Itou-san 4.9


Vol.1 Chapter 8 : Bluff

128.7K Jan 20,16 Aki Eda

A collection of 8 series of short stories, mostly about romance with appropriate dashes of humour. 1) Itou-san Numerous brief comics about the life of a single 28-year old known to readers only as Itou-san, and her day-to-day interactions with a colleague whom she later dates. 2) Sensei+ An ordinary 25-year old schoolteacher meets a man who claims he can use magic, and goes on to ask her t
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City of Darkness 2 5

City Of Darkness 2

Ch.23 : God Of Death

388.5K Jan 20,16 Yu Er

The sequel and the continuation of City of Darkness.Prequel:> City of Darkness( )Spin-off:> City of Darkness Side Story( )
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Kandachime 4.1


Vol.9 Ch.44 : Come Back

681.5K Jan 20,16 Tamegai Tohru

By solitaryCross: Takuma Zushi just wanted to be left alone. He sleeps in class and skips club. While going home, he sees a girl walking into the woods and decides to follow her. There he witnesses a fight between two sword masters with the prize being the ownership of the "Kandachime", a sword that can shape shift into a person. That girl, Otowa Hagane was about to lose when he naively steps i
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Gakuen Heaven 4.6

Gakuen Heaven

Chapter 85

817.6K Jan 20,16 U-jin

Gakuen Heaven is the story of Oshino Makoto in his attempt to become a teacher, in order to fulfill a promise made to his childhood friend and first love Koiwai Ayano, who also promised that when they see each other again they will get married. Unfortunately, he fails miserably and ends up as a substitute teacher in an all-girls private school governed by his grandmother. He meets a lot of female
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Oyasumi Punpun 4.8

Oyasumi Punpun

Vol.13 Ch.147

32.5M Jan 20,16 Asano Inio

Witness the titular Punpun - who is depicted as a tiny, caricatured bird in an otherwise normal human setting - as he copes with his dysfunctional family and friends, his love interest, his oncoming adolescence and his hyperactive mind.
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Danzai no Judith 3.3

Danzai No Judith

Vol.1 Chapter 2

124K Jan 20,16 Ugatsu Matsuki

Manipulating a demon with a worm-eaten body, the girl exterminates all sinners!! Accepting requests from the families of victims killed unreasonably, boys and girls are set on continuing to kill the sinners. They are responsible for this business without knowing when it will end, but also unable to live a different life, today also they open the curtain of revenge
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Roman (KATSURA Yukimaru) 5

Roman (Katsura Yukimaru)

Vol.2 Ch.10 : 11-Lettered Message

100.4K Jan 20,16 Katsura Yukimaru,Sound Horizon

Colors. Death. Life. Questions. More questions. Will they be answered? Maybe a Roman could shed some light… Based off an album of the same name, by the band Sound Horizon. (From Eternal Bunny Love)
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Shibuya de Aimashou 5

Shibuya De Aimashou

Vol.1 Ch.8

92.1K Jan 20,16 Takaguchi Satosumi

University student Sekiguchi Toshihiko's life takes a turn for the bizarre when he begins working as an accounts clerk with Galaxy Planning, a small firm that serves as a front for organized crime. His boss is the ultra-cool Aguri, a devil-may-care yakuza with a passion for gratuitous violence and constantly harassing his favorite employee.
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Soukyuu no Lapis Lazuli 4.5

Soukyuu No Lapis Lazuli

Ch.11 : Family

297.2K Jan 20,16 Asano Hajime

Fifty years ago a witch died and left behind what was called the "Witch's Legacy". It is now the modern day where it is said that whoever collects all 99 pieces of the Witch's Legacy or "Witchcraft" will be granted one wish.
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Edo of the Dead 4.8

Edo Of The Dead

Chapter 1

68.7K Jan 20,16 Hiyama Tatsuki,Yamamoto Kiyoshi

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Wakaba Mariji 4.3

Wakaba Mariji


81.5K Jan 20,16 Kitakawa Touta

From Animeraider: When 16 year-old Haruna runs away from an arranged marriage, her parents force her younger twin sister Wakaba into the marriage instead. But while Haruna ran off with a boyfriend, Wakaba has never even been kissed. How will a high school girl survive going from nothing to full on marriage with no steps in between?
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Kuusou Kagaku Edison 5

Kuusou Kagaku Edison

Vol.1 Chapter 5

108.3K Jan 20,16 Yanagita Rikao

In a post-apocalyptic world, a girl leaves her village to find her missing childhood friend, and save her dying world. Her companion in her quest is a machine named "Edison Stein," and he can draw blueprints for magnificent machines. What will await them in "The world outside"?
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Gate! Yonkoma 5

Gate! Yonkoma

Chapter 4

141.2K Jan 20,16 Yanai Takumi

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Dancer no Kioku 5

Dancer No Kioku

Chapter Oneshot

47.3K Jan 20,16 Wada Takashi

A man is on a research expedition in an underwater city, where he discovers a holographic recording of a ballerina.
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Sleipnir 5


Chapter 2

65K Jan 20,16 Tsuchii

From MangaHelpers: "The Sixth Dimension Experiment." This experiment, in attempting to open one of the eleven dimensions in our reality, the sixth dimension (Secht), resulted in a catastrophic explosion that killed 110 million people and left 12 countries in ruins. The originator of this experiment, Himeka Yuki, bearing the total responsibility for the failure of this experiment, has been banis
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Sousouki Reginald 4.6

Sousouki Reginald

Ch.12 : Then He Made His Decision (End)

144.6K Jan 20,16 Ocelot,Sakaki Ichiro

From MangaHelpers: A thick mist covers the city of Faith-Dehli constantly. In the mist and smoke of this metropolis, demons known as "Pagans" lurk in the shadows. Pagans are born when humans fail to join the other souls in the path to reincarnation. There is a group known as the "Twanbach Funeral Service Company" who specializes in hunting these Pagans. Reginald, a 100+ year old vampire that lo
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Heaven's Prison 4.7

Heaven's Prison

Vol.2 Chapter 16 : Sedecim

179.9K Jan 20,16 Utatane Hiroyuki

From AnimeWaves: Touko's life seemed so ordinary, until she got that call... At the scene of the accident, by the puddle of blood, a young maid appeared... could no one else see her? And then, around the corner, a cry for help from a silver-haired boy... The veils are being lifted and the truth is being revealed!
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The Kensei's Calligraphy 4.6

The Kensei's Calligraphy

Ch.12.1 : Extra

159.1K Jan 20,16 Tinhong

How do you stop an assassin who takes pleasure in killing? Read about the story of Miyamoto Musashi's Last Successor.
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Walkure Romanze - Shoujo Kishi Monogatari (NO. Gomesu) 5

Walkure Romanze - Shoujo Kishi Monogatari (No. Gomesu)

Vol.3 Ch.16 : End

325.6K Jan 20,16 Ricotta

In the Middle Ages, jousting was a duel between knights who put their prides on the line in an effort to take down their opponent in one sweeping blow. Even with the changing of time, jousting is still being done. In one country it has gone from "duel" to "sport" and everyone, girls as well, is encouraged to become knights and take up the sport. One girl, Celia, is no exception. It was through jou
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Mama to yoba rete sankagetsu 5

Mama To Yoba Rete Sankagetsu

Ch.1 : Oneshot

46.7K Jan 20,16 Nemoto Takashi

A short parody of Kyojin no Hoshi. From Garo 1982-07.
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Futsuu no Yoru 5

Futsuu No Yoru

Chapter 1 : Oneshot

43.6K Jan 20,16 Izumi Masayuki

A day in the life of Ultraman. From Garo 1982-07
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Battle Field 5

Battle Field

Vol.1 Chapter 9 : [End]

87.5K Jan 20,16 Shimamoto Kazuhiko

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Tokyo Ghoul (Oneshot) 4.7

Tokyo Ghoul (Oneshot)

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

497K Jan 20,16 ISHIDA Sui

This is oneshot of Tokyo Ghoul.Tokyo Ghoul serialization manga : > Tokyo Ghoul (> Spin-off (> Sequel (
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