Breaking Through the Cloud 3.4

Breaking Through The Cloud

Chapter 89

190.4K Mar 27,23 Huaishang

.Three years ago, the operation leader Jiang Ting made an error in judgment, a chain explosion occurred at the scene, and there were heavy casualties in the unit. Three years later, he, supposed to have died in duty, returned to the world, doing everything he could to bring forth the bloody, bizarre truth. Heroic souls resting in death, the ones behind it all closely approaching, sentiments built
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Your Skin Is Tinged Red as if Burning With Heat 2.1

Your Skin Is Tinged Red As If Burning With Heat

0 Mar 27,23 Yuho Okita

The moment I saw that milky-white skin of his turn red all over with heat, I couldn't help myself -- I was absolutely incensed. This is a story about a regular-old hard-worker and a good-for-nothing genius and the hot college summer these polar opposites spend together. Seto's a first year in college and the ace of the beach volleyball team. He's hard on himself and everyone around him. The n
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Hanare Gatai Kemono 3.9

Hanare Gatai Kemono

0 Mar 27,23 Yasoniwa Tazu , Toriumi Youko

Surdo was the king of the golden wolf tribe and Dyria a soldier from the enemy country, who was sent to kill the king. However, things didn't go as planned and it became a major problem when Dyria became pregnant with the Wolf King. Keeping a secret that he was carrying the king's son, he gave birth to and raised his son, Ash, alone in a remote village. Six years later, Dyria and Ash wer
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Fukigen na Kemono no Itoshikata 3

Fukigen Na Kemono No Itoshikata

0 Mar 27,23 Irihi Maro

An unexpected mating between me and my sarcastic coworker!!? Futaba is a human assigned to teach "sex ed" in the land of beastmen. A race that is faithful to their instincts, they'll "immediately have sex when they feel like doing it." Their fundamentally differing thought processes makes it difficult for classes to proceed... Furthermore, for some reason he's been tormented by his cat type beastm
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You Are My Sunshine 3.1

You Are My Sunshine

Chapter 53

194.9K Mar 26,23 HIJIRI Chiaki

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Papa Datte, Shitai 4.4

Papa Datte, Shitai

Chapter 97

825.6K Mar 26,23 Serina Seo

.Kouya Asumi, a college student, starts working for single father Keiichi Naruse, and a relationship develops between the two.
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Bad Friend 4.1

Bad Friend

Season.2 Chapter 50

189.7K Mar 26,23 Hkmi , Nichtigall

Friends, rivals... Lovers? Yeo Haon and Baek Rigon have clashed since the very first moment they met. For years, they straddled the line between enemies and friends, ignorant to what feelings had been developing deep below the surface. Yet just as soon are their eyes open to how much they mean to one another, events transpire to try keep them apart...
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Farming for Love 3.2

Farming For Love

Chapter 26.5

249.6K Mar 26,23 Tarang

Lee Hyeon-woo's had a parade of terrible ex-boyfriends, with his most recent ex dumping him in favor of a marriage to advance his career. Tired of his wretched love life and in need of some space, Hyeon-woo moves out of the city to the countryside. He's only planning to stay there for a while until he's recovered from his broken heart, but then he meets stoic farmer boy Kim Do-won. Hyeon-woo doesn
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What's with this strange dream?! 3.5

What's With This Strange Dream?!

Chapter 60

725.8K Mar 26,23 White Eared

"I want someone else to touch it." Shin Lee-beom, who defeated the evil spirits in her dreams that harassed the client, was instead faced with the role. The problem is that the reverse is expressed as'burning se*** desire' ! "I'll help you. Do whatever Shin wants you."
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Irreversible 3.9


Chapter 67

125.8K Mar 26,23 I-Hye Lyeong , Mugongji , RedHong

."To me, you may not tell even a word of lie." Year five of the unified Chang Empire, San the emperor, who brought peace to the chaotic world, returns to Changchunsung, his home, in disguise. There he runs into Kang, a demigod cast out from heaven and living as a human, and senses a strong attraction. Kang tries to distance himself from San as in Chang, relationships between humans and demigods ar
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Shintan Kairou 3

Shintan Kairou

Vol.3 Chapter 13

13.8K Mar 26,23 NAGAI Saburou

He was a teacher who knew his student was gay and still desired his body. After running away from everything, he became a wanderer. He wanted to get away from people, and took the name, Mos-san. Yanagida struggled with the pain of being in love with the same sex. He committed attempted rape on a student when he was a teacher, and ran away from there. Before he knew it, he had become Mos, a pitiful
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Portrait of a Bad Guy 4.2

Portrait Of A Bad Guy

Chapter 55

509.3K Mar 26,23 Okdong-i

not found...
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Deep 4.2



951.4K Mar 26,23 유제 그림 유제

.Eugene, who imprinted Minwoo began to only dreamed of living with him. Eugene who is confused faced a challenge in his life. Minwoo suddenly starts to reject Eugene. Meanwhile, a new spirit of a new romance appeared in front of Minwoo...?(Merman ALERT!!!!) +
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Night Smoke 3.9

Night Smoke

Chapter 21

60.1K Mar 26,23 Black Bean , Kkaman Kong

In the middle of the Joseon Dynasty, there was a cruel king that could not be described with words. People called him 'King Yacha' because he was a man-eating devil. Lee Shin, who ascended the throne and reigned as the king of Joseon had a reputation as a cruel king. When the eunuchs who wanted to serve him reached the point of shortage, the court......
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Desharow Merman 3.8

Desharow Merman

Chapter 4

25K Mar 26,23 深海先生

Alternative Name: Desharow Merman, , DeSaLuoRenYu, , MrDeepIn order to fulfill his lifelong wish and graduation project of researching merfolks, Desharow, a student of Biology Department of Russian Maritime Academy, went on a long distance voyage with his mentor, Rhine, and caught a special species of male Merfolk in Iceland. Little did he know that this mysterious dark and evil creature had long
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Drunken Truth 3.3

Drunken Truth

Chapter 14

49.5K Mar 26,23 Taroman

Gitaek always dreamed of being in a relationship with someone who's his ideal preference: caring, thoughtful and has a good body. After being absent for a while, he goes to his club's meeting room and finds a new studentJungwoowho fits this preference and ends up confessing to Jungwoo while he's drunk. Jungwoo is touched and a little flustered by the first confession he has ever received but, whil
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Paper Flower 4.3

Paper Flower

Chapter 51.5

1.4M Mar 26,23 Chanlanhan , Original: Vang

not found...
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Ordinary daily life of an omegaverse guide 4.4

Ordinary Daily Life Of An Omegaverse Guide

Chapter 59

701.6K Mar 26,23 Ha Se-young, Guman

Kang Yoonwoo is a common B class guide working at a guide center. One day, while Yoonwoo was going about his daily routine, a man came looking for him. “Your skills are good too, Guide.” He was the S class Esper, Kim Hyeontae. And as Yoonwoo never expected, he keeps coming back for him and asks him to become his personal guide.
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Hibi, Kimi 4.1

Hibi, Kimi

Vol.1 Chapter 2

3.8K Mar 26,23 Koike Sadaji

Hasuno, a screenwriter with zero housekeeping skills, decides to ask Higurashi, a junior student at his university whom he has always cared about, to do housework for him as a part-time job. As Higurashi takes care of Hasuno, a senior who he admires, he gradually begins to notice a change in his feelings. ......A pure and slightly carbonated love story between a popular scriptwriter with beauty in
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My High School Romance 2.5

My High School Romance

Chapter 88

241.7K Mar 26,23 Kim Se-young

Don't date my brother; date me. Seunghyun hates losing, and so does Yujin. Afraid of losing his brother to Yujin, Seunghyun asks him out. And Yujin, wanting to make Seunghyun suffer, accepts. What could possibly go wrong? More importantly, who's gonna win?!
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Vol.66 Chapter 66

430.5K Mar 26,23 Yuji Havana

.The shadow of the genius Jeong Jae-ui of the century, who said that even his luck smiled at him, and the twin, Jeong Tae-eui, were extremely ordinary soldiers except for sexual orientation. After being discharged from the military due to an injustice, one day, his uncle Jeong Chang-in made an invitation rather than a recommendation to him, who was enjoying his life as an unemployed person. Jung T
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Finding M 3.3

Finding M

Chapter 62

673.9K Mar 26,23 Noru

Please support the author if you can.
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