King of Hell 4.5

King Of Hell

Chapter 372 [End]

6.6M Jan 13,19 Ra In-soo, Kim Jae-Hwan

There's a rift between Hell and the mortal world, and lost souls have been escaping to torment the living. To deal with the problem, the King of Hell released Majeh, the greatest swordsman of the underworld, to stop the wayward souls.
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Badao Zhong Quan Zun Aiji 4.6

Badao Zhong Quan Zun Aiji

Chapter 37: Relatively Struggling

1.2M Jan 12,19 2-dimensional anime

In his past life he was the most loyal personal guardian, but because of a misunderstanding he lost it all forever. In this life he keeps searching for traces of her. He transforms into a small charming "problem" for her. Will there be a clear path to pursue love? Who is he from the princess dreams?
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Noblesse 4.8


Chapter 545: Epilogue [End]

83.7M Jan 08,19 Son Jae-ho, Lee Gwang-Su

Noblesse is of a strong aristocrat - He is beginning to become accustomed to today's world, and has woken up within an abandoned building in South Korea. He goes into a school where he meets with his true servant Frankenstein. Into Ye Ran high school, Rai registers with Frankenstein's help, and unwittingly befriends Shin Woo - an athletic teen, Ik Han - Yuna, a com
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Nano List 4.7

Nano List

Chapter 147

7.2M Jan 05,19 Song Ah Min

A deadly android was delivered to me on my birthday!..  This is a Manhwa by Songa Min. Set in the near future, follows the life of Nano, a classified Android.
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Super Secret 4.8

Super Secret

Chapter 143

2.7M Jan 02,19 Eon

The boy next door, friends for life, is actually a werewolf!
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Epic of Gilgamesh 4.6

Epic Of Gilgamesh

Chapter 152: Side Story: The Strongest Knight Part 7

10.3M Nov 28,18 Hwan Daeng

From Game of Scanlation: Trainee Knight Trudia gets kicked out of the knight squad because of her hot headedness. In midst of trying to find out where she'll go next she finds an old man that's in danger. She runs over there without hesitation in order to save him only to meet a man that'll change her fate forever...! A story of a dying girl and an undying man trying their hardest to l
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The Language of God 4.5

The Language Of God

Chapter 70: Demon World (3)

1.3M Nov 26,18 Rae Hyuk Jang

A game programmer with a special skill....
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Hive 4.7


Chapter 242: [Part 3] Ep.142

13.6M Nov 26,18 Kim Gyu-sam

People are having the serious issue with the global warming in 2014, but what if unknown gigantic insects appear in the city because of pollutants are above the average? Now, here is the last human-being (main character) tries to escape from the danger and tries to find a way to save the city.
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Serenity Film 4.7

Serenity Film

Chapter 5

342.2K Nov 15,18 Pina

Another BL story.....
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Peach Love 4.7

Peach Love

Chapter 64: Episode 64 (The End)

2.1M Nov 08,18 Fujoking

Mae High School’s number one, Peach, ends up falling for the wooden doll carving innocent boy Love! However, Peach is the man who stands at the summit of a bloody world where only the fittest may survive. From his conclusion that there will be a limit to protecting Love, Peach makes a reckless plan of making Peach the number one... A manhwa with action and zeal as good as shounen, and with l
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Infinitely Yours 4.4

Infinitely Yours

Chapter 92

893.9K Oct 19,18 Kwon Hana

Moon Crystal Cosmetics is winning the hearts of female customers everywhere- with its all-male team of cute, hot makeup artists! When GoEun joins this forbidden(?) space as the first girl employee, strange events and a mystery man start giving her trouble! Wheres my workers compensation, my witness protection plan?!!
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Suicide Prevention Committee 4.7

Suicide Prevention Committee

Chapter 9

206K Oct 17,18 S.p. potato

In order to die, four people who wish for death must learn to live together. Eat, watch TV, go to amusement parks, they must share their lives and record how they feel to win. Their prize? The Ultimate Death. Or so they think… A surreal series about confronting our pasts, fighting for the future and, by the end of it all, healing together.
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Happy if You Died 4.3

Happy If You Died

Chapter 61.5

1.4M Oct 10,18 Gold Kiwi Bird

Everyone would be happier if this boss was dead... From Easy Going Scans
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Deception of the Demon King 4.5

Deception Of The Demon King

Chapter 12

584.5K Oct 04,18 Piaya Specialauthor

A powerful demon king that once ruled a very rich kingdom, suddenly vanished without a trace. A hundred years past, when out of nowhere a young man was found seated on the throne. Is he the real demon king? Or is it just a hoax or a dream?
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Love deficiency 4.7

Love Deficiency

Chapter 1

670.8K Sep 27,18 24BEEE

There is a virus, that affects those who are lonely or stressed. If the infected person doesnt fall in love, they die in 6 months...
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Perfect Honeymoon 4.7

Perfect Honeymoon

Chapter 27: Epilogue

642.7K Sep 24,18 Hua-ryu Dongpung, Ye Salam

After getting married, the bride went on a honeymoon alone? Their honeymoon is at stake from the start!
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Jogswae - Du Nammae Iyagi 4.5

Jogswae - Du Nammae Iyagi

Chapter 4

328.6K Sep 16,18 Min Song A

Jun-Hyun and Na-Hyun are a brother-sister duo with an almost obsessive devotion to each other. Is it simply a case of forbidden love between siblings? Or is something more sinister at play?
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Abduction School 4.7

Abduction School

Chapter 6

308.5K Sep 12,18 Wolhet

People start getting abducted, and find themselves in an abandoned school building with monsters when they wake up. Out of the 13 people abducted, who will be able to make it out alive? What is the exact reason behind these abductions?
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Again (Kang Full) 3.8

Again (Kang Full)

Chapter 27

220.3K Sep 12,18 Kang Full

Four years after the incidents of Timing a new mystery arises that presents new dangers to those who are still left alive.
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Family Size 5

Family Size

Chapter 17

173.9K Sep 10,18 Ji-eun Nam, Kim In-Ho

It's the daily life in a family...
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A Girl In The Clouds 4.8

A Girl In The Clouds

Chapter 12 [End]

200.4K Sep 08,18 Jeong Gi-lim, Oh Eun-ji

Fairytale encounter the same village, sixteen boys and girls. One, such as one made of a piece of cloth quilt stitch, perfect love story, while not perfect.
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ENT. 4.1


Chapter 51: Season 1: This Is Fanfic Episode 51

897.8K Sep 03,18 Pak Mi-suk, Ylab, Kang Eun-Young

In the world, people can be classified into three types: strong carnivores; middle carnivores and herbivores. Somi Han is referred to as "Invisible girl". She befriends a fellow herbivore, Yujin Ko. However Somi Han feels that Yujin Ko is more like a tiger pretending to be a rabbit. Meanwhile, the entertainment industry is in an uproar with the appearance of a fanfiction writer called Fo
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Timing 4.6


Chapter 33: Read Online (End)

347.8K Aug 30,18 Kang full

Ja-gi Park, a high school teacher and diviner, wakes up from a vivid dream foreseeing a mass suicide set to happen in 10 days. It's up to her and a group of time manipulators to help prevent this tragic fate from happening before time runs out. However, as days pass by and mysteries unravel, Ja-gi realizes there's more to her premonition than meets the eye.
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Yongbi 4.7


Chapter 149

7.7M Aug 21,18 Ryu Ki-woon, Moon Jung-hoo

A mysterious stranger rides into town. The peaceful village of Gang-Ho is disturbed when Yongbi, a seemingly foolish bounty hunter, comes to town looking to claim the bounty for the leader of Gang-Ho's deadliest clan of assassins. Will Yongbi collect the bounty unscathed, or will he fall victim to a vengeful pack of assassins hell-bent on retribution for their captured leader? Mar
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