Introduction to Survival 4.7

Introduction To Survival

Chapter 64: Completed

9M Feb 24,24 Haru (하루), Mr Quokka

Remember. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seveneight" I will remember it until the end. until the end On the day, my wife Julia was trampled on by them, all of my life and goals became stained with burning hatred. Yes, I have to kill those people. "Bury me next to her on the day I have fulfilled my revenge." Until then, I must survive. In this survival hunt
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Two Empires, The Slave Of The Empire 4.2

Two Empires, The Slave Of The Empire

Chapter 44

1.5M Feb 24,24 Hegan, Morgen, Revnoad, Salt Bread

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I Don't Want to Be Your Cruising Partner 3.5

I Don't Want To Be Your Cruising Partner

Chapter 15

260.1K Feb 24,24 Hanao Akiyama

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His Biggest Fan 4.1

His Biggest Fan

Chapter 14

163.6K Feb 24,24 Uni Miura

“All I want is to sleep with you.” Sweet, young, and popular - actor Keima Akizuki has a secret: he’s actually a sharp-tongued video game nerd! When a mysterious younger man threatens Keima with that secret, he has no choice but pay the stranger off... with his body! Keima thinks the last he’ll ever see of the mystery man until he’s introduced to him the very next day! A junior actor at Keima's ag
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Shinju no Nectar 4.5

Shinju No Nectar

Chapter 82: The Vengeful Spirit

14.1M Feb 24,24 Yoshino Hiroyuki, Satou Kenetsu

Sakra, the last surviving princess of a fallen kingdom, is being hunted down for the power of Ambrosia she possesses - the ability to grant divine strength, but only to a human. With no human companion, she decides to summon one from another world in a desperate attempt to find a knight to protect her, but the man who answers her call is less than what she had hoped for.
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Sweet Not Sugar 4.1

Sweet Not Sugar

Chapter 35

530.6K Feb 24,24 White April

Omega Lee Dan, who’s in a tough situation, was helped by an Alpha stranger Yeo Jung-heon. He’s trying to pay him back with his Omega body, but Yeo Jung-jeon flatly refuses his offer. While Yeo Jung-heon’s warm-hearted personality and kindness are suspicious, Lee Dan, who still wants to believe in him, is starting to open up…. The story of Lee Dan, who was abandoned and hurt by the world, and Yeo
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Channeling Urges 2.6

Channeling Urges

Chapter 40

92.4K Feb 24,24 Gyang A

not found...
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Vinland Saga 4.8

Vinland Saga

Chapter 209: Thousand Year Voyage Part 18

90M Feb 23,24 Yukimura Makoto

Vinland Saga is established in England beginning in 1013 A D, the year in which the Danish King Sweyn Forkbeard captured most of it. As King Sweyn nears death, his sons, Prince Canute and Prince Harald, are arguing over his succession. The narrative draws components from historical reports of The Saga of Eric the Red, The Saga of the Greenlanders as well as the interval including The Flateyjarbok.
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Bittersweet Howling 3.9

Bittersweet Howling

Chapter 11

201.6K Feb 23,24 Keun Zo Maen

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Believe My Sign 3.9

Believe My Sign

Chapter 35

993K Feb 23,24 Shark , Sang Eo

[Translated by Mosh Scans]Soo-jeong is always getting on the self-absorbed Eunchan's nerves since he first appeared before him out of the blue.Soo-jeong feels the same way towards the socially inept Eun-chan, who is often harsh towards him.Their ironic relationship develops as they try to survive together, even though they don't trust one another.What should you trust? Your past experiences and me
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Chisa x Pon 2.2

Chisa X Pon

Vol.7 Chapter 37: Even Though I Want To Talk To Her, Even Though I Want To See Her, Even Though I Want To Hold Her

690.6K Feb 23,24 Nakano Junko

Ponta anxiously awaits the first big event in his high school life that will give him the opportunity to lose his virginity. A trip to the beach with his friends Taro and Jiro, in the company of three girls, Emi, Rumi and Chisa. Coupling is done by janken and Ponta ends up with Chisa, the girl of his preference. His plans fail miserably though, when it turns out that Chisa is not so willing as he
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To My Husband’s Mistress 4.2

To My Husband’S Mistress

Chapter 27

1.3M Feb 23,24 Dancingbrain (댄싱브레인), LaChic

Read manwha To My Husband's Mistress / Leticia Violett is a woman that dedicated all her life to her husband, but after her husband asked for a divorce so he can get married to another woman, she decided to take her own life, however, just on the verge of death a man appears claiming that he will protect her and help her take revenge on those who were driving her to death. Where is this revenge
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Double Trap 4

Double Trap

Chapter 85

2.5M Feb 23,24 굿맨

Jin-seong, who has had a crush on his older brother Yura since childhood, comes to live with his brother due to a sudden parental accident.I witnessed that older brother sneak in and masturbate with his sleeping self as a side dish! "Hyung, are you the hyung I know? Who are you ?!" +
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Yours to Claim 4.1

Yours To Claim

Chapter 104

10.8M Feb 23,24 Zzin-bam / Waje

Nothing crazy ever happens to Jooin. He's just your average college student, keeping his head down and flying under the radar. Yahwi, on the other hand, is drop dead gorgeous, super popular…but also kinda mean. So why has the campus heartthrob taken an interest in a total nobody? There must be an ulterior motive…but it's hard to care when faced with those killer looks. Will Jooin become a sl
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Today's Fortune 2.9

Today's Fortune

Chapter 10

42.5K Feb 23,24 Gyuraengi

Woojoo' is pathologically obsessed with fortune-telling, and Dojin', who is gay but cannot reveal his sexual orientation. How is their romance going to turn out? +
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Comes In Threes 3.8

Comes In Threes

Chapter 49

649.2K Feb 23,24 Gyulrock

not found...
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Good Boy Addiction 3.5

Good Boy Addiction

Vol.2 Bounus

119.8K Feb 23,24 Tomochi

not found...
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My Egocentric Boss Is Obsessed With Me 4

My Egocentric Boss Is Obsessed With Me

Chapter 46

3.7M Feb 23,24 Wonmick , Minji

For the chronically single and overworked Soohan, thirsting over his boss's firm booty is his greatest guilty pleasure. It's sad and pathetic, but after a long string of lousy exes and an even longer dry spell, the handsome and talented Mr. Woo seems just that much hotter. Sure, he comes with blazing red flags like his egocentric personality, his bizarre preferences, and his sadistic tendency to o
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Dear Villainous Husband , the One to be Obsessed with is Over There 4.8

Dear Villainous Husband , The One To Be Obsessed With Is Over There

Chapter 31

599K Feb 22,24 Menanick

Read manhwa Dear Villainous Husband , the One to be Obsessed with is Over There / The Person Who Is Obsessed With the Villain Husband Is Over There / Villainous Husband, the One You're Obsessed With Is Over There / / , I've transmigrated into the body of the wife of the mad villain emperor in an angsty novel!How will I escape? By running away quietly when the saintess he'll become obsessed
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Jinx (Mingwa) 4.5

Jinx (Mingwa)

Chapter 48

13.4M Feb 22,24 Mingwa

Physical therapist Kim Dan has been down on his luck for as long as he can remember. Between an ailing grandmother, menacing loansharks, and an old boss making it almost impossible for him to find work, Dan is truly running out of options. Naturally, it feels like a dream come true when he’s finally hired to treat top-paid MMA fighter Joo Jaekyung, especially when the man then calls him out for a
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Inspector Kurokouchi 4.4

Inspector Kurokouchi

Vol.5 Chapter 40: The Scarlet Wheel Of Fortune

617.6K Feb 22,24 Nagasaki Takashi, Kouji Kouno

Kurokouchi Keita is the black sheep of the police force. He works alone, and doesn't think twice about extorting money from the dirty politicians by getting hold of their achilles heels. Using the money and whatever bits of information acquired through underhanded means, he gets closer and closer to the ultimate unresolved crime of the Showa era (1968); the 300 million bank heist.
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The Moon of the Underworld 3.5

The Moon Of The Underworld

Chapter 46

45.4K Feb 22,24 Anorisil/haek

Riru, a low-level demonic incubus reputed to be the weakest in the Pandemonium. On the day of the coronation of Baal, the new demon king, Riru falls in love with him at first sight. Riru, who has been longing for Baal, hears from his friend that Baal will close the door to the human world, the source of energy for the incubus, and hurries to the Devil's Castle. Riru, who succeeded in infiltrating
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You, My devil 4.3

You, My Devil

Chapter 52

2.7M Feb 22,24 Kimpa

Yuri, the Prince of the enemy country who colonized Heina’s homeland, Constance, and brutally murdered her fiance. Called the red-haired devil, he takes Heina, the Princess of Constance, as his trophy. The person she can never love starts asking her for love… A romantic fantasy of a man who tries to defy fate and a woman who is trapped in his world.
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