Do You Think Someone Like You Can Defeat the Demon King? 4.7

Do You Think Someone Like You Can Defeat The Demon King?

Chapter 17: Undeveloped Thoughts

6.5M Mar 11,23 Sunao Minakata, kiki

According to the god’s prophecy, the girl Flamm was chosen to be one of the members of the demon king’s subjugation journey. Everyone was a hero and possessed a top class power. However, for some reason only Flamm did not possess the power to fight, and all of her status values were 0. While being ashamed, she continued to put great efforts to be useful to the heroes. However, one day, she was tr
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On a Leash 4

On A Leash

Chapter 94

2.9M Mar 10,23 Aji

From Lezhin: Tensions run high on the battlefield as soldiers fight through death. Bombs rain from the sky and bullets pepper the ground. In battle, beasts screech through the sky and tear through the earth. After the smoke clears, the soldiers return to their human forms weary from battle and numbed by death. But amid the explosions and chaos, a spark of passion ignites. Time will tell whether it
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What Dirty Intentions Does Sister Have 4.7

What Dirty Intentions Does Sister Have

Chapter 58

130.1K Mar 09,23 Zhaoguang Media , 昭广传媒

A rookie female director and a rich woman, they'll bring out all the best no matter what flavor: they can be salty, sweet, cute, and fancy ; when the president falls in love with another president. Faced with love and money, power, public opinion, and family pressure, how will they choose? No! Only children make choices, I'm going to take it all!
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Miss Angel and Miss Devil 4.2

Miss Angel And Miss Devil

Chapter 329: Ep. 34 - Neither Distant, Nor Together (17)

10.7M Mar 08,23 Maeu Malgeum

The story of angels who don't behave like angels and devils who are kinder than them. A new romance begins!
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For Garbage 2.9

For Garbage

Chapter 77

1.5M Mar 06,23 Kim Jong Geon

Min-ju, who felt lonely at her husband's indifference. A beauty 12 years younger, approaches Min-Ju? Seo Ji-ah, a woman who gives off a strange atmosphere in the boring daily life of a full-time housewife, Min-ju. Ji-Ah's kindness attracts lonely Min-ju.
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A Model Advisory

Chapter 12

25.2K Mar 06,23 안은진 , Pony , Ahn Eunjin

"It looks the same as the ideal type in your imagination!"One spring day when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, "Bomi," a freshman in high school who was alone in an empty art department, she pours all her ideals and draws a fictional character, surprised to learn that the person in my imagination looks the same as Hae-yoon, a handsome, tall, athletic senior in the nation's rankings for the pract
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A Collar Only For You 4.4

A Collar Only For You

Chapter 12: Hit Me, Punch Me, Shove Me

135.2K Mar 06,23 Aoto Hibiki

"I'm a woman I like to be slapped with a soft, sharp, supple palm" I accidentally caught a high school girl who was passing out in front of her apartment. There are scars on his face, but he says, "I'm really there. Such a beautiful girl". That night, when I was taking care of a beautiful mysterious girl, how did she end up in my bed!?
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Watashi Ga Koibito Ni Nareru Wake Naijan, Muri Muri! (Muri Janakatta!?) 4.5

Watashi Ga Koibito Ni Nareru Wake Naijan, Muri Muri! (Muri Janakatta!?)

Chapter 34.5

2.4M Mar 05,23 Teren Mikami,Musshu

Longing to be a normie, I, Renako Amaori, am finally making my high school debut after working so hard for it. However due to my communcation impairment I have a gloomy aura, and after being in the normie group day in day out, I got so exhausted and said "I can't do this anymore!", I've reached my limit! During that time I accidentally met the top student of our
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Hateful Lady 3.4

Hateful Lady

Chapter 34

495.6K Mar 03,23 Jo Sangdeuk , Park Minam , 박미남 , 조상덕

Amazingly good looks and amazingly popular. Yu Sung-Ha, the infamous queen of popularity who's known for flirting with only women, has ended her very short relationship and is ready to commit to a proper relationship from now on. That's when the new transfer student, Shin Ra-Hwi enters Yu Sung-Ha's radar In order for Yu Sung-Ha to properly date, she knows that she can't flirt with other women agai
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Can't Fall in Love! 4.5

Can't Fall In Love!

Chapter 31

100.6K Feb 23,23 Songha

Jeong-hyun often acts before thinking, leaving her unemployed after fighting with the store manager for her part-time job. However, she signs up as a talent manager when introduced by her older brother. There, she falls in love with an actress, Hee-ra! "It was likelove at first sight!" but it turns out that Hee-ra acts quite differently from her expectations. Though she shouldn't be swept away in
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Run Away with Me, Girl 4.3

Run Away With Me, Girl

Vol.4 Chapter 16

1M Feb 22,23 Battan

About a woman who meets with her first love again to see that she is pregnant and married.
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My Mom's a Superstar 3.8

My Mom's A Superstar

Chapter 22

1.2M Feb 21,23 时一二, Shi Yi Er

What will happen when an overly-supportive daughter discovers loads of photos of her mom, a famous actress, on the internet posing with her female co-stars in ways that "friends" would not do?
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Sorry but I'm not Yuri 4.6

Sorry But I'm Not Yuri

Chapter 13: Toudou Itsumi's Revenge (Part Two)

1.4M Feb 20,23 Mochi Au Lait

In an attempt to win her homeroom teacher's heart, Itsumi Toudou purchashed a shady love potion, and tested it out on her stuck-up student committee president, Yomotsuka. Now, she has an uncharacteristically affectionate girl to deal with, and she's not even a lesbian! Right?
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I Won 300 Million Yen in a Lottery so I Started Raising a Freeloader Pretty Girl 4.5

I Won 300 Million Yen In A Lottery So I Started Raising A Freeloader Pretty Girl

Chapter 13

413.9K Feb 17,23 Paderapollo

One day, Hino Mariya, an ordinary office lady, casually bought a lottery ticket, won the grand prize, and suddenly became a millionaire! While dreamily thinking about how to spend her 300-million yen windfall, she accidentally dropped her bankbook. A beautiful girl named Tenma Tsujido happened to pick up the bankbook, and then asked Hino to become her sugar mommy in exchange for returning the bank
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Neta Chara Tensei Toka Anmarida! 4.6

Neta Chara Tensei Toka Anmarida!

Chapter 19.5

4.6M Feb 13,23 OTONASHI Kanade , AMANE Kamuragi

Toru Aikawa is a university student who spends his days going through the motions of attending school and working at a local convenience store. The only time he really feels alive is when he's playing the massive multiplayer VR game Real World Online. One day, he has a stroke of luck: he's hit by a runaway bus and reincarnated as his game character. But something's gone wrong... Instead of the in
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Kyou Kara Mirai 4.3

Kyou Kara Mirai

Chapter 20.5: Starting Today, I'll Do What I Want With The Future

993.7K Feb 12,23 Yoshitomi Akihito

High school girl Miku confesses to her childhood friend Kyouko, asking that she give her reply before they graduate. Until that happens, however, Miku gives Kyouko the freedom to do whatever she wants with her.
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Ano Koro no Aoi Hoshi 4.6

Ano Koro No Aoi Hoshi

Vol.5 Chapter 14.5: Volume 5 Extra

1M Feb 07,23 Kani

One day, a mediocre high school girl, Koumoto Umi, falls in love with Segawa Shou, a beautiful woman in her next class. Although he was confused by his feelings, he wanted to get along with Segawa, who had a mysterious atmosphere somewhere...
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The Wolf in Love and Mille-Feuille 4.6

The Wolf In Love And Mille-Feuille

Chapter 21

1.4M Feb 06,23 Ugatsu Matsuki

The Wolf falls in love. A dark fairy tale action starts.
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Liberta 4.1


Chapter 34

1.7M Feb 05,23 TATSUBON

Vampire yuri action from the creator of Tadokoro-san.
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I Want to Trouble Komada-san 4.4

I Want To Trouble Komada-San

Chapter 8

114.7K Feb 04,23 SUZUO

I Want to Trouble Komada-san manga, Komada-san wo Komarasetai , Komada is a short high school girl who is constantly troubled with something. Her junior, Kagai, who is big in various ways, is always playing with her and annoying Komada! However, there is a reason why Kagai annoys her, and that is simply because The more you love someone, the more you want to annoy them!
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Isle of Farewell And Reunion 4.8

Isle Of Farewell And Reunion

Chapter 145

367.7K Feb 03,23 Viva

Giving up her top job to live alone on the island, the writer Elly meets her younger schoolmate Rhea, thus their story starts... Check out how the scheming junior courts her reserved dream lover!
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Asumi-chan is interested in Lesbian Brothels! 4.6

Asumi-Chan Is Interested In Lesbian Brothels!

Chapter 16

5M Jan 30,23 Itsuki Kuro

Asumi-chan uses a lesbian brothel to try to find her childhood friend.
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Odoriba ni sukaato ga naru 4.6

Odoriba Ni Sukaato Ga Naru

Chapter 15

408.2K Jan 29,23 Utatane Yuu

Haruma Kiki always dreamed of doing ballroom dance as the feminine "follower" role, but as she aged she only grew taller and taller, eventually causing her to give up ever looking good in a dress or anything ladylike. Now, as a second year in high school, she specializes in the masculine "leader" role—until one day, her partner suddenly leaves her. When Toribami Michiru,
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