GANDA: Night Defender 3.7

Ganda: Night Defender

Chapter 45

120.4K Feb 07,23

The cheerful but clumsy college student Rika encounters constant misfortune in her normal life. When a missing report forces her to break the school's rule against setting foot on campus after 9 pm, things take a turn for the worse. She soon finds herself under attack by an evil spirit known as a Djinn! Fortunately, Ganda, The Night Defender, comes to her rescue. To show her gratitude, she decides
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Soul Gear 4.5

Soul Gear

Chapter 12

70K Feb 07,23 Tovon

All Zack wanted to do was to make his dad proud by opening a restaurant but when demonic creatures awaken and threaten to destroy it all, some things get moved to the back burner.
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The Daughter of the Elemental King 4.8

The Daughter Of The Elemental King

Chapter 109

15.2M Feb 07,23 Gureumbit

Her father is the Water Elemental King, a timeless being with absolute power. Her mother, a half-elf, is a talented wizard as well as an elemental mage. Born out of their overwhelming love for each other, her birth breaks the notion that elemental spirits cannot have descendants! From the author of “Tales of Arin”, an unexpectedly sweet story of joy unfolds! (Summary from Kakao, TL fro
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Pantheon of Gods 4.4

Pantheon Of Gods

Chapter 41

1.3M Feb 07,23 Musician culture - 乐匠文化

Su Mu of the Su family of the Great Tang Dynasty was arrogant and gifted, but his cultivation was wasted due to a disease. One day, an arrow shot from outside the sky hits him, not only helping him to recover his strength, but also making Su Mu a divine master, and the eighth son who doubled back on his revenge returns ……
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King of the Eternal Night 3.5

King Of The Eternal Night

Chapter 26

54.2K Feb 07,23 Yanyu Jiangnan

Lin Xitang chances upon an injured young boy while out on a mission around the nevernight continentThe boy's name is Qianye, and he'll be Xitang's son if he survives the Netherworld training campAn exciting story following a boy working to graduate in order to escape the eternal night continentKing of the Eternal Night, The Legend of Eternal Night's Sovereign,
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Lord of the Runes 4.6

Lord Of The Runes

Chapter 51

3.1M Feb 07,23 KuaiKan

He is a senior high school student born in Leigu's hometown of Huangshi District. In the beginning, he didn't even have the qualifications to become a Talisman, but relied on the upgrade system to change his fate, he continued to grow, and even became the commander-in-chief of the Eastern Theater. He led mankind and fought back against the Runestone army. Drove them back to the wormhole of time an
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Dominating the town 4.1

Dominating The Town

Chapter 226

10.8M Feb 07,23 Xiaomingtaiji

Zhian Tian was abandoned by his father along with his mother and sister. They moved to East China Sea to earn a living, but his mother was murdered and framed to look like a suicide jump off of a building.. Fortunately, a mysterious person rescued him and took him to join the army. After ten years of bloody battlefields and fighting bravely to kill enemies, Zhan Tian ascended from being a border p
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Double Cultivation 3.3

Double Cultivation

Chapter 195

3.8M Feb 07,23 大行道动漫

The clouds are ethereal and the sky is infinite. Many people, who do not want to aspire to? Heaven is illusory, no one can see. Who wants to live forever? Three life seven times of the couple, the right way and the magic teach thousands of years of hatred and hatred. A man with an ancient sword, how he will face the whole world...
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Martial Star Ocean 4.4

Martial Star Ocean

Chapter 35

150.1K Feb 07,23 乱世狂刀

As Armageddon threatened to destroy the world in 20 years, Li Mu was transported by his mentor to another world only to find that he became one of the most powerful beings in this new and strange world!Follow him as he embarked on a swashbuckling journey of vanquishing evil as he grew stronger and save the world!
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Ghost Emperor 4.5

Ghost Emperor

Chapter 96

3.7M Feb 07,23 千亮

The comic tells the story of an atheistic teenager Jiang Chengfeng who, by accident, acquired a magical power. With this power, he can easily resolve the most terrifying and fearful events in the world. This time, the mission is to rescue a missing boy, and the location is the horrifying Kun Kunyan! See how he passes through all the way! Fighting evil spirits! Don't pretend to be a ghost! Othe
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Kamoshika! 3.7


Vol.2 Chapter 11: Senior Funahashi's Love Story

8.4K Feb 07,23 Muraeda Kenichi

Sanpei Momokuri's intention to work in a government office collides with the reality he receives. At work, he's in the Special Maneuvering Division, whose job is... does not do anything!?Inspired by Sanpei's quest to help a young boy find a turtle in a ditch, the mayor of Sakaue transforms the Special Maneuvering Division into... KAMOSHIKA...!?(Translated from Indonesian release synopsis)
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Zatanna & the Ripper 3.5

Zatanna & The Ripper

Chapter 33

58.9K Feb 07,23

On her 21st birthday, Zatanna Zataraassistant to the most talented magician in the worldis attacked and bested by a mysterious sorceress. Before the final blow is dealt, her father, Giovanni, casts a spell of his own, warping the magic of his attacker and sending Zatanna out of the frying pan and into ye olde garbage bin. Zatanna arrives in Whitechapel, London, in the year 1888. She soon discovers
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King of Martial Arts 3.9

King Of Martial Arts

Chapter 252

8M Feb 07,23 Xiaomingtaiji

Being kicked out by the sect? Being humiliated by fellows? And being alienated by my lover?None of those could stop me, even if my inner power pool is broken.Wait when I reach the top and become the king of martial arts!The God Warrior King,
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Banished Disciple's Counterattack 4.4

Banished Disciple's Counterattack

Chapter 395

37.6M Feb 07,23 Three Realms And Six Paths

As a loyal disciple, Ye Chen dedicated himself to guard the spiritual medicine field for his sect. But, during a fight with enemies, the spiritual field was destroyed. His loyalty and dedicating to the sect could not save him. The loyalty he thought he had obtained from his peers and lover, could not save him from betrayal. Thus, he was shamelessly banished from the sect. With the help of a flame
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The Tutorial Tower's Advanced Player 4.8

The Tutorial Tower's Advanced Player

Chapter 150

65.9M Feb 07,23 방구석김씨, 오마감

After being trapped in the  for over 12 years, our MC finally makes his way out, but how has the world changed? Leaving the tower after 12 years! Russian / Русский Из-за проклятия охотник застрял в Учебной Башне! И вот спустя 12 лет он выходит на свободу! Original Web Novel (Naver) Official Japanese Translation Official Simplified Chine
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Eternal Burning 3.3

Eternal Burning

Chapter 27

94K Feb 07,23 Hui Nan Que (回南雀)

The human body is a representation of the world, controlled by internal desires. Desire is driven by will. The will communicates desires through the body and governs our world. When your world becomes dazzling and shining like never before because of the arrival of a person, you should be alert. That is the collapse of will. Shang Muxiao x Bei JieIndifferent college student x cold and
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Can Even a Mob Highschooler Like Me Be a Normie If I Become an Adventurer? 4.6

Can Even A Mob Highschooler Like Me Be A Normie If I Become An Adventurer?

Chapter 9

594K Feb 07,23 Hyakkin

Dungeons, and along with them monsters and related disasters, started appearing in the modern world decades ago. With this brought many changes, the biggest one being adventurers and the monster cards they use to summon summons to fight and conquer dungeons with. Kitagawa Utamaro, or just Maro, is a mob highschooler who becomes an adventurer due to being incited by a former friend of his having s
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The Max Level Hero has Returned! 4.3

The Max Level Hero Has Returned!

Chapter 117

97.9M Feb 07,23 유도

The weak prince of an insignificant country, Davey. After becoming comatose, his soul escaped to a temple where the souls of heroes gathered. He trained for a thousand years and has now returned as a max level hero! “Just you guys wait, I’m gonna face you all head on!” The refreshing story of Davey’s royal life and revenge has just begun.
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Advanced Evolution 4.5

Advanced Evolution

Chapter 89

11.2M Feb 07,23 Chaos , Lulai Buddha , Ningen (宁恩) , Chang Pan Yong Zhe

Ming He is a young man with hidden supernatural power. But his power is the most useless power, of white dust rank. Cycling in a deserted highway on his way home, a catastrophe named ” goddess” hits Ming He. And after meeting Ming He, it becomes a possession spirit. The “Goddess” gave Ming He a powerful and extraordinary superpower. His original “trash” superpow
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Peerless Battle Spirit 4.4

Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 546

44.9M Feb 07,23 立群君&神域动漫

In the Canglan Continent, only those that who manage to awaken a Martial Spirit can walk on the path of cultivation. In this world, only those with stronger martial spirits can communicate with the heavens and earth. Qin Nan, born in Linshui City, was a peerless genius who possessed talent and was thought to become a great cultivator in the future. However, things changed when he ended up awak
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I Became a Renowned Family’s Sword Prodigy 4.5

I Became A Renowned Family’S Sword Prodigy

Chapter 47

5.3M Feb 07,23 IBARFSP , Jeon Wook

I Became a Renowned Family's Sword Prodigy manhwa, Baek Woojin is the youngest son of a renowned swordsman family who has neither talent in swordsmanship nor an impressive Aura. Although he was dishonored by his own family and killed, he reincarnates as the owner of a Magic Sword. His only goal is the destruction of his own family.
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The Newbie is Too Strong 4.8

The Newbie Is Too Strong

Chapter 44

10M Feb 07,23 Shin Jung-Min (신정민),Ssikku (씨꾸),Itbaem (잇뱀),Midas

JaeJu (which means “skill” in Korean) grew up without parents in an orphanage skillfully, just like his name suggests. One day, he heard that the orphanage was having a hard time and would have to close in 3 years. While trying to raise money for the orphanage, JaeJu got an alert on his phone. On it, he saw a video of himself climbing the tower as a BJ (broadcasting jockey aka streamer
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Genius of the Unique Lineage 4.7

Genius Of The Unique Lineage

Chapter 32

4.7M Feb 07,23 Zaino, SOULPUNG , 소울풍, Kkudadak , 꾸다닥, Clover, 클로버

I want to be someone who kills invaders __ I want to kill invaders and live a happy daily life in a special world. Can’t I just ask for that? Why? Why can’t I do that? People say chasing two different rabbits will make you miss both, but… just don’t miss them.
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Taming Master 4.8

Taming Master

Chapter 92

52.4M Feb 07,23 Park taeseok

The best-known VR game in the world, ‘Kaillan’. A certified game addict well known in the virtual world, Ian. Despite having a Level 93 Archer character in the top leaderboards of Kaillan, Ian decides to delete it despite everyone around him telling him not to. All to convert to a hidden class he obtained by chance. The class he chose is the most worthless class in Kaillan, the Summone
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