Eyed Soul 5

Eyed Soul

Vol.2 Chapter 8

101.6K Jan 20,16 Shinohara Udou

During an investigation, private detective Amaki comes across Kou, a man with a mysterious aura about him; a man with strangely sharp perception and eyes that shine like a beast’s. Since his meeting with this man, for some reason wild creatures that are not supposed to inhabit the city keep appearing around Amaki... Who is this Kou? The author goes all out, a Shamanic Fantasy begins.
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Family Border 4.4

Family Border

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5 : Starting Gate [End]

134K Jan 20,16 Hasumi Toui

Eichi's father has remarried and now he has 3 new brothers. But one of them doesn't see him as a brother.
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Mori ni Shizumu Tsuki 4.6

Mori Ni Shizumu Tsuki


79.1K Jan 20,16 Naono Bohra

Oneshot from Mori no Koe.
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Koi Nante Shinai! 4.8

Koi Nante Shinai!

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5

249.2K Jan 20,16 Shiina Akino

From September Scanlations: While he cannot explain it, Udou Ryuuji is absolutely certain of one thing: he loathes Kujou Ritsuki from the very core of his being. There’s just something about his good looks and the way he flirts and has all the girls eating out of his hand that pisses Ryuuji off royally—so when he accidentally discovers the deep dark secret behind Ritsuki’s part-time job, he’s o
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Family Compilation 4.9

Family Compilation

Chapter 1

66.5K Jan 20,16 Kamaboko Red

Momoji Asami and his three brothers are told by their father to cross-dress, and he tries to be a perfect girl. However, this gains him unexpected attention from someone in his class.
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Present Koukan wa Kiken na Kaori...!? 4.5

Present Koukan Wa Kiken Na Kaori...!?


59.9K Jan 20,16 Araragi Ayune

Wakaba, Natsuki and Sasaki from Hatsukoi Lovers, Onii-chan Complex, and Houkago, 2-C no Kyoushitsu de. come together and exchange presents shortly after Christmas and talk about who they love.
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My Precious 4.4

My Precious

Vol.1 Ch.2.2 : You're Telling Me

104K Jan 20,16 Odagiri Hotaru

One day Minoto was passing by Mayue's place and heard the piano tune through the windows. Fascinated by the beautiful music, Minato approaches to the house and Mayue invites him into the house. Together, they become friends and depend on one another... however, Mayue later gets a proposition for studying aboard to Vienna.... --Baka-Updates
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N.G! 4


Vol.1 Ch.3

66.7K Jan 20,16 Koide Mieko

Collection of oneshots : 1) The first one-shot in this manga features a theme park, cross-dressing and mistaken identities! What's not to love? High school student Rin ends up posing as his twin sister to go on a date with a university student that may be attempting to blackmail him...
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Nagaraja 5


Vol.1 Ch.6

104.1K Jan 20,16 Lee

From Nakama: From the village of Go, a shaman tries to summon the serpent king to bring the rainfall, while at that same moment... his brother is kidnapped and imprisoned! To save his brother, he and the serpent king begin their long journey.
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Natsuyasumi 4.6


Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Good Friday Disaster ~ Part 2

103.1K Jan 20,16 Matsumoto Kazura

Maki lives with a family thats very dependent and demanding of him. He finds relief with Dasku, a young looking man who cant seem to do anything himself. Being more than happy to help Dasku out, as he is finally given a thank you for his efforts, he easily falls for the younger looking man. Things are happy between them until Maki learns just who Dasku is, and then misadventures ensue. Two side st
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Ouji no Kikan 4.6

Ouji No Kikan

Vol.1 Ch.10 : Ouji No Kikan Extra: Tale Of The Ring [End]

184.5K Jan 20,16 Junko

Story 1 (Chapter 1-2) Satake Kou attended the wedding of his sister unknowingly that he will be reunited there with his cousin, Fumihiro, who used to be a very dumb fat guy, then transformed into a charismatic prince! Kou became undeniably self-conscious about this while he is not aware of Fumihiro’s high regards towards him since they were little. And in their reunion, Fumihiro’s admiration has t
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Kikoenai Koe 4.9

Kikoenai Koe

Vol.1 Chapter 6

97.3K Jan 20,16 Kyouyama Atsuki

Imai, who belongs the baseball club, has feelings for his clumsy kouhai, Hikita. Hikita, whose face falls into a continuous scowl when he's nervous... That kind of Hikita is cute, nothing else to it. "When you're this cute, I'm the one who has to be careful..." Even while touching in this helpful senpai's heart of hearts, he wants to touch Hikita's naked body...?!
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Nemureru Mori no Binan 4.8

Nemureru Mori No Binan

Vol.1 Chapter 5 : End

72.6K Jan 20,16 Akisato Wakuni

From PRISMS: 1982. Tomoi Hisatsugu went to New York to work as a doctor. But that's not all. He hopes to lead an easier life as a young homosexual than in Japan. Indeed, he meets another doctor, Richard Stein, and they become lovers. Nemureru Mori no Binan tells of their relationship in an extremely realistic way. It portrays the life of homosexuals in the early 80s very exact and conveys the moo
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Night Walkers 5

Night Walkers

Vol.2 Ch.8

124.4K Jan 20,16 Gokurakuin Sakurako

The death of his mother leads to Tomoki living with Murakami-san, the Prime Minister. However Tomoki soon learns that nothing is what it seems, least of all Murakami-san himself.
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O-Guts! 5


Vol.1 Ch.4

87.7K Jan 20,16 Hirai Mari

From Sweet-Lunacy: Hatori Ejima is a bishounen and idol of his school. And he has a weakness: an allergy to girls. To cure him, his sister, Saiko makes him join her idol fans club. Saiko is the leader of Miya Fans Club of the famous duo, RUSH. Hatori, who can't stand being near more than 2 girls, must now face 200 fan girls at once! Can he cure his allergy?
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Oasis Keikaku! 5

Oasis Keikaku!

Vol.1 Ch.4 : [End]

88.6K Jan 20,16 Ooya Kazumi

Yagi Naoyuki has always been able to get any woman he wanted, and to him, that has always been a problem. It's come to the point where they would take drastic measures if he rejected them. Fed up with his "women troubles," Naoyuki's parents send him to live with his uncle, Yagi Akira, whose sexuality is rather ambiguous. At the apartment complex, Naoyuki meets Yoshiro Kei, another one of the tenan
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Obocchama ni wa Wakarumai 4.9

Obocchama Ni Wa Wakarumai

Vol.1 Ch.6

107.3K Jan 20,16 Takahashi Yuu

Jun's family used to be wealthy, but after his father's death their company went bankrupt and his mother was hospitalized due to too much stress. Now, Jun lives at the home of their former gardener and attends a public school with the gardener's son Koutarou. Unfortunately, Jun and Koutarou just can't seem to get along...
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Ochibure Shinshi ni Ai no Uta 4.9

Ochibure Shinshi Ni Ai No Uta

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Ch.4-5 (End)

69.5K Jan 20,16 Yukimura

Asada is truly miserable. After three years, he's been reunited with Nao, who has succeeded as a patisserie and is now a formindable rival at Asada's department store. In the past, Asada's cold anger turned into love. But Nao doesn't know that... Reading direction: Right to left
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Oh! My Sweet Baby!!! 4.8

Oh! My Sweet Baby!!!

Vol.1 Ch.0

64.7K Jan 20,16 Matsumoto Azusa

Original doujinshi From Futarikiri: Shinozaki is dating his teacher Mizusawa. Valentine's day is approaching and Shinozaki wants a token of his teacher's affection...
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Ohana no Oujisama 5

Ohana No Oujisama

Vol.1 Ch.3

75.4K Jan 20,16 Kanno Yuki

From Hanashi (Yaoi): The story is about the young man Takaaki (spoken as: Taka'aki) who waters a certain flower pot by chance. A small man who slept a thousand years inside the sprout comes out and needs to adapt to the new world--and to win Takaaki's heart, of course.
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Ohisama no Tamago 5

Ohisama No Tamago

Vol.1 Ch.6 : Kimi No Tonari Ni(One Shot)

74.8K Jan 20,16 Himawari Souya

Contents: • Ohisama no Tamago - Bizarre club for UFOers kidnaps new student to be a member. • Kimi no Tonari ni (By Your Side) - In boredom there isn't a single meaning that lies behind each passing day, but that is before two highschool-aged boys stumble upon eachother.... They discuss life and death, and happiness. • Respective Feelings • Epilogue
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Okaeri wa Kochira 4.2

Okaeri Wa Kochira

Vol.1 Ch.0

66.9K Jan 20,16 Yamato Nase

Daiki comes home from a luxurious life in Tokyo to find that his childhood friend, Tetsu, has grown into a strong and surly young man. Daiki's struggle with belonging becomes even more complicated when Tetsu harbors strange feelings toward Daiki!
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Okome-chan 4.9


Vol.1 Ch.8

117.9K Jan 20,16 Takagi Ryou

Comedy BL manga. Little Rice-chan (guy the size of a bug) has fallen in love with a human boy who adores him and moved into his familiy's home, which is strange enough especially for the family that has to look on! Then all of Rice-chan's other suitors and associates show up! For some reason EVERYONE loves this little guy!!
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