Sura's Lover 3.5

Sura's Lover

Side. : S1 Side Story 2

15K Sep 24,22 Shin Yuri

Deep in the mountains is a village that offers prayers to the mythical Asura/Sura in order to stay protected. Doctor Cho-ah' who lives in the doctor's town ends up saving a mysterious man named Mujin'.This encounter marks the end of Cho-ah's peaceful days as he gets caught up in a whirlwind of events.
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Puppy Love 3.3

Puppy Love

Chapter 18

350.4K Sep 24,22 Ongshim

[Translated by Mosh Scans]I, Lee Gyu-jin, only a 26-year-old Shepard Beast with a taste for beast. It's sad that I'm not manifested at this age, but my parents are going to announce my arranged marriage at a birthday party without knowing my feelings about it. But I'd rather ruin everything instead of living my life according to my parents' wishes. +
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My Husband Is Out Of Control Again 2.7

My Husband Is Out Of Control Again

Chapter 94

520.6K Sep 24,22 世间文化

MTL: Lu Can looked down at Chu Jin and joked: Recently, you have been following my illusion. SWAT buildings, hospitals, restaurants, bathrooms and toilets... Chu Jin covered Lu Can's mouth shyly and wanted to forget those discordant pictures: Stop it! I just want to steal some spiritual power! Don't make me so perverted! Lu Can raised his eyebrows and smiled: Do you just want spiritual strength?
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Paper Flower 3.6

Paper Flower

Chapter 26

55.1K Sep 24,22 Chanlanhan , Original: Vang

not found...
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Pass, Nonpass 3.2

Pass, Nonpass

Bounus.31 : Glasses And Piercings Special

225.2K Sep 24,22 Gangpa Club (강파클럽)

Two short stories part of the Gangpa Club Omnibus Collection.Story 1: "You damn bastard, I'm going to give you that ring back and break up with you." Jiwon who in his angry made a second-hand sale of clothes with an important ring in them. He manages to find the buyer of the clothes, but this bastard is even more mean!! Story 2: Hansol has a secret he cannot tell. After getting drunk he spends the
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You Own My All 4.2

You Own My All

Chapter 129

1.9M Sep 24,22 绿野千鹅

“Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” Third Prince Jing Shao was victorious in war and always surrounded by countless beauties. However, he was wrongly framed and lost everything. Yet the only person who followed him was the unfavoured male concubine that
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My Father-in-Law Is My Wife 3.1

My Father-In-Law Is My Wife

Chapter 149

966.2K Sep 24,22 月关日

On the day of the wedding between a male dentist and a female doctor, the female doctor suddenly swapped body with her own father after a mysterious lightning strike. From that moment onwards, the male dentist’s wife is officially his father-in-law!
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Chapter 118

2.7M Sep 24,22 Mojito

Peaceful Egypt, stained with blood from the god of war, Set. Set's fate confrontation begins with the gods tyrannical bow and ultimately rebel against him.
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I’m A Stand-in Puppet For His Ex-Lover 4.5

I’M A Stand-In Puppet For His Ex-Lover

Chapter 64

115.1K Sep 24,22 猫仆工作室

To He Yang, Shen Xiu Zhu is a cinnabar mole, his savior, and the white moonlight in his heart. Xu Cheng Yan, who has been in love with him for five years, is like an insignificant mosquito blood stain, like a substitute meal in the place of Shen Xiu Zhu, a replacement to fill the emptiness of his body. Then Xu Cheng Yan died in an accident, and He Yang waited, only to be met with a cold corpse. Re
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Dangerous Convenience Store 4.3

Dangerous Convenience Store

Chapter 77

7.7M Sep 24,22 945

Yeo Eui Joon, who works at a convenience store frequented by gangsters, wants to quit as soon as possible because of the dangerous work environment. However, he's stopped by the pay that's 1.2x more than other stores! So, Eui Joon, who needs every penny he can get, overlooks the danger and continues working there. Then one day, Bum Geon Woo, who looks more like a gangster than any other ga
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Easy to Notice 3.4

Easy To Notice

Chapter 25

15K Sep 24,22 Arecibo , Donew

Kyowoo's department buzzes with excitement when the handsome executive director's son, Jiwook, joins as a new recruit. But oddly enough, the other quieter recruit, Leehak, catches Kyowoo's eye more. Could it be because of his clumsiness when it comes to basic office tasks, his subtly aloof attitude at work, or the fact that he wears the same cologne as Kyowoo's crush in high school? Either way, Ky
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Talk To Me Tenderly 3.3

Talk To Me Tenderly


3.8M Sep 23,22 Singsing

When closeted bartender Gabriel Kee finally gets a moment of privacy, he's determined to christen his vibrator. Turns out it's faulty, so he contacts customer service and is greeted by the sultry voice of operator Luke. Overcome by desire, Gabriel brazenly pleasures himself. One day, a beautiful man who sounds just like Luke patronizes Gabriel's bar, accompanied by a kinky sex-toy shop owner
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Dear Sister, I've Become a Blessed Maiden 3

Dear Sister, I've Become A Blessed Maiden

Chapter 21

230.3K Sep 23,22 Yuiko

When a brother takes the place of his younger sister, he becomes a "Blessed Maiden", charged with dispensing magic... with his body?! An otherworldly story of the relationship between an arrogant sorcerer and his (♂)"Blessed Maiden".
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My One-night Stand, I Can't Forget You 2.5

My One-Night Stand, I Can't Forget You

Chapter 66

1.3M Sep 23,22 3981 ; Yuandian Gezi Manhua ; Zhang Pei Wenxue ; 池总渣 ; 陆放

The alpha idol Qi Bo Yan and the alpha actor Ji Wang were previously an affectionate couple, but got separated due to some misunderstandings. After six years, Qi Bo Yan appears in front of Ji Wang once again, aggressively drags Ji Wang back into his life. After some time the two spent together, the truth behind the misunderstanding during that time was revealed. Qi Bo Yan and Ji Wang finally becam
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Safe Partner 3.8

Safe Partner

Chapter 37

1.9M Sep 23,22 Rotten GreenT

Hakyung went to a bar to find a one-night stand to satisfy his craving for Jang Hyunsoo, the guy who he’s been crushing on ever since the first day he joined the company. Suddenly, he runs into Hyunsoo himself at the same place. “Don’t do it with that guy. Do it with me, sex partner.” “But the president has a fiancée.”
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Peach & Musk 3.1

Peach & Musk

Chapter 17

146.6K Sep 23,22 두나래 , 누네

.Doonarae's series first work, the adaption of the webnovel !Yoonjoon and Kihyun becomes reunited again as new roommates.The alpha, Kihyun, makes sure that Yoojoon is a beta before living together with him.But one day, a peach fragrance starts to come from Yoojoon?!Yoojoon, who became an 'acquired' Omega, suffers from a heat cycle, and Kihyun promises to help him out... +
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How to Train a Good-for-Nothing Rich Boy 2.1

How To Train A Good-For-Nothing Rich Boy

Chapter 25

155.2K Sep 23,22 Cheodol , Ensu

As the spoiled son of a rich businessman, Yi Seo hates the idea of labor. So when his father threatens to cut him off unless he starts working, his first instinct is to run away to Germany. There, a mix-up involving suitcases results in him meeting the handsome Jaeha, who invites him to a bar for some wine. After a surprisingly deep conversation, the two men spend a passionate night together. But
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Off Stage 3.1

Off Stage

Chapter 36

2M Sep 23,22 단델 (dandel)

Once again, PAZE (Korea's #1 idol group) is on stage to perform at the annual awards ceremony. Suddenly, during the performance, the lead dancer falls down on stage causing an ankle injury. Due to this injury, PAZE's entire schedule of activities, including the comeback tour in the first half of the year, have been cancelled! In an effort to keep fans satisfied for the duration of
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The Perfect Gay Maker 2

The Perfect Gay Maker

Chapter 43

31.3K Sep 23,22 밀라 , Milla , 세오 , Seo (세오)

Eunsung is a guy that has a pretty face but with an ugly personality. He has been courting Jung-min since elementary school, the reason why he worked on the sports center, and coincidentally on his way home from work, he happens to meet Junha who is a ghost not willing to left him off. "You... You can you see me...?!" In order for Junha to go on the after life, Eunsung must have to turn Junha's fi
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