Chapter 16

197.4K Apr 12,24 Changwoon

Theo Ju, a lawyer at a law firm, is troubled by his ex-girlfriend who disappears with documents as evidence. Additionally, as things progressed, it became increasingly difficult for him to buy the Green House he had always wanted. At the same time, he meets and tries to spend one night with Dylan, a famous actor he encounters by chance. With the choice he made, Theo didn't know that he might regre
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Don't Mix Business with Pleasure! 4.1

Don't Mix Business With Pleasure!

Chapter 36

1.4M Apr 12,24 Hodot

Baek Do-hoo, a BL novel writer and college student, gets to know Seo Joo-heon, a junior from the same university. Baek Do-hoo, who was sure that he would come up with a good idea if he conceived a seme character based on Jooheon, followed him around, analyzed him, and developed an interest in Seo Joo-heon. “Do you like me that much? Enough to do such a dirty thing?"
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Summer's Guest 3.6

Summer's Guest

Chapter 48

4.1M Apr 12,24 Neungseon , Ridge

Sanwoo is spending his summer employed as a custodian of an old house, where his lonely days are filled with nothing but manual labor and reflections on the past. One day, however, Sunwoo's solitude is interrupted by the arrival of Eunjae, the handsome young heir of the house. As old memories and feelings come flooding back, slowly the two boys slip into a steamy summer passion. But when another v
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Solo For Two 3.8

Solo For Two


660.8K Apr 12,24 Caesim , Oddloop

There are three rumors about the star ballet dancer, Sasya. First, he's a sodomist. Second, he gets high on drugs before performing on the stage. Third, he sells himself to his wealthy patrons. And some of these rumors are true. Despite all this, Sasya was once loved unconditionally, but he abandoned his love in pursuit of success. One day, Sasya's long past love reappears before him, looking comp
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The Perfect Pose 3.1

The Perfect Pose

Chapter 15

40.2K Apr 12,24

The photography student Akane starts modeling for the famous photographer Kage, but after Kage's secret passion for bondage photography is revealed, their photoshoots lead to deeper sexual relationshi+
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Did It Work 4

Did It Work

Chapter 54

2.7M Apr 12,24 Rain , Binun , Lime Tree , Deung Bul

Seungjeong inherited the abilities of his ancestors, who were famous shamans, but those abilities can only be used when they get pleasure from sexual contact with the right person. Seungjeong, who went to the casino because of a friend's trick, lost all of his fortune and was looking around to use his ancestor's abilities. Seungjeong, who found Gayoon, followed him and forcibly rubbed his body to
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Boy Girlfriend 3.3

Boy Girlfriend

Chapter 125

690.8K Apr 12,24 Pastaflavour

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My Rei of Light 3.4

My Rei Of Light

Chapter 8.2

25.4K Apr 12,24 UnoDay Studio

"Can you please be my muse!!!"Two individuals with fervent passions, yet adrift in their own narratives, serendipitously crossed paths. By chance, they encountered each other.In each other's company, Yuji and Masa, two souls enchanted by beauty, revel in the freedom to be authentic. Bound by their unique shared passion, they slowly unravel hidden emotions, triggering a transformative journey that
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Bunny Killer Cocktail 1.9

Bunny Killer Cocktail

Chapter 3

61.4K Apr 12,24 Mutsuki Kujirakawa

"I can't believe Hibiki's on stage in that naughty outfit..." Hibiki works as a bunny boy in a night club where he's reunited with Shun, a classmate from college he secretly had feelings for. Giddy with joy, he drinks himself silly as they reminisce over their time together and before he knows it... Shun follows him into the bathroom and makes a move on him!? A scuzzy love addict and a meddlesome
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After My Death, The Prince Is Unbearably Grieved 3.9

After My Death, The Prince Is Unbearably Grieved

Chapter 23

456K Apr 12,24 兔淼淼 , 书耽网 , 虎岫工作室

Wo Zou Hou, Wangye Tongbuyusheng; After My Death, the Prince Is Unbearably Grieved, , Use Yourself As A PoisonHe used his body as a gu, risking his life to detoxify him, but he was spoiled and hated. Five years later, Chi Yan's Gu poison was completely cured, Bai Luo ran out of energy and decided to leave, but he kept Bai Luoqiang by his side by all means When the humble and selfless love is exhau
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Secretary Jin's Confinement Diary 3.3

Secretary Jin's Confinement Diary

Chapter 25

754.6K Apr 12,24 Han Ye Oe , Kkoli

not found...
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Nothing but a number 2.8

Nothing But A Number

Chapter 29

30.4K Apr 12,24 Grapefruit Soda, Mambo

What’s age when it comes to true love? For Seung-oh, his age is becoming quite the concern. Twelve years older than his boyfriend, even the ten years they’ve already spent together seems to fade away in the shadows of his anxiety over aging. Hyeonwoo, meanwhile, couldn’t care less that he’s dating a much older man. His most important concern is the clear change in his partner, and the effect it’s
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Chapter 89

2.5M Apr 12,24 Yuji Havana

.The shadow of the genius Jeong Jae-ui of the century, who said that even his luck smiled at him, and the twin, Jeong Tae-eui, were extremely ordinary soldiers except for sexual orientation. After being discharged from the military due to an injustice, one day, his uncle Jeong Chang-in made an invitation rather than a recommendation to him, who was enjoying his life as an unemployed person. Jung T
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Bittersweet Sweet Darling 4.3

Bittersweet Sweet Darling

Chapter 48

969.9K Apr 12,24 Carpe Xd

not found...
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Muhyeok X Naui 3.8

Muhyeok X Naui

Chapter 16

233.8K Apr 12,24 Gimmgim

Naui's nights have been disturbed for a month by the moaning sounds coming from his neighbor living in room 302. He was planning to confront the man living next door but he turns out to be a tall, tattooed and scary guy. His neighbor, Muhyeok, mistakes Naui for a package thief and catches him with a di***. "Naui-ssi, should we use the di***?" What the he** is he talking about?!Muhyeok X Naui, My U
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Tabun Korekara Ai no Hibi 4.4

Tabun Korekara Ai No Hibi


443.1K Apr 12,24 Ikemori Ayu

31-year-old Akio Ito is totally worn out and has finally quit his job after devoting his twenties to the craft of creating manga comics. He's down and glum when he's reunited with Hiroto Kuma, nicknamed "Kuma", a friend from high school with whom he once enjoyed manga and subculture. A year his junior, Kuma, who is now a bestselling novelist and a single father of young twins, always told Akio tha
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Between us (Noru) 3.1

Between Us (Noru)

Chapter 108

906.6K Apr 12,24 Noru

Wujoo basically has two parental figures in his life. His real father of course, and Inha- his best friend of 18 years who's even more invested in his personal affairs the average parent. Wooju is desperate to get Inha something special for his birthday, but being just a mere high school student, he unfortunately doesn't have the money. Wooju comes up with a very unorthodox method to earn some cas
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The Deputy Wants To Do It 3.4

The Deputy Wants To Do It

Side. : Epilogue (6)

1.6M Apr 12,24 이윤희 , Lee Yoonhee , Yoonhee

When country bumpkin Kang Bongsoo lands a new office job in the big city, he falls in love at first sight with Yoo Jiwon, the refined and sophisticated deputy manager in a neighboring department. After initially resigning to silently pine for Jiwon, Bongsoo unwittingly spots him making out with a man at a gay club and decides to confess his true feelings. When Bongsoo’s plans to form an emotional
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Come here, I’ll carry you to play 3.8

Come Here, I’Ll Carry You To Play

Chapter 96

496.7K Apr 12,24 Bart

“Please…hold me.” “But, sir…” Il-yeon has left home to do a task at his father’s request. He has come back to a place he hasn’t been in in ten years. My, how things have changed. And he can’t wait to see some familiar old faces again. But suddenly, one night Il-yeon is overwhelmed by a debilitating sickness. No, it can’t be…not here…not now… It’s that sickness that consumes his entire body with
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Double Trap 4

Double Trap

Chapter 92

2.6M Apr 12,24 굿맨

Jin-seong, who has had a crush on his older brother Yura since childhood, comes to live with his brother due to a sudden parental accident.I witnessed that older brother sneak in and masturbate with his sleeping self as a side dish! "Hyung, are you the hyung I know? Who are you ?!" +
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Today's Fortune 2.9

Today's Fortune

Chapter 17

61.9K Apr 11,24 Gyuraengi

Woojoo' is pathologically obsessed with fortune-telling, and Dojin', who is gay but cannot reveal his sexual orientation. How is their romance going to turn out? +
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Aren't You My Type 3.9

Aren't You My Type

Chapter 14

370.1K Apr 11,24 Ha Tae-jin , Toffee , Chasam

"You're here to meet Joogeon-ah, right? …I'm Joogeon-ah." *Ding* Lately there are many messages from people who mistake Geon-ah for his friend Hyesung. Usually, he would think of it as a prank from Hyesung and try to ignore it... However, the messages were pouring out that day! A message from "Hyundal" came when his work stress was at its peak. Geon-ah suddenly replies to the message sent by
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