Serendipity 4.7


Ch.51 : Last Chapter

485.8K Dec 14,16 Hong Sungkyung,Woo Eunji

About a man unable to open his heart to others and a woman who is poor but lives life filled with love and hope.
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Eonjerado 5


Chapter 12

151.4K Dec 13,16 Silyeong

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A World That I Rule 2.5

A World That I Rule

Chapter 40

17.2M Dec 11,16 Tank Guy, Rozer

What if you find out you're living on a island that you can do whatever you want with any girls on that island? Manhwa you may like: + Refrain Love + Ghost Love + H Campus +
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Retard 5



70.5K Dec 09,16 Park Sung-hoon

The time period is the 1980's where there's no tutors and no studies required at this time. What will the children of Seoul do for fun?
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Guardian Angel(Pammella) 5

Guardian Angel(Pammella)

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Branches

83.3K Dec 09,16 Pammella

A car accident kills little Julia's parents, eleven years later, she returns to the site behind the truth and searches for the father's past. But when his powers start to get out of hand, she finds an old friend can help... .......... Original series in Portuguese
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Gi In Rok 5

Gi In Rok

Chapter 6 : The Despair Of Dreams

100.4K Dec 09,16 Yu Gye Jin

From Ramen Queens Scanlations: Dong Hui accidentally witnesses a girl who can control objects with her mind. The girl, wary of his presence, knocks him out. Dong Hui, fearful for his life, did something that would link their lives together. What happens when two extraordinary people meet? A story of two irregulars who became extraordinary.
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Hide in the Flowers 5

Hide In The Flowers

Chapter 5

150.9K Dec 07,16 Kim Gae-hu

Short stories of romance between girls who strive to improve on their magic in an academy.
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Another Year Together with the Cherry Blossoms 5

Another Year Together With The Cherry Blossoms


65.8K Dec 06,16 PARK Subong

When the cherry blossom petals blow in the spring wind, he remembers her again and his heart starts to beat faster. One year ago, he couldn't say those words to the girl he loved.Raw:
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Meister (Narak) 4.5

Meister (Narak)


995.7K Nov 25,16 Narak

a world where class is determined by the pages of one’s ‘skillbook,’ ‘reckledam’ strives to become a master just like “nanga”…. but harsh realities are bound to make everything difficult for him…!
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Weird Tales of Elderfield 5

Weird Tales Of Elderfield

Vol.1 Ch.1.1 : Hands

52K Nov 23,16

Welcome to the strange and remote town of Elderfield. The deep fog, abandoned buildings, and remote location are unsettling enough, but as this story unfolds, it will become clear that there is far more to fear than meets the eye here...
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Abu Dhabi Romance 4.8

Abu Dhabi Romance


68.2K Nov 22,16 Soo-kyoung Kim

Like Romeo and Juliet, beyond nationality, culture, religion and beliefs… what if different people could meet and fall in love? When a woman for the middle east who has little personal freedom meets with a Korean man with a lot of responsibilities, will they be able to understand each other and fight for their love against their parents’ oppositions, and conservative social norms?
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Flying in the Darkness 5

Flying In The Darkness

Chapter 5

92.5K Nov 21,16 Hu Rijjyu

A deceased man convinces a Grim Reaper girl to send him back by promising to do good deeds.
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Bongyeok Geumyeon Gwonjang 4.6

Bongyeok Geumyeon Gwonjang

Chapter 10

220.7K Nov 19,16 Park Tae Jun

Brilliant usage of modern media for antismoking campaign. Park Hyung Suk from Lookism makes an appearance. Original.Webtoon
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The Misfit Chronicles 5

The Misfit Chronicles

Ch.1 : The Flowers In The Palace Garden

60.7K Oct 22,16 Yu Gye Jin

From Ramen Queens Scanlations:Dong Hui accidentally witnesses a girl who can control objects with her mind. The girl, wary of his presence, knocks him out. Dong Hui, fearful for his life, did something that would link their lives together. What happens when two extraordinary people meet?A story of two irregulars that became extraordinary.
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Gyon-Woo & Jik-Nyu 4.9

Gyon-Woo & Jik-Nyu

Chapter 34 : Epilogue

232.4K Oct 10,16 Yuria

This story, which has been passed down for a long time, is a story from heaven. A long, long time ago, there were six rulers in Heaven. Each ruler had their own role to perform for the harmony of the world. The Ruler of Darkness had the power to draw anything and erase anything. The Ruler of Light knitted light to shine on the Earth. The Ruler of Flames danced to create eternal flames. The Rul
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Hahri's Lumpy Boardhouse 4.4

Hahri's Lumpy Boardhouse


3.5M Oct 07,16 Gae Ho Joo

Won-yeoung is 20 years old. He is very active and has curiosity about women. He decided to work at Hahri boardhouse to earn money because he needs to buy SAT books and wants to get closer to his friend Yeonjoo. He's left alone however and with a duty he must fulfill in the boardhouse...
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Seduction Season 2 4.1

Seduction Season 2


286.4K Oct 04,16 Ewha

Second Season of the poular series "Seduction"
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Aegis Orta 4.8

Aegis Orta

Ch.prologue : Prologue

193.4K Sep 29,16 Lunaria_co

Val is an ordinary high school student who dedicates his life to God. His peaceful days however have to end when he learns about who he really is...
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Double Self 5

Double Self

Ch.1 : Myself And Me

56.9K Sep 17,16 Nasx

Ina is a timid girl who found herself in a parallel universe similar to her own. There she met someone with a completely different personality than herself, and guess what, it's herself—Ina. How will she live this new life in a new world.
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Ingress GO 5

Ingress Go

Ch.7 : The Fall

67.8K Sep 16,16 Hybridjunkie

A webcomic about Ingress players. Inspired by true stories. Full of XM, drama and smurf tears.
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Hear My Voice 4.4

Hear My Voice

Chapter 17

175K Sep 07,16 Lee Hyeon-min

A chance for an interview for a large company is given to a man who has nothing to show for himself. An authentic fiery interview will now begin! Are you paying attention? Get ready!’ Lee Hyunmin’s begins!
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Red String (Dong Bi) 4.8

Red String (Dong Bi)

Ch.52.5 : End

515.3K Aug 29,16 Dong Bi

From Easy Going Scans: The story of a boy and girl whose lives were one day entwined by red string. Literally.
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Before the Footprint Melts 4.9

Before The Footprint Melts

Chapter 0

69.1K Aug 24,16 Seogyul

Fictitious Joseon - the love story of those who have the pain of the world..
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The elementary school student that I love 4.4

The Elementary School Student That I Love


227.2K Aug 16,16 Hwaro

For Shim Chung-ah, becoming a teacher is a dream come true. But her joy is short lived! She gets dumped by her boyfriend, meets a pervert on the bus... All these upsetting events just keep making her suffer. After deciding to escape reality by jumping into a video game, the gosu player she ends meeting is actually one of her students?! Without even trying, she find her heart continuously beating.
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