Mekakushi no Kuni 4.6

Mekakushi No Kuni

Vol.9 Ch.40.5

574.5K Jan 20,16 Tsukuba Sakura

Mekakushi no Kuni is the story of high school student Outsuka Kanade who can sometimes see a person's future with a touch, and transfer student Naitou Arou, whose ESP is limited to past events. When Kanade glimpses an unfortunate incident coming, can she change it? She soon befriends Arou, who's no novice. While Kanade’s power is limited to the near future and is somewhat incontrollable, Arou’s is
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Melody of Oblivion 5

Melody Of Oblivion


77.8K Jan 20,16 Katakura Shinji

"The 20th Century saw a massive conflict between humans and Monsters, with the Monsters winning the hard-fought struggle. As a new century dawns, memories of those times have utterly faded from the minds of men." Monsters rule from the shadows, while humans continue life with a semblance of normalcy, all the while in secret fear. Some try to win favor with the Monsters, offering sacrifices of c
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Memories of a Homeland Ming 5

Memories Of A Homeland Ming


80.8K Jan 20,16 Shu Shui

Niu Qingqing is a regular 14-year old girl with a close cousin who is obsessed over Hanfu, or Han Chinese traditional clothing. Qingqing encounters a 'cute' mysterious young boy in early 17th century garb in her cousin's university campus one day, and decides to join the Hanfu club to find him...
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Memory Eaters 4.5

Memory Eaters

Vol.2 Ch.11

99.9K Jan 20,16 Kang Kyung Nam

Memory eaters live on people's memory.They are originally death messengers who remove human's memory when they carry souls. But some of them are charmed by the memory's beauty and become Exiles: Memory Eaters. Dio is one of them, but he does not steal human memory like other Exiles, but earns it by helping people. One day, Dio finds a girl who is losing too much memories from Exiles . He tries to
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Mephisto 4.7


Vol.3 Ch.29 : The Day The Earth Stood Still

312.1K Jan 20,16 Miyama Noboru

It's about a woman(Alma) who is born a witch after her father makes a deal with the demon Mephisto. She seems to be able to travel through time and goes back to the middle ages in Europe, the Mayaztecian time as well as the Roman ancient time and Nazi Germany. Contains sex, torture, and rape.
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Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch 4.7

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

Vol.7 Chapter 32.5 : And Into The Future: Super Love Song

885.5K Jan 20,16 Yokote Michiko,Hanamori Pink

From Del Rey: Lucia is the new girl at school. She and her sister run a public bath that's all the rage. When Lucia meets a terrific-looking surfer boy, Kaito, she starts to think if he's the dream boy she was looking for that she met a few years ago. There's just one little problem: Lucia is a mermaid-not just any mermaid, but a princess on an important mission to save the seven seas
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Eerie Queerie 5

Eerie Queerie

Vol.2 Chapter 6.3

132.3K Jan 20,16 Shiozu Shuri

From Tokyopop: Mitsuo Shiozu is a lonely high school student who happens to be psychic. Spirits 'use' his body and mind to communicate with the dead and to help the living. These ghostly apparitions use Mitsuo in order to put right things that were left undone in life, or to tie up ends that were left loose before they left the land of the living. In the process, Mitsuo often finds that thes
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Metamo Kiss 4.9

Metamo Kiss

Vol.3 Chapter 17.5 : Extra

115.8K Jan 20,16 Omote Sora

From Tokyopop: Kohamaru comes from a peculiar family—each member can switch bodies with his or her soul mate! His parents can switch bodies, and his sister, oddly enough, can switch with her cat! Now it's Kohamaru's turn... When Kohamaru literally runs into Nanao, the girl of his dreams, they switch bodies. True love, right? Well, unfortunately, she's in love with someone else. And if that weren
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Meteo Emblem 5

Meteo Emblem

Vol.1 Ch.4 : The Guardian Star Of Destruction

78.9K Jan 20,16 Park Sung Woo

Long ago...In a very distant past...It is said that civilization had developed to high degrees, and its people spent peaceful and plentiful days without an inconvenience..The people thought their peaceful and tranquil lives would continue forever. But...On that day when the 「stars」 fell from the skies...Legend tells us that all civilization on earth announced its end...And perished in an instant.
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Michishirube 5


Vol.1 Ch.0

59.5K Jan 20,16 Oouta Rie

[Summary By: Love_Blossom] Wakako has been in love with her childhood friend, who is 2 years older than her, Chii-nii. The thing is, he went away and she's been sad ever since. 3 years later, she sees him at her gate. Finally she can say "i like you" but it isn't easy as it seems. Will she be able to do it?
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Mika ni Harassment 4

Mika Ni Harassment

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Mahou Shoujo Rukana

173.1K Jan 20,16 Suihei Kiki

From BH007: Mika's sister gives her a mirror that supposedly grants her any wish she desires, so she wishes for a world where boys don't get perverted thoughts when looking at a girl. The result? Mika is thrown into a world where girls happily walk around topless! What's more, wearing panties is considered perverted and girls who walk around with a top without good reason are chased down and puni
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See You Again (IKE Junko) 5

See You Again (Ike Junko)


78.1K Jan 20,16 Ike Junko

Yoshino’s family moves frequently due to his parent's job transfers. He’s finally made his first true friend, but has to move again. Before he leaves, he makes a promise to come back and visit her—before she gets married.
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Anata ga Ireba 5

Anata Ga Ireba

Vol.1 Ch.2A : The Lion From The Moon

84.5K Jan 20,16 Yoshimura Akemi

Toriko Tsukigata is a beautiful girl who judges guys solely upon their appearance. One day her life changes: Someone tells her that she's the eighth reincarnation of Princess Kaguya, who is a playgirl. To pay for the sins Princess Kaguya commited in her past life, she has to find a guy whom she really loves. If she fails, Toriko will become a hundred-year-old grandma.
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Yi Bi Zhi Ming 4.2

Yi Bi Zhi Ming

Vol.1 Ch.6

93.5K Jan 20,16 Zhu Sha

First year university student, ZiMo, suddenly recieves news of his brother-in-law's death. On top of that, at the funeral, he learns that his brother-in-law is a master of the name spell technique and that he chose ZiMo as his successor! This is the way the spirit domain's gates opened before ZiMo...
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Elemental Gelade 5

Elemental Gelade

Vol.18 Chapter 96 : Edel Garden ~ Play The Wind, And Sing

789.7K Jan 20,16 Azuma Mayumi

"Elemental Gelade: Follow the story of two people that cross paths on a fated day that they meet." Coud is a young sky pirate, he is an adventurous young man. Maybe it's due to lack of education from living in the sky most of his life he is kinda close to the dumb side. but still he gives it his all when the time come to fight. Ren is a seemly lovable young girl, however she and many oth
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K - Stray Dog Story 5

K - Stray Dog Story

Chapter 5

128.9K Jan 20,16 Go Hands,Gora

[From September Scanlations] Yatogami Kuroh has lost the only thing remotely close to family he had left—and to make matters worse, he’s been charged with a final task by his master that he isn’t entirely sure he’ll be able to fulfill. Follow this young modern-era samurai as he sets off on a quest to track down the next Colorless King and determine if he’s evil or not…and to strike him down whe
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Elemental Gelade- Aozora no Senki 4.7

Elemental Gelade- Aozora No Senki

Vol.5 Chapter 23 : Vapel Biji ~ Twigs Bound By Leaves

232.5K Jan 20,16 Azuma Mayumi

The Kingdom of the Sun, Fuajarl was ruthlessly invaded by the Garden of Eden. They came seeking the King's Edel Raid, rumored to be one of the Seven Glittering Jewels (or Shichiko-hoju). Sensing their intent, the King hid his daughter with his Edel Raid and fought against the invasion but was defeated in battle that resulted in the desert kingdom being blanketed in a sheet of white snow. E
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Mister Mermaid 3.9

Mister Mermaid

Vol.1 Ch.4 : [Sidestory]

86.1K Jan 20,16 Mizushiro Setona

MISTER MERMAID: On a full moon night, Subaru - a merman - coincidentally saved a man who sank into the ocean. After that, in order to see that man again, Subaru traded off his tail for a pair of legs and came to the surface to find Tatsuki - the man's name. Despite of his throbbing feet and his lost voice, Subaru was happy to be able to stay by Tatsuki's side. However, his happiness soon faded awa
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Honey VS 5

Honey Vs

Ch.1 : Episode 1

69.9K Jan 20,16 Nagai Go

Go Nagai's classic sexy heroine Cutey Honey has returned! In this new manga series drawn by Masaki Segawa (author of Basilisk and Y+M), Honey meets other classic Go Nagai characters as she battles the evil forces of Panther Claw.Related:> Cutey Honey ( )> Cutie Honey a Go Go! ( )
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Last Ranker - Be the Last One 4.4

Last Ranker - Be The Last One

Vol.1 Chapter 9 : Faz

787.7K Jan 20,16 Capcom Shikiyagi Fuuki

Bazalta is a combat association, in which the combatants, or Rankers, are ranked according to their strength. The higher rank you get, the more wealth, fame and power you get, and you may even get the ability to change the world. In short, in Bazalta, "strength is everything". Zig, a young boy from Cantalera, a wandering tribe where fighting and wanting to become stronger is prohibited;
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En Passant 4.7

En Passant

Chapter 20 : To The Throne Succession

263.3K Jan 20,16 Yuzunoki Taro

Verde, a powerful and secret organization that controls the world has a new leader. The only thing that stands in its way is an unlikely character, Kujou Shin, the king of pessimists. He has no attachments to anything or anyone and feels no hesitation at dying. He is unwillingly dragged into a fight for the most powerful position in the world, the leader of Verde. What will be his fate? Note: I
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Milk Crown H 4.8

Milk Crown H

Vol.4 Ch.29 : New 2 - The Tiara Of Snow Moon [End]

214.8K Jan 20,16 Mizuto Aqua

Continuation of Milk Crown, Milk Crown H, a romantic comedy with a cute plot, is by Mizuto Aqua (the accuracy of translation is unknown). It is the story of Tachibana Oto, a ditzy girl who works at the Class Z dormitory as a maid to earn her school tuition. On her way to the dorm, she bumps into a gang of fighting people. When she interferes to break up the fighting, she was pushed around. A myste
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Milk Crown Lovers 4.8

Milk Crown Lovers

Vol.2 Ch.11

117.3K Jan 20,16 Mizuto Aqua

Milk Crown is a story about a 16-year old girl named Tachibana Oto who leaves all her brothers and sisters at the orphanage to live in a *special* dorm as a maid and take classes at her new high school. (Everyone who lives with her are unique, but they always have fun.) There she gains a lover, friends, and many memories. The sequel to Milk Crown and Milk Crown H.
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Endless Eden 4.6

Endless Eden

Vol.1 Chapter 7 : He Who Is Not Human / Grave-Dancer

228.7K Jan 20,16 Tateo Retsu

From SCX-Scans: Angela wakes up in an abandoned warehouse. Confused and dazed, she has no memory of her past or any concrete idea about how she got there. Through a series of seemingly inconceivable events, Angela learns that she has been chosen as the next vessel for the great demon queen. The only thing preventing the queen from taking over her mind and body is her virginity. Will Angela be a
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