Yankee Musume ni Natsukarete Kotoshi mo Juken ni Shippai Shisou Desu 4.3

Yankee Musume Ni Natsukarete Kotoshi Mo Juken Ni Shippai Shisou Desu

Chapter 6: Lesson 6

1.8M Apr 15,24 James Hotate

19-year-old Shibao Endo, a high school graduate and currently a ronin, suddenly stumbles upon a beautiful young girl dressed in a unique outfit. After forcing him to hide her from the pursuing police, and he ended up losing his virginity by chance! The start of exciting and stormy days of Shibao Endo and a delinqient girl's secret love story! Preview Chapter 1 (in Japanes
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Individualistic Love 4.6

Individualistic Love

Chapter 27

218.3K Apr 15,24 Gyeonu

Read manhwa Individualistic Love / Individualistic Love Affair / Individualistic Romance /
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Dad, did you study today? 4.5

Dad, Did You Study Today?

Chapter 76

758.6K Apr 15,24 洱东文化 , 阅文漫画

Dad, did you study today? : Not only did Zhou Qing have no system, even the father of the original body was also a passerby, an ancient dandy! He doesn't know how to farm and raise pigs, but he is good at eating chicken, which doesn't fit the identity of a farmer! In order to live a prosperous life like all isekai Heroines, Zhou Qing embarked on a path of no return and urged his father to study.
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Only Want It With You 5

Only Want It With You

Chapter 41

18.8K Apr 15,24 Ash Cream,Ban Abbin

Read manhwa Only Want It With You / I just want to do it with you / I Want to Do It Only With You / / Seo Yeorin's happy love life ended when she discovered her beloved boyfriend had been cheating on her. Heartbroken, she wandered about aimlessly and almost fell into a frozen river, narrowly escaping death thanks to Jung Yeonseok, a handsome stranger. Little did she know that she'd meet him a
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The Male Lead Is In Charge Of The Successor 4.8

The Male Lead Is In Charge Of The Successor

Chapter 34

512.4K Apr 15,24 lobster, Jeje

After dying in a mysterious accident, Eisel reincarnated in another world. A strangely familiar name and events heard from various places made Eisel realize that this is a world in a book. Eisel collects clues one by one and traces which book the world has been deceived. But, what is the world in the epic fantasy novel where destruction is just around the corner?!Let's fill up some warehouses with
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Doctor Resignation 4.8

Doctor Resignation

Chapter 57

9.5M Apr 15,24 Yeondam

When the duke, who was in poor condition, suddenly died, the land fell into the hands of the rebels. In a short time, the rebellion was suppressed by the royal family, but… The point is that I, Lise Estelle, will be hanged for treason. “It’s not fair!” I’m simply the best doctor in the area. If that’s the case, I’ll become the duke’s doctor so there’s no rebellion, and I’ll make the duke’s hei
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Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show 3.6

Viewer’S Choice: The Dating Show

Chapter 63

120.9K Apr 15,24 Billy Bus , Chen Ning , Racking

Mo Dahye only tried out for a reality dating show to show the producer, Lee Wongu, that she was totally over her one-sided love for him. What she didn't count on was getting cast! Now, Dahye will spend a week with seven men who are trying to win her heart, all while Wongu watches. However, not everyone is who they claim to be, and some people didn't join the show for the right reasons. Will Dahye
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In the Name of Bai Ze 3.1

In The Name Of Bai Ze

Chapter 12

24.3K Apr 15,24 杭州大吃大喝

Several decades ago, the young boy Bai Ze mistakenly entered a mystical world's immortal mountain and formed a bond with an Immortal Gege. Over ten years later, the college student Baize once again arrives in the mystical realm, only to discover that the Immortal Gege he had dreamed of day and night has become a pitiable figure forgotten by the mortal world. In a world where demons and monsters wr
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I Won’t Accept Your Regrets 4.2

I Won’T Accept Your Regrets

Chapter 115

16.5M Apr 15,24 Updating

Read manhwa I Won't Accept Your Regrets / 당신의 후회는받지 않겠습니다 “I can't promise you love, but I'll have no other woman but you.” I thought it would be okay. Even if he didn't love me, I thought my love would make our marriage happy. But that naive wish was soon shattered. Because Lizzena, Raymond's first love, came back with a kid.
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Melody of the Deadwood 4.1

Melody Of The Deadwood

Chapter 95

4.6M Apr 15,24 뮤제 작가님

'Life is not fun.' So Alkeris decided to end his life. But the moment before the last moment, "You can't die. If you die, we die too." Five 'Bina appeared in front of her Armed with diverse personalities, they force Alkeris to live, claiming that Alkeris is the oath of their lives. I can make you happy. So, don't die. "The belt if you become an
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Chichi Chichi 4.3

Chichi Chichi

Vol.6 Chapter 100

45.1M Apr 15,24 Cool Kyoushinsha

One day, a picture book writer named Yorozu Hiraku was asked by his close online friend, Chintarou, if they could share a room while he attended a nearby university. Although they only knew each other through online interactions, Hikaru agrees to it without much thought. However unbeknownst to Hikaru, Chintarou, despite having a male name, is actually a girl; a very well endowed girl.
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Please Lay Your Eyes on Jasmine 4.1

Please Lay Your Eyes On Jasmine

Chapter 45

702.8K Apr 15,24 Bam Olenji

Read manhwa Please Lay Your Eyes on Jasmine / Jasmine had an accident with her one-sided love, Duke Aion. The straightforward man, who didn't bat an eye to her before, who is consistently ignorant of her, for some reason, was now catching feelings"Didn't you like me? Was that a lie?""Why would I lie about that?""I know. You're not that kind of person."She was at that phase where she decided her d
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When the Star Sleeps 4.1

When The Star Sleeps

Chapter 51

598.7K Apr 15,24 Sang-hyuk, TOU

200 years after the asteroid collision, mankind had risen but not everybody was equal. Im Yoon, who was discriminated for being nonimmune, meets Lee Haejin, the pinnacle of human evolution. The SF romance begins with the meeting of the bottom 5% and the top 0.001%.
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Star Flowers 4.2

Star Flowers

Chapter 156

334K Apr 15,24 Imoda

"Hachisu, a boy with a good grasp of the world around him, gets sat next to a girl in his class called Ageha, who is utterly lost in her own existence.Hachisu feels irritated every time he sees her and thinks that that will never change.The sad love story of two people who come to understand the complexity of human emotions by interacting with each other."Hoshi no Hana /
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Usami’s Little Secret! 2.7

Usami’S Little Secret!

Chapter 172

1.2M Apr 15,24 Usamaru

The school idol Usami-kun has a secret ...!? When I happened to know Usami-kun's secret, I decided to make friends with him for some reason. A youth story that depicts the love and growth of students starting from sharing secrets!
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Begrudgingly Yours 4.4

Begrudgingly Yours

Chapter 26

443.8K Apr 15,24

Read manhwa Begrudgingly Yours / []Enya Valencia, dreaded master of the enchanted Hexenkeep of Morgenda, has a new enemy the celebrated knight of radiance, Helios. The hatred is mutual, but so is their fate of certain death unless they meet one condition: they must sleep with each other. "Shall we start by kissing, hexenkeeper?" So begins their spiteful romance at the pinnacle of carnal affecti
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(Re)arranged Marriage 2.3

(Re)Arranged Marriage

Chapter 170

528.6K Apr 15,24 OKAZAKI Shigeru

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Exclusive Possession: The “Benevolent” Wife 4.5

Exclusive Possession: The “Benevolent” Wife

Chapter 35

350.3K Apr 15,24 阿柯文化 ,玄爷

In the eyes of outsiders, the noble male g** who cannot be blasphemed, was pressed by the reincarnated her to be provocative and provocative. He clearly had a face that couldn't be purer, but why did his restless hands always slide down? He was the one who provoked her first, but in the end she was bullied, tied to the bed, wiped clean, and given a lifetime title. Adapted from the novel "Exclusive
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Iyagatteru Kimi ga Suki 3.3

Iyagatteru Kimi Ga Suki

Vol.4 Chapter 26: Everyone's Plan For Happiness

567K Apr 15,24 ONIYAMA Mizuki

It finally happened, Shirakawa Mikoto was confessed to for the first time in her life! Otsuki Makoto wasn’t exactly her ideal man but, she wanted to have a boyfriend to show off to her friends. It turns out dating someone you don’t even know can be complicated, especially if they are a bit strange. This is a raunchy, heart pounding love story. Expe
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Wedding Peach 5

Wedding Peach

Vol.6 Chapter 24

3.6K Apr 15,24 Sukehiro Tomita

There are three known worlds: the human world, the angel world, and the devil world. The evil queen Raindevilla yearns to destroy the angel world with help or her many devil minions. The goddess Aphrodite sends an angel to the human world, Limone, to summon three love angels in the form of three school girls, Momoko Hanasaki, Yuri Tanima, and Hinagiku Tamano, who together become Angel Lilly, Angel
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Seriously Dating a Succubus 4.5

Seriously Dating A Succubus

Chapter 10: Blue Balled

1.4M Apr 15,24 Mamezou (II)

Seriously Dating a Succubus manga, Takeshi is the captain of a club activity that prohibits romance.A devil [succubus] who seduce men appeared under him.How much can he endure in front of a girl who is sexy but far from neat and clean?How far can you go through a pure and uninterrupted love affair?
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Grey Eminence Female Lead Is Trying to Make Me Her Stepmom 4.5

Grey Eminence Female Lead Is Trying To Make Me Her Stepmom

Chapter 114: Spin-Off #2

10.9M Apr 15,24 목감기,하리힌

I possessed the role of Civilian 1 in the 'tragic novel' I wrote with my friends as a joke. However, I was soon discovered by the female lead's father, known for endlessly doting on his daughter. The problem is... "Then, what'll happen to my daughter in this 'tragic novel'?" "...What? Ten male leads?" The father of the heroine, Duke Henstone, declared revolution in order to change his daughter's m
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My Animal-Eared Maid Is at Home 4.3

My Animal-Eared Maid Is At Home

Chapter 39

883.7K Apr 15,24 Sawayaka Samehada

A story about the daily life of the animal-eared maid Kikimora and her master.
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Float 3.5


Chapter 47

139.5K Apr 15,24 Kate Marchant

Amidst the chaos of her parents' bitter divorce, Alaskan teenager Waverly Lyons trades in her textbooks and parka for a summer of suntans and short-shorts with her aunt in Florida. A fish out of water even back in the snow, Waverly is determined to be everything she isn't back home: cool, fun, dare she even say part of a group? There's just one problem. She doesn't know how to swim. Enter Blakethe
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