Slow Step 4.4

Slow Step

Vol.7 Chapter 55 : And Then, The One Minatsu Chose Is...! [End]

476K Jan 20,16 Adachi Mitsuru

From Adachi's Universe: Slow Step follow the adventures of schoolgirl Minatsu as she looks for a man and tries to stay on top at school. She's got the school bully to worry about, two potential suitors, a pervert for a PE teacher, and a gang of criminals in hot pursuit.
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Feel So Good 5

Feel So Good

Vol.1 Chapter 2.3

84.8K Jan 20,16 Lee Shi Young

From Korean-Manhwa: A story about the progression in the lives of Shimun and Shi Un Lee, brother and sister; and their trials of sadness, love and friendships.
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Femme Fatale 4.9

Femme Fatale

Vol.3 Chapter 12 : Femme Fatale

166.4K Jan 20,16 Shigisawa Kaya

The term “femme fatale”, or “deadly woman”, is a stereotype of an alluring woman who charms her lover into an unsatiable desire for her, and draws them into dangerous situations. Its Japanese translation means “the fated woman”. In this thrilling romance, Saito Hajime joins a club at his college and meets the “femme fatale”: Yukari Ebisawa, a graduat
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Mujihi na Anata 4.5

Mujihi Na Anata

Vol.1 Ch.5.5

217K Jan 20,16 Sakuraga Mei

The story of Nanao Shirahane and Kuon Aikawa from Mujihi na Otoko continues. List of Warui Series: Vol 1 Warui Koto Shitai [1-1] Vol 2 Waruiko Demo Ii? [1-2] Vol 3 Kirai ja nai Kedo [2-1] Vol 4 Koi Ja nai Kedo [2-2] --- Warui Koto Bakkashite GomenNasai [1-3 &/ 2-3] Vol 5 Warui Yatsu Demo Ii [1-4] Vol 6 Mujihi na Otoko [3-1] Vol 7 Warui Koibito ja Dame? [1-5] Vol 8 Kare ja nai kedo [2-4
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Muko x Muko 4.5

Muko X Muko

Vol.1 Ch.0

62.6K Jan 20,16 Kamo Nabako

Misao and Eichi are the schools most popular idols. However, every morning they arrive at the same time and show their dislike for each other.
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Koi Nante Shinai! 4.8

Koi Nante Shinai!

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5

245.4K Jan 20,16 Shiina Akino

From September Scanlations: While he cannot explain it, Udou Ryuuji is absolutely certain of one thing: he loathes Kujou Ritsuki from the very core of his being. There’s just something about his good looks and the way he flirts and has all the girls eating out of his hand that pisses Ryuuji off royally—so when he accidentally discovers the deep dark secret behind Ritsuki’s part-time job, he’s o
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Double Sentiment 5

Double Sentiment

Vol.1 Chapter 2 : Shin Sekai

68.8K Jan 20,16 Minami Touko

From Shinnen: Emi and Atsushi have been dating for one month now, and to be able to become one with the person you like is like a miracle. The feeling of happiness is overwhelming, but apparently, there is an unforgettable person for Atsushi. What should a person do in order to make his attention turn to one's self? An earnest love graffiti. Other stories: Shin Sekai Iroha ni Hoheto Omo
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Kokuin 4.3


Vol.1 Chapter 4

97.1K Jan 20,16 Ichijou Lemon

Kouya is a brilliant, yet antisocial, research student at a medical university. He has no need for friends and brushes off even the gentle fellow student Rei, who admires him. But Rei's not the only one interested in Kouya, professor Katase started to make his move and there are very bad rumours about him...
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Gamushara Heart Beat 5

Gamushara Heart Beat

Vol.1 Ch.1

45.9K Jan 20,16 Nagi Michiko

From Evil Flowers: Kurosu Riri is very bored with her school life. In an attempt to do something new she tries to form a band with Ayata and Jin. But something is still missing, a former member, Ruki Sugisaki is needed in order to have the complete band. The only problem is that he's in a fight with Ayata. Will Riri be able to make things work for her band and make Ruki join? Better yet, to have
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Hitoribocchi no Ohime-sama 4.8

Hitoribocchi No Ohime-Sama


88.8K Jan 20,16 Umezawa Marina

Kobato is troubled because she can't make any friends. One day, she finally worked up her courage and talked to someone! However, the person standing in front of her is...?!
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Konna Hatsukoi 5

Konna Hatsukoi

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : The Gentleman's Flaws

116.4K Jan 20,16 Iwa Chika

From Dazzling Scans: The super shy Kashiwagi Makoto from the student council has never been in love before. Although she thinks the popular new student Yanase Yutaka-kun is quite unapproachable, she comes in direct contact with him one day as a part of her student council duties…
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Muyu He Benxiaozhu 4.8

Muyu He Benxiaozhu

Vol.1 Ch.0

48.3K Jan 20,16 Zi Gui

It's about a girl, Taobei, who has somebody writing on her book that she's a pig. This really angers her. Then, there's Muyu, the guy who's been friends with her since childhood...and he's angry with her. A really funny story of a silly and dense girl.
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My Class Rep 4.7

My Class Rep

Vol.1 Ch.17 : My Class Rep

63.9K Jan 20,16 Kurotsuki Natsuki

Toono has been having her class rep supervise her swimming practice. The two have never been together much before and have nothing in common. What could Toono's real reason for asking her class rep this favor be?
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My Destiny 4.5

My Destiny

Vol.1 Ch.6 : The End

82.1K Jan 20,16 Ami8877

From Bamboo Garden A little 6-chapter story about a boy and a girl... Let's just say they're meant to be together, due to a little something the boy did...
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N is for Nishiki 5

N Is For Nishiki

Vol.1 Ch.0

45.9K Jan 20,16 Sugisaki Yukiru

Summary by Kyon Dreams Kokoro is a simple fifth grader whose life is living hell. Each day she have to practice summoning shikigami !!Since her family is very vulnerable to demon attack !!But will she be able to summoning one?
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Na*Na*Ki!! 5


Vol.1 Ch.6

77K Jan 20,16 Mizutani Yuzu

The youngest of seven sisters, Nanaki's goal is to "grow another 20cm and become an adult." Now she's a senior in high school and still baffles her friends with her childish ways. But simple sincerity is Nanaki's greatest power, and friendship is the most important thing in the world to her. Problems like volunteering to be class president won't stand in her way...
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Naked 5


Vol.1 Ch.3

70.8K Jan 20,16 Miyauchi Saya

From Tsuzuku Jinsei o...: Naked is a one-volume manga containing three stories that revolve around two boys, Ayumu and Chihiro. The first two stories are set when they are in 5th grade, and revolve about them becoming friends and making a new friend. The final story is set several years later in high school and is about Ayumu's first love.
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Nanatsuiro Drops 3.7

Nanatsuiro Drops

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Yuki-Chan's Secret!? Part Two

75.7K Jan 20,16 Unisonshift

Based on the Eroge by UNiSONSHIFT. We've got our main character, Tsuwabaki, a normal student, but one day he bumps into a weird guy with "not cosplay ears" who gives him a drink. It transforms Tsuwabaki into a chibi lamb! The teacher explains everything, and the teacher tells him the only way he can get back to normal is to find a chosen girl and have her catch the 7 Stardrops. The only thing i
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Narabuna Kiken!! 5

Narabuna Kiken!!

Vol.1 Ch.0 : Oneshot

84.9K Jan 20,16 Shiraishi Yuki

From Intercross: Miku and Natsume have always been fighting with each other until Natsume suddenly asks Miku to pretend to be his girlfriend!!! At first, Miku is quite opposed to the idea, but slowly…
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Natsu no Ari 3.4

Natsu No Ari

Vol.1 Ch.0

84.7K Jan 20,16 Yoshitomi Akihito

Yuko and Mika have been going out for a year now, but Mika seems to be too absorbed in watching ants dig than to pay Yuko any attention.
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Nijikuro Gakuen no Nijichou 4.9

Nijikuro Gakuen No Nijichou


76.1K Jan 20,16 Hatta Ayuko,Mizuno Minami

A one-shot collab between Hatta Ayuko (Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji) and Mizuno Minami (Nijiro Days). Sata Kyouya is the school's guidance counselor and he has to deal with an odd group of students.
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Natsu wo Dakishimete 5

Natsu Wo Dakishimete

Vol.1 Ch.0

44K Jan 20,16

On Yumika's 14th summer, a strange encounter gives her a new lease on life..
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Kiss made no Kyori (YOSHINAGA Yuu) 4.7

Kiss Made No Kyori (Yoshinaga Yuu)

Vol.1 Ch.5

397.7K Jan 20,16 Yoshinaga Yuu

From Chibi Manga: Kaji, Yuzuha's unrequited love, is a good friend of her younger twin brother Hayao. He's the same age but goes to a different school and since theyre in elementary, he's been going in and out of Yuzuha's home. She's been in love with him all the time, but can't make a serious face when around Kaji. Now they both change to the same high school and there's the chance to decrease
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Ouji no Kikan 4.6

Ouji No Kikan

Vol.1 Ch.10 : Ouji No Kikan Extra: Tale Of The Ring [End]

181.2K Jan 20,16 Junko

Story 1 (Chapter 1-2) Satake Kou attended the wedding of his sister unknowingly that he will be reunited there with his cousin, Fumihiro, who used to be a very dumb fat guy, then transformed into a charismatic prince! Kou became undeniably self-conscious about this while he is not aware of Fumihiro’s high regards towards him since they were little. And in their reunion, Fumihiro’s admiration has t
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