Guardians Of The Lamb 4.4

Guardians Of The Lamb

Chapter 118

62.7K Dec 02,22 Juns

.Hari's normal. Sure, she can't remember anything from when she was a child, but apart from that, she's just a relatively unknown actress who dreams of making it big. All is well. That is, until she gets kidnapped. Luckily, Hari manages to emerge from that incident relatively unscathed, but Why is the man who saved her following her around? What does a missing person's case from twenty years ago h
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The CEO is an Idol Stan 3.5

The Ceo Is An Idol Stan

Chapter 19

73.9K Dec 02,22 工文工文

A foolish CEO who didn't want to work, come experience an idol stan's foolish daily life.
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How We Love 4.2

How We Love

Chapter 52

537.3K Dec 02,22 Kibi

Due to an incident at the subway station, Kang Ha-da falls for Storm stan and Moa-biased Yuri, who misinterprets Ha-da as a fellow Moa stan. Ha-da misses out on the chance to talk to her during their subway station encounter and fully expects to never see her again, but by coincidence (or fate), the two of them share more connections than they realize. Ha-da soon finds out that the reason Yuri tre
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I Became the Beastman’s Wife 3.2

I Became The Beastman’S Wife

Chapter 34

291.5K Dec 02,22 九川动漫

During her nightly programming session, Yin Zhu suddenly died and was transmigrated into a world of beastmen. She found out that the original owner of her new body drugged Teng Xiao Her social awkwardness caused everyone to misunderstand her. She claimed to be uninterested in love and only cared about her career. From then on she used the system she created to help her tribe rise to the greatest f
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Star Martial God Technique 4.5

Star Martial God Technique

Chapter 603

227.2M Dec 02,22 Mad Snail

In the whole world there lays twelve paths to climb Tower of God, and in legends these twelve pathways leads toward legendary road of immortality. However these paths in the Tower of God, are far too long, without end. In ancient times there once were many types of martial arts, sadly the world underwent terrible changes, and only three were left: Flame, Dragon and Star Martial Arts. Generations o
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Blinded by the Setting Sun 4.4

Blinded By The Setting Sun

Chapter 111

15.3M Dec 02,22 Muro

“Hildegar”, a witch that receive the blessing of Kariya, the god of the sun. “Erkin,” a northern man who lost his hometown, heads after the witch to an unnamed castle.
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Do You Wanna Touch My Tail? 4.4

Do You Wanna Touch My Tail?

Chapter 11

58.6K Dec 02,22 岛上Project

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One of the Lewd Demons 4.4

One Of The Lewd Demons

Chapter 30

950.4K Dec 02,22 Kim Mare

On the way home from meeting her friend, Oh Ha-na meets 'Mama', a demon who feeds on human greed and lust. In order to avoid this devilish crisis, she asks for help from a suspicious man, Luxria, whom she meets by chance, but this man makes a dangerous proposal to Hana. "Do you want help? Then you should have sex with me."
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Gate - Jietai Kare no Chi nite, Kaku Tatakeri 4.4

Gate - Jietai Kare No Chi Nite, Kaku Tatakeri

Chapter 118.5: Special Side Story 7 : The Foggy Night

23.3M Dec 02,22 Yanai Takumi, Sao Satoru

A gate appears in Tokyo's Ginza district sometime in the 21st century. From the gate pours out monsters, knights from middle-age Europe, and other fantasy-like beings, and they kill many of the citizens of Tokyo. This event is known as the Ginza Incident. The government sends a small group of soldiers from the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to the alternate world beyond the gate. Led by otaku so
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Catching Up With Luke Bischel 4.3

Catching Up With Luke Bischel

Chapter 22

588.8K Dec 02,22 Akkobbang, Esti

Bastian Effenberg, the best duke in the world who had nothing to fear. She declares that she will marry the kingdom's top monster hunter, Luke Bischel, who is the exact opposite of her! The marriage of two people who are opposites, can it really go smoothly?
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The Most Beloved 3.9

The Most Beloved

Chapter 38

98.8K Dec 02,22 极漫文化

One more shot at life! After her untimely demise, Xue Rong is rewarded with the chance to be reincarnated but this time as some sort of cute, furry creature! She soon realizes that not only is she in the distant past, but also smack dab in the middle of an academy full of beautiful men!
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[ blank。] 3.9

[ Blank。]

Chapter 30

249.7K Dec 02,22

Is this my second chance at life? After waking from a 3-month coma, Nina doesn't remember anything about herself. Not even her name. With no one looking for her, she only has one option: to start a new life. She's more than ready to do so until the memory of someone abandoning her in a park haunts her. Can she handle the truth?
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Help! I Had Transmigrated and My Snake Husband Pampered Me Too Much 2.4

Help! I Had Transmigrated And My Snake Husband Pampered Me Too Much

Chapter 37

185.2K Dec 02,22 绘境社

Help! I Had Transmigrated and My Snake Husband Pampered Me Too MuchJi Mng! Chun Yu Shu Sh Sh F Cho Chng W!
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How to Make a 4.6

How To Make A

Chapter 33

3.9M Dec 02,22 Banjo Azusa

English: A popular guy who's secretly interested in cosmetics asks to practice makeup on his dull childhood friend... and he ends up looking cute?! Español /Spanish:Un muchacho popular que en secreto está interesado en cosméticos le pide a su amigo simplón dejarlo maquillarle para practicar... ¿¡Y termina viéndose bello(a)!? Bahasa Indonesia: 
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The Emperor is a Woman 4.6

The Emperor Is A Woman

Chapter 208

9.5M Dec 02,22 Updating

After finally confessing to the male god, you are about to usher in a sweet first love, but you have crossed into the world of cultivating immortals because of an electric shock? ! I wanted to find a chance to go home, but I suddenly added a plug-in, how could I not make good use of it? ! The brothers with flowers and jade elder brothers have been very tired to fight monsters and upgrade. They are
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Cry for Me 4.1

Cry For Me

Vol.1 Chapter 5

33.9K Dec 02,22 Yan Jiu

Ye Zi And Gao Hang reunite years after their childhood friendship ended. After a misunderstanding, Gao Hang left Ye Zi behind for university and Ye Zi picked up the pieces to become stronger. At their reunion years later, Ye Zi has changed to better fit Gao Hang, all he wants is for times to be like they were before. Can they return to the bliss of the past?
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Regressor Instruction Manual 4.7

Regressor Instruction Manual

Chapter 70

19.9M Dec 02,22 Domi , wooden spoon , MIDNIGHT STUDIO , 독점 , 수 연재

He was suddenly summoned to another world one day.Monsters poured out, a huge disaster incoming.His ability the lowest.[Player's level is low][Your level is hopeless]It doesn't matter whether you're the chosen warrior, a talented wizard, or someone who travelled back in time. One must do everything they can,in order to survive.The Regressor's Instruction Manual."It doesn't matter if I'm trash." Is
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I turned my childhood friend (♂) into a girl 4.6

I Turned My Childhood Friend (♂) Into A Girl

Chapter 33

4.7M Dec 02,22 Banjo Azusa

A popular guy that's secretly interested in cosmetics asks to practice makeup on his dull childhood friend and he ends up looking cute?!
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Far Away From Cold 3.9

Far Away From Cold

Chapter 95

416.7K Dec 02,22 Chang Pei Chi Zongcha

This is a story of Little Princess Luo trying to make a friend. Luo Linyuan is born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a pretty face. Yu Han is "straight", and he sleeps only three hours a day. Yu Han doesn't want Luo Linyuan to get close to him, but Luo Linyuan wants otherwise.
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Get Out of My House! 3.6

Get Out Of My House!

Chapter 49

1.3M Dec 02,22 Team Aemae

“She's now your “responsibility”!” Cha Hong, a freelancer; heard as soon as she stepped foot onto the set the biggest drama. This job was everything that she wanted but she was only left to become an assistant. She ends up having to take care of Noh Seung-Ah; the nation’s actress with a really stubborn attitude. Hong will have to look out for the actress 24 hrs daily up until the drama is aired. H
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Days Of Confrontation With Scum Attack 2.9

Days Of Confrontation With Scum Attack

Chapter 87

465.9K Dec 02,22 Brother orange cat , Baihechuan

.Yu Baoyuan poured out his heart for five years, still ended up getting kicked away by A Scum . Was it knocked down like this! Impossible. Even the whole life is mess....Yu Baoyuan still think he is the chosen son of heaven who is hard-bone, stubborn enough and quite turbulent. So, a certain bastard scratched his heart and begged for forgiveness. Brother Yuan Bao Stayed silent, as he drank tea and
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The Three Are Living a Married Life 4

The Three Are Living A Married Life

Chapter 63

7.8M Dec 02,22 Pistachio (피스타치오), Musso (무소)

On the night of her fourth wedding anniversary, moans were heard from her husband's bedroom. “Tell me I'm better than her, come on.” It was the voice of her twin sister.
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