Rumor Has It 4.2

Rumor Has It

Chapter 61

1,790,967 Jan 13,22 Noey

Writing a thriller novel has always been an easy task for Agatha but what if life has something else in store? What if Agatha, who used to write about murder, suddenly has to write a romance? Ah, just imagining it makes her nauseous...
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All Hail the Sect Leader 4.8

All Hail The Sect Leader

Chapter 107

8,375,285 Jan 13,22 Webnovel comics

All the members of my sect are abnormally strong. All my disciples turn out to be big shots, and I'll definitely become invincible in this world!
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Individual Diet Preference 4.3

Individual Diet Preference

Chapter 10

297,431 Jan 13,22 Ho Jin

After getting beaten up during a rainy night, he woke up to find himself in captivity. Then, a young man with a bright smile appears in front of him and offers him a “meal”. How will the strange relationship between these two continue?
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We Are Not Ourselves Today 4.7

We Are Not Ourselves Today

Chapter 30.5

627,136 Jan 13,22 Natsumi Ando

Kougetsu An, a well-established Japanese-style confectionary store where Nao's mother worked and lived is where she met Tsubaki. However, after a certain incident, Nao's mother was accused of murder and is arrested. Because of that, Nao was banned from Kougetus An. Fifteen years later, Tsubaki revisits a disapproving Nao, which make the two compete at a showdown for their skills. The hatef
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Kiyoku Tadashiku Utsuku Shiku 3.2

Kiyoku Tadashiku Utsuku Shiku

Vol.1 Chapter 7

180,819 Jan 13,22 Yamamoto ataru

Chikage, who was born in the old family of α-blood line, Soma family, was Ω. Long-situated α and Taisho, who had regretted having hurt him with his heartless words when he met Chikage in his childhood, are called up as Chikage, who became the head of the Aoma family due to the disappearance of his sister. However, Chikage, who met the reunion, was drowning in lust with α. ?
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Sora ga Haiiro dakara 4.6

Sora Ga Haiiro Dakara

Vol.3 Chapter 31: Liar

227,307 Jan 13,22 Abe Tomomi

A collection of short stories. The first volume contains stories about... - A lonely woman who works part-time, and who has crippling social anxiety that leads to misunderstandings. - A girl who is 'dumped' by her close friend. - A single mother who struggles to understand how to make her daughter happy. - A girl who desperately wants to buy a dress that she thinks
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Survive Romance 4.8

Survive Romance

Chapter 47 : Boyfriend

2,445,100 Jan 13,22 Lee Yeon

Chaerin leads a blissful and comfortable life as the lead in a romance novel. She only has eyes for the male lead, Jeha, to the point where all the extras are literal black shadows. But then, one day, her story suddenly switches genres. All of a sudden, she discovers that if she wants to live, she has to band together with the extras she ignored before and work with them
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Shotgun Boy 4.7

Shotgun Boy

Chapter 45: Ep. 45

6,076,114 Jan 13,22 Kim carnby

The boy named “Han Gyu-Hwan” who had no choice but to transform from a weakling to a hero… And the shotgun that would turn that boy into the hero… The prequel to the mega-hit , which has recorded 1.2 billion views world-wide, is headed your way!
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Chief Of The Novice Village 4.3

Chief Of The Novice Village

Chapter 16

478,994 Jan 13,22 Updating

Tai Paer, who's profession, a necromancer, is considered to be one that make it difficult to live a normal life. As such, he was going to be burned alive by the townsfolk, but is miraculously saved by the system, which is searching for people that fit the job requirement of a Village Chief. Tai Paer starts his new life as the village chief of the novice village and progresses towards building his
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Evil Again 3.8

Evil Again

Chapter 60

253,701 Jan 13,22 SON YONG WAN,神的境地

One rainy morning, in a small church on the outskirts of the city, it was found that Jin Min Jun, the second year of Yingcai High School, was hung on a cross, tortured, and then killed. This technique was used 16 years ago. This happened in the first year after the team leader of an investigation team, Team Leader Zhang, became a policeman, where a chain of serial murders that used these technique
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Yomawari Sensei 4.9

Yomawari Sensei

Chapter 34: Two Brothers

456,811 Jan 13,22 Mizutani Osamu, Tsuchida Seiki

The author, a high-school teacher, recounts his 12 years on "night patrol" in Yokohama City, where he comes face to face with youth dealing with issues ranging from self-mutilation to drug abuse.
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Hellbound 4.5


Chapter 11: Episode 11

189,389 Jan 12,22 Yeon Sang-ho,Choi Gyu-seok

Repent, or face hell on Earth! In Seoul, apparitions have started appearing before those who have done wrong to notify them of when they will die. A new religious group explains these happenings as God condemning people to make them live more righteously. Detective Jin is assigned to investigate the latest incident, just as his wife's murderer is scheduled to be released from prison.
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Death Sweeper 4.6

Death Sweeper

Chapter 20

366,401 Jan 12,22 Kitagawa Shou

This manga is about the job of cleaning up scenes of death, and discusses the meaning of life and death. Through interactions between the deceased's family and friends with the death sweepers, we understand the meaning of death. No matter is it is a peaceful death at the ends of one's life, murder, suicide, death from illnesses, when death comes, who would be able to predict it, or prevent it? Tha
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How to Live as a Villain 4.6

How To Live As A Villain

Chapter 26

1,438,686 Jan 12,22 Updating

“You have been chosen as a player in the great game to select the next god's successor, the Mission! Congratulations!” Seonghoon has suddenly fallen into another world to participate in a game to become a god. This other world that is akin to that of a game contains players who cooperate and also kill each other in cold blood…!! Seonghoon, a person without an ounce of talent, uses wick
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Chi no Wadachi 4.5

Chi No Wadachi

Chapter 112: Remnant

8,146,547 Jan 12,22 Oshimi Shuuzou

The illusion of that person leads me astray. Mother and son. This is the ultimate favoritism.
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God of War, Crazy Princess 4.7

God Of War, Crazy Princess

Chapter 186

6,072,024 Jan 11,22 Sanfu Comics

Sheng Qianyu, a gifted special force soldier, experienced a time-travel. She didn't expect to wake up as a noble lady in the Prime Minister's mansion! She should have been married to Prince Yu if she wasn't betrayed by her fiance and sister. The wedding night was stained with blood, and her whole family was slaughtered. In the name of Lord Yu's third daughter, she went to the palac
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Chess Piece 3.6

Chess Piece

Chapter 30.5 : Author’S Note (Update)

517,392 Jan 11,22 Updating

I'm Jeoh, a namchang selling himself in a daldong neighborhood that is collapsing. A serial killer appears with the death of a terminal employee ( plot is like killing stalking)
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Kiichi!! 4.6


Chapter 83

840,683 Jan 10,22 Arai Hideki

Left to himself at an early age in the slummiest parts of today’s Japan, Kiichi learns how to survive on his own. As a teenager, how can he adapt to a society whose rules he rejects? Unless he creates his own rules… Just like in The World Is Mine, the other series by Hideki Arai, the satirical author levels a violent and exhilarating accusation against the contemporary hypocrisy and stupidity with
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Trauma Center 4.8

Trauma Center

Chapter 55

1,011,600 Jan 10,22 Hansan iga

Patients who can be potentially saved, die every day. And to prevent that, a doctor takes a stand. A doctor, with a strong sense of duty and responsibility. A doctor, who stands as an angel in the Trauma Center. Witness traumatologist Baek Kang-Hyuk’s journey as he restores the Trauma Center to it’s original glory.
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Franken Fran Frantic 4.6

Franken Fran Frantic

Chapter 34: Gift On The Holy Night

863,293 Jan 10,22 Katsuhisa Kigitsu

The wacky adventures of Fran, Veronica and the other strange creatures continue.<br><br>More experiments, more medical miracles and more wondrous surprises.
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Yuukoku no Rasputin 4.5

Yuukoku No Rasputin

Chapter 14: Hostage Of Life

417,544 Jan 09,22 Nagasaki Takashi, Itou Junji

The Kafkaesque autobiography of a diplomat who compares himself to Rasputin, as he gets caught up in a political purge during the early 2000s. A legal thriller with a dash of geopolitics. Note: Despite the title, this manga is not a chronicle of Grigori Rasputin's life.
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The Black June 4.5

The Black June

Chapter 85

2,138,132 Jan 09,22 Doxx

7 deadly sins... 7 murders. The tested and the testers... "I will always be watching you"
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Vampires and Knight 4.1

Vampires And Knight

Chapter 115

5,123,840 Jan 09,22 Updating

I, a holy male knight, was captured after I lost a war against the vampires. “What, do you really want to die? That isn't going to happen. Embrace me, dear. From now on, you shall be my daughter.” said the silver-haired baby-face queen of the bloodsuckers. She lifted my chin and, with a viciously fanged smile, drew in toward my neck.
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The Aftermath 3.5

The Aftermath

Chapter 19

44,236 Jan 09,22 Bongsoo

Things are finally looking up for aspiring actress Bobae Lee, after her appearance on the hit matchmaking Reality TV show, “The Aftermath”. But when her co-star suddenly commits suicide, everything slowly begins to crumble as Bobae soon finds herself the new target of public hate. As she works to rebuild her career from the ground up, she quickly learns that fame can be a double-edged sword and th
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