Tianbao Fuyao Lu 4

Tianbao Fuyao Lu

Chapter 68: Searching For Clues Underground: "oh No! It's A Camouflage Spell!"

812,742 May 13,22 Fei Tian Ye Xiang

Tianbao Period. Kong Hongjun, a young man who was ignorant of worldly affairs, came to Chang’an with three important tasks and entered the Great Tang’s Exorcist Department. Inside the department, he led a ragtag group of yao-vanquishing experts together with Li Jinglong, commander of the Longwu Army. And this, is the story of how they wrote out the Great Tang&
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Eyes clouded by the tiger 3.4

Eyes Clouded By The Tiger

Chapter 53

1,480,338 May 13,22 Brothers Without A Tomorrow

.Ahn Geumhu, the eldest son of the Ahn household, needed the blood of livestock for his younger brother's medicine, and so set out to find a pariah familiar with butchery.In the process, he ended up meeting a nameless pariah with a unique appearance.He gave that man, who was already famous on the streets, the name 'Beom', and brought him into his house to utilize his ambiguous charisma
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Red Beryl ni Sayonara 4.3

Red Beryl Ni Sayonara

Chapter 13

435,574 May 13,22 Michinoku Atami

Since childhood, Akihito has been convinced of his own worthlessness. One day, as he's on the verge of giving up on life altogether, a stranger steps in to save him: Kazushige, a vampire who has been living alone for a long time. Akihito is touched by Kazushige's actions and begins to visit him frequently, but after that initial moment of kindness the other man always treats him coldly, attempting
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Chapter 105

1,603,201 May 12,22 Mojito

Peaceful Egypt, stained with blood from the god of war, Set. Set's fate confrontation begins with the gods tyrannical bow and ultimately rebel against him.
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Where the Wind Stays [MATURE] 4.3

Where The Wind Stays [Mature]

Chapter 74

2,869,450 May 12,22 Yusa

To break an ancient curse that plagues the royal bloodline, young Prince Tasara is destined to be sacrificed in death. Nara is enlisted as a palace servant to carry out the prince's execution when the time comes. But he develops a soft spot for the cursed prince, and after committing an atrocious and unforgivable act against Tasara, Nara is desperate to right his wrongs. Soon, their lascivio
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My Bias' Double Life 2.7

My Bias' Double Life

Afterword 22.1

44,689 May 12,22 Jangsakkun

[Proudly brought to you by: Happy Croissant Scans!]My bias has an NSFW account?!Wooseok is a solo idol of three years who has been a big fan of an actor named Seju. After having the chance to work on the same drama, Wooseok accidentally uncovers a secret of Seju... By chance, Wooseok discovers an NSFW account with the same body as Seju!Doubtful, Wooseok reaches out to Seju, who confidently replies
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Hwanghyeon Text 4

Hwanghyeon Text

Chapter 36

480,361 May 12,22 Chepali

.The main character has the ability to read other people's thoughts and feelings as written text. But for the first time in his life, a man whose thoughts and feelings that he couldn't see appeared. This is the beginning of a mysterious relationship between 2 men who are intensely attracted to each other.
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Heat and Run 4.2

Heat And Run

Chapter 97 : S2 Special Episode 3 :hand.

2,931,247 May 12,22 Hong Ssona

‘Ro Jaeho' and 'Joo Ian' are the sons of Alpha families who are sworn enemies. However, their little brothers 'Joo Jihwan' and 'Ro Miho' are in a relationship...? Ian joins Miho and Jihwan's holiday in America and meets Jaeho there by chance. There is a strange tension in the air between the two older brothers... "Joo Ian,
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The Beast Must Die 3.9

The Beast Must Die

Chapter 86

1,338,309 May 12,22 Lee Hyeon Sook

To research the cause of his sister's death and the culprit of this, Li Ji Lin intentionally enters a club posing as Jiang Wu's lover; whose relationship was created only to be able to enter the club, when he enters the club and investigates thoroughly discovers the culprit and wants revenge, but does not know that he is in danger since he was selected by the members as "The prey"
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Runway Hit 2.9

Runway Hit

Chapter 54 : I'll Fix Myself

475,534 May 11,22 Hara

."Was he a lunatic with a loose dick?"Han Seohyun, had a magnificent debut as a genius designer but is now rejected by both the fashion industry and the modeling world. Lee Hyowon, a popular model, decides to participate in Seohyun's fashion show solely because he thinks it's fun."I'm interested in Seohyun-ssi's body, so would you like to sleep with me?"
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Roses and Champagne 4.1

Roses And Champagne

Chapter 38

420,473 May 11,22 Zig & Fat

.Lee Won, who works as a poor lawyer in Russia, visits City Councilor Zdanov, who is in conflict over Nikolai's commission, and there he meets the mafia boss, Caesar. Behind City Councilor Zdanov, there was a mafia involved. The meeting between the two is extraordinary. +
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Dear Door 4.4

Dear Door

Chapter 103

9,354,724 May 10,22 Pluto

While in hot pursuit of wanted criminals, a police officer has an unexpected encounter with a rather uncanny demon. Barely surviving the accident, Do Gyeong Joon is left baffled, staring at the sky at the retreating form of the mysterious man he had just met. However, not long after, the two meet again when the demon crashes into Do Gyeong Joon’s apartment, whispering: “Hurry up!
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Through the Rumors 2.8

Through The Rumors

Chapter 15

32,401 May 10,22 그림 글 따쓰

.After getting a job, Jin SolYi suddenly discovers himself to be an omega. Caught by his colleagues, SolYi is forced to scoop around a famous alpha actor, Baek GiEun for a dating scandal. For the sake of getting some dirt on Baek GiEun, SolYi hides behind a club and catches a slightly drunk Baek GiEun kissing another omega. He secretly takes photos of them. It is the perfect scandal to drag Baek G
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Perfect Body 3

Perfect Body

Chapter 20

558,394 May 10,22 Cho Sangduck

Coming Soon~
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Escape, Ray 3.9

Escape, Ray

Chapter 74

2,179,424 May 10,22 Geon-u

For Kile, it's just a normal day at work until Lou walks in. Tall, blond and dashing, he's not the type of guy that goes unnoticed. Lou eventually sweet-talks Kile back to his place… and that's when the bomb drops. “Your twin brother is dead. Soon, you will become an esper.” At those words, Kile's ordinary life is turned upside down. As the telekinetic powers begin to manifest, his body is o
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The Secret Life of the Demon King 2.8

The Secret Life Of The Demon King

Side. : Side Story 2

6,805,258 May 10,22 Arnoysil / Jungkun

After the holy war, the demon world fell into an economic recession. To restart his life, Demon King Hel started a part-time job. But, from muscular machos to pretty boys, his workplace is a 24hr "Knights Only Gay Club"?
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Two Moments 2.8

Two Moments

Chapter 43

284,516 May 09,22 Gureombit

.Do-hyun is on the verge of dying every time due to Cha's constant gambit. Thanks to his guardian, a goblin, he barely manages to get through a crises. He falls in love with his guardian, but the goblin doesn't easily open up about identity or feelings... With two moments facing each other at different times, what is the fate of the two?
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Deep 3.7


Chapter 43

364,367 May 09,22 유제 그림 유제

.Eugene, who imprinted Minwoo began to only dreamed of living with him. Eugene who is confused faced a challenge in his life. Minwoo suddenly starts to reject Eugene. Meanwhile, a new spirit of a new romance appeared in front of Minwoo...?(Merman ALERT!!!!) +
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Dark Fall 4.1

Dark Fall

Chapter 19.2 : Chapter 19.2

425,288 May 09,22 Darulung

Leon, who reigned as the ruler of Darkfall, loses power for an unknown reason. Those who support him begin to reveal their strong sexual desires and nature to give birth to a new king to replace him +
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By My Side 4.8

By My Side

Chapter 11

481,451 May 08,22 Natsume Kazuki

From Seraphic Deviltry: A love between men that starts from seeing a friend doing H by himself ❤️
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Lucky Paradise 3.6

Lucky Paradise

Chapter 68

4,371,595 May 08,22 Kangneuk

One very lucky morning, Ho-in accidentally bumps into Chunwoo on his way sprinting full speed to class. To Ho-in's dismay, he also manages to spray pickle juice all over him later the same day. Ho-in follows Chunwoo to his place to make up for his mistakes, but somehow wakes up in Chunwoo's bed the next morning... Leading to one lucky (?) encounter after another!
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Ways of Parting 4.1

Ways Of Parting

Chapter 65 : (The End)

1,265,044 May 08,22 Amarylia

Ha Joyoon, a reporter for TPA Communications—a foreign news agency—has been in a coma for five years after being involved in an accident in a civil war area. Miraculously, he returns home and visits his ex-lover, but he was already with someone else... They were friends since birth, and lovers after they grew up. A man who has never thought about breaking up with his lover and did not
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Long Time Red Mall 2.8

Long Time Red Mall

Chapter 55

493,798 May 08,22 Kjk

Reformed gangster, Nam Geonho decides to open an adult sex toy shop with Yeonwoo, his most beloved hoobae, after getting out of prison. Geonho had hoped that opening the shop in the countryside would allow him peace and quiet but interest in the shop soars and customers surge. To provide good recommendations to the increasing number of customers, Geonho decides to try the toys on himself but
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Boku no Yasashii Oniisan 4.2

Boku No Yasashii Oniisan

Vol.4 Chapter 20

369,063 May 07,22 Ima Ichiko

When Satoshi Kashiwabara went to Nichoume, he fell in love for the first time with Nichoume's prince; a known playboy. But right after they kissed, he received a message saying his father was in critical condition and left the hotel. However, a few days later, he found himself living with his step-brother, who turned out to be the prince himself!!! It's a romantic comedy about step-brothers sudden
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