Zero Hunting 4.1

Zero Hunting

Chapter 114

1.2M Mar 27,23 Chen Xiang

“Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” A submissive, quick-tempered hunter and a sly, dominant vampire! The genius hunter, Bai Mu, a little-known celebrity, accidentally got captured. He soon realized the one who captured him was a young vampire, who also t
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A Terrible Romance 2.8

A Terrible Romance

Chapter 17

143.3K Mar 27,23 Chemji

Woojin, who blindly relies on his lover, Minho, is getting tired of Minho's unreasonable sexual demands. At a play that a friend invited him to watch because he cares about him, he becomes interested in actor Taehwan, who plays a minor role. So Woojin starts a relationship that Minho did not allow...
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Chapter 57

839.1K Mar 27,23 Kim YouBi

"You have bad intentions towards me, don't you?""It's not bad intentions, it's called being truthful."Having lived wealthy for all his life, Shin Eunchae is loved by his seniors who treat him well. However, Eunchae hides the fact that he's rich.Whilst Kang Joowon, an aspiring actor, has his eyes on Eunchae.After saving the clueless Eunchae from a senior trying to take advantage of Eunchae's innoce
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Enemy Or Lover? 3.7

Enemy Or Lover?

Chapter 14

23.9K Mar 27,23 伊依以翼 , 叙梦社漫画工作室

As an Alpha, during school Ling Yunfan only rival was Ji Canghai, who was also an Alpha. Whether studying or falling in love, Ji Canghai would compete with him. After entering the society, the two parted ways. They met again when Ling Yunfan was hiding from debts. For the sake of face, in the past…
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When the Killer Falls in Love 3.8

When The Killer Falls In Love

Chapter 41

65.1K Mar 27,23 Eresemo

Breaking News: Professional killer Joo Tae Man fell in love with Korea's favorite actor, Kang Da Hyuk! Professional killer Joo Tae-man has endured extreme physical training, mental education, and cruel torture-- but somehow easily falls apart to Kang Da-hyuk's kindness...? Joo Tae Man who has trained for NN years as a professional killer thought “is this love?”, What should I do at
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Guilty Affection 3

Guilty Affection

Chapter 22

215.2K Mar 27,23 Chelliace

Years after waves of a mysterious fog blanketed the globe, seeing people with unimaginable powers and scenes of deadly chaos has become an almost everyday occurrence. Though many of these gifted humans, known as espers, choose to do good with their new powers, prolonged use always results in corruption - a darkening of the mind and soul. The very safety of society relies on the help of those who c
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Bound 4.1


Chapter 33

487.3K Mar 27,23 Gwendolyn

not found...
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The Tyrant's Annals 3.3

The Tyrant's Annals

Chapter 27

685.8K Mar 27,23 YD , Nimby

Welcome to Seoul, 2022. Woo San is an orphaned gangster who makes a living by stealing and selling artifacts. Following the orders of his gang superiors, he steals an ancient relic that once belonged to Yeong Jong, the 26th king of the Hwa-yeon Kingdom. Meanwhile, back in the year 1852 during the Hwa-yeon Kingdom's reign, Heo Myeon is trying to retrieve a precious family heirloom that his father g
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Swapping 3.8


Chapter 52

1M Mar 27,23 Gaet Saeng , Chaepali

Woo Jitaek, the chairman of Samjo Group, one of Korea's top conglomerates, became a case of DDCS (death during consensual sex), Soheon is under police investigation as the person he was with at the time of his death. Some time later, Soheon is suddenly called by Seoho, the president of the agency he works for... He offers Soheon some kind of deal, more like a threat he can't escape from. S
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The Protagonist Just Wants To Falling In Love 4.1

The Protagonist Just Wants To Falling In Love

Chapter 40

45.1K Mar 27,23 煮个甜粽 , 晋江文学城 , 蜂漫社

Alternative Name: The Protagonist Just Wants To Falling In Love, The Protagonist Only Thinks About Falling In Love, System 067 encountered 13 awakened self-awareness systems, and as a supervisor, arranged for each awakened self-awareness system to go to a different novel, changing the original storyline of the protagonist of the novel. If the mission is successfully completed, the awakened self-aw
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The Foul 4.5

The Foul

Chapter 45

911K Mar 27,23 Aczer X Chaepali

After the death of his father, Joo Hawon is left with his father’s astronomical debt in the foreign land of Macau. With no future in sight, Hawon works as a casino dealer, barely getting by each day. One day, a mysterious man, Kwon Taeha, shows interest in him. “Now then, let’s have some fun, shall we?” Hawon agrees, believing that they will be spending their time together in a more frivolous an
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Hajime no Koi (NISHIMOTO Rou) 3.3

Hajime No Koi (Nishimoto Rou)

Chapter 2.2

32K Mar 27,23 Nishimoto Rou

Hajime Mamiya decides to quit the yakuza business after the death ofhis boss. When riding on a bus, he meets Sho Kosaka, a college studentwho is close to his boyfriend. One day when Mamiya couldn't forgetKosaka's longing face towards his boyfriend, he reunites with him, whoapparently works part-time at 'Deriheru'. Mamiya doesn't know how itfeels to love someone, but he learns of Kosaka's devotion
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My Brother's Lover 3.6

My Brother's Lover

Chapter 11

86.5K Mar 27,23 Ponpacha

After confessing at a high school graduation ceremony, Chan-ran, a piano prodigy and Hye-jun, a former lover of his deceased brother met again at the university. Hye-jun who has not yet forgotten his brother who committed suicide, is still shaken by the splendid voice that resembles his older brother. Hye-jun who is drunk at a dinner party, couldn't help but to fell into the temptation of his hesi
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My Damned XXX 3.6

My Damned Xxx

Chapter 30

323.4K Mar 27,23 Ssaewoo

What does it take for a guy to get laid, you ask? Well, a hell of a lot of tries is the answer. Lee Si-hyeon is a 21-year-old virgin who has been in the bottom rungs when it comes to getting laid—and it’s not the kind of bottom he aspires to be. After four failed attempts at having sex, Si-hyeon’s fifth attempt is finally successful. Kind of. He wakes up in bed with his former-childhood-best-frien
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Frenzy Train 2.6

Frenzy Train

Chapter 21

311.1K Mar 27,23 Mehwagwa , Hellowon

On the train to deliver drugs and drinks the water handed to him by Serkin, and his body heats up. Zerkin finds a marble hiding a drug in Sovien's holeand disappears with his marble while Sovien is stunned. Sobian heads to the PrestigeKhan where Jerkin is said to be in search of the marble, but ... "Why is your body getting so hot? Your back is hot and itchy..." A strangely hot body, a train that
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Devil at the Crossroads 4.1

Devil At The Crossroads

Chapter 6

16.3K Mar 27,23 Nangjun

An accidental deal with the devil goes awry. Veterinary student Yoon Ha discovers he has a fear of blood! To solve his problem, he makes a deal with the demon Samael in exchange for his soul, which goes terribly wrong. Now Yoon must help Samael recover his demonic powers... but evil spirits keep showing up, lusting after Yoon's body?!
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Midnight Dweller 3.8

Midnight Dweller

Chapter 14

112.1K Mar 27,23 Gwendoline , Myeong Ye , Yang Ji

not found...
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Dare To Hurt My Little Potato Again? 1.9

Dare To Hurt My Little Potato Again?

Chapter 31

84.1K Mar 27,23 六花漫创

This is a small cookie that originated from Fu Xuan's “transformation” when he went to the countryside to mourn, but accidentally became the “transformation” of two people. The truth is: the abuse of the body and the heart is refreshing for a while, but then saving your own grave in the end. A drama king is not worthy of a wife!
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Taming The Villainous Disciple After Rebirth 3.4

Taming The Villainous Disciple After Rebirth

Chapter 4

18.3K Mar 27,23 兔包谷 , 胡鲸

Alternative Name: -, Yi Ri Wei Shi Chongsheng Hou Xunfu Hei Lianhua E Tu, The One-Day Teacher Taming the Black Lotus Villainous Disciple After Rebirth, Taming The Villainous Disciple After Rebirth
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The Kang’s Yeesu 4.1

The Kang’S Yeesu

Chapter 37

2M Mar 27,23 Mambo , Winterbaum

Read The Kang's Yeesu manhwa The Kang's Yeesu manga The Kang's Yeesu webtoon update free at mangabuddy.ComI am Han Yeesu, this city's coolest gay guy. But in the name of my love for Kang Jihyung, I'm willing to become a chaebol family's daughter-in-law. However- "She's the girl you used to always treasure and adore, father. I brought her here to marry her, so why are you mad?" One day, Kang Jihy
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The Werewolf Hunter 3.6

The Werewolf Hunter

Chapter 152

465.6K Mar 27,23 掌阅 , 沉乡 , 西溪

The Origins of "The Hunter"! The master of the diseased, clean and obsessive blood clan X is a cruel and powerful werewolf servant. Eno Azeril is a wayward and clean blood clan. He signed a master and servant contract with a werewolf on a whim. Ordering him to do things for fun, but I didn't expect... I ordered, but the situation was a little bit wrong. "Wait! I didn't let you do this! "Master, pl
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My boss is sadist 4.1

My Boss Is Sadist

Chapter 41

392.2K Mar 27,23 Suzukisan

.Kim Yemin is an ordinary office worker who is curious about the newly appointed director Ma Kanghan, however he warns Kim Yemin of the restructuring saying that he is not doing a good job. Director Ma makes Kim Yemin a dangerous offer that hangs by a thread to avoid being fired. +not found...
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