Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet 4.8

Todd Allison And The Petunia Violet

Vol.1 Ch.11 : Fame & Fotune

118.6K Jan 20,16 Nozmo

The first time Petunia Elkwood met Todd Allison was an accident and the next time she met him was also an accident. It was also an accident that they came to live next door to each other in an apartment and it was perhaps an accident still when Petunia Elkwood found out something about Todd Allison that she wasn't quite sure what to make of.
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New Life Project 4.7

New Life Project

Chapter 52

86.4K Jan 20,16 Cherng

Now, an entirely new kind of lifestyle has been created.
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Home Boy 4.7

Home Boy

Vol.1 Ch.1.3

74.6K Jan 20,16 Lee Sang-eun

Boi, a girl who's living alone now that her father was imprisoned for murder, is penniless and unemployed. Then her father tells her that a rich friend of his wants to take care of her...?
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Leo's Debut 5

Leo's Debut

Chapter 10

94.8K Jan 20,16 Capriquariusmei

The daily adventure of Leo and his friends Theo, Panman, and others.
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Kami-sama no Takarabako 5

Kami-Sama No Takarabako

Vol.1 Ch.1 : 1-7 [End]

46.7K Jan 20,16 Kisora

This is the story of a lonely boy, that one day received a mysterious book that changed his life.
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Neung Neung 5

Neung Neung

Chapter 6

91.8K Jan 20,16 Bboonggg

Original webcomic
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Midnight Rhapsody 5

Midnight Rhapsody

Ch.119 : Running

157.2K Jan 20,16 Wony

Wony, a wolf, is just a regular Korean guy in his twenties. He’s got a less-than-average TOEFL score and has finished his two years of mandatory military service, but he has no luck with women and doesn’t like the way society works, though he isn’t able to change it. Nevertheless, he and his friend Gom (Bear) always find ways to poke fun at the world. Original webtoon / English V
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Over the D 5

Over The D


99.3K Jan 20,16

Dimension cop Beat has been looking for a way to go back to his own dimension. But things haven't been going too well for him. In fact, it can't go any worse. Then he finally gets a chance to score.
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Epic V 5

Epic V

Chapter 27

63.1K Jan 20,16 Ardtron

Epic V is a series about three friends, their snake, and epic V-necks. Sometimes our friends can be obnoxious, embarrassing, or nosy, but we accept them for who they are. Celebrate the awkward times of boyish friendship with Epic V!
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Space China Dress (WON Hyun-Jae) 4.9

Space China Dress (Won Hyun-Jae)


147.8K Jan 20,16 Choi Bong-su

Shaolin Space, a place that's said to be where all martial arts in the universe originated from. And within this planet... a most sacred place among martial artists, Mt. Kunlun. And on top of that Mt. Kunlun, there's Kunlun Headquarters. And if you go down... a long way, inside a small run-down dumpling restaurant, our heroine lives. Color webtoon derived (almost exact replica) from Space China
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The Devil's Bag 4.8

The Devil's Bag

Vol.1 Ch.14 : -Chapter 1 End-

102.3K Jan 20,16 Soda

Lara found her belongings in her bag keep disappearing. When she looked into her bag, she dragged to strange place...Hell. Then Lara meet Debbie...
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Subtle Disaster 5

Subtle Disaster


164.6K Jan 20,16 Sungho An

A webtoon writer, Songshin Ha, lives in the apartment, at the top of the hill, that has serious problem with neighbor's noise; and he desperately wants to solve the problem with his neighbors.
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Werewolf Breeding 4.5

Werewolf Breeding

Vol.1 Ch.101.5 : Season Hiatus

765.8K Jan 20,16 Yoon Joon-sik

Vampires rule the night taking the blood of those they desire. Humanity's only chance of defeating them is to restore the long lost Original Werewolf. Join in the fight between werewolves and vampires to save humanity, to save the world. Original webtoon (Korean webcomic) initially published on Daum.
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Oh, My God! 5

Oh, My God!

Ch.27.5 : Extra [End]

220.5K Jan 20,16 Hyun Yeh-ji,Kang Ji-young

The story set in Heaven, except it's a corporation with a hierarchy. There are gods from the major religions, and they're all discussing to wipe out humankind (again) when suddenly! A human girl enters. What will happen? What about the end of the world? -[Easy Going Scans]-
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Pokémon + Nobunaga no Yabou ~Ranse Iroemaki~ 4.5

Pokémon + Nobunaga No Yabou ~Ranse Iroemaki~

Ch.3 : The Yellow Scroll: Hanbei & Kanbei

99.7K Jan 20,16 NANATSUMU Launch

Manga adaptation of the Pokemon Conquest (Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition) game for DS.
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Deadbrain 4.8


Chapter 28.2 : Merry Christmas!

179K Jan 20,16 Teddyas

The story of a little girl who has been separated from the outside world. The one thing that she does know is her nickname, "Maria". But one day, a hand of salvation is offered to her…
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Transfer Student Storm Bringer 4.8

Transfer Student Storm Bringer


2M Jan 20,16 Gangnengyi

Ju Ingong (which literally translates to Main character) has been terrifying all his schoolmates in every school he has been so far. He has one extremely scary face type and whoever lays his eyes on him thinks he is a BAMF. Although… is he really?
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Golf Star 4

Golf Star

Chapter 10 : Final

108.7K Jan 20,16 Com2us,Sang-gi Kwak

David has a dream: To one day, find his parents who had disappeared from his life so many years ago. But to achieve his dream, he'll have to rely on the wind and a few other friends.
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Estancia 5


Ch.38 : Memories

273.1K Jan 20,16 Poongkyung Studios

Sakia is a city of criminals - criminals who have been stripped of the memories of their past. Here, they rot yearning for the one thing they remember, their homes, their heaven, Estancia. There is only one rule in Sakia. No one leaves without permission! The irony though, there is an escape, a train that leaves the city regularly. Is it too good to be true? Or is someone helping them, and why
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Homesick 4.9


Vol.1 Ch.39 : Ghost [Part 1 End]

336.2K Jan 20,16 Min-sung Noh

A horror-mystery thriller drawn with Mr. Nohman's signature unsettling style makes us question why we live and what makes us human. With seemingly nothing left to live for Kim finds suicide as the only means of escaping the cold reality of the world around her. That is, until one day when a stranger with an even stranger request comes to her for help. Chaos and calamity ensues as the atrocitie
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Moments 3.7


Ch.0 : Prologue

47.9K Jan 20,16 Kim Chong-Jin

Each one's gaze, each one's memories, each one's story, and each one's feelings--the shining moments of everyday life.
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Calling (Jeigun) 5

Calling (Jeigun)


146.9K Jan 20,16 Jeigun

A red-hair witch impulse-purchases a boy and takes the boy home only to find out that she bought more than what she bargained for.
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Aura from Another Planet 5

Aura From Another Planet

Chapter 99.1 : Epilogue

234.3K Jan 20,16 Kim Kyusam

Aura is a certified buff spell caster from Planet Leviathan that came to earth by a portal accident. She attends school on earth as a way of adapting, and never fails to find friends, old alien frenemies, and troubles with her buff spells. Official English Translation
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Lucid Dream 4.8

Lucid Dream


133.2K Jan 20,16 Masa Rabbit

Yi Raeeum, a boy who is always conscious in dreams. A spectacle in a dream... a street in a dream... a life and death drama where the secrets of dreams and a fate following a young time intertwine.
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