Cultivation Chat Group 4.5

Cultivation Chat Group

Chapter 448

62,415,449 Jul 01,22 Legend Of The Sacred Knight

One day, Song Shuhang was suddenly added to a chat group with many seniors that suffered from chuuni disease. The people inside the group would call each other ‘Fellow Daoist’ and had all different kinds of titles: Palace Master, Cave Lord, True Monarch, Immortal Master, etc. And even the pet of the founder of the group that had run away from home was called ‘monster dog’.
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Kare wa Kanojo ni Kawaru no de 4.5

Kare Wa Kanojo Ni Kawaru No De

Chapter 22

1,072,322 Jul 01,22 ATARU Tei, ICHIZAKI Ren

Male high school student Shikayama always keeps his distance from his classmates. He has neither friends nor a lover, but always makes sure to get home before sunset. Because...
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You're Under My Skin! 4.7

You're Under My Skin!

Chapter 27

253,006 Jun 30,22 Nakta

Support the author on Lezhin if you can.- Hikki ?
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Namete, Kajitte, Tokidoki Medete 2.2

Namete, Kajitte, Tokidoki Medete

Vol.1 Chapter 3

4,685 Jun 30,22 Yumachi Shin

I'm Haru. first year in high school. Please listen to my troubles. I accidentally gave my love letter to the number one problem child at school, Seishirou-kun… Even though I told him to give it back, he won't. He says I'm already his girlfriend…He'll chase me down if he sees me at school, he takes my lunch, keeps his eye on me, and e-even kisses me…Ah and doing perverted stuff…!!
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Give Me A Brush 3

Give Me A Brush

Chapter 27

127,620 Jun 30,22 第十一个立方体

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It's Never Too Late For Sweetness 3

It's Never Too Late For Sweetness

Chapter 19

18,789 Jun 30,22 Big Bear Company

On one side, the school tyrant, Chi Yu, wishes to dispel the gossip regarding him being in a same-sex relationship. On the other side, the academic tyrant, Fu Zhian, wishes for the gossip between them to turn into truth. Who will succeed?
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Mikadono Sanshimai wa Angai, Choroi 4.7

Mikadono Sanshimai Wa Angai, Choroi

Chapter 23: Here, Too.

350,357 Jun 30,22 Hirakawa Aya

Though Ayase Yuu is the son of a renowned and talented actress, he is below average in anything he does. He is entrusted to live under the care of his mother's friend, and later discovers that he will also be rooming with the three sisters from his school who possess both beauty and talent. Though Yuu thought that an understanding would be impossible to reach between an ordinary person and those b
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My WeChat Links the Three Realms! 1.6

My Wechat Links The Three Realms!

Chapter 126: Rich Daddy, Love Me Once More!

539,882 Jun 30,22 Yuririn

Linghai is an ordinary university student—until the day he updates his WeChat and is dragged into a trading group chat for members of the heavenly realms. Since then, adventures and excitement fill his life. Donut peaches for facial masks? Gold pills for soft pack Chunghwa cigarettes? Sorry, we do not run tabs! --- Original Webtoon: (,
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Her Smile So Sweet 4.1

Her Smile So Sweet

Chapter 100: Meeting The Guardian

636,266 Jun 30,22 Ake Culture, Xiu yin

Xu Jingshu from class one in second year is a cold person who doesn’t talk much. If it wasn’t because the math teacher constantly sent her out as punishment, she may have been considered invisible in her class. Chu Youning, a new transfer student, falls in love with her candy-like smile. On certain afternoons, one can find him, the best student, personally teaching Xu Jingshu mathematics in the st
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Mr. Snail 1.3

Mr. Snail

Chapter 64: Song

169,571 Jun 30,22 Yi Gen Tui Mao

As September comes, a new semester has begun at Shan Ming High School. The school doctor, Song Yue, has also welcomed a new roommate - canteen chef, Xu Xiaodao. Mr. Song thinks Xu is like the "Snail Girl". Ever since he starting living here, the dorm has been super clean. Not only does he clean, he also cooks all the meals and does all the laundry! This is truly suspicious! Things get even weirder
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Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie 4.7

Shikimori's Not Just A Cutie

Chapter 150

30,653,257 Jun 30,22 Maki Keigo

Daily life of a herbivore, unlucky boyfriend and his amazing and sometimes intimidating girlfriend. French / Français:  La vie quotidienne d'un petit ami passif et sa petite amie incroyable et quelque fois intimidante. Spanish / Español:  La vida cotidiana de un muchacho con mala suerte y su asombrosa y a veces intimidante novia. Links: Author's Twi
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19 Days 4.7

19 Days

Chapter 394.6: Fierce He Tian

60,379,058 Jun 30,22 Old Xian

 The super cute and funny adventures of a boy and his BFF(best friend forever). You'll find out the names of the main characters after 113 pictures(maybe). Enjoy the manga!
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Webtoon Character Na Kang Lim 4.3

Webtoon Character Na Kang Lim

Chapter 13

29,402 Jun 30,22 Lee Kyung-Min

Na Kang-Lim, a high school student who usually enjoys webtoons. One day, experiences something bizzare, a female protagonist from a webtoon he usually reads appeared before him. The incidents in the webtoon puts her into a crisis, but the problem is there's no protagonist to save her from those events! He then becomes the protagonist and goes over time to save her.
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My Wife Is the Union Leader of Martial Arts Circles 4.4

My Wife Is The Union Leader Of Martial Arts Circles

Chapter 5: Trouble Comes Knocking

30,182 Jun 30,22 黑夜de白羊

He was originally just your average joe, but he was chosen by the female martial arts union leader, Murong Ying, to be her husband because of his pure yang physique. The 11 years of cultivation he absorbed from Murong Ying helped kickstart his cultivation career, allowing him to dominate the campus, become an escort, become an island owner, and fight on his own path. After finally reaching the imm
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Winning Shot! 4.8

Winning Shot!

Chapter 15: Entry

190,792 Jun 30,22 Kang Kyeon

Ahn Shiyun is a pitcher who doesn't mind his team losing streak, as long as he can play baseball. After continuing his dream in middle school, his life begins to change when he meets Baek Tae-Oh, a catcher of the opposing team. This is the story of amazing people who can throw powerful winning shots at the top of high school baseball's elite!
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Sakura, Saku 3.3

Sakura, Saku

Vol.4 Chapter 12

6,528 Jun 30,22 Sakisaka Io

From Ikemen Manga: Middle schooler Saku is a background character, an extra, always replaceable… or so she thinks? She was saved by a mysterious stranger, and has turned a whole new leaf?! Now in high school, she's found her role. And maybe something else…? From BlueberryScans: Saku is looking for a boy named "Sakura" who noticed and helped her when no one else would. Meeting
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A Beloved Existence 4.8

A Beloved Existence

Chapter 103

2,267,266 Jun 30,22 Hyang U Creative

Soyou, who received heart transplant surgery, discovered that the donated heart belongs to the father of a guy in her class! As they grow closer together, will they be able to help each other weather any storm?
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Law of First Love 3.4

Law Of First Love

Chapter 8

1,045 Jun 30,22 Red Peach (레드피치)

“Can I sit next to you?”As one lives, there are these moments in life… Where suddenly, the world feels like a coming-of-age romance painted in pastel hues, when the sunlight shines through the leaves of trees, and everything starts to sparkle. When you're slowly drifting through water... As well as when someone, in particular, starts to shine brighter than the rest.People who haven’t exper
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Fate/Stay Night - Heaven's Feel 4.6

Fate/stay Night - Heaven's Feel

Chapter 67: Day 9 / Over (3)

3,488,182 Jun 30,22 Type-Moon, Task Ohna

The story takes place in an ordinary Japanese town, Fuyuki City. Hidden from society, there has been a deadly war going on in this town. Seven sorcerers known as "Masters" summon powerful familiars called "Servants," and they all fight each other till the last one. The last one is said to attain the Holy Grail, which will grant them a wish. Only a few know when this War started
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Ochikobore Datta Ani Ga Jitsuha Saikyou: Shijou Saikyou No Yuusha Wa Tensei-shi, Gakuen De Mujikaku Ni Musou Suru 4.6

Ochikobore Datta Ani Ga Jitsuha Saikyou: Shijou Saikyou No Yuusha Wa Tensei-Shi, Gakuen De Mujikaku Ni Musou Suru

Chapter 5.5

299,731 Jun 30,22 Ibarakino

Eugene, a hero, is forcibly reincarnated by the demon king Venomzard. In a world far in the future, he becomes a noble boy named Julius. Freed from his "hero" mission, Julius decides to enjoy his second life and his school life. However, his brother, Gaias, mocks him, and his parents and teachers consider him a failure. Having been reincarnated with the immense power of his previous life, Julius u
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No More Love With the Girls 4.5

No More Love With The Girls

Chapter 13: Romcoms Don't Happen Because You're "onii-Chan"

30,037 Jun 30,22 Shinya Misu

Eiyuu (A.U.), a high school boy, has a problem! Two childhood friends "Shio" and "Akari" who go to the same high school are too cute! If they find out that I'm the only one looking sexually at them now that they've grown up, even though I have no intention of doing so... that would be too much! On the other hand, the two childhood friends also have their own secrets...? It's so awkward! It's compl
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