TS Musume no BifoAfu 3

Ts Musume No Bifoafu

0 Oct 02,23 Meriken

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Huff 5


0 Oct 02,23 Huff The Dragon

Oh look another isekai! You know, a guy gets transported to a fantasy world where’s he’s OP, surrounded by hot girls and he’ll save the world. Except he’s transformed into a dragon where he doesn’t understand anybody or what’s going on. Well, maybe not just another isekai.
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Civilian A 4.6

Civilian A

Chapter 25

121.3K Oct 02,23 Geumbich Yeonghon , Golden Spirit

Ordinary civilian Howoo's day turns into a disaster movie when a giant monster ambushes his city. All he hopes for is a quick and painless death, so he's pleasantly surprised when he's whisked out of harm's way by celebrity esper Yool. When the charming esper moves in next door shortly after, Howoo feels like he's living in a romcom. Not only does Yool know Howoo's name, but he also shows an oddly
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The Flirty Tenant and the Pretty Landlady 5

The Flirty Tenant And The Pretty Landlady

0 Oct 02,23 你好好好菌

A fluffy yet seductive story about Bo He, a landlady, and her tenant, Huang Qi.
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Saikyou Kawaii Aitsu (♂) ni Dokidoki Saserarechau Anthology 3.4

Saikyou Kawaii Aitsu (♂) Ni Dokidoki Saserarechau Anthology

Vol.1 Chapter 7: Is A Boy Ok, As Long As He's Cute?

8K Oct 02,23 Sharumon, Miyako Kakku, Chigusa Minori, Matsuura Bunko, Banjo Azusa, Mizuno Hacchi, Azusa Kina, Ouchi Kaeru, Mizunomoto, Kokikuji You

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Gal Yome no Himitsu 5

Gal Yome No Himitsu

0 Oct 02,23 Kudu

Fuyuki is a beautiful and cool gal! But there's a secret side of her that she only shows in front of her husband...? A cute love comedy with a gal wife!
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Please Treat Your Friends Preciously 4.7

Please Treat Your Friends Preciously

Chapter 31

790.9K Oct 02,23 Queen

I reincarnated as the younger sister of the male lead in a BL novel.She's a fragile sunfish whose life is in danger even from catching a cold.So, I took advantage of a childhood friend who has healing abilities.The problem is, that ability manifests through skinship.Anyway, it was only a matter of time before this little guy fell in love with the male protagonist, so I didn't worry
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The Way That Knight Lives As a Lady 4.7

The Way That Knight Lives As A Lady

Chapter 101

22.4M Oct 02,23 Sung Hyerim

The sword of my closest friend and trusted adjutant pierced my body. When I opened my eyes again, I had become a noble lady of the enemy kingdom. In an unfamiliar and weak stranger's body, three year's time was lost, in which my homeland was brought to ruin. I was unable to come to my senses because of the pain of betrayal and confusion of my identity. However, eventually I decided to live
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Two-Faced Teacher's Night Class 3.3

Two-Faced Teacher's Night Class

Chapter 183

2.7M Oct 02,23 Yuan Chuang You Jia

Mini Mi who had run into huge amount of debt got a job in a bar, and found a great secret -- the gentle teacher at school would become the cool poker-face boss in bar! Damn! Would Mini Mi be killed by the scheming teacher?
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My Second Husband Desperate and Depressed 4.7

My Second Husband Desperate And Depressed

Chapter 70

4.4M Oct 02,23 Jimmy Shin , ttangsagwa , Jaradog

Not a single soul in Olivia Florence's life, including her own husband, provided the warmth that she craved, and she lived her life alone, growing strong. Waking up two decades earlier right after her regretful arranged marriage to the Duke, Lord James Parnell, she plans to live a different life. She hatches a plan to annul her marriage remarry the Duke, Ian Tyrone, infamous for being impoten
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I Failed to Oust the Villain! 4.6

I Failed To Oust The Villain!

Chapter 79

5.8M Oct 02,23 자은향 , ASSAM, Ja Eunhyang , syunnyun

Reborn as the daughter of a count she read about in a novel, Lady Valeta knows the story ends in tragedy at the hands of her lowly house pet, Reinhart. Having never wanted him in the first place, Valeta tries but fails to oust him from her house. But when Reinhart's powerful magic is awakened one day, he kills all those around her, and it is now Valeta who is at his mercy. Though the tables have t
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National School Prince Is A Girl 4.7

National School Prince Is A Girl

Chapter 400

19.7M Oct 02,23 Warring Young Seven,战七少 战七少

Fu Jiu appears to be a normal lad in high school on the surface. But in fact, she (Yes! She!) is the hacker, Z, a villain-terminator in the online world of an alternate world. Having reincarnated into the body of a woman and being forced to disguise herself as a young man, she reigns over the game world, fights for justice, and puts a spell on all the girls around with her innate charm. However, h
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The Fake Saintess Awaits Her Exit 4.5

The Fake Saintess Awaits Her Exit

Chapter 21

146.3K Oct 02,23 Seol Hong Baek

I possessed the body of Yvelina, a fallen saintess from a romance novel I read before I died.I’m a fake saintess who’s about to be burned at the stake.I can’t die like this.Until the real saintess appears, I must fix my relationships with the male leads and change the future.But…“You want to continue living in this body, don’t you? If so, then go f*ck a man.”Will I… really
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Thorns Of Warmth 3.9

Thorns Of Warmth

Chapter 25

163.4K Oct 02,23 Wu Ye Mian Shui

Eccentric girl Yin Ying finally got into the university of her dreams, but she unexpectedly discovers that Ji Yuchuan, the arrogant and gifted senior, is her first love whom she lost contact with for four years. After a huge misunderstanding, the two started a "game", pretending to be a couple. His life is now disturbed by her social butterfly behavior, yet his heart never seemed to stop
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The Stars and I 4.8

The Stars And I

Chapter 146

4.1M Oct 02,23 犬一 , Quan Yi

Mu Zixing met a beautiful boy, Sinan, when she was five years old. He became her childhood friend. During their first meeting, Zixing was rejected by Sinan while she played with mud. Zixing grew to believe that she was hated, but did not know that Sinan, who was enraptured by her infectious cheerfulness and smile, had slowly fallen in love with her. And this love only grew deeper and deeper with t
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White Moon, He Made a Move On Me 5

White Moon, He Made A Move On Me

0 Oct 02,23 苏子欢, 有点笔格工作室

A sassy, drop-dead gorgeous heiress clashes with the refined, high-and-mighty CEO, Mr. Bao Jinlan. Jiang Yaoyao had a secret crush on Bao Jinlan for ages, being super cautious and discreet about it, until one day, she woke up in a hotel room with him sleeping right next to her... And then, she somehow became Bao Jinlan's fiancée. Nobody dared to mess with her in the Jiang family anymore, and the b
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The Fox’s Trap 4.7

The Fox’S Trap

Chapter 59

656.3K Oct 02,23 Anjeo

Human girl Chi Yan has a nightmare of a fox everyday, and this life was no exception. One day, she meets a real fox demon. Nine tailed fox Yin Ran only has eight tails. In order to get back the tail bounded to Chi Yan, one of her wishes needs to be fulfilled. The girl, however, has no wishes and only wants to get rid of him. The bad fox, in response, messes up her life. A charming face
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Flowers Find a Way to Bloom 3.4

Flowers Find A Way To Bloom

Chapter 95

436K Oct 02,23 Carpexd , Epictaco

this is R15 version licensed on manta.
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Chichi Chichi 4.3

Chichi Chichi

Vol.6 Chapter 88

41.9M Oct 02,23 Cool Kyoushinsha

One day, a picture book writer named Yorozu Hiraku was asked by his close online friend, Chintarou, if they could share a room while he attended a nearby university. Although they only knew each other through online interactions, Hikaru agrees to it without much thought. However unbeknownst to Hikaru, Chintarou, despite having a male name, is actually a girl; a very well endowed girl.
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Traces of the Sun 4.4

Traces Of The Sun

Chapter 76

1.9M Oct 02,23 도해늘 , Do Hae-neul , Merin

S Tier Hunter Sa Hyun--a member of HN, one of the world's top guilds--came to see Jeong Yi-Seon. "I came to scout you, Mr. Jeong." "Like hell you are, if you're approaching me like that." "I don't think you know what exactly 'hell' is, but......" Sa-hyun let out a laugh, looking just as if he were in a painting. "Let's make a contract, shall we?" "I'm not interested in any 'contract,' so please
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Really Truly Getting a Divorce 4.3

Really Truly Getting A Divorce

Chapter 40

1.3M Oct 02,23 Seohu

Go Baekhee had a hard time carrying her head when she was the main character of the "Storm Strong Kick" meme. In order to leave Korea, she will get a fake marriage on the premise of getting divorced with Hangyul, a permanent resident of Australia. However, to be accepted, one must prove the "true love" between the two. What is true love? True love is not easy. And it's also not easy to keep a rela
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The Empress Lipstick 4.7

The Empress Lipstick

Chapter 49

680.7K Oct 02,23 Bak Myeongun , Coffeebean , JJG

Jae-in is a typical middle school girl obsessed with beauty and makeup and wishes to become a makeup artist. One day, she finds a mysterious lipstick by chance, which leads to the opening of a mysterious portal that warps her to a different dimension. When she wakes up the next moment, she realizes she has become a princess of a different world! Stuck in this mysterious world, will Jae-in be able
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Your Smile Is a Trap 4.6

Your Smile Is A Trap

Chapter 119

10.5M Oct 02,23 Aengo

Ex-idol trainee Kiyu has lived his whole life adored by everyone for his good looks. But he dreams of ordinary high school life, so when he puts on glasses to blend in with his peers, he finds that making friends is a lot harder when you don't have your looks to fall back on. Not to mention he's also socially awkward, his new seatmate has a permanent scowl on her face, and his fans have tr
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Shiroyama to Mita-san 4.9

Shiroyama To Mita-San

Chapter 86: I Want To Work Here

796.2K Oct 02,23 Kusakabe Yuuhei

Tatsuhiko Shiroyama hates being stuck in the boonies. Greetings from strangers feels fake, part-time job prospects are limited, and he's been "blessed" with the nickname "Niyayama" from his classmates due to his creepy, unsociable attempts at smiling. He turned to the radio as a means to escape, and thinks about nothing more than saving up for a move to Tokyo where he can e
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