Love & Peace 4

Love & Peace

Chapter 2: Love In The Badminton Club

0 Mar 28,23 Harada Shigemitsu

Mamoru Koda, a high school boy who seeks a peaceful school life, has a special constitution. In order to protect the love and peace of the school, which is full of Yuri, he struggles alone even today without being seen by others. A school love peace comedy in which a stealthy boy with a scary face but a weak presence protects Hanazono!
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The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken When She Became Too Perfect is Sold Off to a Neighboring Kingdom 5

The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken When She Became Too Perfect Is Sold Off To A Neighboring Kingdom

0 Mar 28,23 FUYUTSUKI Kouki , AYAKITA Mago

Born into a family of saints, Philia’s childhood was filled with harsh education. Nevertheless, it formed her into a great saint and secured her engagement with the second Prince, Julius. But when she became too perfect and thus not cute in his eyes, Julius broke their engagement! That's why he decided to make her leave her homeland and make her a saint for a neighboring kingdom in exchange for mo
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Tayutau Kohaku 5

Tayutau Kohaku

0 Mar 28,23 Kagis

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Meteor Orbit 5

Meteor Orbit

0 Mar 28,23 Moscaretto , Mamadeul

Falling star to superstar! Forced to give up on his dream of becoming an idol, Yoosung laments having to spend the rest of his days working as his crush's manager. That is, until he wakes up as a trainee! How did he go back to the past? What are these mysterious skill bars only he can see? Could they be the key to success? (Manta) Yuseong, who is now a manager, used to be an idol trainee
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Hold Me Tight 5

Hold Me Tight

0 Mar 28,23 Nabit , SIREU

.Every day of Giovanni's life has been cold. Despite scorching summers, sunny springs, despite being the president of an uber rich company, he is incapable of feeling warmth, numb to it all. Then, he met Felix. Shy and seemingly innocent, Felix's touch is the first heat Giovanni's felt in a lifetime. Lust or love, Giovanni hires him as his personal bodyguard, but are Felix's true motives so warmhe
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Two in Six Billion 3.4

Two In Six Billion

Chapter 4

32.7K Mar 28,23 Denzou

After attempting suicide due to bullying, Katou acquiressupernatural powers and an indestructible body. Upon seeing his bully,Oda, again, he murders him with his powers. Katou is exhausted, butOda comes back to life and awakens with the ability to hear the innerthoughts of others.Katou, curious about Oda's condition, goes to check on him and finds aweak and frightened Oda, a complete change from h
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Debussy Lover 5

Debussy Lover

0 Mar 28,23 秦三见

You Lu, who is about to join an animation company, tore off the skirt of a big boss who's in a woman's clothing in public at the comic exhibition. When she joined the company the next day, she found out that the big boss that wear the woman's clothing whose skirt was ripped off by her yesterday was actually her boss! ...... A vigorous and optimistic workplace rookie x a cold and arrogant director
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Sono Kioku wa Arimasen   2.4

Sono Kioku Wa Arimasen

Chapter 29

81.1K Mar 28,23 Aiba Moco

Takuto has lost all his memories after he met with an accident. While he found himself without anything to depend on, that's when a man named Yuuki appeared claiming, "I am your lover". This is the start of an overly dangerous romance as Takuto begins his confinement-like cohabitation with Yuuki! Just what is Yuuki's true identity? And what is the truth behind Takuto's accident?
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Traces of the Sun 4.2

Traces Of The Sun

Chapter 58

415.5K Mar 28,23 도해늘 , Do Hae-neul , Merin

S Tier Hunter Sa Hyun--a member of HN, one of the world's top guilds--came to see Jeong Yi-Seon. "I came to scout you, Mr. Jeong." "Like hell you are, if you're approaching me like that." "I don't think you know what exactly 'hell' is, but......" Sa-hyun let out a laugh, looking just as if he were in a painting. "Let's make a contract, shall we?" "I'm not interested in any 'contract,' so please
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Cross the Line 4.4

Cross The Line

Chapter 109

1.2M Mar 28,23 Yunmi Heo

Hayeon Eun, who at 16 years old, found herself in jail for arson resulting in a death, is finally released back into the world. But as soon as she's out, she is snatched up by Taeman Ji, the director of a private organization, to whom her stepfather racked up quite a debt. She says she will pay it off in his stead, but because of the low value of the product, Taeman takes her home with him and
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Jujin-sama Heno Yomeiri 3.1

Jujin-Sama Heno Yomeiri

Chapter 26

1.7M Mar 28,23 Ichiko

"Ah, my beloved mate. I will now impregnate you." I cannot believe I have wed a beastman Though I am terrified, his large fingers, his tongue Are gently making me melt
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I Don’t Like That Smile 4.4

I Don’T Like That Smile

Chapter 156

1.4M Mar 28,23 Daken hiroshi

“That cool face of yours… I want to mess it all up” Ritsuki told Sumire at the gym. A game between the school’s most popular boy, Ritsuki and a friend has begun. The game was to win the heart of Sumire, who was rumored to be the biggest slut in school. As Ritsuki becomes closer to Sumire, he starts to see Sumire’s true colors. A bitter sweet love story of 2 people wi
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There's No Friendship Between the Grand Duke and the Marquis 4.6

There's No Friendship Between The Grand Duke And The Marquis

Chapter 35

2.8M Mar 28,23 Tiba, Yell Yell

One peaceful day, her first ordeal comes before her. Instead of the other twin Ordo , who was sick, she must attend the meeting with the a prince of her age. "I don't want to go! Why do I have to pretend to be Ordo?" "Hey, Ovette. I'll buy you the telescope you said you wanted to have last time." "Mom, I will become Ordo more perfectly than anyone else." Ovette entered the imperial palace with eve
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Immortal Swordsman in The Reverse World 4.3

Immortal Swordsman In The Reverse World

Chapter 379

77.7M Mar 28,23 冬漫社

Chu Qing is a sword expert cultivator, who 300 years ago accidentally entered the fairy world. During those 300 he began his cultivation journey. At the time of reaching the realm of eternity, it was not expected that he would instead open the hall of time and space and return to earth at the age of 17 years. But when he saw the situation, it turns out it was not the earth he once lived in, but th
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Senior, Don't Run Away 3.8

Senior, Don't Run Away

Chapter 36

234.3K Mar 28,23 肆嘉 (si Jia) , None

Polar opposites attract. Yu Sheng doesn’t want friendship, romance, or any social interaction. All she wants is to write horror fiction. That is until her new neighbor, a sports major freshman from her school, begins to chase after her all day long and her life begins to change drastically!
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The Duchess Who Sees Ghosts 4.5

The Duchess Who Sees Ghosts

Chapter 95

9.2M Mar 28,23 Garamdal,Honeyrain,Min3

Blessed with the ability to see and communicate with ghosts, Lady Julia Robinharts is always trying to make a quick buck off of her talents. For this self-employed entrepreneur, there is always money to be made in the industry of the supernatural. When Julia sells one of her talismans to a stranger who seemed to be weighed down by an apparition, she learns that kindness isn't always repaid in
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The Mistress Runs Away 4.2

The Mistress Runs Away

Chapter 31

1.4M Mar 28,23 Baek Seol-eun, Park Seong-sil

Ever since that fateful rainy day when she was rescued by the handsome Duke Killian Devonshire, Rowena has lived as his mistress. Though she believes that Killian has grown to love her over the past three years, she wants to repay her debt to him and become his equal so that she can stand proudly by his side. But when Killian begins to behave strangely, her trust in him wavers, only for it to be f
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The Predator's Lovely Fiance 4.7

The Predator's Lovely Fiance

Chapter 54

7M Mar 28,23 리사벨 , Jyulli , Lisabel

"You shouldn't have crossed this line, Elisha, if you didn't want it to be like this." A sturdy arm wrapped around her swaying body. Her head became hazy and an intentional hot sweet sigh was pulled out of her. How the hell did I get myself in this situation' Elisha recalled. This never happened before. Yeah, I remember.' Her future in which she would become the fake concubine to a demonic man fro
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Cradle of Heaven 3.6

Cradle Of Heaven

Chapter 70

528.4K Mar 28,23 Hangnang

Three years ago, the celestial empire came under attack by the demons. With his kind on the verge of extinction, the celestial being and emperor, Kasin, is tasked to go down to the human world and find a way to restore peace. After three years without much progress, he encounters Daran, a merchant who has disguised herself as a man to travel and sell medicinal herbs. Daran was born with the power
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Catching Up With Luke Bischel 4.4

Catching Up With Luke Bischel

Chapter 36

1.6M Mar 28,23 Akkobbang, Esti

Bastian Effenberg, the best duke in the world who had nothing to fear. She declares that she will marry the kingdom's top monster hunter, Luke Bischel, who is the exact opposite of her! The marriage of two people who are opposites, can it really go smoothly?
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The Blooming Flower in the Palace Is Crazy 4.4

The Blooming Flower In The Palace Is Crazy

Chapter 35

1.8M Mar 28,23 Sung Sojak , Heegu

The Blooming Flower in the Palace Is Crazy manhwa, , Berondong NakalkuLee Heon, the crown prince of Taesa-guk, just to bring a commoner to be his concubine he holds a heartless wedding ceremony with Seo Ryu-Ha, the daughter of the general of Taesa-guk. However the true nature of Seo Ryu-Ha who he had thought was naive and obedient, is a very charismatic woman. Lee Heon, who spent the first nigh
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You Are So Cute 5

You Are So Cute

0 Mar 28,23 Ellis , Sol Haryun

Roni, an orphan who grew up misunderstood as a boy. One day, she is chosen by a high-ranking nobleman who comes to the orphanage. To pretend to be a male young master. The moment they found out that I was a woman, I would be sent back to the orphanage. I promised myself that I would be careful and survive. "You Are you a girl?" It was caught in one day! The truth was revealed as I stood in front o
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Seducing The Monster Duke 5

Seducing The Monster Duke

0 Mar 28,23 魔仙社

Seducing The Monster Duke, Q rn ti shn, deceitfulYancheng became the new emperor in the book. In order to rewrite the fate of being a prisoner for the governor of Xichang, he fought back and ran away in various ways, but the endings all went back to the original one.Yancheng: "Forget it, I'm tired, why don't you try to counterattack?" Dugong OS: It's acceptable for my wife to kill me several times
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The Beloved One in Interstellar 3

The Beloved One In Interstellar

0 Mar 28,23 掌阅文化 , 沉乡

Become A Group Favorite In InterstellarIn the interstellar future, orcs have conquered the entire universe. Human beings have long since disappeared because of their weakness, but countless orcs are still persistently looking for humans, until the awakening of the only earthling, Si Yu, caused a sensation in the entire universe. The only rare human being starts a group pet life in the universe
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