Virgin Blood - Hiiro no Bansan 4.5

Virgin Blood - Hiiro No Bansan

Ch.5.5 : End

291.9K Jan 20,16 Mitsuki Miko

From Chibi Manga: My papa isn't my real papa. His real form is a vampire. He raised me up since my parents passed away. For the moment when he could eat me...
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Fantasma 4.9


Chapter 4

203.9K Jan 20,16 Kaku Yuuji

From MangaHelpers: After the assassination of the powerful Godfather, Don Pazolini, the world has been thrown into chaos. Many Mafia try to fill the power vacuum, but there is a rumour that Don Pazolini's son is hidden away somewhere. That son is Nero, an orphan who is raised in a bar with showgirls as his friends. He dreams of one day finding his parents, but he doesn't know who they are. One
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Aiiro Ningyo 4.8

Aiiro Ningyo

Chapter 2 : Part 2 [End]

582.7K Jan 20,16 Peachpulsar (mira)

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Echofreak 5


Vol.1 Ch.2 : Invitation

63K Jan 20,16 Wickedalucard

[Read left to right]In a world where hauntings are a common occurrence, ghost banishing has become your typical day-job. One of these banishers, Rad, is desperate to become the strongest in his field. That is, strong enough to take his sister back from a demon...DA:
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Virgin Wars 4.8

Virgin Wars

Vol.2 Ch.11 : Finale - A New Contest

161.2K Jan 20,16 Tominaga Yumi

Kanami's father has a debt of 300 million yen! He can either pay the money or sell his daughter, Kanami, to the sex industry. Kanami decides to go to the sex industry for the sake of her father. But before she does, she wants to have a normal life and lose her virginity normally. In the bathroom, she mistakenly stumbles across her classmate, Ryuuno, having sex with a girl. Later on at a gokun, s
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Visitor 5


Vol.5 Ch.5 : Clue

72.4K Jan 20,16 No Yi-jung

[From Tokyopop]: Beautiful Hyo-Bin Na is the new girl at school who everybody wants to meet. But Hyo-Bin is no normal high school student and she certainly has no desire to be popular. You see, she's cursed with supernatural abilities and by a dark and dangerous past. Everyone she has ever gotten close has ended up dead. Hyo-Bin doesn't want to go through the pain of lost friends and lost lov
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Visitor on a Moonlit Night 5

Visitor On A Moonlit Night

Vol.1 Ch.0

46.5K Jan 20,16 Kuramoto Kaya

[From Lililicious]: Visitor on a Moonlit Night is a surprisingly sweet ghost story.
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Vivid Memories II: Things accidently left behind 5

Vivid Memories Ii: Things Accidently Left Behind

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Cibi No Yayaya!

67.8K Jan 20,16 Hiwatari Saki

Collection of 3 short stories, the first two are Please save my earth related, but they are standalones and spoiler free: PSME-Things accidently left behind PSME-BIRTH Cibi-01 no YaYaYa! (Cibi, right, not Chibi)
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Voice or Noise 4.9

Voice Or Noise

Vol.1 Ch.1.2

87.2K Jan 20,16 Enjin Yamimaru

Young Shinichiro once had a chat about alternate realities with a local cat on a hot summer day. Years later, he discovered another cat who can speak the language of humans, and a door opens to a whole new world. Unfortunately, his guide to learning how to be a modern day Doctor Dolittle, is the unflappable and occasionally hostile Narusawa, who warns Shinichiro that his decision to learn how to t
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Silvester no Hoshi kara 5

Silvester No Hoshi Kara

Chapter 3 : Manatsu No Yoru No Yume

55.4K Jan 20,16 Takemiya Keiko

A collection of stories.
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Goshuushousama Ninomiya-kun 4.8

Goshuushousama Ninomiya-Kun

Vol.1 Chapter 1.5 : Step 1.5:extra's Ninomiya-Kun

192K Jan 20,16 Suzuki Daisuke

Gosh?sh?-sama Ninomiya-kun's story revolves around Shungo Ninomiya, a male high school student trained in difficult hand-to-hand combat. He lives in a huge house with his older sister Ry?ko, who is almost always gone on some dangerous mercenary mission. One day, his sister sends Mayu and Mikihiro Tsukimura, two siblings, to live with him to help Mayu overcome her fear of men. Unfortunately this is
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Wakusei no Samidare 4.8

Wakusei No Samidare

Vol.10 Ch.65.5 : Taiyou And The World

1.6M Jan 20,16 Mizukami Satoshi

The world is in mortal peril. Sir Noi Crezant, the Lizard Knight, has been sent to gain the aid of the great warrior Amamiya Yuuhi in hopes of finding the Princess Samidare and protecting the planet from the incredible 'Biscuit Hammer' poised to crack the Earth in two. Unfortunately Yuuhi wants no part of it, and the Princess doesn't prove to be the shining 'hero of justice' role model that Noi ha
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War Angels 4.6

War Angels

Vol.1 Ch.6

96.7K Jan 20,16 Kim Jae-hwan

Almost five hundred years from now, life on Earth struggles to survive in the aftermath of an apocalyptic war. Beasterians, scientifically created human/animal mutants designed to be strong, disposable soldiers, are now the masters of the remaining humans. Humanity’s one hope is the birth of a savior who will lead them out of the darkness. Before that time can come, however, three angels, all supe
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Kyousei Harem Keiyaku 4.5

Kyousei Harem Keiyaku

Chapter 48

708.6K Jan 20,16 Snack Gori

From DeNA: Our protagonist Haruka has been given the gift of precognition. He’s led an ordinary life so far, without really giving question to his special ability. However, one day, he foresees someone close to him die in an accident while travelling. It’s only after he sees this insufferable vision that he gathers the determination fight against the future, but… in such an unthinkable way. Wha
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Ultimate Special High School 4.8

Ultimate Special High School


69.1K Jan 20,16 Kim Eun-jung

In 21st century Korea, there is a school for students with special abilities. New transfer student Minnow doesn't have any special abilities. He does, however, seem to have a secret agenda.
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Watarai-kun ke no youkai-san 5

Watarai-Kun Ke No Youkai-San


54.9K Jan 20,16 Amano Shinobu

From Dragon&Fly Scans: The story revolves around a family of five. Due to a financial crisis, the family moved to the countryside. After they moved into their new house, a spirit appeared and threatened to kick them out. What will happen to them? What on earth is the spirit? This is a sweet family comedy you shouldn't miss!
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Watashi no Kakurega e Douzo 5

Watashi No Kakurega E Douzo

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Extra Chapter

76.4K Jan 20,16 Ishihara Satoru

The first story is on the various customers who visit this little bar called Venez Chez Moi (Come to my home / house). Next, World Market is on a struggling writer who writes rather trashy stories based on the experiences of the people around him with their colorful pasts and encounters. Chapter 3 is a supernatural side story with the characters from So wa Reirei no Yuki ni Mai. Aun is a
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Watashi no Kidou 5

Watashi No Kidou

Vol.1 Ch.0

46.4K Jan 20,16 Kurogane Ken

Aboard a spaceship there is a group of girls gathered together on top of the school's roof for the last time due to an impending meteor shower. - The end of the world is coming and a bunch of girls gather on the roof to greet their death.
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Memai 4.8


Vol.1 Ch.5 : Campas

76.3K Jan 20,16 Tanaka Suzuki

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Black Yome ni Yoroshiku! 4.8

Black Yome Ni Yoroshiku!

Vol.1 Chapter 8

345.3K Jan 20,16 Akai Maruboro

Shinta, a normal highschooler on his way to school, gets (yet again) into an accident, but instead of dying, he is saved by a girl wearing nothing but black. She says that she is a shinigami and has come to become his wife, as promised. By the author of Kamen no maid guy, a perverted comedy with a shameless main character!
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Sougiya Riddle 4.9

Sougiya Riddle

Vol.8 Ch.46.5 : Omake [End]

446.6K Jan 20,16 Akai Higasa

Hayate Sakura, a normal high-school student except one thing: ghosts are attracted to him. One day, someone saved him from all the ghosts he had attracted. His so-called hero introduced himself as Undertaker Riddle who sends spirits to peace. Sakura then asked him a favor if he could help him get rid of the ghosts, and in exchange he'll do anything. Undertaker Riddle then offered Sakura to work
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Partner 5


Vol.3 Ch.14

152.2K Jan 20,16 Obana Miho

From ShoujoMagic: High school freshmen and twins, Nae and Moe, and Ken and Takeshi, enjoy their lives as students and close friends. Until Moe suddenly dies in a traffic accident...and her corpse disappears? Between the vanishing corpse and a pharmaceutical corporation, her three remaining friends are struck with the reality that something is amiss in their world...
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Ch.3 : Falling

113.9K Jan 20,16 Manga Tengu

In a post nuclear holocaust world,it has become a truly sinister dog-eat-dog world where only the strong survive. few humans are left and are easy pickings for mutated creatures but now here comes the mutated humans...
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Zero no Tsukaima Chevalier 4.5

Zero No Tsukaima Chevalier

Vol.2 Ch.14 : The Ruby Of Atonement 4

823.6K Jan 20,16 Yamaguchi Noboru

From FoOlRulez: Hiraga Saito was summoned to the wonderful world of Halkeginia through the use of magic. He was summoned by the very cute, yet with "Zero" magical ability, Louise. Although it was an accident, Saito was summoned during the summoning ceremony, and sealed the agreement to become Louise's "Familiar" through a kiss. That is how he arrived in this world. While on
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