotten or thrown away by men. Yoh is the owner of a lifelike doll named Ian, who has the special ability to take photos of other beings' memories. With her help, he is running a photo studio calle
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Moon-Ah 4.3


Chapter 46: Long Lost Love (3)

397.9K Jun 10,18 Panma

A lady abandons a child in the temple of a Mountain God and he decides to save the child and raise it as his own. Webtoon from Naver
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