My Guildmate Next Door 3.9

My Guildmate Next Door

Chapter 24

1.1M Feb 24,24 허니트랩 , Angela , Honey Trap , Bijak

After suffering from a stalker, Yoon Ji-gu becomes extremely wary of people. Just in time, a man with a strange sexual orientation moved into the neighbor's house...?"Looks like there's a pervert living next door..."In reality, Lee Yeo-woon and Yoon Ji-gu are suspicious neighbors who are full of misunderstandings.In the game, the couple neutaaaa (Lee Yeo-woon) and ji9byeol.How will
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Two Empires, The Slave Of The Empire 4.2

Two Empires, The Slave Of The Empire

Chapter 44

1.5M Feb 24,24 Hegan, Morgen, Revnoad, Salt Bread

not found...
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Dead man Switch 4.2

Dead Man Switch

Chapter 37

922.9K Feb 24,24 Aize , Jin(coinmint)

After barely finishing his final assignment, Jung Hohyun, who fell into a deep sleep, wakes up on Christmas morning to blood and flesh being ripped out right in front of his eyes. Some of the students who remained at the school became zombies for an unknown reason. Jung Hohyun, who was in a panic, ran away frantically. He ran into a man, Ki Wonyoung, who kills zombies with no remorse. However
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Nameless 3.7


Chapter 29

255.9K Feb 24,24 Gidde

Nuka, who has been taking illegal guide drugs as an unregistered esper, is kidnapped by the military guide Astin one day in the name of esper management. Quarantined by the military, Nuka is fascinated by Astin's strong guiding, and "You'll have to consider it a lifetime honor to be guided by me."
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I Don't Want to Be Your Cruising Partner 3.5

I Don't Want To Be Your Cruising Partner

Chapter 15

260.1K Feb 24,24 Hanao Akiyama

not found...
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His Biggest Fan 4.1

His Biggest Fan

Chapter 14

163.6K Feb 24,24 Uni Miura

“All I want is to sleep with you.” Sweet, young, and popular - actor Keima Akizuki has a secret: he’s actually a sharp-tongued video game nerd! When a mysterious younger man threatens Keima with that secret, he has no choice but pay the stranger off... with his body! Keima thinks the last he’ll ever see of the mystery man until he’s introduced to him the very next day! A junior actor at Keima's ag
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Sweet Not Sugar 4.1

Sweet Not Sugar

Chapter 35

530.6K Feb 24,24 White April

Omega Lee Dan, who’s in a tough situation, was helped by an Alpha stranger Yeo Jung-heon. He’s trying to pay him back with his Omega body, but Yeo Jung-jeon flatly refuses his offer. While Yeo Jung-heon’s warm-hearted personality and kindness are suspicious, Lee Dan, who still wants to believe in him, is starting to open up…. The story of Lee Dan, who was abandoned and hurt by the world, and Yeo
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Sunday’s Consolation 4

Sunday’S Consolation

Chapter 44

45.9K Feb 24,24 Han woo-joo , samil

Read Sunday's Consolation manga yaoi free on mangabuddy.ComX-like Monday, annoying Tuesday A Friday to endure, a Saturday to thrive. Jung Ra-won, who just wants to have a peaceful and comfortable Sunday, and live as an ordinary office worker. However, because of his younger brother Jung Ji won, who is a certified b**, he is mistakenly taken by his boss, Hyun Je-oh. "Men X looks good." " I will r
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Sura's Lover 4.2

Sura's Lover

Season.3 Chapter 92

1.3M Feb 24,24 Shin Yuri

Deep in the mountains is a village that offers prayers to the mythical Asura/Sura in order to stay protected. Doctor Cho-ah' who lives in the doctor's town ends up saving a mysterious man named Mujin'.This encounter marks the end of Cho-ah's peaceful days as he gets caught up in a whirlwind of events.
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Come here, I’ll carry you to play 3.8

Come Here, I’Ll Carry You To Play

Chapter 89

483.1K Feb 24,24 Bart

“Please…hold me.” “But, sir…” Il-yeon has left home to do a task at his father’s request. He has come back to a place he hasn’t been in in ten years. My, how things have changed. And he can’t wait to see some familiar old faces again. But suddenly, one night Il-yeon is overwhelmed by a debilitating sickness. No, it can’t be…not here…not now… It’s that sickness that consumes his entire body with
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God's ID Card 3.9

God's Id Card

Chapter 49

1.2M Feb 24,24 尼三岁

"Forensic medicine student Lu Lanqiao became the biggest suspect in "killing" his brother overnight. The words his brother said before his death set him on the road of escape. In order to find out who killed his brother, Lu Lanqiao and the detective who was chasing him, Fucheng, met and the relationship between the two fugitives and their pursuers gradually changed..."
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Her Shim-Cheong 4.8

Her Shim-Cheong

Chapter 86

3.9M Feb 23,24 Seri, Biwan

Set in historical Korea, some legends are not completely told. This is the untold half of a legend concerning a beggar woman and the wife of a powerful minister.
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Kamisama Nanka Shinjinai Bokura no Eden 3.9

Kamisama Nanka Shinjinai Bokura No Eden

Chapter 5

147.8K Feb 23,24 Ichinose Yuma

One day, science-loving wallflower Shikito Takai smells an overwhelmingly alluring scent coming from his classmate Kaito Nishio, whom he's always admired. Then, when Nishio becomes flushed and weak during gym class, Shikito tries to take him to the Nurse's office, but the two somehow end up in the disused equipment storeroom...This is the story of the human race's first Alpha and Omega, the incept
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Bittersweet Howling 3.9

Bittersweet Howling

Chapter 11

201.6K Feb 23,24 Keun Zo Maen

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The Deputy Wants To Do It 3.4

The Deputy Wants To Do It


1.6M Feb 23,24 이윤희 , Lee Yoonhee , Yoonhee

When country bumpkin Kang Bongsoo lands a new office job in the big city, he falls in love at first sight with Yoo Jiwon, the refined and sophisticated deputy manager in a neighboring department. After initially resigning to silently pine for Jiwon, Bongsoo unwittingly spots him making out with a man at a gay club and decides to confess his true feelings. When Bongsoo’s plans to form an emotional
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The Path Of Star 4.1

The Path Of Star

Chapter 61

1.3M Feb 23,24 Kim ah-so / Yeon

“Gyoura” the leader of the idol group "Fale Green," is an rookie group. The legendary group Kimberly was on the top spot to the gap differences in votes. Due this overwhelming pressure Gyoura was crying.So Kimberly's member, Gyeol-woo, hugs him and asks him to congratulate him.? To Winter, who tries to carry everything in the group, he reaches out whenever he has a
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Nothing but a number 2.1

Nothing But A Number

Chapter 22

15.4K Feb 23,24 Grapefruit Soda, Mambo

What’s age when it comes to true love? For Seung-oh, his age is becoming quite the concern. Twelve years older than his boyfriend, even the ten years they’ve already spent together seems to fade away in the shadows of his anxiety over aging. Hyeonwoo, meanwhile, couldn’t care less that he’s dating a much older man. His most important concern is the clear change in his partner, and the effect it’s
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Did It Work 4

Did It Work

Chapter 51

2.7M Feb 23,24 Rain , Binun , Lime Tree , Deung Bul

Seungjeong inherited the abilities of his ancestors, who were famous shamans, but those abilities can only be used when they get pleasure from sexual contact with the right person. Seungjeong, who went to the casino because of a friend's trick, lost all of his fortune and was looking around to use his ancestor's abilities. Seungjeong, who found Gayoon, followed him and forcibly rubbed his body to
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Believe My Sign 3.9

Believe My Sign

Chapter 35

994.2K Feb 23,24 Shark , Sang Eo

[Translated by Mosh Scans]Soo-jeong is always getting on the self-absorbed Eunchan's nerves since he first appeared before him out of the blue.Soo-jeong feels the same way towards the socially inept Eun-chan, who is often harsh towards him.Their ironic relationship develops as they try to survive together, even though they don't trust one another.What should you trust? Your past experiences and me
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Between us (Noru) 3

Between Us (Noru)

Chapter 101

890.5K Feb 23,24 Noru

Wujoo basically has two parental figures in his life. His real father of course, and Inha- his best friend of 18 years who's even more invested in his personal affairs the average parent. Wooju is desperate to get Inha something special for his birthday, but being just a mere high school student, he unfortunately doesn't have the money. Wooju comes up with a very unorthodox method to earn some cas
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Polar Bunny 3.4

Polar Bunny

Chapter 7: Extra 3 (End)

143.5K Feb 23,24 Kim Nyeong

not found...
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The Falling Merman 4

The Falling Merman

Chapter 98

2.3M Feb 23,24 麟潜 , Re-vendur , 流浪草工作室 , 长佩文学网

Tactical command boss (coquettish white lion alpha) × force value top dumb beauty assaulter (noble mermaid omega). Both of them were once experimental subjects of the Academy, relying on each other but “using” each other. Because of a misunderstanding, the white lion was injured by the mermaid, yelling about revenge, but it was difficult to start when he was goodbye. After all, he still wanted to
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Monday'saviour 3.8


Chapter 19

106.8K Feb 23,24 Wageul

Won yo-il, who was bullied every Monday because of his Waggle name, is afraid of Mondays. At the center of the bullying was his best friend, and Yo-il, who had been wandering after dropping out. To a great shock he returns to a new high school.Read Monday'saviour on mangabuddy+
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