Just Ask Yuli 5

Just Ask Yuli

Chapter 25 : The Unexpected Journey (End)

67.1K Jan 20,16 Yulius Efferven

Darius returns home one day and learns the greatest secret in the universe. A Meta-fictional Series about banter between God and the Creator. Have you ever wanted to ask the big questions about life? Then Just Ask Yuli.
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Temptation Moon 5

Temptation Moon


62.8K Jan 20,16 Wu Eun Ji

From Toshokan In a time when people no longer believe in God but science, there's a vampire who no longer believes in living. On Christmas Day, he encounters a girl running from a policeman. Who is she? Why is she running? And how will their fates be intertwined?
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Motae Solo 5

Motae Solo


94.6K Jan 20,16 5iam

From Twisted Hel Scans: A future Korea in which being single is a serious crime. The riveting tale of escape of an unexpectedly arrested single man and his fellow inmates. Original Webtoon
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We Broke Up 4.6

We Broke Up


386.4K Jan 20,16 Ryu Chaelynn

Everything starts after a break up? The intriguing story of an ex-boyfriend and girlfriend living together.
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American Ghost Jack 4.7

American Ghost Jack

Chapter 65

1.4M Jan 20,16 Han Ji-hye

Young Ma Go-eun and her father are about to be evicted from the haunted house they've run throughout the years. But Go-eun is not about to let the park owner demolish their haunted house and her memories of her childhood and her mother. She resolves to go to the United States to surpass trials and get a million dollar cash prize awarded to those who can survive a stay in Ghost Jack's House.
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In Full Bloom 4.9

In Full Bloom


523.8K Jan 20,16 YON Jae-won

One ruler...One assassinOriginal webcomic:
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Trace 4.3


Vol.7 Ch.179 : Afterwords [End]

2.3M Jan 20,16 Nasty Cat

The story set in the contemporary South Korea. Some 30 years ago, unidentified creatures appeared out of nowhere and have attacked people. They have caused massive destruction wherever they go. The monsters are called "Trouble"s, and get the world have fallen into chaos. Along with the first appearance of the "Trouble"s, some number of humans were born with or acquired supernat
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The Three Times 3

The Three Times


155.7K Jan 20,16 Jung Goo Mi

From Webtoon Live: Hina, a Japanese foreign student. Junho, sufferer of Elite OCD. Won, a girl with her own way of seeing the world. A campus life story of these three people. Deals with the issues of Japanese, Korean and global society. The author, Yellow Goo Mi, was born in Japan, but since her parents are Korean, the Japanese government will not give her a Japanese citizenship (which is con
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Hello Mister Teddy 5

Hello Mister Teddy

Chapter 13

110.1K Jan 20,16 Agi,[add]

From Easy Going Scans The ruler of the underworld whose appearance is fiercer than a black bear, who has a secretive and cute hobby?!
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Earth, Human, and Animal 5

Earth, Human, And Animal

Chapter 59 : The Brown-Throated Sloth's Crime #1

345.7K Jan 20,16 Jisadong

Daily life and unknown episodes of difference species that once existed or currently exist on the earth to deliver readers fun and lessons along with unique animal characters
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Fable 4.8


Ch.8 : Truth (1)

182.6K Jan 20,16 203dkfhddl

Aym is a slave who is descended from a a powerful witch. Because of this, his blood has the power to attract demons and he is used by his master to summon them. Just when Aym accepts his cruel fate, the sudden appearance of a group of magicians with the ability to defeat demons might be opening up another path for him.
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Flower Petal 4.9

Flower Petal

Chapter 8

109.7K Jan 20,16 Alic

Somewhere, someplace... in a world where everything stands the same, the two of them lives. This is the beginning of their story.
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Paradise (Miso) 4.6

Paradise (Miso)


699.4K Jan 20,16 Miso

A love story on a beautiful island far away/a tale of a castaway on a lonely island.
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Holy Alice 4.4

Holy Alice

Vol.1 Chapter 15.5 : Final Notice

349.7K Jan 20,16 Chocodevil

Facing 'Death' for the one I love is something I would do without hesitation, but this isn't right. I didn't live until today only to die for the one I love. I longed to look into your blue eyes, but you only looked down on me and turned away. I was chosen that very day to be the 'Alice' who would breathe her last breath to save your love, 'Heart'. Original version:Naver English version:Tapast
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Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet 4.8

Todd Allison And The Petunia Violet

Vol.1 Ch.11 : Fame & Fotune

119.7K Jan 20,16 Nozmo

The first time Petunia Elkwood met Todd Allison was an accident and the next time she met him was also an accident. It was also an accident that they came to live next door to each other in an apartment and it was perhaps an accident still when Petunia Elkwood found out something about Todd Allison that she wasn't quite sure what to make of.
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New Life Project 4.7

New Life Project

Chapter 52

88.5K Jan 20,16 Cherng

Now, an entirely new kind of lifestyle has been created.
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Home Boy 4.7

Home Boy

Vol.1 Ch.1.3

75.8K Jan 20,16 Lee Sang-eun

Boi, a girl who's living alone now that her father was imprisoned for murder, is penniless and unemployed. Then her father tells her that a rich friend of his wants to take care of her...?
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Leo's Debut 5

Leo's Debut

Chapter 10

95.8K Jan 20,16 Capriquariusmei

The daily adventure of Leo and his friends Theo, Panman, and others.
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Kami-sama no Takarabako 5

Kami-Sama No Takarabako

Vol.1 Ch.1 : 1-7 [End]

47.5K Jan 20,16 Kisora

This is the story of a lonely boy, that one day received a mysterious book that changed his life.
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Neung Neung 5

Neung Neung

Chapter 6

93.3K Jan 20,16 Bboonggg

Original webcomic
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Midnight Rhapsody 5

Midnight Rhapsody

Ch.119 : Running

160.4K Jan 20,16 Wony

Wony, a wolf, is just a regular Korean guy in his twenties. He’s got a less-than-average TOEFL score and has finished his two years of mandatory military service, but he has no luck with women and doesn’t like the way society works, though he isn’t able to change it. Nevertheless, he and his friend Gom (Bear) always find ways to poke fun at the world. Original webtoon / English V
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Over the D 5

Over The D


100.5K Jan 20,16

Dimension cop Beat has been looking for a way to go back to his own dimension. But things haven't been going too well for him. In fact, it can't go any worse. Then he finally gets a chance to score.
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Epic V 5

Epic V

Chapter 27

65K Jan 20,16 Ardtron

Epic V is a series about three friends, their snake, and epic V-necks. Sometimes our friends can be obnoxious, embarrassing, or nosy, but we accept them for who they are. Celebrate the awkward times of boyish friendship with Epic V!
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Space China Dress (WON Hyun-Jae) 4.9

Space China Dress (Won Hyun-Jae)


149.6K Jan 20,16 Choi Bong-su

Shaolin Space, a place that's said to be where all martial arts in the universe originated from. And within this planet... a most sacred place among martial artists, Mt. Kunlun. And on top of that Mt. Kunlun, there's Kunlun Headquarters. And if you go down... a long way, inside a small run-down dumpling restaurant, our heroine lives. Color webtoon derived (almost exact replica) from Space China
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