Clever Cleaning Life Of The Returned Genius Hunter 4.4

Clever Cleaning Life Of The Returned Genius Hunter

Chapter 77

24.9M Apr 14,24 Moonbeat (달비트),Goilgoil (고일고일)

Kim Jun-Woo, the world’s first SSS rank genius hunter. He is an incredible user of ability, but his horrible personality leads to problems with his reputation. In the midst of his troubles, he was attacked and killed by an unidentified group. And when he opened his eyes, he had returned to the past of 10 years ago. Though he tries to become a hunter again and raise his rank, his skills were all s
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Knight Run 4.3

Knight Run

Vol.5 Chapter 293: Fighting While Falling

9.3M Apr 14,24 Kim Sung-min

In the era of space exploration. Mankind is at war against monsters of unknown origin. The battle is grim, and the future looks bleak. Amidst the chaos, mankind plays their last hand. It's time for the Knights to step into the fray and turn the tide of this war.
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Soul Land IV - The Ultimate Combat 4.2

Soul Land Iv - The Ultimate Combat

Chapter 474

84.4M Apr 14,24 Tang Jia San Shao

Following with nearly extinct Spirit Beasts and Soul Masters Joint force and archieve peace. 10,000 years have passed since the end of the battle of the Douluo plane with the Abyss plane. The abundant energy of the Abyss opened the door for soul masters and spirit beasts in the Douluo plane to reach knowledges, power, and ranks that were once impossible to achieve. The humans of Douluo Plane conqu
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Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-for-Nothing 4.7

Trapped In A Webnovel As A Good-For-Nothing

Chapter 174

55.8M Apr 14,24 Arlg,So Yu-Hyun

While working overtime through several nights, I fell asleep for a short while. When I woke up, I seemed to be possessing the villain of the webnovel I was reading. "Well, how typically cliché... to the point where I'd end up dead if I were to follow the predetermined fate. Darn it." I need to find a way to survive.
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Transcension Academy 4.7

Transcension Academy

Chapter 104

27.3M Apr 14,24 Eojjeoda (어쩌다),Kkyujanneu (뀨잔느)

SeoJoon, who had been working to save in order to pay off his dead parents’ debt and to attend a hunter academy, ended up needing to spend all his savings for surgery due to an unfortunate accident. In his moment of despair, a weird ad played. [You can also become an awakener!] He decided to register since he had nothing else to lose. [Mr. Kim SeoJoon, welcome to Transcension Academy.] This h
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Limit Breaker 4.6

Limit Breaker

Chapter 138

64.9M Apr 14,24 Oh (성불예정), Hong-Sil (홍실)

Due to an unknown error, Kim Kibong was trapped in the Awakening Test for 3000 years. In the real world, 10 years have passed, and it is overrun by monsters and dungeons. The battle now begins for Kim Kibong, who returned with the max level, to restore the world back to the way it was!
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Out (Makoto Mizuta) 4.7

Out (Makoto Mizuta)

Chapter 237

23.9M Apr 14,24 Tatsuya Iguchi, Makoto Mizuta

17-year-old Iguchi Tatsuya has just been released from juvenile detention and is on probation. He's been relocated to a new area, away from the bad influence of his old friends, and is under the care of his aunt. He is determined not to be sent back to lockup, and he works hard in his aunt's restaurant. However, he still has the same personality, the same tendency to violence, and still
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Memoir of the God of War 4.7

Memoir Of The God Of War

Chapter 167

52.9M Apr 14,24 Ugak (우각)

Breathing does not guarantee everyone’s alive! Dan Sa Yu, a descendant of Goryeo, greatly reprimands the Central District for the sake of his friend whom he treasures the most. He reigns every battle! No one could stop him! Cheonpo Armed Forces. The greatest martial arts of Goryeo! The legend of Cheonpo Armed Forces lives on while the history of the King of War unfolds!---- (https://www.yo
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The Demon Lord Levels Up With Martial Arts 4.7

The Demon Lord Levels Up With Martial Arts

Chapter 76

20.4M Apr 14,24 Iboxson, Tya

"Demon Lord."That'sWhat they used to call me in my past life, before I became human.mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply those ordinary anime things that you enjoy, particularly memes.You can , onl
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Martial inverse 4.6

Martial Inverse

Chapter 425

58.3M Apr 14,24 yi lu mao , ICiyuan dongman , Iciyuan, 动漫& , 艾鲁猫

In Tianwu Continent, the strong dominate. Feng Hao, eldest son of the Feng Clan had been considered to be trash despite possessing a peerless physique, and had been repeatedly humiliated! With luck, his physique changed, allowing him to reverse his fate! He used an Aberrant Crystal to forge his flesh and received the ultimate body. The moment that he controls the void, is the moment that he shatte
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I was Stuck on the Same Day for One Hundred Thousand Years 4.5

I Was Stuck On The Same Day For One Hundred Thousand Years

Chapter 422

42.9M Apr 14,24 iCiyuan

Lin Yue crossed to the Hongmeng Continent, but he was accused of being on the same day for one hundred thousand years. No matter how he struggles, he will return to yesterday after dawn. In one hundred thousand years, Lin Yue learned all the knowledge, understood the secrets of countless sect powerhouses, and gradually admitted that he could not escape the cycle of reincarnation. However, on the l
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Shenwu Tianzun 4.5

Shenwu Tianzun

Chapter 575

30.2M Apr 14,24 Unknown

I was once the Supreme God of Physique, standing tall above others. However, I was betrayed by those whom I thought of as my most trustworthy friends. They had schemed against me in an attempt to kill me, which was almost successful. Fortunately, a fraction of my soul had managed to escape into the body of a seriously injured child giving me another chance at life, and revenge.
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Inside the Cave of Obscenity 3.7

Inside The Cave Of Obscenity

Chapter 11: Escape

5.3M Apr 14,24 Umetane,Afukuro

A world where the Demon King was defeated by a Hero that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the Demon King and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the “Black Ooze”. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary s
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Wild West Murim 4.8

Wild West Murim

Chapter 58

10.1M Apr 14,24 Cup Ramen , Weseuteu, Jeong Han-Gill

In a world where the Han Empire never fell, martial arts is a power used to squeeze the people dry. So when a new continent is discovered, both good and evil men alike flee to settle there and escape the tyranny of the Emperor, opening up the era of a Martial Wild West. In the turbulent frontier, Zhang Qian is a man that reincarnated from our cushy, modern world, but his new world is nothing like
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Return of the Frozen Player 4.8

Return Of The Frozen Player

Chapter 119

115.6M Apr 14,24 제리엠

5 years after the world changed, the final boss appeared. [The final boss for area Earth, the Frost Queen, has appeared.] The final boss! If we can just defeat her, our lives will go back to normal! The top five players in the world, including Specter Seo Jun-ho, finally defeated the Frost Queen… But they fell into a deep slumber. 25 years passed. “A second floor? It didn't end wh
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A Genius Writer's Random Workplace 4.8

A Genius Writer's Random Workplace

Chapter A46E9

206.9K Apr 14,24 글맛, 게장맛집, 펭스

Jinwoo Kim had been slaving as an assistant writer for 6 years with nothing to show for it. He quits his workplace. Later, he abruptly has a notification pop up and now he has scenes popping into his head and system prompts telling him he must be at a location to write. Maybe this is how he will become a star writer??
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Regression of the Shattering Sword 4.3

Regression Of The Shattering Sword

Chapter 38

940.7K Apr 14,24 Nunmae, StorySoop, Park Shin (박신), Haema

The ability to perfectly copy martial arts, Superior Interior Power!Qin Tianlang, who was branded as the "World's Greatest Killer," met a miserable death because of this ability.When he woke up, he had possessed the body of his son, Nam Gungcheon, who had committed suicide three days ago.Nam Gungcheon, who had been deeply despised because he was the son of the "World's Greatest Killer"
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The Story of How I Can Change the World With My Skill {Translation} ~ How I Used {Translation} to Become the World's Strongest! 3.8

The Story Of How I Can Change The World With My Skill {Translation} ~ How I Used {Translation} To Become The World's Strongest!

Chapter 23.2

2.2M Apr 14,24 Aono Hakuto , MARU Tomoyuki

A story about Noa – the prince of a magic Aristochrat family. His father had expected Noa to get a powerful offensive magic however, after testing, the skill that Noa was revealed to have was "Translation" – a skill that can't even use magic! However, the skill "Translation" has the power to change the world, it's just that no one knows that yet-&helli
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I Returned as an FFF-Class Witch Doctor 4.6

I Returned As An Fff-Class Witch Doctor

Chapter 71

10.9M Apr 14,24 Ppak Seon Saeng,Pinbol,Meng

The protagonist, Ma Jinsung, was on the verge of clearing a quest in the game, [Demon King Raid] when he was betrayed and abandoned by his expedition teammate. Just when he thought everything was over, he was pulled away by a strange voice and regressed Notification: you are being granted a different class according to the conditions of the final goal.' [Witch Doctor] He enters the game once a
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Max Level Player 4.7

Max Level Player

Chapter 54

18.5M Apr 14,24 Bichu , Nelpi , Daon Studio

The virtual reality game, Olympus.A means to support reality after all the knowledge and records accumulated by mankind had disappeared overnight.My real life starts now!'Absolute evil appears in such a world!
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I Was Reincarnated on an Island Where the Strongest Species Live So I Will Enjoy a Peaceful Life on This Island 4.4

I Was Reincarnated On An Island Where The Strongest Species Live So I Will Enjoy A Peaceful Life On This Island

Chapter 20-3

5.7M Apr 14,24 HEISEI Owari , Noy , YAMAURA Shu

Arata, a black employee, is reincarnated in another world with the privilege of a healthy body and a place where he doesn't have to deal with people. On the island where he is reincarnated, there are only monsters - divine beasts, true ancestor vampires, ancient dragons, and so on. No, there are certainly no "people," but ....... The first time you reincarnate, you're in desperate straits! --
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Zatsuyou Fuyojutsushi ga Jibun no Saikyou ni Kizuku made 4.8

Zatsuyou Fuyojutsushi Ga Jibun No Saikyou Ni Kizuku Made

Chapter 24-3

5.1M Apr 14,24 Tokura Haka

Wimme Strauss is an adjunct sorcerer who provides support and does odd jobs. However, after defeating the master of the hierarchy, he is expelled from the party by the leader, whose pride is hurt. Wimme is at a loss, but his childhood friend (and Wimme's's stalker), Heidemarie, finds him and recruits him for the biggest party, the Wings of the Dragon. "It's like a miracle ...... f
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Solo Spell Caster 4.5

Solo Spell Caster

Chapter 135

72.2M Apr 14,24 청초, 민초바

The ordinary salaryman Park Do-hyuk, finally got the awakening he had always wished for in a life or death situation! Unbelievably, the memories and experiences from the game he spent his entire life in his twenties playing became these powers of awakening! What’s more, it was a 1 in a billion ‘Triple Awakening’! The extraordinary player Park Do-hyuk’s journey picks up now,
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Elf and Bike and Imperial Geographic Surveyor and... 4.5

Elf And Bike And Imperial Geographic Surveyor And...

Chapter 10: Nonoa, The Homecoming And...

736.2K Apr 14,24 Isomoto Tsuyoshi

Road-movie-like manga about the perky elf and her rugged sidekick, who explores and maps an area where the situation is unclear. -AMAZ
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