Maxed Out Leveling 4.6

Maxed Out Leveling

Chapter 25

2,957,802 Jan 18,22 스튜디오m,해무극,김상록

Max-level internal arts, max-level external arts. Jianghu, Murim's famous and strongest, Cha Shin Hyeon. I came back to Earth after reaching the peak of martial arts, but why has everything changed so much? A world where monsters are coming out of dungeons, and hunters are leveling up via their status windows. ‘Start again from level on
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Mercenary Enrollment 4.6

Mercenary Enrollment

Chapter 68

51,943,490 Jan 18,22 YC

Yu Ijin was the sole survivor of a plane crash when he was little. After becoming a mercenary to survive for 10 years, he returns to his family in his hometown.
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The Sword Of Dawn 4.6

The Sword Of Dawn

Chapter 38

1,721,813 Jan 18,22 远瞳、浅海&,月鹿文化

Gawain crossed, but something went wrong when he crossed. After floating in the sky over an alien continent for hundreds of thousands of years, he felt that he might need a body to be a complete traverser, but he did not expect that he would need to carry this body after he succeeded. Climbing out of the coffin, and facing two frightened Zeng Zeng Zeng Zeng… great-granddaughters.
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Nine-Yang Emperor 4.3

Nine-Yang Emperor

Chapter 112

1,362,905 Jan 18,22 Updating

Lu Xuan, the mad ruler of the Five Emperors and One Madman, was killed by his best friend, the Scorched Sun Emperor, in a sneak attack after exhausting his efforts to kill the world's number one expert, the Vaulted Demon Emperor. Three hundred years after his rebirth, things have changed, but the hatred has not disappeared. Let's see how Lu Xuan, who has lived a new life, will rise again,
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Neolith Girl 4.4

Neolith Girl

Chapter 32

1,333,258 Jan 18,22 Jae Ah,Han Ga Ram

Once, there lived a fearless girl who could defeat even the strongest of beasts with her bare hands. She was the strongest person alive. Thousands of years later, the same girl from the stone age has lived to learn what romance is. Will her strength scare everyone away, or will it let her fall in love?
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Path of the Shaman 4.8

Path Of The Shaman

Chapter 59

7,483,886 Jan 18,22 기파란,은열,화람

If the Grim Reaper calls your name three times, you will be taken to the underworld. “Hyeokyeon Mugang.” “Hyeokyeon Mugang.” “Hyeokyeon Mu…” You little shit! I want to live longer! Get out of here! I desperately swallowed the Herb of Immortality, and to my surprise, I actually lived! When I finally opened my eyes, thinking it was all a dream… I was
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The Time of Rebirth 4.6

The Time Of Rebirth

Chapter 87

6,948,595 Jan 18,22 iCiyuan

Lin Yue crossed to the Hongmeng Continent, but he was accused of being on the same day for one hundred thousand years. No matter how he struggles, he will return to yesterday after dawn. In one hundred thousand years, Lin Yue learned all the knowledge, understood the secrets of countless sect powerhouses, and gradually admitted that he could not escape the cycle of reincarnation. However, on the l
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I Will Become An Immortal 4.7

I Will Become An Immortal

Chapter 159

5,695,408 Jan 18,22 Wang Yu

The village boy Han Li was born poor. To subsidize households expenses,he joins the Qixuanmen Sect. Because of his spiritual roots, he was accepted as a disciple by the mysterious Doctor Mo and started to practice “Changchun Gong” arts under his mentorship. Although his qualifications are mediocre, Han Li embarked on the dangerous road of immortal cultivation with his unyieldinThe vill
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Mo Shou Jian Sheng 4.2

Mo Shou Jian Sheng

Chapter 97

7,602,775 Jan 18,22 Tian Can Tu Dou

Internet addicted boy Liu Feng accidentally crossed the world of sword and magic. He can
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Shinja Zero no Megami-sama to Hajimeru Isekai Kouryaku 4.6

Shinja Zero No Megami-Sama To Hajimeru Isekai Kouryaku

Chapter 18: Makoto Takatsuki Prepares

2,975,449 Jan 18,22 Shiroi Hakuto,Oosaki Airu

After his class gets buried alive on their way back from a school trip, 18 year old Makoto Takatsuki and class get transported to another world. Unlike the rest of his classmates who gained powerful abilities, Makoto barely gains any power. "This other world is unbalanced!". With the threat of a great Demon Lord rising again and a goddess with zero followers, can Makoto make his way thro
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I Don't Want to Be Bullied By Girls 3.6

I Don't Want To Be Bullied By Girls

Chapter 52

1,076,310 Jan 18,22 FeiTie Xingzhe

The male protagonist, Ye Lin, met his childhood friend  the "Little Overlord" Xiao Qin once again in high school. In order to seek revenge on his bully, Ye Lin worked hard for ten whole years. This story is about how a hot-blooded teenager can't help but be bullied by girls
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Devouring Realm

Chapter 150

7,830,480 Jan 18,22 You Fang Xiaoxian,游方小仙

In his previous life, Qiu Lin lost his most cherished partner due to his own mistakes. In order to defend the honor of the trade union, he tried his best to die with the enemy. Now, the reborn Qiu Lin has returned to the starting point of everything. In order to make up for the regrets of the previous life, he will fight to…
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Return of Immortal Emperor 4.5

Return Of Immortal Emperor

Chapter 268

36,860,858 Jan 18,22 Zhang Yue,Yebi Xiao Pei

After being in Immortal World for 3000 years, our main character risk everything to return back to his family to atone for his mistakes.
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Two Souls 4.2

Two Souls

Chapter 66

414,186 Jan 18,22 Tama (ii)

This is the story of two siblings whose hearts end up linked. Original Webtoon
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Immortal Swordsman in The Reverse World 4.3

Immortal Swordsman In The Reverse World

Chapter 275

51,481,081 Jan 18,22 冬漫社

Chu Qing is a sword expert cultivator, who 300 years ago accidentally entered the fairy world. During those 300 he began his cultivation journey. At the time of reaching the realm of eternity, it was not expected that he would instead open the hall of time and space and return to earth at the age of 17 years. But when he saw the situation, it turns out it was not the earth he once lived in, but th
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Kuutei Dragons 4.8

Kuutei Dragons

Chapter 66

1,120,735 Jan 18,22 Kuwabara Taku

It's time to see what dragon tastes like. The crew of the airship Queen Zaza makes their living hunting dragons. Succeed, and the reward is riches and all the meat they can eat! Fail, and all that awaits them is a messy end. Follow the grand hunting and cooking adventure of the Queen Zaza as they chase dragons across the sky.
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Tongari Booshi no Atorie 4.9

Tongari Booshi No Atorie

Chapter 54

6,298,759 Jan 18,22 Shirahama Kamome

A girl in a small village. Coco always wanted to be a wizard. But those who can not use magic since birth can not become wizards, so she had given up her dream of becoming a wizard. However, one day, a magician visited the village. This is the story of despair and hope that visited the girl.
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Senki to Yobareta Otoko, Ouke ni Ansatsu Saretara Musume wo Hiroi, Issho ni Slow Life wo Hajimeru 5

Senki To Yobareta Otoko, Ouke Ni Ansatsu Saretara Musume Wo Hiroi, Issho Ni Slow Life Wo Hajimeru

Chapter 17

2,794,954 Jan 18,22 Haaana Denka

The kingdom's mercenary Ordoll, also known as the "War Demon", is feared by enemies and allies alike. Although he is meant to win every battle, he is "assassinated" the day after a cease-fire agreement with a neighboring country is concluded. After pretending to be dead, he manages to escape and decides to head home, shaving his beard and shortening his long hair. Immediately bef
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The Weakest Occupation 4.6

The Weakest Occupation

Chapter 47

24,515,345 Jan 18,22 Yoshimura Hideaki,Kijima Ryuta

The people of this world are given occupations and weapons called Divine Treasures by God. It was said that the treasure was very strong and couldn’t be compared to the Human-made weapons. That’s why, occupations which were called “Blacksmith”, who can make and modify weapons are called the weakest. The main protagonist Relius who has acquired suc
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Virus Tensei kara Isekai Kansen Monogatari 4.8

Virus Tensei Kara Isekai Kansen Monogatari

Chapter 11.2

3,920,578 Jan 18,22 Yuuki Karaku,Pirota

I was supposed to be dead, but when I woke up, I was a rat! ...or, more accurately, I became a virus and infested a rat!! The more I infect, the more bodies and skills I get! I'm going to cause a pandemic in this other world! Web Novel (Japanese):
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Majo no Tabitabi: The Journey of Elaina 4.7

Majo No Tabitabi: The Journey Of Elaina

Chapter 11.5

744,650 Jan 18,22 Ikki Nanao, Shiraishi Jougi

There is a witch named Elaina. As a freespirited traveler on an adventure to experience the world, she encounters a wide variety of places and people. Sometimes comedic, sometimes fantastical, sometimes a little dark, this is the story of Elaina and her long journey.
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Return of the Broken Constellation 4.5

Return Of The Broken Constellation

Chapter 17

659,699 Jan 18,22 Hyung-Min Kim,사도연,Yang Kyung-il,반

A lowly human who ascended to the position of a god, ‘Twilight of the Gods'. After becoming infamous as an Unpleasant God, he lost his Constellation, Belief, Divine Authority—everything. His holiness was cut off, and his holy power disappeared. “I'd like you to work with me.” That's when the master of the Nether World, Thanatos, o
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Kubera 4.1


Chapter 504: [Season 3] Ep. 219 - Ananta (8)

5,543,398 Jan 18,22 Currygom

From The Company: Gods with everlasting lives. Sura who possess unrivaled power. And humans, caught helplessly in-between. When Kubera’s peaceful village meets its fiery end, a mysterious magician named Asha comes to her rescue. Together they begin on a journey in search of answers and revenge. Meanwhile across the realms, a web of entwined fates is growing tighter. One by one the other play
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Let's be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 4.6

Let's Be An Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons With A Skill Board~

Chapter 27

9,628,254 Jan 18,22 Kuriyama Renji, Aki Hagumi

Karaboshi Haruki has no presence as far as can be recognized, and so he became an adventurer with only the desire to "stand out." One day, a dungeon appeared under his home in Hokkaido. Coincidentally, he picked up a "Skill Board" with which he can spend skill points to increase his growth rate. Is it possible to become a popular person by obsessively diving into your home d
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