Damatte Watashi no Iu Koto Kikinasai! 4.6

Damatte Watashi No Iu Koto Kikinasai!

Chapter 0

70.3K Jan 20,16 Mori Airi

Kanata Tsukishiro's dead twin sister frequently takes possession of him, and so he asks Yumeto Ookawachi, who his sister had a crush on before she died, if he would help her to pass on.
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Torikago Gakkyuu 5

Torikago Gakkyuu

Vol.4 Ch.23

176.1K Jan 20,16 Mashiba Shin

From Intercross: Mikage is a transfer student who lost of all his memories. At the new class, what awaited him isn't dreams, friendship, or hope, but his teacher's "commands"... This is a forbidden school story that cannot be found anywhere else!!
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Sekimen Danshi Makkasa 4.9

Sekimen Danshi Makkasa


50K Jan 20,16 Uchiyama Lammy,[add]

So... this a tacky oneshot about a shy boy who receives help from a very perverted hamster.
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Makisi's Neighbours 5

Makisi's Neighbours


70.9K Jan 20,16 Ttang16

The story of a normal guy in a ?normal? dorm!
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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! 4.8

Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai!

Vol.1 Ch.33 : Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai!

2.4M Jan 20,16 Minato Soft

Based on a Visual Novel by Minato Soft. Kawakami Momoyo is a notorious, woman-chasing, large-breasted master fighter. She and her friends at school end up in all sorts of weird situations, often involving people attempting to defeat Momoyo. Now there are new transfer students from Germany joining their class. Who are these new students, and will they fit in with the crazy bunch surrounding Momo
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Kurenai MIX Special 5

Kurenai Mix Special

Vol.1 Chapter 7 : Mr. Postman's Chronicle Mail, One Summer's Love

73K Jan 20,16 Kotobuki Raimu

A collection of short stories about friends and romance. 1. Kurenai Mix Special 2. Okosama Ranchi (A Child's Ranch) 3. Special Ranch 4. HOT! 5. COOL! 6. Shangri-la 7. Mr. Postman's Chronicle Mail, One Summer's Love
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Darker than Black 4.6

Darker Than Black

Vol.2 Chapter 10 : 4Koma - End

1M Jan 20,16 Bones,Okamura Tensai

A young girl's nightmare becomes the search for the truth, a search that leads her to the secret and extremely dangerous world of Contractors and the Hells Gate. Hei and Mao try to protect Kana from the Contractors who are trying to silence her forever, while Kana clings to the hope of finding her father and piecing her life together again. -- Bushido Angel Adventures NOTE: (revised) The story
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Kurumi-tic Miracle 4.5

Kurumi-Tic Miracle

Vol.1 Chapter 5 : I Love Tomboy

80.9K Jan 20,16 Yagami Chitose

1st story : Kurumi-tic Miracle (ch.1-3) Kurumi found a stone that transformed into a bracelet in her grandfather's antique shop. That bracelet lets her wish whatever. Naoki, the guy she likes, wants to get it from her so that he can fulfill his promise to his brother. His little brother has the other stone that is full of enmity and venom. If the two stones will be put together, the world will co
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Data 5


Vol.2 Chapter 12

119.2K Jan 20,16 Tachibana Kaimu

From GOoC: Data is a kind of Magical Boy series manga by Tachibana Kaimu. The two main characters, Sakura and Yuki, are on quests to gather stones with magical powers. In doing so they are also hoping to uncover the mystery as to why they both seem to have lost their memory. Although this is a shoujo series, I'm pretty positive theres also something shounen-ai going on between the two (subtle but
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Yumeyume Onmyouji Kidan 5

Yumeyume Onmyouji Kidan

Ch.3 : The Star Sorcerer - Part 2 [End]

71.8K Jan 20,16 Aramata Hiroshi

From SiH: 1 volume containing two stories about Abe no Seimei, the longer one dealing with a demoness who fell in love with him...
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Kyoten Yuuhouki 5

Kyoten Yuuhouki

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Lost Angel

79.9K Jan 20,16 Hasumi Toui

1) Gods of Avarice (2 parts) 2) Daybreak 3) Mosaic 4) Lost Angel
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Datenshi Gakuen Debipara 4.9

Datenshi Gakuen Debipara

Chapter 10 : The Determination To Face Tomorrow

132.1K Jan 20,16 Kawata Yushi

From Dan of Population GO: Three friends, Kotori, Yuuto, and Rin are trapped in school when the principal halfheartedly summons a horde of demons. The demons make a pact with each student in exchange for possessing them. Most of the students wished to be be good looking or to have longer legs, but Yuuto manages to stave off the possessed student body while Rin overpowers the weak demon possessing
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Kyuuketsuhime Yui: Kanonshou 5

Kyuuketsuhime Yui: Kanonshou

Vol.1 Chapter 3.2 : [Continuation]

85.5K Jan 20,16 Kakinouchi Narumi

Mysterious girl arrives at the door of a church covered in blood. She utters out the name "Nagi" before collapsing. She's taken in by the priest of the church. She starts out with no memories of her past, but slowly has strange dreams about her mother, and from that she discovers her name, Yui.
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Datte Sukinanndamon 4.3

Datte Sukinanndamon

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : It's Fate, That's Good Right---!

154.9K Jan 20,16 Asami Miyabi

From Awakened Memories: The new school Lilia has just transferred to has a lot of people with suspicious abilities. There are vampires with fangs and the snow woman's son. And then it turns out that Lilia herself is a demon who sucks the life out of men by kissing them!?
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Dawn - Tsumetai Te 4.8

Dawn - Tsumetai Te

Vol.6 Chapter 37 : Dawn

413.5K Jan 20,16 Ueda Shinsyu

Remember that plague you learned about in history class? Well, it's back, ready to infect hordes of people! Follow Nagasawa, a melodramic student caught in the middle of this horrid epidemic, with absolutely no idea what's going on, trying to get through life with infected people all about. Can you say creepy?
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Daydream Nightmare 4.5

Daydream Nightmare

Vol.2 Chapter 8- : 8Th Night [End]

153.5K Jan 20,16 Inose

From Girls' Generation Scanlations: Meet Kusumi. He views Ichi as his god. He has no interest in real life girls because anime is his life. Meet Ichi. He has a secret that no one knows about, and he fights to hide it from others. He also has a past that seems to be surfacing through his dreams. But what does it mean when a guy promises to protect him by eating the "bad things"? Join Ichi in his
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Laika 5


Chapter 5

77.5K Jan 20,16 Ah Yi Ring

From Within Silence Scans: Mia was just an average girl.. thinking that she has lived a normal life. That all changes one day when she meets a strange child with yellow hair, yellow eyes, and cat ears. Hearing the name "Laika," she wonders at the strange name and brings the child home. Will she ever regain the dark memories that she had lost?
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Gekka Mugentan 4.9

Gekka Mugentan

Vol.2 Chapter 3

141.8K Jan 20,16 Osakabe Mashin

From Midnight Scans: Ever since the school entrance ceremony, Sayako, a high school student, has been wary of her classmate Rou who is in the same committee. However, Rou harbors the secret of his true identity. Sayako's body began to change, and she realizes that her peaceful days are over. As the gears quietly turn, the frightening door of fate opens!
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Law of Ueki Plus 4.8

Law Of Ueki Plus

Vol.5 Chapter 46 : The Aftermath.

807.6K Jan 20,16 Fukuchi Tsubasa

The Law of Ueki plus takes place 2 years after the end of The Law of Ueki, everyone has gone there own way and life has become peaceful again until one day Ueki saves a dog only to stumble upon a plot to steal the memories from all the people of earth. ueki as the only person who did not have his memories taken, must go into a new world and retrieve the stolen memories where new allies, foes and p
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Dear my Doll - Kimito no Yakusoku 5

Dear My Doll - Kimito No Yakusoku

Vol.1 Chapter 2

62.6K Jan 20,16 Teshirogi Shiori

Summary from Iskultrip Scans: Story 1 (Phantom Lim): Lim and Iota live in a robot country. Lim, who is in love. Iota, whom she loves. The kind robotic maids. Lim has always thought her sunshine-filled days would go on forever, but... what is this promise Iota made with her in the past and the secret that he's keeping from her?
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Le Masque 3.7

Le Masque

Vol.2 Ch.4

66.1K Jan 20,16 Kakinouchi Narumi

When the clock strikes midnight, the door opens. This is when the phantom awakens, wandering, looking for the most beautiful dancer. Loosely based on "The Phantom of the Opera."
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Tenkyuugi - Sephirahnatus 5

Tenkyuugi - Sephirahnatus

Vol.tbd Ch.38 : Omen (Fjalar)

310.2K Jan 20,16 Seno Tatsune,Takamiya Aya

From Tenkyuugi: In this world, there are 10 heavenly laws and 22 earthly laws. While humans cannot have knowledge of the heavenly laws used by the gods, they make use of the earthly laws. Through cards, each of the symbols can be utilized through the use of magic. Those with this ability are called magicians. Aspiring magicians study the laws in order to attend a magic institute. Nanao of Akats
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Tsuki ni Hoero 5

Tsuki Ni Hoero

Vol.1 Ch.8 : Start With A Kiss

390.7K Jan 20,16 Takenaka Sei

From Fantasyshrine: Miki is the bodyguard of the super-model, Ran. He’s also the only person who knows that the golden-eyed Ran is in fact a werewolf. Not only does Ran have an animalistic sex-drive, he’s also inhumanly strong. “Then, why does he need me as his bodyguard?” Miki wondered… And then, Ran was stabbed by a fan while protecting Miki... Chapter 1+extra is actually chapter 1 and 2,
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Let's Bible 4.8

Let's Bible

Chapter 4

94.7K Jan 20,16 Youn In-wan

Vulcan Markovic lives in a small fishing village in Croatia. He has only two things on his mind--designer goods and losing his virginity. When an indescribably beautiful girl shows up asking for directions to Heaven's Gate, Vulcan takes his first step into "thrilling world-salvation action!!"
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