Otome no Sainou 5

Otome No Sainou

Vol.1 Ch.4.5

86K Jan 20,16 Matsuno Mika

Story One : Otome no Sainou Nakanishi Kiyoshin, nickname Onii-chan, is 14 year old chivalrous heroine. She witnesses a GUY, Kashiwaki Sachikana, being confessed to by another guy. The confesser gets agressive, and Nakanishi steps in. After that, Nakanishi and Kashi-kun become friends, and then... Story Two : Tsuki Iro Secret Back in elementary school, Alice (in manga 'president'&'m
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Order wa Boku de Yoroshii desu ka? 4.4

Order Wa Boku De Yoroshii Desu Ka?

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Haru Ni Arashi To Yuki Ga Furu! [End]

138.8K Jan 20,16 Hatta Ayuko

From Shoujo Crusade: Akari always goes to a particular coffee shop, but not for their coffee. It's to see Naruse Hijiri-kun, a waiter who's totally Akari's type. And then suddenly one day she finds him waiting outside her school? Also includes: • Haru Koi Kaede has been trying to befriend her desk neighbour Muromachi Isami, but when she greeted him, he yelled at her?! In fact every time sh
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Renai Mentalism 5

Renai Mentalism

Vol.1 Ch.2

74K Jan 20,16 Maki Kyoko

From Chibi Manga: A girl who was suffering of an unrequited love received a "mentalism comic"! the mentalist Daigo is popular and we can see him on TV and magazines. He can read people's heart thank to mentalism and he can also find love to people !!
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My Little Robinson 5

My Little Robinson

Vol.1 Ch.3

63.1K Jan 20,16 Tsutsumi Kakeru

My Little Robinson is about a girl named Ichigo who struggles to balance her job as a successful magazine model with her life as a normal high school student, and a young man named Tsugumi who is a member of a race of humans who only grow to be about 15 cm tall.
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Love Like Crazy 4.5

Love Like Crazy

Vol.11 Ch.44

528.6K Jan 20,16 Hwang Mi-ri

After a fight Han Se In finds street fighter Moon Ji Soo collapsed on the street. When she tries to help him he tells her to go away, Se In wants an apology but, Moon Ji Soon wont give one. She then slaps him and runs, Moon Ji Soon wants revenge...
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Seinaru Yoruni Oshiete Ageru 5

Seinaru Yoruni Oshiete Ageru

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Oneshot

64.9K Jan 20,16 Nanao Mio

She is childish and doesn't get why everyone wants a boyfriend, but on one december date her handsome childhood friend have kissed her, what will she do?
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Starry Sky - After Season 5

Starry Sky - After Season

Vol.1 Chapter Kirikuchi-Karashi : Future Predictions Chart (Mirai Yosouzu)

94.5K Jan 20,16 Honeybee

An anthology containing oneshots, each featuring another pairing [Volume 1 Story 9] Mirai Yosouzu - Future Predictions Chart by KIRIKUCHI Karashi Tsukiko is in the library searching for books about tea ceremony, so she can get closer to Homare-sempai. But then sempai shows up... How will he react? [Volume 2 Story 4] Tea Time by Chidori Peco Hoshitsuki-sensei realized that Tsukiko hasn't co
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Starry Sky - In Winter (Anthology) 5

Starry Sky - In Winter (Anthology)

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Clumsy Knight ~ Winter ~

115K Jan 20,16 Honeybee

Collection of shorts stories featuring characters from the otome game Starry☆Sky ~in Winter~
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Start Love 5

Start Love

Vol.1 Ch.2

55.5K Jan 20,16 Hwang Mi-ri

[From Twinkle-Dust]: Jiyoo is a beautiful girl, who has yet to have her first kiss. Handsome guys, who Jiyoo only saw as friends, are now competing for the fair maiden’s love. Who will win over Jiyoo’s chaste heart?
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Visionary the Other Side 5

Visionary The Other Side

Vol.2 Chapter 1

66K Jan 20,16 Yu-chin Lin

From DramaQueen: In a small kingdom where chivalry exists and heroes are living legends, an extraordinary adventure awaits a young princess--Nan-Fan, Princess of Tang: young, naïve, and strong willed. On the eve of her arranged political marriage to the brutal "Battle Demon" of the rival Li Kingdom, she escapes from the imperial palace to seek her true fate. On this journey, she begins to unders
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A Tackle On My Life 4.8

A Tackle On My Life

Chapter 57

471.2K Jan 20,16 Hwang Mi-ri

From Han Ga-Ram will even outwit the swindler gangs. Everything is solved when she transforms back into her unpopular highschool girl moments... Who would suspect a geek with glasses? There is only MONEY on her mind.. day and night. On the other hand, her other twin Yu Ga-Ram exists unknown to both of them. Unlike her, her sister has to bear the bullying acts of her step sister. The stor
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Strawberry Shake 4.9

Strawberry Shake

Vol.2 Ch.17

179.7K Jan 20,16 Hayashiya Shizuru

Slapstick shoujo-ai romantic comedy made special by Hayashiya Shizuru's unique brand of humour; Julia Tachibana, an experienced idol, is infuriated when her boss saddles her with playing 'senpai' to 15-year-old new recruit Ran Asakawa. But the moment she first lays eyes on the tall, cute blonde who is to be her kouhai, all of that changes... NOTE(info courtesy of Rosa Foetida) by yuri21: Straw
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Strawberry Vampire 4.8

Strawberry Vampire


55.2K Jan 20,16 Kaoru

"You are... a vampire?" Lucian is just a normal strawberry farmer, and fate meets him with an injured mysterious girl who tries to steal his strawberries. As he tries to help her, suddenly, the wound disappears without a trace! Will Lucian be a victim to a vampire?
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Stroke Material 4.5

Stroke Material

Vol.1 Ch.5

196.3K Jan 20,16 Atsuta Kotobuki

Very funny story with a title we could NOT resist! People have gone so far as to call Kaname-kun a "sex machine" and "a man who exists solely for obscenity and sin." But now he's fallen in love for the first time with the super cool beauty Yumi-sama. Even when his only reward is her cold gaze, he persists in his desire to win her love--but he's struggling and suffering because his wooing technique
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Study 5


Vol.1 Ch.1

55.9K Jan 20,16 Takasuka Yue

Contains one main story, and a few oneshots. Story 1 - A girl who has always put studying as her main focus in life, now finds she wants a boyfriend. But will her high scores make the guy she likes feel inferior...? And this guy seems to be the ex-boyfriend of the most popular girl at school! Is he really a player...?!
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Summer Love 5

Summer Love

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Oneshot

46.3K Jan 20,16 Yoshiko Shimizu

Kika has a crush on Agi, but what does he see in her?
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Sugar Pot 5

Sugar Pot

Vol.1 Ch.3

118K Jan 20,16 Takasuka Yue

From Mahou: While working at the Cafe her parents manage, Saho has fallen into [unrequited] love with a regular customer there, Kagami. One day, she is determined to make that fateful confession, but!? A little bit of adult hot love
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Sugar Princess 5

Sugar Princess

Vol.2 Ch.22

132.9K Jan 20,16 Nakajo Hisaya

From Viz: When Maya Kurinoki takes her little brother to the local ice-skating rink for the first time, she's got her hands full just trying to get him to let go of the bar. To inspire a bit of bravery in him, she attempts a double axel--and lands it! Maya never imagined that this jump would change her life...or that a coach named Eishi Todo would vow to make her a figure skating "princes
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Shuohu 5


Chapter 4 : Autumn – Untitled

61.5K Jan 20,16 Tutututu

Four little tales of fox spirits and human. Be it China, Japan or Korea, fox spirits always have a unique standing: each country has a tale or two about these infamous fox spirits. They can be both good and bad, revered and scorned, but they're always known for their intelligence and beauty. Enthralling creatures! ... Please read from left to right. ... Original webcomic. Original
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Suite Precure 5

Suite Precure


58.2K Jan 20,16 Todo Izumi

The world is threatened by Mephisto, the King of Minor Land, who tries to spread the Melody of Unhappiness. Mephisto is after the Legendary Score, in which the Melody of Happiness is written. In order to complete the score and protect the world, new Precure girls stand up to collect the scattered notes of the Melody of Happiness.
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Suki dake ja Wakaranai 4.7

Suki Dake Ja Wakaranai

Vol.1 Ch.0 : Oneshot

60.5K Jan 20,16 Konno Risa

From Shoujo Crusade: Fujisaki fell in love at first sight with Nakamura-kun when he helped her out of an embarrassing situation. Fujisaki wants to be more lovey-dovey with Nakamura-kun however he is known for being the ‘antisocial king’!
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Suki Doki 4.4

Suki Doki

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Omake

129.2K Jan 20,16 Watanabe Ayu

Chapter 1-2: Suki♥Doki Tomita Emi falls in love with a player. How can she cope with him having so many girls? Chapter 3: Koibana - The Ex-boyfriend (story by YOSHI) Maho has an ex-boyfriend she just can't forget about. After being dumped, Maho started drinking and constantly sleeping only with men who ride motorcycles and look remotely similar to her ex, hurting herself in the end. Can Shuns
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Suki Nante Ienai 4.4

Suki Nante Ienai

Vol.1 Ch.4 : End

95.1K Jan 20,16 Akira

She was in the 3rd grade of middle school, he was in the 1st grade of high school. She met him at the basketball match for the first time. He was so amazing, she fell in love at first sight and decided to enter the same high school he's going to. After she managed to get into Shuuei Institute, she expects her happy love life to begin but... what if the guy she liked was held back a year?! An
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Suki ni Natte mo Ii no? 4.3

Suki Ni Natte Mo Ii No?

Vol.4 Ch.14.2 : Extra 2

176K Jan 20,16 Oota Saki

When Yuuki first meets Akihisa she is less than impressed. Not only is he stalking her, but he also tries to seduce her knowing full well she's a high school student who already has a boyfriend. She can't stand him at all so why is she so drawn to him? On the surface Akihisa seems like the worst kind of man... Is he just toying with Yuuki or does he really care about her?
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