High Clear 3.5

High Clear

Chapter 69

632.2K May 22,24 Yunbyeol

Han Juwon has the worst habit ever. He’s an average guy with an average college life, but his facial expression and words become terrifying the second he feels shy. Although he’s trying his best to fix it, Juwon realizes he messed up yet again when he says something rude to his hoobae, Jeong-min. And not only that, but he also keeps unintentionally touching Jeong-min’s chest every time they meet!
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Hallelujah Baby 4

Hallelujah Baby

Vol.3 Chapter 12

119.4K May 21,24 Kojima Lala

The successor of a yakuza family and his bodyguard who’s head over heels in love with him — the only pacifist in the wild and violent Ousaki Group is its sucessor, Touka. His bodyguard-slash-friend, Miyako, has dedicated his entire being to protecting him, but it seems he’s a tad bit overprotective…?
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Seiheki Yabame na Otoko ni Nerawaremashita 3.7

Seiheki Yabame Na Otoko Ni Nerawaremashita

Chapter 152

1.8M May 21,24 Bov

."Now, let's start the shoot." A sadistic cameraman X a pure Tofu shop boy. He gently prepares him, driving him almost insane... Is his reasoning reaching its limit...!?
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A Vacation With Passionate Kisses 4.2

A Vacation With Passionate Kisses

Chapter 7

31.7K May 21,24 Nagi Otonashi

Jun, the sucessor of a rich family from Tokyo visits Okinawa in the middle of summer to attend a wedding ceremony. However, his father who was supposed to be waiting for him at the venue abandons him, leaving him a letter that says "Work hard at this inn"...!! As Jun is wandering about under the blazing sun, Natsumi, a handsome guy, offers to take him to the inn. As it turns out, he actually works
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Vivid 4 Hands 3.3

Vivid 4 Hands

Chapter 34

43K May 21,24 Jiwon , Z1ne

“I realised it then… That this summer would be the hottest one yet.” Why are we lonely when there are so many people everywhere? A question that seems destined to be asked today, when relationships are volatile and come and go with ease. Jae-hee and Seung-woo don't have the answer either, and turn to their dating apps for some semblance of comfort. But a simple tap of the phone screen will turn in
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Tender Night (Tan Kong) 3.1

Tender Night (Tan Kong)

Chapter 33

326.1K May 21,24 Tan Kong

Seongwon is a self-conscious beta who pretends to be an alpha. After being dumped by his boyfriend, he goes to his usual bar. There Hansol, a waiter and an actual alpha, seems interested in him. He is especially tender with him. What could be the reason?
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The Foul 4.2

The Foul

Chapter 79

2.9M May 21,24 Aczer X Chaepali

After the death of his father, Joo Hawon is left with his father’s astronomical debt in the foreign land of Macau. With no future in sight, Hawon works as a casino dealer, barely getting by each day. One day, a mysterious man, Kwon Taeha, shows interest in him. “Now then, let’s have some fun, shall we?” Hawon agrees, believing that they will be spending their time together in a more frivolous an
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Blaze Out 4.1

Blaze Out

Chapter 29

1.1M May 21,24 Chaepali , 채팔이 , Kkoyo , 앤드비 , Julnut

"Yeon-hong, a promising high school baseball player, ends up losing everything. Both his parents and baseball, gone in an instant after a traffic accident. However, when he discovers that the accident was a scheme by loan sharks his parents owed debts to, Yeon-hong takes the path of a moneylender himself, all for the sake of revenge. Twelve years later, Yeon-hong runs the moneylending firm Ko
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Me, My Husband & My Husband's Boyfriend 2.8

Me, My Husband & My Husband's Boyfriend

Chapter 56

526.5K May 21,24 Ayano Ayano

not found...
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Honey? Beast! 4.2

Honey? Beast!

Chapter 45

549.1K May 21,24 铅笔盒3号

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Instant Family 4.1

Instant Family

Chapter 48

2.5M May 20,24 Ananas , Kingo

Sejun lost his mother in an accident and lives to support his father who is not in good health both physically and mentally. He suffers from a rejection of Alpha's pheromone for unknown reasons, but due to the grace of his eldest father who took care of him after his accident, he is unable to refuse the unreasonable request of his eldest father's son, Jungwon, and spends a tiring day there is. As
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Into the Blue 3.6

Into The Blue

Chapter 51

163.2K May 20,24 Chan

Seok is a jovial manservant for a noble family. One day, while out on an errand, he gets a glimpse of a mysterious and alluring performer that has arrived at the market. But a fleeting look won't suffice.. He can't get his mind off of this enigmatic figure. Will he ever see them again? As fate would have it, their paths will certainly cross again. But the complications of their lives and the entan
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Love History Caused by Willful Negligence 4.4

Love History Caused By Willful Negligence

Chapter 76

2.1M May 20,24 Woojootokkang Ginjyo

Woo-yeon is one of the brightest rising stars as a nationally beloved actor. Nobody is capable of hating such a talented and sweet man with his blessed looks. Or, well, that’s what people who don’t know the real Woo-yeon think. In reality, Woo-yeon is manipulative, cold-hearted, and dangerous. But his new manager In-seob is his biggest fan, and he’s determined to stick by Woo-yeon’s side no matter
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Diss Love 3

Diss Love

Chapter 12

10.4K May 20,24 Ha Tae-jin

”Who are you?” “Yes?” “A person who praises every lyric of a song.” My unrequited love, who created countless songs while experiencing such heartbreak. Cha Hyunho rose to prominence with antiquated love ballads that had little to do with his physical beauty. His characteristic song, The Listening Wall, was a song that featured ‘a desperate desire to know your every move,’ yet as the title suggests
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Maku ga Oritara Bokura wa Tsugai 4.6

Maku Ga Oritara Bokura Wa Tsugai

Chapter 13

811.2K May 20,24 Zarame Same

"I want this Alpha..." Mitsuo is an active idol hiding the fact that he's an Omega. He was able to climb to the top in an entertainment world full of Alphas by working hard. Now, he is the so-called "top idol" of the office. The second most popular guy, Seto, is without a doubt a talented Alpha who's strangely intuitive. Mitsuo isn't really good with people li
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Sugar Rain 4.5

Sugar Rain

Notice. 2

4.1M May 20,24 Jang-Ryang , Tanyoon , RATA

Yohan, one day, after two months of making a living by cleaning the bathroom at the hotel, his superior asks him to leave. All Yohan has is his younger brother, Philip. A man said to Yohan that he resembled an acquaintance he knew a lot, and he suddenly proposed to work with him. Maybe it's a scam or something dangerous, but it's $5,000 a month. It was a job in a shabby, crumbling hut far
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A Terrible Romance 3.6

A Terrible Romance

Chapter 76

1.6M May 20,24 Chemji

Woojin, who blindly relies on his lover, Minho, is getting tired of Minho's unreasonable sexual demands. At a play that a friend invited him to watch because he cares about him, he becomes interested in actor Taehwan, who plays a minor role. So Woojin starts a relationship that Minho did not allow...
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Feel My Benefit 3.5

Feel My Benefit

Chapter 7

66.6K May 20,24 Bam Man Deuk

"Sunbae, what are you doing now?" "I'm hard. ? Sleep with me" Woo Ju-hyun wants to do have his first time with someone he likes. Byun Seo-joon, a promiscuous man who appeared in front of Ju-hyun. Ju-hyeon, who dreams of a romantic relationship, gradually becomes swayed by Seo-joon, who has firm bre****(?)...+
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Akuheki 2.7


Vol.4 Chapter 20

160.9K May 20,24 Limo

How far can someone bully you until you snap? Daimon has had to endure Kojima's relentless teasing and nagging at work, to the point that bullying Daimon became customary inside the company. But could Kojima's attitude be because he actually likes Daimon? Let's find out!
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Blue Sky Complex 4.7

Blue Sky Complex

Vol.9 Chapter 45

3M May 20,24 Ichikawa Kei

From Moi-xRyu Scanlations: Narasaki, who only wanted a place where he could sit and read a couple of books, was blackmailed by his teacher to supervise the delinquent Terashima while working as the school library's receptionist. From the quiet days they spent together, they eventually became close... and will love bloom?
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The Movie King Wants to be My Financier 4

The Movie King Wants To Be My Financier

Chapter 5

160.2K May 20,24 汶羊刀

The Film Emperor is Dead Set on Becoming my Backer. The gold medal paparazzi secretly photographed a big piece of news, Lin Chu privately meeting with his backer. However, he met with a car accident, causing him to transmigrate into the body of Lin Chu, who was surrounded by rumors. As it turns out, the suspected mysterious backer of Lin Chu is the cold/aloof Film Emperor, Li Yu? Something more te
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