The Wolf in Love and Mille-Feuille 4.5

The Wolf In Love And Mille-Feuille

Chapter 7: Sleeping Sirius

572,954 Sep 04,21 Ugatsu Matsuki

The Wolf falls in love. A dark fairy tale action starts.
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Wild Lilies and Violets 4.4

Wild Lilies And Violets

Chapter 36

232,723 Aug 31,21 Interstellar Entertainment /星际互娱 &, Yin Zi Neko /音子 Neko

“Warning: Yuri content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” In a prosperous city, there are many races- which are beyond the understanding of humans- hidden in society. The strength and the prosperity of these races not only depends on their own growth, but also on human belief
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My Cute Little Kitten 4.5

My Cute Little Kitten

Chapter 13

734,452 Aug 30,21 Morinaga Milk

A story of two close friends living together.
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Can't Defy the Lonely Girl 4.6

Can't Defy The Lonely Girl

Chapter 20

1,960,376 Aug 30,21 Kashikaze

Ayaka Sakurai is an excellent student, but she gets nervous at exams, so she had to settle for a lesser high school than she expected. However, her teacher offered Ayaka a recommendation letter to the school of her choice if she could convince the delinquent girl Sora Honda to come to school. When Ayaka visited Sora at her home, Sora was quite willing to go back to school, if Ayaka would agree to
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Suimitsutou Ha  Shoujo Ni Kajirareru 4.1

Suimitsutou Ha Shoujo Ni Kajirareru

Chapter 45.5

2,543,544 Aug 28,21 Amasaki Iroha

Momoka who has become an arasa with zero romance experience. Frustrated by this situation, she discovers the existence of "lesbian sex" while searching for an online encounter. Momoka decides to use it, but she is attracted to her by having sex with a lesbian sex girl "Riko" who appeared at the meeting place, but she has a secret ...?
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Ienai Himitsu No Aishikata 4.4

Ienai Himitsu No Aishikata

Chapter 8.1

427,005 Aug 24,21 Ukaniuka,卯蟹うか,Ukaniuka (卯蟹うか),Urabika,Urabika (卯蟹うか)

Highschool teacher Saeki Nao is secretly a hardcore otaku who loves yuri manga. One day, at a doujinshi convention they participate in, Nao is eager to convey her feelings to "Nyapoleon", an artist she worships. However, it turned out to be a girl from her school, Kurumizawa Haruka, and moreover, she had to help her. After the event, they decided to
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Useless Princesses 4.5

Useless Princesses

Chapter 37: Thank You [End]

3,685,767 Aug 23,21 Ajiichi

Fujishiro Nanaki, beautiful and attractive, is a popular girl at school. Her classmate is the plain-looking Kurokawa Kanade. For Fujishiro Nanaki, who always wants to be cuter than anyone, Kurokawa Kanade's existence is nothing but an eyesore to her. One day, Fujishiro discovered that her boyfriend has been cheating on her...
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My Stepsister's Social Media 4.3

My Stepsister's Social Media

Chapter 22

861,609 Aug 22,21 Suzumi Raika

ID: Adik yang diam-diam ngintip akun sosmed kakak tirinya Links: Creator Pixiv Creator Twitter Support Suzumi-sensei on Fanbox!
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As a Result of a Classmate's Obsession with Yuri, I Was Exposed as an Author 4.2

As A Result Of A Classmate's Obsession With Yuri, I Was Exposed As An Author

Chapter 24: Asian Scanlation Sensation 24-105

491,880 Aug 22,21 KoniroSango

What happens when a classmate finds out about another girl's secret yuri obsession/feelings? A yuri comedy ensues!
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Kimi ni Tsumugu Bouhaku 4.6

Kimi Ni Tsumugu Bouhaku

Chapter 11

234,816 Aug 22,21 Yasaka Shuu

Tachibana Haruka is a college second year. She gave up on her dream to live a new life. One day she meets Hayama Nao, a first year student trying to become an actor. Each feeling the opposite towards theater, with unspoken feelings and unasked questions hidden in their hearts, their mutual attraction begins.
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2DK, G Pen, Mezamashi Tokei. 3.9

2Dk, G Pen, Mezamashi Tokei.

Chapter 13

433,237 Aug 22,21 Oosawa Yayoi

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Futago Wazurai 4.3

Futago Wazurai

Chapter 10: Positive Perjury

229,232 Aug 19,21 Itsuki Sakurano

The manga focuses on twin sisters.
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So, Do You Wanna Go Out, Or? 4.2

So, Do You Wanna Go Out, Or?

Chapter 29

640,611 Aug 12,21 Tamifuru

College students Saeko and Miwa end up drunkenly coming out to each other on a night out, and the two of them enter into a relationship to celebrate the concept of finally actually getting to have a girlfriend... so, what could possibly go wrong?
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Lily 4.6


Vol.2 Chapter 250-251

8,337,861 Aug 11,21 Yy

Yilin bumps into the tomboy Rouxi, sparking an interest between each other that slowly blooms.
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After School 4.7

After School

Chapter 11

3,290,363 Aug 08,21 Oshima Towa,Oshima Tomo

An after school romance of two girls.
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Kamiina Botan, Yoeru Sugata wa Yuri no Hana. 3.7

Kamiina Botan, Yoeru Sugata Wa Yuri No Hana.

Chapter 13

1,163,620 Aug 05,21 Hey 塀

Kamiina Botan is a 20-year-old college student. At the welcome party for the dorm she was assigned to, the dorm leader Ibuki gives her a highball to drink and she becomes tipsy, leading to her involvement with Ibuki from now on... A tipsy teasing girl's comedy!
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Himegami no Miko 4.1

Himegami No Miko

Chapter 9

171,873 Aug 04,21 Kaishaku

Himeko Kurusugawa and Chikane Himemiya are two high-school girls at the prestigious Ototachibana Academy in the fictional Japanese village of Mahoroba. They are also the reincarnations of the solar and lunar mikos. When their ancient enemy the Orochi (the eight-headed Yamata no Orochi of Japanese folklore) rises once more the girls’ long-sealed personas awaken to defend the world!
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I Am Not A Succubus 4.5

I Am Not A Succubus

Chapter 12.5: As Long As We Three Are Together

834,802 Jul 31,21 Horitomo

Yamamura Sakura is an ordinary human girl that has recently transferred to a new school, but there's a twist! She has been placed in the "Aijin" class, Aijins being supernatural beings and demihumans! In her desperation to fit in in and to prove herself to her demihuman classmates, she tells a "small lie": That she's actually a succubus...and so begin her hectic Hi
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Kanojyo to Himitsu to Koimoyou 4.7

Kanojyo To Himitsu To Koimoyou

Chapter 17

171,599 Jul 25,21 TO Moe

A yuri comedy between two girls who seem different but are actually quite similar, each with a secret of her own.
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The Rain and the Other Side of You 4.5

The Rain And The Other Side Of You

Chapter 15.5: Epilogue

490,902 Jul 25,21 Momono Moto, Yukino (yu-mo)

Sadistic middle school girl x unpopular teacher
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Warikitta Kankei Desukara. 4.3

Warikitta Kankei Desukara.

Chapter 20

1,981,201 Jul 20,21 FLOWERCHILD

Kaburagi Aya, a highschool student who doesn't feel fit in with her highschool life, and Kurosaki Sei, a teacher who was oppressed by the trauma from the past, knowing each other by matching App. With ulterior motives from both side, the relationship between them has been distorted gradually...
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Vampire-chan x Junior-chan 4.5

Vampire-Chan X Junior-Chan

Chapter 23: After Season

1,764,748 Jul 18,21 Takano Saku

Ajafuji Sara transferred to the private Fujigamine Academy. She suffers from extreme blushing and dreamed of making friends at the academy and having an "ordinary student life". However, having met at the scene, Kagen Iris set her eyes on her. Will her dream crumble away?
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