Heart of A Companion 5

Heart Of A Companion

Chapter 27 : Epilogue

241.9K Jan 20,16 Hong Dae Eui

A veterinarian who can talk to animals? Even better that he uses his gift to educate pet owners.
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Pure Blood 4.7

Pure Blood

Vol.2 Ch.8

116.4K Jan 20,16 Aoki Akane

From Storm in Heaven: Leon is a pure blood vampire, able to suppress his instinctual desire for blood and live amongst humans due to his deterrent, Noah. Bearing a seal that complements Leon's, Noah holds Leon's power in check. However, Noah's own powers are oddly unstable. This is their story.
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of the Dead 4.3

Of The Dead

Vol.1 Ch.8 : Organic Human Solution: Organogel By Fukao Atsushi [End]

245.6K Jan 20,16 Fukao Atsushi,Hiroe Rei,Hiromoto Sinichi,Hokazono Masaya,Kino Hitoshi,Koizumi Tomohiro,Matsumoto Jiro,Samura Hiroaki,Shimada Toranosuke,Tajima Sho-U,Terada Katsuya,Uguisu Sachiko

A collection of eight Zombie related oneshots by several authors.Includes illustrations by Hiroe Rei (Black Lagoon), Samura Hiroaki (Blade of the Immortal) and Matsumoto Jiro (Freesia).
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Darker Than Black: Shikkoku no Hana 4.7

Darker Than Black: Shikkoku No Hana

Vol.4 Chapter 33.5 : [End]

1.2M Jan 20,16 Iwahara Yuji

From BH007: One day, in the middle of (Tokyo), the Hell's Gate appeared. In the area coverd by the gate, the laws of physics do not apply. Furthermore, people living nearby have begun to develop supernatural powers, and are known as contractors. Among these contractors, is BK201, a contractor with power over lightning who is renown as one of the strongest reapers and for some reason, hated and
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Phantom King 4.5

Phantom King

Vol.7 Chapter 28 : Liberation

342.3K Jan 20,16 Lim Dall-young

Eun Sung-min a survivor of a massacre by monsters known as "EVIL." he is living with his blind maid. When they are approached by a man from the organization S.E.P.A. They are here to form an alliance with him and his maid to find a way to fight "Evil" which are Born from the emotions of mankind, and to discover the truth behind the "Phantom king" whom he remembers from the attack 11 years ago.
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Merikuron no Namida 4.5

Merikuron No Namida

Vol.2 Ch.10 [End]

123K Jan 20,16 Kazumi Yuana

Merikuron: Replacement bodies in which even memories are duplicated. Is the mysterious young man who creates them, Louie, a god or a demon...!? A poetic human mystery that will move you to tears. From Lovely Strange Dark: Louie is the charismatic mystery man who creates mericlones, while his foil is Nanako, a girl against all things mericlone. This series begins with some episodic entries expl
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Pick of the Litter 4.8

Pick Of The Litter

Vol.4 Ch.21 : [Includes Chapters 21-27 + Extra Chapter]

108.6K Jan 20,16 Suda Yuriko

From Shoujo Manga Maniac: On top of being a third-year middle-school student without a single relative, Riku Fukagawa has no memory of his life before he was ten years old. Memories of Family await him, even if they are not wanted, as a "phosphorus" identifies the cause of his peaceful life, and all on a certain day that two strange guys who call themselves brothers appear? But in Yamato, they ma
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Pig Bride 4.7

Pig Bride

Vol.4 Ch.18.2

357.7K Jan 20,16 Kook Hwa Huh,Su Jin Kim

Lost in the mountains on a trip to summer camp, eight-year-old Si-Joon fears he’ll never make it out alive. When a strange girl in a pig mask appears before him, he follows her to a house deep in the woods, where he is told that he must marry the pig-faced girl to atone for the sins of their ancestors. Si-Joon’s not too keen on getting married, but that wedding feast looks so delicious! It’s only
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Goumaden Shutendoji 4.5

Goumaden Shutendoji

Vol.4 Chapter 18

168.1K Jan 20,16 Nagai Go

Demon summoner - what is this? And why?... These are the main questions Touya Douji is trying to answer. Just where should he be looking for them? Maybe, inside himself?
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Tsuki-gui Youma Taiji-shi 5

Tsuki-Gui Youma Taiji-Shi

Ch.0 : Oneshot

43.5K Jan 20,16 Mita Azuya

Asagi is an exorcist with a tragic past.One day, an encounter with a certain ayakashi causes him to recall that tragic past…
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Pixie Pop 4.7

Pixie Pop

Vol.3 Ch.15

171.2K Jan 20,16 Tooyama Ema

From Tokyopop: Mayu, the daughter of a café owner, is unlucky in love until she meets “Puchou,” the magical fairy of beverages. Now, whenever Mayu drinks something, she transforms accordingly! Milk makes her grow large, water makes her invisible, pork soup turns her into a cute little piglet. But what will help her win the man of her dreams?
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Pixy Gale 4.8

Pixy Gale


157.1K Jan 20,16 Miyashita Miki

Little orphan Rikano gained more than she expected when she received a heart transplant from a mysterious donor. Will Elaine be able to protect Rikano from those who want to steal her beloved master's heart for themselves?
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Akuma no Ikenie 4.7

Akuma No Ikenie

Vol.2 Chapter 7 : Kanau And The Cultural Festival

164.6K Jan 20,16 Tachibana Ayun

Hajime lives with the twin sisters of the family of the Komatsu shrine. Inori is of a very spiritual bent and often tries to use her 'powerful' heirloom rosary to protect her friends and family from evil. The other sister, Kanau, is more practical. She often spends time trying to keep Hajime from groping women, which he is always doing by accident. Amidst strange vampire-like murders in the com
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Hiiro Ouji 4.9

Hiiro Ouji

Vol.3 Chapter 16

243.1K Jan 20,16 Murasaki Midori

From Nevermore Scans: In order to capture the vampire lurking in the school, Mana the exorcist transfers in. Okamoto-kun, the vampire in question, is one who has changed with the times and gets by on blood transfusions! Mana is left dumbfounded by the carefree, easy-going vampire! An eagerly anticipated romantic (!?) school comedy released by a new author at Sylph. ?
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LLLL 4.7


Vol.1 Ch.4

68.4K Jan 20,16 Ataru Tei

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Meminisse ~SaixRai~ 4.5

Meminisse ~Saixrai~

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

44.9K Jan 20,16 Shiozuka Makoto

A mysterious event ties a strange girl and boy together! Their meeting once again cause time to move, the story of the two ability users' crime action!!
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The Visitor 4.4

The Visitor

Vol.1 Ch.4

68.5K Jan 20,16 Miyamoto Kano

Masoto has a visit from a Shinigami... a ten page supernatural story
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Ore Ride!! 4.7

Ore Ride!!


254.6K Jan 20,16 Kawahara Kazune,Sakisaka Io

Two high-school boys run into each other, and find that they've swapped bodies. []
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Eureka 4.4


Vol.1 Chapter 1

58.6K Jan 20,16 Kurosawa Kaname

From Momocha Scans: Stephen and Shukurei are vampires who met and decided to travel together. One a half-demon, the other a subspecies. One lives for the sake of atonement, the other for the sake of revenge. In the midst of the journey, Steph drinks Shuku's blood and experiences once more the warmth of companionship. But when they arrive at Steph's hometown, the past begins to catch up, torturi
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Prince Bubble 4

Prince Bubble

Vol.2 Ch.8

93.3K Jan 20,16

Wi-Lan is a poor girl that was born in a poor fisherman family. She yearned to go to that high standard private high school. When she received the entrance letter, she was so happy, but then she became the laughter of the whole school for being the poorest kid in the school. She was teased and pranked. Until a few weeks ago, a new student transfered to their school, San-Yue. Wi-Lan had a crush on
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Prince of Destruction 5

Prince Of Destruction

Vol.3 Chapter 0.2

67.5K Jan 20,16 Kang Eun Young

Lee Uh In's family has long protected a legendary jar of alcohol with mysterious properties. Anyone who drinks from it will gain immense strength--and swap sexual orientation as well! But the jar only fills every ten years, and everyone who's drunk from it previously has died soon after. Enter Ichiro Yachi, who's unfortunate encounter with the liquor has left him liking guys and determined to take
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Princess Ai 5

Princess Ai

Vol.3 Chapter 0 : Evolution

76.9K Jan 20,16 Courtney Love,Dj Milky

From Tokyopop: Ai is the only royal princess of Ai-Land, a magical kingdom caught in the midst of a horrific revolution. When Princess Ai makes a hasty escape from her war-torn land, she finds herself in modern-day Tokyo. Confused and in shock, Ai wanders the streets in this strange new land to unravel the secrets that could tear her and her kingdom apart ...
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Princess Tutu 4.8

Princess Tutu

Vol.2 Ch.10 : Brilliant Grand Pas De Deux (End)

296K Jan 20,16 Shinonome Mizuo,Sato Junichi,Ito Ikuko

Ahiru was a regular student at Kinkan Academy. Till one day she sees a new shop that has a pretty tutu in the window and the woman who owns the shop Miss Edel gives Ahiru a pendant. Later she see a boy from school whom she thinks of as a prince named Mytho standing by a lake. Suddenly a monster from the lake is about to attack Mytho. Wishing to save him she suddenly finds herself transformed into
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Psycho Knocker 4.7

Psycho Knocker

Vol.1 Ch.1.2

57.9K Jan 20,16 Yuki Kaori

Ashina Tomo is your average school girl who somehow constantly has terrible images of a train accident. One day, on her crush’s birthday, her best friend brings her to an isolated print club machine which is rumored to allow prayers to come true. What would happen when your prayers come true, but not the way you want them to be? By a cursed print club machine nonetheless. Present as a side-s
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