Vampires and Knight 4

Vampires And Knight

Chapter 180

9.9M Oct 04,22 Updating

I, a holy male knight, was captured after I lost a war against the vampires. “What, do you really want to die? That isn't going to happen. Embrace me, dear. From now on, you shall be my daughter.” said the silver-haired baby-face queen of the bloodsuckers. She lifted my chin and, with a viciously fanged smile, drew in toward my neck.
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God of War, Crazy Princess 4.6

God Of War, Crazy Princess

Chapter 253

10.1M Oct 04,22 Sanfu Comics

Sheng Qianyu, a gifted special force soldier, experienced a time-travel. She didn't expect to wake up as a noble lady in the Prime Minister's mansion! She should have been married to Prince Yu if she wasn't betrayed by her fiance and sister. The wedding night was stained with blood, and her whole family was slaughtered. In the name of Lord Yu's third daughter, she went to the palac
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Girlfriend for Hire 4.5

Girlfriend For Hire

Chapter 27

22.3K Oct 04,22 Rusena

They say unhealthy attachments are the root of most problems. Kim Luna knows this because she's attached to many things - her toxic ex-boyfriend, her kind but unavailable psychiatrist, and most of all, her opulent lifestyle that she lost after her family went into debt. So when she meets Moon Sung-hyun while working as a girlfriend-for-hire, it's no surprise that another unhealthy relationship beg
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Twilight Sisters 2.6

Twilight Sisters

Chapter 19: Tattoo (Part 1)

8.3K Oct 04,22 Yuririn

Nanfeng and Ya were a team of paranormal investigators with different personalities. Nanfeng loved to investigate various haunted places while Ya prefered to observe the world quietly. They gained some local fame for solving a paranormal case. However, more incidents occurred and their true identities became even more obscured. It was as though someone was drawing them from the school to the city.
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Neolith Girl 4.4

Neolith Girl

Chapter 70

2.7M Oct 04,22 Jae Ah,Han Ga Ram

Once, there lived a fearless girl who could defeat even the strongest of beasts with her bare hands. She was the strongest person alive. Thousands of years later, the same girl from the stone age has lived to learn what romance is. Will her strength scare everyone away, or will it let her fall in love?
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From Morning to Night 4.4

From Morning To Night

Chapter 63

496.6K Oct 04,22 Son Ji Eun

‘We’ll give you an apple tree in exchange for borrowing your child for 48 days.’ A traditional fantasy depicting Manet going on an adventure to search for their missing younger sibling Nox, who disappeared along with the strange letter.
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Hellbound 4.3


Chapter 49: Episode 49

1.9M Oct 04,22 Yeon Sang-ho,Choi Gyu-seok

Hellbound , The Hell Bound ;The Hellbound anhwa Repent, or face hell on Earth!In Seoul, apparitions have started appearing before those who have done wrong to notify them of when they will die, A new religious group explains these happenings as God condemning people to make them live more righteously, Detective Jin is assigned to investigate the latest incident, just as his wife's murderer is sch
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The Tutorial is Too Hard 4.7

The Tutorial Is Too Hard

Chapter 82

46.4M Oct 04,22 gandara, 이마에 다이키

Gandara's fusion fantasy novel, 'The Tutorial is Too Hard', is now here as a webtoon. One day, amidst a boring life, an invitation message appears before my eyes. Following it is a difficulty-selection window.    . I select hell-difficulty without hesitation. And I regret it. I know it said hell-difficulty, but this is
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Sleeping in My Book 3.8

Sleeping In My Book

Chapter 32: The Sound Of God

72.5K Oct 04,22 蛹太

Xu Su, a novelist suffering from a mental disorder, somehow managed to summon Zhong Ye, an evil spirit from his novel. Despite Xu Su’s best efforts to eliminate Zhong Ye, he was pushed to the edge of insanity again and again. To free himself from this torment, Xu Su finally fulfilled Zhong Ye’s wish and unlocked the seal. But his life did not return to the peaceful days that Xu Su had hoped for. “
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She is coming, please get down! 4.5

She Is Coming, Please Get Down!

Chapter 269

850.8K Oct 04,22 Cổ hiên , Dưỡng tiểu bạch Đích hạp hạp , Phác thúc , ErCiYuan , Gu Xuan , Yang Xiao Bai De He Hezi

Writer: Cổ Hiên Editor: Dưỡng Tiểu Bạch Đích Hạp Hạp Tử Color: Giảo Giảo Background: Hạp Tử Editor: Phác Thúc The 18-year-old actress fell into the sea, when she returned her personality completely changed. Before she was soft, easy to bully, suddenly now she is a ruthless killer that everyone hears scared . From poor acting to talented actress, rich men everywhere are wholeheartedly respectful to
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When I Returned to My Hometown, My Childhood Friend was Broken 4.8

When I Returned To My Hometown, My Childhood Friend Was Broken

Chapter 10

606K Oct 04,22 Zyugoya

When I was younger, one of my best friends was Kyouko. She was a brash and hotheaded young girl who, even though she was a tomboy, was still loved by her peers. To be honest, it’s been a few years since I came back home. The only person I know from there was Kyouko and she seems… different?
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Theseus no Fune 4.8

Theseus No Fune

Vol.3 Chapter 25: In Flagrante Delicto And Death

121.9K Oct 03,22 Higashimoto Toshiya

28 years ago, Tamura's parent was responsible for a mass indescriminate poisoning case while he was in elementary school, and he grew up branded the son of a criminal. After his wife dies in childbirth, Tamura heads back to Hokaido to confront his past. The mysteries surrounding his father, a police officer, goes back to the year of 1989...
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Prince Hero 4.3

Prince Hero

Chapter 30

539.9K Oct 03,22 星华文化

Adapted from a novel with the same title by Yun Tian.The prince lived in the commoners for ten years and suffered greatly.With the awakening of the first-layer talent of insight, the Hero recruits many powerful companions, and with the powerful Holy Spirit Beast, he fights enemies along the way in an inspiring and humorous way.After World War I, Hero knew it wasn't that simple. An even
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Ship of Theseus 4.7

Ship Of Theseus

Chapter 25: In Flagrante Delicto And Death

368.5K Oct 03,22 Toshiya Higashimoto

28 years ago, Tamura's parent was responsible for a mass indescriminate poisoning case while he was in elementary school, and he grew up branded the son of a criminal. After his wife dies in childbirth, Tamura heads back to Hokaido to confront his past. The mysteries surrounding his father, a police officer, goes back to the year of 1989...
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Resetting Lady 4.6

Resetting Lady

Chapter 29

655.7K Oct 03,22 Baekwoo , Cha Seo-jin , Taegong

I entered the world of a novel suddenly. I thought that I could return to reality by falling in love, but death was what awaited me in the end. Defenestration, strangulation, poisoning, drowning, and burning to death... Even after dying a hundred times and returning, the novel still doesn't end... Caryenne Hare, who greets her 117th birthday trapped within a novel, now decides to become a murdere
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Maimaimaigoen 4.1


Vol.2 Chapter 6.2: Chapter 6 Part 2

54.8K Oct 03,22 Sanrio Co., Ltd.

### **Sanrio's first ever innocent suspense comic!**New teacher Okada Yuu and his senior, Ms. Rumi are on a field trip with their 16 elementary students to Sanrio Puroland. But suddenly they wander into a mysterious and horrific theme park called "Yuropia"! Amid their confusion, ominous Frog Egg mascots announce that the only way for them to escape is to "conquer the attractions and gather 10
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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray Re:Master Edition 4.8

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Astray Re:master Edition

Vol.2 Chapter 7: Astray Stolen

18.1K Oct 03,22 Tomohiro Chiba

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray (機動戦士ガンダムSEED ASTRAY, Kidō Senshi Gundam SEED ASTRAY) is a side story manga set in the Cosmic Era timeline that takes place concurrently with Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. It is the first of the SEED Astray series.Whereas the main story of Gundam SEED focuses on the struggles between the Earth Alliance, ZAFT, and Orb Union, the Astray series is focused on the three MB
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Vol.18 Chapter 182: A Courageous Person

8.9M Oct 03,22 Rikudou Shuusai

Riku experienced a lot of pain and tragedy in his early life. After his father's death, a former-boxer Yakuza man taught him how to do a basic punch, and that punch saved his life when he had to defend himself from his mom's drug dealer. He ended up taking the drug dealer's life, marking him as a killer. Criminals continued to come after him, leading to more tragedy for the people who attempted to
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Flawed Almighty 4.7

Flawed Almighty

Chapter 50

208.9K Oct 03,22 Kim Carnby ,, RH Song

Do good or go to hell. The conditions of his new curse seem simple enough for once-hopeful hoodlum Jeonji Kim. Or so it seems when his perky guardian angel shows up on his doorstep one day and heals his limp. But will simply going through the motions of helping people be enough to appease a petty god with a grudge?
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Harmonia 4.7


Chapter 50

102.3K Oct 03,22 YOON , JINU

Divers discover an immortal jellyfish in the Caribbean Sea and the key to immortality is seemingly at hand for humanity with the development of Harmonia, a pill that keeps its consumers looking young as long as it is taken daily. However, a fatal flaw is discovered when a singer experiences its side effect while on TV, rapidly aging until death. Trapped on Nakwon Island with his family, islanders
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ASHA 4.1


Chapter 32

101.2K Oct 03,22 Woo Saesae

[Asha], the king of demons captured by humans. Asha, imprisoned in a prison tower, creates divisions between Crown Prince Jeongjin and General Muryang, and attempts to destroy them. A political battle, action, and unpredictable oriental fantasy unfolding against the backdrop of the imperial palace.
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The Duchess Has a Deathwish 4.8

The Duchess Has A Deathwish

Chapter 26

1.1M Oct 03,22 HANAYORI Seifuku , Himydear

“I was reborn…and I want to die again.” Despite choosing to die in her previous life, our protagonist is reborn as Selena, the short-lived villainess from a novel. The character Selena was written to be so villainous she spends her final moments isolated in a dungeon. But our reincarnated protagonist has no will to live anyway, so she might as well jump (again) and save Selena from her predetermi
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No Longer A Heroine! 4.4

No Longer A Heroine!

Chapter 105

2.5M Oct 03,22 Gi Meng-gi

Cheon Lisa has been acting since she was little, building a good reputation with her amazing acting skills and kind image. Until one day, she announced her retirement after she was embroiled in a drug scandal. This is a story of her return to that glimmering world. A promising webtoon by the author of My ID is Gangnam Beauty! Link: Indonesian Official T
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Strategic Lovers 4.2

Strategic Lovers

Vol.4 Chapter 20: Double Check

7.3M Oct 03,22 Sanshoku Amido

Kouta, a high school boy whose father is the chairman of the Higashiyama Group, a large corporation involved in the development of railroads, department stores, and resort facilities, plays the leading role in a romantic survival game. As the son of his father's 23rd mistress, Kota doesn't really feel like the son of the chairman. Despite this, he's suddenly chosen as the next chairman
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