I Will Seduce the Northern Duke 4.8

I Will Seduce The Northern Duke

Chapter 77

14.6M Apr 15,24 Gachunga , Zusiha , Stardustvia

Read manhwa I Will Seduce the Northern Duke / "Pretend to be my lover and join the social circle." Selina, the top star that had the entire world's attention, was suddenly warped to Northern Duke's land during an accident while filming. Kalcion, the Northern Duke that saved her from the infernal beasts, offers Selina a chance to go back home in return for collecting information in various social
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May God Bless Your Demise 4.4

May God Bless Your Demise

Chapter 46

453.5K Apr 15,24 Fiorenti

Read manhwa May G** Bless Your Demise / G** Bless Your Ruin / G**'s Blessings on Your Ruin / Will you still love me once you know my secret? Angie enjoys an idyllic life of reading and embroidering on Cullinan Island. But everything changes when she's selected as the companion to Kylek, the enigmatic heir of House Blackwell. As their bond grows, extraordinary events unfold, unraveling Cullinan
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Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues? 4.5

Why Would A Villainess Have Virtues?

Chapter 124

14.3M Apr 15,24 CHEON Ee-eol

Charlotte had dedicated everything to the Emperor in the past... However, what she got in return was stone-cold betrayal and freezing loneliness. But, while she had been awaiting her death after being confined in prison, a questionable man appeared in front of her! "Could you help me murder the emperor?" Charlotte, who had danced with a sword for the Emperor, meets Rusl
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Soul Land V 4.6

Soul Land V

Chapter 179

16.9M Apr 15,24 Tang Jia San Shao ; 神漫君

A generation of god-kings was reborn into the magical world of Falan. He was surprised to learn that everything there was not so wonderful as he initially thought, but was lucky enough to find his wife's reincarnation in the process. However, she has no memories of her previous life, and when they finally meet again they're already passers-by on the road of life. As a former god-king reborn in a w
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Our Tyrant Became Young 4.7

Our Tyrant Became Young

Chapter 30

2.7M Apr 15,24

Our Tyrant Became Young manhwa, / I had possessed a character inside of a book. Into the book where I pushed the Female Lead x Emperor' pairing. The day I shed tears over the two characters that don't end up together, I was sent here to experience the whole story. Of course I am!
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Strong Representative 4.5

Strong Representative

Chapter 68

550.1K Apr 14,24 Ozi

An unnamed boy dying alone was saved by a mysterious old man. this old man was a gosu, he accepts the boy as his disciple, and asks him to always help the weak without expecting anything in return but the boy is only interested in making money.
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Clever Cleaning Life Of The Returned Genius Hunter 4.4

Clever Cleaning Life Of The Returned Genius Hunter

Chapter 77

24.9M Apr 14,24 Moonbeat (달비트),Goilgoil (고일고일)

Kim Jun-Woo, the world’s first SSS rank genius hunter. He is an incredible user of ability, but his horrible personality leads to problems with his reputation. In the midst of his troubles, he was attacked and killed by an unidentified group. And when he opened his eyes, he had returned to the past of 10 years ago. Though he tries to become a hunter again and raise his rank, his skills were all s
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Knight Run 4.3

Knight Run

Vol.5 Chapter 293: Fighting While Falling

9.3M Apr 14,24 Kim Sung-min

In the era of space exploration. Mankind is at war against monsters of unknown origin. The battle is grim, and the future looks bleak. Amidst the chaos, mankind plays their last hand. It's time for the Knights to step into the fray and turn the tide of this war.
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Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-for-Nothing 4.7

Trapped In A Webnovel As A Good-For-Nothing

Chapter 174

55.8M Apr 14,24 Arlg,So Yu-Hyun

While working overtime through several nights, I fell asleep for a short while. When I woke up, I seemed to be possessing the villain of the webnovel I was reading. "Well, how typically cliché... to the point where I'd end up dead if I were to follow the predetermined fate. Darn it." I need to find a way to survive.
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Transcension Academy 4.7

Transcension Academy

Chapter 104

27.3M Apr 14,24 Eojjeoda (어쩌다),Kkyujanneu (뀨잔느)

SeoJoon, who had been working to save in order to pay off his dead parents’ debt and to attend a hunter academy, ended up needing to spend all his savings for surgery due to an unfortunate accident. In his moment of despair, a weird ad played. [You can also become an awakener!] He decided to register since he had nothing else to lose. [Mr. Kim SeoJoon, welcome to Transcension Academy.] This h
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Archmage Transcending Through Regression 4.8

Archmage Transcending Through Regression

Chapter 97

26.4M Apr 14,24 Hanbit Nuri,Hong Chang Joo,Mul Jang Gu

Archmage Transcending Through Regression mamhwa, Mikhail Walpurgis, the world's only 9th-circle Archmage, fell in battle due to a damned hero, and managed to cast one final advanced magic spell, . As time rewound, he regressed to 20 years ago."Fine. I'll just become the hero instead."
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The Demon Lord Levels Up With Martial Arts 4.7

The Demon Lord Levels Up With Martial Arts

Chapter 76

20.4M Apr 14,24 Iboxson, Tya

"Demon Lord."That'sWhat they used to call me in my past life, before I became human.mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply those ordinary anime things that you enjoy, particularly memes.You can , onl
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Cashmonger of Mangem 4.8

Cashmonger Of Mangem

Chapter 31

556.8K Apr 14,24 Muleus

I fell into a ruined game as a full-leveled main character with S-class equipment, and an inventory filled with miscellaneous items. To save this game--no, this world--I have to stop the final boss who will destroy everything. Let's go to the Imperial Academy of Magic! With my young, rich, and pretty charm, I'll roast him, boil him, and lead him to the right path!
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Using My Cooking Skills in a Murim World 4.7

Using My Cooking Skills In A Murim World

Chapter 6

43.1K Apr 14,24 Heo Il,Ereuhut

With a dream to become the ultimate Chinese cuisine chef, our protagonist finds himself inexplicably transported to the Song Dynasty in China! However, upon awakening, he discovers that he possesses no martial arts skills whatsoever. All that remains are the culinary techniques he mastered in his previous life. Surprisingly, these dishes… receive an overwhelmingly positive response! Can h
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Wild West Murim 4.8

Wild West Murim

Chapter 58

10.1M Apr 14,24 Cup Ramen , Weseuteu, Jeong Han-Gill

In a world where the Han Empire never fell, martial arts is a power used to squeeze the people dry. So when a new continent is discovered, both good and evil men alike flee to settle there and escape the tyranny of the Emperor, opening up the era of a Martial Wild West. In the turbulent frontier, Zhang Qian is a man that reincarnated from our cushy, modern world, but his new world is nothing like
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Call me the Devil 4.8

Call Me The Devil

Chapter 83

3.4M Apr 14,24 Ante , Jayang , sun_ah

Like other devils of his kind, Hyeonshin has adapted to the modern world to consume the Deadly Sin, Pride. Working as a plastic surgeon means there's always more than enough ego around him to feed off of. There's just one small problem: because of past trauma, he has an overwhelming repulsion toward blood! Luckily, a solution appears in the form of a plucky human named Ina, whose eyes seem to have
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Trace [Remastered] 2.5

Trace [Remastered]

Chapter 140

48.4K Apr 14,24 Nasty Cat

Kim Yoonsung was a regular guy living a happy life with his family. That is until he discovers he is a "Trace," a class of mutant humans with special abilities who emerged to fight the mysterious monsters known as "Troubles," who threaten Earth. Shunned by ordinary humans, many Traces live in hiding. That's what Yoonsung intended to do, but when his family is suddenly taken from him, he is forced
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It’s Time to Change the Genre 4.8

It’S Time To Change The Genre

Chapter 94

26.9M Apr 14,24 Garin,KEN

I reincarnated into my favorite genre for novels. I became the villainous aunt who mistreats the young protagonist. I felt sorry for my nephew who would grow up as the protagonist in a revengeful plot, so I’ll try my best to take care of my nephew until his uncle shows up and takes him as per the original plot. But then… “Oh, mom!” I’ve become his mother all of a sudden? “I don’t know your circums
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I Returned as an FFF-Class Witch Doctor 4.6

I Returned As An Fff-Class Witch Doctor

Chapter 71

10.9M Apr 14,24 Ppak Seon Saeng,Pinbol,Meng

The protagonist, Ma Jinsung, was on the verge of clearing a quest in the game, [Demon King Raid] when he was betrayed and abandoned by his expedition teammate. Just when he thought everything was over, he was pulled away by a strange voice and regressed Notification: you are being granted a different class according to the conditions of the final goal.' [Witch Doctor] He enters the game once a
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Max Level Player 4.7

Max Level Player

Chapter 54

18.5M Apr 14,24 Bichu , Nelpi , Daon Studio

The virtual reality game, Olympus.A means to support reality after all the knowledge and records accumulated by mankind had disappeared overnight.My real life starts now!'Absolute evil appears in such a world!
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King of the Mound 4.8

King Of The Mound

Chapter 77

12.3M Apr 14,24 D-Dart (디다트),가운(Copin),Togi(Copin),머연(Copin)

[From the author of Kill the Hero] Through a combination of numerous injuries, a weak frame, and financial difficulties, the protagonist Lee Jinyong gave up on his path to being a baseball athlete and lived as a factory employee instead. One day, the spirit of Kim Jinho, the baseball hero who was hailed as a legend in Korea, as well as Lee Jinyong’s idol who passed away 10 years ago, appeared bef
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The Strongest Unemployed Hero 3.5

The Strongest Unemployed Hero

Chapter 112

5.3M Apr 14,24 Jakto, Seo Tae Hoon

Shin Min-cheol had been recruited to the world called ‘Anhelles’. He was one who had lived 200 years fighting to survival and destroying the enemies, in the end the ruler of the continent Zero, was lead to the victory of war. And finally, Min-cheol, who has finally returned to Earth leaving the peace of Anhelles behind, wants to live his long-awaited life as a ‘rich unemployed man’, but another
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Like Wind on a Dry Branch 4.8

Like Wind On A Dry Branch

Chapter 175

20.5M Apr 14,24 Moon Seaul , Uret , Dalsaeowl

As plague and turmoil afflicts the empire, enchanting widow Rieta Tristi finds herself at the mercy of a malicious nobleman and his dying wish to have her buried alive beside his corpse. The plague has taken her husband, slave traders have taken her young child, and now her own life is at risk -- until an unexpected visit from the empire's outcast prince changes everything. Count Casarius fell vi
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Becoming the Lady of the Cursed Ducal House 4.7

Becoming The Lady Of The Cursed Ducal House

Chapter 34

101.7K Apr 14,24 SS.Kim

Read manhwa Becoming the Lady of the Cursed Ducal House / When Hana wakes up in a novel as Cielina, a character who is destined to die, she decides to keep a low profileuntil disturbing rumors surface that her husband, Duke Killian Seyfried, killed his own niece and nephew. Diving into the mystery, she uncovers a haunting family curse that renders the children monstrous in others' eyes. Yet, Ci
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