Yamada to Kase-san 4.5

Yamada To Kase-San

Chapter 22.2: College Festival And Kase-San (Part 2)

1,337,037 Oct 03,21 TAKASHIMA Hiromi

Sequel series to:
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Yumeguri Yurimeguri 4.3

Yumeguri Yurimeguri

Chapter 27.5

493,826 Oct 03,21 Hazuki (float*)

Gay girls and Onsen.
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Shimeji Simulation 4.6

Shimeji Simulation

Chapter 29

523,184 Oct 03,21 Tsukumizu

From the Shoujo Shuumatsu/Last Girls' Tour Mangaka. A poetic, surreal yet heartwarming 4 panel series about the everyday.
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Kinsei No Reveal 4.2

Kinsei No Reveal

Chapter 14.1: Volume 2 Omake

380,395 Oct 03,21 Numachi Doromaru

Kugami Sugara just wants to lead a peaceful school life. But being chosen by the beautiful and talented Shirasagi Yui to be her pseudo 'sister', her life is anything but peaceful. And to make things even more interesting, Yui's cold but capable identical twin sister (and also student council president), Shirasagi Ui, also takes an interest in Sugara.
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Beauty and the Beast Girl 4.6

Beauty And The Beast Girl

Chapter 48

5,065,361 Oct 01,21 Neji

When a monster girl stumbles upon a blind girl who doesn't run away from her, the two begin to bond. The blind girl listens to the monster as if she were human, and the monster slowly begins to feel warmth in her heart.
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Onna Tomodachi to Kekkon Shitemita 4.3

Onna Tomodachi To Kekkon Shitemita

Chapter 10: Today's A Lazy Sort Of Day, Where I Don't Want To Do Anything

349,714 Sep 30,21 Shio Usui

Two women who are just friends make a pact... "If both of us are still single in 5 years, let's get married." Five years later, they meet again, and their married life begins.
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Hero's Marriage 4

Hero's Marriage

Chapter 31

853,259 Sep 30,21 sherlyn

in a fantasy kingdom, "platinum" defeated the demon king and was crowned the hero, without knowing that the kingdom's princess is the reward for defeating the demon king... tl note: i don't know if this already exists here, nor do i know the author of this. i found this through chinese translations, where they listed the author as sherlyn. i'm not s
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Kami eshi JK to OL fujoshi 4.1

Kami Eshi Jk To Ol Fujoshi

Vol.4 Chapter 20: And Yet, You Are Making This Adult’S Heart Go Wild...

712,995 Sep 29,21 Sato

She's beautiful but she doesn't have a lover. Aizawa is a total loser fujoshi OL (Office Lady) One day the artist she worshipped as a god, Misumi— announced she was going to a doujinshi event, so she headed to the venue. But sitting in the artist's booth was a cute high-school girl!
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I'm an Elite Angel, But I'm Troubled By an Impregnable High School Girl 4

I'm An Elite Angel, But I'm Troubled By An Impregnable High School Girl

Chapter 15: The Angel Is Worried

2,745,169 Sep 28,21 Noyama

The role of the angels is to evaluate the good deeds of human beings and fulfill the "small wishes" that were in the good deeds. The angel, Ariel, is one of them. However, what appeared in front of her was a high school girl who didn't have any "small wishes" despite having done tens of thousands of good deeds Ariel decides to approac
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Kyou Kara Mirai 3.9

Kyou Kara Mirai

Chapter 11.5: Mizuki-Senpai's Request

311,689 Sep 28,21 Yoshitomi Akihito

High school girl Miku confesses to her childhood friend Kyouko, asking that she give her reply before they graduate. Until that happens, however, Miku gives Kyouko the freedom to do whatever she wants with her.
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Futari Escape 3.8

Futari Escape

Chapter 23: Business Costs Escape

1,114,681 Sep 28,21 Taguchi Shouichi

A deadline-plagued manga artist and her jobless senpai try their best to escape from the oppressiveness that is "real life". Expansion of Taguchi's previous doujin Ninin Escape.
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I Favor the Villainess 4.7

I Favor The Villainess

Chapter 14: Way Of The Maid

4,622,909 Sep 25,21 Sumio Aono,Inori,Hanagata

Ordinary office worker Oohashi Rei wakes up in the body of the protagonist of her favorite otome game, Revolution. To her delight, the first person to greet her is also her favorite character, Claire Francois–the main antagonist of the story! Now, Rei is determined to romance Claire instead of the game’s male leads. But how will her villainous lady love react to this new courtship?!
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Hatsukoi, Tokimeki Usuihon 3.9

Hatsukoi, Tokimeki Usuihon

Chapter 14

295,221 Sep 24,21 Takahashi Tetsuya

Indonesian: Hime adalah gadis SMA yang manis imut nan mungil, dia sangat berprasangka gay pada Itoha, gadis sepermainannya yang juga manis imut nan cantik jelita yang pesonanya dapat menyilaukan mata, suatu ketika Hime membulatkan niat dan tekadnya untuk menyatakan perasaan gay nya pada Itoha, namun siapa sangka Itoha juga merasa gay pada Hime,
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Dai Kyochuu Rettou 3.5

Dai Kyochuu Rettou

Chapter 25.2: Full Stomach (Part 02)

4,517,458 Sep 24,21 Shuu Hirose,Yasutaka Fujimi

New enemies, new bugs and an even bigger island.
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Shokei Shoujo no Ikirumichi 3.7

Shokei Shoujo No Ikirumichi

Chapter 15: Best In The World

428,376 Sep 22,21 Mato Satou,Ryo Mitsuya

In this world, there are Strays - people who arrived from another world's Japan. These Strays were responsible for a great disaster in the past so upon being spotted, they are meant to be killed by Executioners. Menou, an Executioner, meets a Stray named Akari, who she kills without hesitation. Yet, Akari comes back to life. Searching for a way to kill her, this journey of
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Citrus + 4.7

Citrus +

Chapter 22: August 14Th

2,190,579 Sep 19,21 Saburouta

The continuation of Yuzu and Mei's story.
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Motto Hanjuku Joshi 3.6

Motto Hanjuku Joshi

Chapter 13

723,466 Sep 17,21 Morishima Akiko

Yae and Chitose have been dating for one year. Their relationship continues in this sweet and fluffy slice-of-life story.
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Bright and Cheery Amnesia 4.6

Bright And Cheery Amnesia

Chapter 53

7,118,871 Sep 17,21 Oku Tamamushi

From Girls in Boxes: Mari's girlfriend, Arisa, loses her memories of the past three years, including all memory of their life together. However, it turns out that being crazy in love with someone transcends all realms of possibility.
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A Monster Wants to Eat Me 4.5

A Monster Wants To Eat Me

Chapter 8: The Fragile Ties That Bind

357,936 Sep 15,21 Naekawa Sai

High school girl Hinako is living a quiet life in a seaside town, but she feels somewhat detached from her friends during the summer months when she is reminded of when her family died years ago. One day, she meets Shiori, a mysterious girl who reminds her of the ocean, especially when it comes to her translucent blue eyes, but Shiori soon reveals that she is actually a mermaid who has been lookin
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I Kissed a Succubus 4

I Kissed A Succubus

Chapter 12: What's Missing Will Always Be Missing.

454,428 Sep 15,21 Shiratama Moti

Serialized series based on the "A Succubus Yuri Story" doujins, featuring an alternate storyline.
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Azur Lane 4-koma: Slow Ahead 4.5

Azur Lane 4-Koma: Slow Ahead

Chapter 76.5

1,501,609 Sep 14,21 Hori no Su

Azur Lane official 4-koma webcomic.
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Ano Koro no Aoi Hoshi 4.6

Ano Koro No Aoi Hoshi

Chapter 10

444,522 Sep 10,21 Kani

One day, a mediocre high school girl, Koumoto Umi, falls in love with Segawa Shou, a beautiful woman in her next class. Although he was confused by his feelings, he wanted to get along with Segawa, who had a mysterious atmosphere somewhere...
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Hero-san and Former General-san 4.3

Hero-San And Former General-San

Chapter 21: Bad Girl, Good Girl

1,256,402 Sep 08,21 sometime

The world is being invaded by beings from another dimension called Antinoids, that have many hidden abilities, a Hero of Justice, Rapid Rabbit, has risen up to protect it! Well, that was the case, until he lost the battle to the Antinoid General named "Honey Trap", and, as the general unmasks this gallant hero, she discovers "he" is actually a girl, and immediately falls i
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