Baek XX 4.6

Baek Xx

Chapter 66: First Blade

12.3M May 19,24 Byeongjang , Park Tae-joon Cartoon Company , Punch Kick

BaekXX Park Taejun Manhwa Company, Sergeant / Punchkick(HID) Federal Informant Baek Yisu' and a criminal gang's boss, Baek Dogyeong' are twin brothers.With the same faces the two twin brothers have lived different lives until now. Yisu, who's been betrayed by the gang, throws away his identity to become his brother. This federal agent is soon to become the gang's boss!
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I Mistook the Hidden Identity of the Sub Male Lead 4.5

I Mistook The Hidden Identity Of The Sub Male Lead

Chapter 53

6.1M May 19,24 Sinlogbodapuleun , Samoh

On the first day of the New Year’s party, Mayerie realizes that she is an extra villain in the novel. Mayerie tried not to get involved with the original for a smooth life. But unintentionally, she discovered a huge Crown Prince's secret that was not revealed in the novel! Besides, why does the original villainess like me so much? The original story was about the characters of the novel who want t
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Everything is under the baby’s feet 4.6

Everything Is Under The Baby’S Feet

Chapter 51

3M May 19,24 Faith , Sinyangi , SOPHIA

As the beloved princess of the Kingdom of Tyrian,I was the revered star of the kingdom, but I was killed in vain.I thought that was the end Did you break the egg?"wealth!""Oh my G**, my G**! What kid from the egg!"In the form of a very small child that only a bizarre babbling can do."Ow! right!"*And a new family was formed."Our lovely youngest daughter Leticia. You tame all the men in this house!"
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My Damned XXX 3.6

My Damned Xxx

Chapter 81

1.3M May 19,24 Ssaewoo

What does it take for a guy to get laid, you ask? Well, a hell of a lot of tries is the answer. Lee Si-hyeon is a 21-year-old virgin who has been in the bottom rungs when it comes to getting laid—and it’s not the kind of bottom he aspires to be. After four failed attempts at having sex, Si-hyeon’s fifth attempt is finally successful. Kind of. He wakes up in bed with his former-ch
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Queen Cecia's Shorts 4.7

Queen Cecia's Shorts

Chapter 131

21.3M May 19,24 Saedle,Jagyum

With 99 nations conquered and the cup of the ruler in her hands… you'd think she was off to a heroic conquest, but the great queen's Cecia's real concern was her uncomfortable corset? The queen of Valencia suffered from complicated laces and heavy corsets, and thus ordered her trusted brother, Duke Ennon Lionheart to bring her a comfortable clothes. Meanwhile, Yuri, a clothing designer w
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XTen 4.5


Chapter 93

1.9M May 19,24

At the age of 14, the day he set a new record in middle school, he lost his parents.Oh Binwoo decided to stop archery after misfortunes entered his life.After that, his life changed.Although he felt that there was a void somewhere in his life, he was still satisfied.It has been 3 years since he gave up archery and tried to live a satisfying life for himself.As he entered Sinla High School and met
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I Won’t Go Back to My Family Who Abandoned Me 4.6

I Won’T Go Back To My Family Who Abandoned Me

Chapter 36

1.1M May 19,24 Cha Eun Do , Seupeul, Nijye

Everywhere Leticia went, she was compared to her siblings. Sadly, it was all too common. She was not as pretty as her second sister Diana, nor as smart as her third brother Emil, nor as good with a sword as her fourth brother Xavier, nor as talented with magic as her youngest sister Irene. However, she was never jealous or envious of her siblings. In fact, she was proud of them. And
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The Object of your Obsession is Wrong, Lord of the Tower! 4.6

The Object Of Your Obsession Is Wrong, Lord Of The Tower!

Chapter 36

124.8K May 19,24 Dadong , Yujeu

Read manhwa The Object of your Obsession is Wrong, Lord of the Tower!, The Object of Your Obsession is Wrong, Magic Tower Lord!, , !When Selina accidentally regains her memories of her previous life, she is horrified to discover that she is related to the infamous Croft family and tries to stay away from them.Louis, the second male lead, relentlessly pursued the female lead in the story. She tri
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Holding You Captive 4.4

Holding You Captive

Chapter 34

497.7K May 19,24 Eun Ryeowon

Read manhwa Holding You Captive / Make It Impossible For You to Escape / Freedom is all our heroine wants, but that isn't what she finds when she is summoned across worlds into the body of Lady Beatrice and is newly named "Regria." As a "divine being" who can purify the minds of "divine knights," Regria is expected to wed the Belligram Empire's Prince Rahich, who only sees her as a tool that wi
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I'll Raise You Well in This Life, Your Majesty! 4.7

I'll Raise You Well In This Life, Your Majesty!

Chapter 104

29.8M May 19,24 Anna,Jaha

When Ellisa opens her eyes and sees her young son, Leon, staring at her with eyes full of love and concern, she realizes that, by some miracle, she's been given a second chance. In her past life, she thought making Leon emperor was the only way to ensure his safety. But if she had known Leon had never wanted the crown, or that laying a crown soaked with the blood of his enemies and beloved one
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Becoming the Lady of the Cursed Ducal House 4.6

Becoming The Lady Of The Cursed Ducal House

Chapter 39

137K May 19,24 SS.Kim

Read manhwa Becoming the Lady of the Cursed Ducal House / When Hana wakes up in a novel as Cielina, a character who is destined to die, she decides to keep a low profileuntil disturbing rumors surface that her husband, Duke Killian Seyfried, killed his own niece and nephew. Diving into the mystery, she uncovers a haunting family curse that renders the children monstrous in others' eyes. Yet, Ci
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Auto Hunting With My Clones 4.6

Auto Hunting With My Clones

Chapter 94

34.3M May 19,24 chassi , Opal , 차씨 , 오팔,제이알매니지먼트

Sangwoo, a college student, decided to join an awakening program on an ordinary day. A system that enables even an average person to learn skills. The government has proceeded with this awakening program since a few years ago. Thus most of the population took the program and is awakened now. Sangwoo also participates in the program just like the others and gets cloning skill. The people around
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This World is Money and Power 4.2

This World Is Money And Power

Chapter 164

3.3M May 19,24 Han Dong Woo

With the arrival of three chaebol members into general high schools, teachers and students will be transformed into " brain fighting " schools that seek power by surrendering to massive capital. Dan-geon, a genius, came to inherit the school rules.
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Let’s Meet After Work 4.5

Let’S Meet After Work

Chapter 45

360.6K May 19,24 Hanna Park, RoseBean

Read manhwa Let's Meet After Work / See You After Work / Temui Aku Sepulang Kerja / / Three years ago in Spain, Chaewon had to break up with her boyfriend, Seongjun Han, because her father collapsed after his company went bankrupt. In order to pay the debt her father owes to his former employees and loan sharks, she decides to take part in a posthumous marriage for 200 million won. As a conditi
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From Duty to Devotion 4.5

From Duty To Devotion

Chapter 54

1.1M May 19,24 Aoi

Read manga From Duty to DevotionFrom a young age, Ines has been abused by her stepmother and stepsister. Her stepsister once doused her in boiling water, leaving a scar that resulted in Ines being called "ugly" by her abusive new husband. To make matters worse, Ines' husband begins an affair with her stepsister. That is when Ines is approached by a handsome nobleman known as the "Cold-Blooded Marq
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From a Knight to a Lady 3.9

From A Knight To A Lady

Chapter 128: (S2) Episode 127

13.7M May 19,24 Song Hye-rim

The sword of my closest friend and trusted adjutant pierced my body... When I opened my eyes again, I had become a noble lady of the enemy kingdom. In an unfamiliar and weak stranger's body, three year's time was lost, in which my homeland was brought to ruin. I was unable to come to my senses because of the pain of betrayal and the confusion of my identity. However, I eventua
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The Unbeatable Dungeon's Lazy Boss Monster 4.7

The Unbeatable Dungeon's Lazy Boss Monster

Chapter 42

1.4M May 19,24 Wookjakga (욱작가),Reltree

[By the studio that brought you Solo Leveling with Redice studio!]The era of dungeon raids has finally arrived. The Seven Great Evil Dungeons the seven strongest dungeons that are considered impossible to conquer. Deep within the most infamous dungeon, Primordial Core, lives the worst boss monster of all time, the "Devourer." "Does it make any sense that the dungeon boss was dozing off until the h
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The Crown Prince That Sells Medicine 4.7

The Crown Prince That Sells Medicine

Chapter 29

807.8K May 19,24 BK_Moon, PASS

[By the Author that brought you !]I'm the crown prince? The frail and sickly crown prince in the novel? But I'm a traditional Korean medicine doctor. I guess it can't be helped. Reforming internal constitution, recovering of energy, invigorating vital energy, and increasing vitality. I'll take care of my body from now on.
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The World is Money and Power 4.7

The World Is Money And Power

Chapter 164: (S2) Episode 57

13.8M May 19,24 Han Dong-woo, Lee Doo-hee

With the arrival of three chaebol members into general high schools, teachers and students will be transformed into " brain fighting " schools that seek power by surrendering to massive capital. Dan-geon, a genius, came to inherit the school's rules.
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This Time, the Tears Were Mine 4.2

This Time, The Tears Were Mine

Chapter 22

33.7K May 19,24 So Hyeong-Sung

Read manhwa This Time, the Tears Were Mine / A noble lady unwanted by her family. A prince unwanted by his country. There was a reason why they gravitated toward each other. Andrea always dreamed of Prince Charming coming to her rescue. And she thought she found him in Kahirthe abandoned Prince of Ragenia. But when her stepsister schemes to marry her off to an old and perverted marquis, Andrea
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A Noble Lady's Chamber Life 4.6

A Noble Lady's Chamber Life

Chapter 33

1.8M May 19,24 Bambiing, Namgeuggom

Read manhwa A Noble Lady's Chamber Life / We had planned to celebrate our big success by treating ourselves to some Korean beef with my friend, but the novel turned out to be a dismal failure, and naturally, our plans for the beef went up in smoke.And then, something happened to me I possessed the supporting character, Adeline Macefrill, in that novel!Who is Adeline? She is the ultimate sidekic
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Maru is a Puppy 4.6

Maru Is A Puppy

Chapter 42

65.9K May 19,24 Mojo (II)

Woori’s 5-year old poodle mix, Maru, has turned into a human — a 5-year old little girl, that is! Now Woori’s gone from pet owner to big sister, and it’s her job to keep Maru out of trouble. Human Maru has the same endless curiosity and playfulness of a puppy, but now she can walk into grocery stores, go to kindergarten, and check this out — hold things with her opposable thumbs. Being human rules
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Empress Hunt 4.3

Empress Hunt

Chapter 54

2.6M May 19,24 KAN (IV)

All of earth has fallen except for the immortal, "Yoon Seul". "The guy who destroyed my world is the world's strongest? I don't care about that, I'll kill that person first. Head turning scenes? Gets you turning quickly. Action scenes? Fantastic. Her personality is a little rough but she's warm-hearted.
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