Ghost Emperor 4.6

Ghost Emperor

Chapter 129

4.9M Mar 25,23 千亮

The comic tells the story of an atheistic teenager Jiang Chengfeng who, by accident, acquired a magical power. With this power, he can easily resolve the most terrifying and fearful events in the world. This time, the mission is to rescue a missing boy, and the location is the horrifying Kun Kunyan! See how he passes through all the way! Fighting evil spirits! Don't pretend to be a ghost! Otherwis
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Apocalyptic Super System 4.1

Apocalyptic Super System

Chapter 364

36M Mar 25,23 Cat tribe

The end of the world is coming, terror covers the whole world, and the earth becomes a hunting ground for zombies and mutants. Zhao Tianlei accidentally obtained a mysterious super system. Although he is not a saint, but seeing the tragic situation in the world and the death of his classmates, how can he stand by and look at how Zhao Tianlei, who has a super upgrade and exchange system, leads huma
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All Starts With Ubume 4.1

All Starts With Ubume

Chapter 29

345.4K Mar 25,23 China Manhua , Zhihua Comics

Leviathan Lee, a man diagnosed with an incurable disease, is accidentally urshered in the grotesque kaleidoscope-like nether world. With his own efforts, he becomes the strongest man there. When he's travelling through the different nether spaces, he starts to figure out the deepest secrets of the world.
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Swallowed Star 4.6

Swallowed Star

Chapter 182

28.2M Mar 25,23 Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi

In the Year 2056, a teenager clad in a tactical vest, combat pants, and alloyed combat boots sat atop a ruined and shattered six story apartment building. The building lies in a Prefecture-level city in the Original Jiangsu area. With a Hexagonal Shield and a Bloodshadow Combat Sword on his back, the young man sat silently on the edge of the roof. Under the brilliant hue from a starry night, it br
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Di Qiu Di Yi Jian 4.6

Di Qiu Di Yi Jian

Chapter 106

7.2M Mar 25,23 两只猫先生

The First Sword Of Earth Wang Sheng was unexpectedly reborn to the night before the sudden increase in spiritual energy on earth. "I am not going to be mediocre and looked down on by others like in my previous life." And so, he decided to go to Wudang to pay homage to his master from his previous life. And thus the daily life of the path to immortality begins...
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Ultimate Devouring System 4.7

Ultimate Devouring System

Chapter 26

911.5K Mar 25,23 UDS

Ultimate Devouring System manhua, After transmigrating, Ye Xuan chanced upon the Devouring System. Not only could he devour everything, he could also exchange things for bloodlines, martial arts, divine weapons, medicinal pills, and all sorts of treasures A ridiculously broken system! "Don't you dare mess with me. Want to try me? I'll swallow that precious divine sword of yours!"
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The Elite Princess’ Lead Guide 4.7

The Elite Princess’ Lead Guide

Chapter 10

50.1K Mar 25,23 Hong Lulu , Ultra Media

An unhappy marriage that began with an imperial invasion. And the news of her brother's death in battle. On the brink of despair, Princess Isabelle is drawn back to her happy childhood. The past, which she had dismissed as a nightmare, comes back to haunt her, she vows to change the future. As valedictorian of the Kabbalah Academy, you can dream of a new future. How will she fa
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Kill the Hero 4.8

Kill The Hero

Chapter 129

82.2M Mar 25,23 D-Dart

One day, the world transformed into a game. ‘Dungeons’ and ‘monsters’ emerged in the middle of cities, and ‘players’ who had received the gods’ authority appeared. Se-jun Lee, the guildmaster of the Messiah Guild that would bring salvation to the world. “Let us save the world together. Let’s put an end to this nightmare.” The whole world
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Infinite Leveling: Murim 4.6

Infinite Leveling: Murim

Chapter 142

36.1M Mar 25,23 Jinwoo Kim , Gonbung , Poku

Killed on the battlefield without glory to his name, Yuseong Dan receives an opportunity to grow stronger with a strange quest and level system. But each quest he's forced to fight only seems to be getting harder and harder. Can he level up enough to avoid the same miserable ending and become the powerful hero he wishes to be?
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Rise From The Rubble 4.7

Rise From The Rubble

Chapter 164

34.1M Mar 25,23 Bei Mu Liuhuo , Kaite Dongman

10 years after the meteorite hit earth, S starts to face Monsters that they have never seen before, Zuo fan, had a title [ traitor's child ],among all of the level 1 star Warrior the most useless one escaped, he awaken in a scheme plot by someone while hunting the monsters on the battlefield, he awakened a system! Since then he started to walk on the path to find the reason and truth behind hi
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Assistant Teacher In a Magical Girls School 4.7

Assistant Teacher In A Magical Girls School

Chapter 20.2

7.4M Mar 25,23 Fujimoto Sakura,Toudou Gou

Ruu Brandel, a genius wizard with a talent for thousands of years. One day helped a beautiful aristocratic daughter, Franc and was to be assigned to “Magic Girls' Gakuen” where he acts as a teacher! Now, the “non-standard” teacher life by the strongest wizard opens! (Source: MangaUpdates)
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After Signing In For 30 Days, I Can Annihilate Stars 4.4

After Signing In For 30 Days, I Can Annihilate Stars

Chapter 85

18.6M Mar 25,23 Updating

The otherworldly Gods' invasion. Thousands of saviors were selected to enter the secret area, a bloody battle with the beasts, a worldwide live broadcast. Chu Mo: Are you crazy? The other saviors are all immortal cultivators except me. Is it reasonable to ask an ordinary person to fight beasts in hand-in-hand combat? Sign-in system starting up. The first day of sign-in, the power of a thousand
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As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat! 4.7

As A Result Of Breaking An Otome Game, The Villainess Young Lady Becomes A Cheat!

Chapter 30

9.5M Mar 25,23 Nagao Uka,Nayuka

Charlotte, who reincarnated as a villain girl in a maiden game, started to avoid the death flag. The goal is to spread the sake that I loved in this world! However, the juice and holy water that I made for trial were all nonstandard ... A different world, "Sake" fantasy, opened by a cheat girl!
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Kyoukai Meikyuu to Ikai no Majutsushi 4.4

Kyoukai Meikyuu To Ikai No Majutsushi

Chapter 56

22.5M Mar 25,23 Bau, Eiji Onosaki

When Theodore was dropped into a waterway by his half-brother, he suddenly recalled the memory of his past life. He had been a Japanese citizen known as Kirishima Kagehisa, placed inside VRMMO character he had made in Break Force Online. "Theodore" is a Combat Mage that Kagehisa played within BFO, and he realized his skills were progressing well even in this other world. Theodore, who
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Poison-Eating Healer 4.7

Poison-Eating Healer

Chapter 35

3.5M Mar 25,23 Park Kyeong-won , Team Forbes

Cheon Haesun is the protagonist whos terminally ill because of various poisons. Cheon Haesun, who was never welcome anywhere, will have his story of becoming the strongest hunter play out on an Earth upon which dungeons and monsters have broken out!
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Silver Bullet Exorcist 4.4

Silver Bullet Exorcist

Chapter 39

313.9K Mar 25,23 Kim Gyu-Sam (김규삼)

In a chaotic Joseon dynasty with vampires, ghosts, and shamans, Park Moon-soo, who calls himself a dark-speaker, destroys a corrupted official. In order to subdue the dark master Park Moon-soo, who is trying to revive the vampire king, the court dispatches Anson, a military officer who has just passed the exam, to find Hong Kil-dong, an outlaw who is good at swordsmanship and martial arts and disp
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Otherworldly Evil Monarch 4.6

Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 221

15.6M Mar 25,23 Fengling tianxia

Jun Xie was the number one assassin in modern earth. His skills and knowledge in the field of assassination were unparalleled, his accomplishments unprecedented, his reputation terrified the entire underworld. However, during a mission to retrieve a mystical treasure, a mishap occurred… He is now Jun Moxie, a sixteen year old super level debauchee, sole heir to the declining Jun family.
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Kyokutou Chimeratica 4.8

Kyokutou Chimeratica

0 Mar 25,23 Itabashi Daisuke

“Chimeras", creatures that can steal and use the form of any creature except humans. Hunting these creatures are "Hunters", and one of them, Yuri, lives a free-wheeling life. But when she encounters a human-shaped Chimera, something "mysterious" takes rest within her---. These hunters' spear skills will charm you! A super-beast hunting action story!
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Isekai Tensei de Kenja ni Natte Boukensha Seikatsu 4.4

Isekai Tensei De Kenja Ni Natte Boukensha Seikatsu

Chapter 19.2

1.6M Mar 25,23 ITDKN

When Minato died in an unfortunate accident, he was reincarnated in a different world where magic was woefully underdeveloped. Superfluous magic circles. Barely working attack magics. "What's with these inefficient magic" By getting rid of the excesses in the magic circle, the destructive capabilities of the magic can be multiplied! Furthermore, he creates the flawless Extreme magic by his own han
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BlackSun 4.1


Chapter 23

840.9K Mar 25,23

Hunted since birth for a burden he unknowingly carries, Yu must discover the secrets of his origins and his ties to a hidden shinobi world so he can come to realize the weight of his destiny, of being the last hopethe Last Flame of humanity standing against an ancient demonic threat.
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Sky Sword God 4

Sky Sword God

Chapter 604

24.1M Mar 25,23 HangMan , Jiaji Mei Dou

Based on the great natural law, the strong is invincible. The antediluvian method of elixir shines the mountains and rivers, the all-conquering treasured sword annihilates the universe and transmigration, and the blood vessel of Shura ruins the supremacy of every realm. Inheriting from the mandate of heaven, and practicing unrivaled skills, Nan Qin overwhelmingly started his own travel towards the
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Lost World (Private Ed.) 3

Lost World (Private Ed.)

Vol.2 Chapter 15: An Explosive Flower Basket

20.2K Mar 25,23 Tezuka Osamu

The original version of Lost World done in Tezuka's middle school days. Very close to the final version, but has a number of differences - among other things, Kenichi is an adult instead of a kid.---**Volumes 360 and 361 of the Osamu Tezuka Complete Works**
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