Pervert Club 4.3

Pervert Club

Chapter 36.5

14.4M May 05,18 Woo Sang-ho

A thrilling yet flirtatious relationship between the perverted girl Lee-ni, who gets excited from the wicked stares of men, and Du-jun, who is insensitive to sexual stimulus due to his father, who is an AV director, has begun! While showing off her cleavage and exposing her underwear, Lee-Ni’s pride is hurt when Du-jun isn’t aroused even after seeing her bare form. The end result becom
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Bagjwi Sayug 4.7

Bagjwi Sayug

Chapter 85 : Extra 28

7.1M May 01,18 Jade

From Asclepias Scans: Park Min Gyeom is a human with a disease that makes him produce excess blood. Kim Chun Sam is a half-vampire who needs blood to live. So begins an unusual symbiotic relationship between "predator" and "prey." Note: This series contains additional (optional) 18+ scenes.
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She is a Vampire! 4.4

She Is A Vampire!

Chapter 77

402.7K Apr 01,18 Sungwan Jung

A vampire girl meets a human guy.
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Red Doll 4.5

Red Doll

Chapter 10

479K Mar 30,18 Yoon Yeol Choi

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I-Ren 4.5


Chapter 14.2

581.2K Mar 28,18 Aivan

In order to help out a friend, a strong and beautiful boy dresses up as a girl to join a group of potential brides for a rich, infamous man.
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The Descending Moon at the Foot of the Mountain 4.7

The Descending Moon At The Foot Of The Mountain

Chapter 48

413.2K Mar 27,18 Son Jang-won

A warm story of healing on a road hidden among the mountains. Here is where the tale of a female spirit of the stratum, the many layers of earth and rock, and one man begins.
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Her Pet 4.5

Her Pet

Chapter 74 : Author's Words

2.9M Feb 08,18 Pito

Gayoon decides to enroll into a high school far away from home just to be closer to Soha, her middle school heroine and idol. Gayoon finds out about Soha's loss and decides to help her by filling the role of Soha's once true friend - Happy, Soha's pet dog. Yuri you may also like: + Pulse + 
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H-Campus 3.5


Chapter 71

32.5M Feb 08,18 Putaro, Ddasoom

Even a virgin can become an AV star! The journey of an AV star leading the new Korean fever trend! Manhwa you may like: + Ghost Love + Refrain Love + Yahalue +
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An Innocent Sin 4.5

An Innocent Sin

Chapter 57

13M Jan 14,18 Oh Gye

From Lezhin: Thinking she's all by herself on the last train home, Nayeon feels the urge to enjoy herself by fantasizing about her desires. However, a reflection from the train windows show that a mystery man is on the same train. He comes up to her and offers his business card. At the thought of seeing this handsome stranger once more, she takes his offer and arrives at a place called Peach P
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Que Sera, Sera 4.7

Que Sera, Sera

Chapter 70.5

6.3M Jan 09,18 Gonalisa, Sujeong

Synopsis: Hani, the working woman with no interest in dating and who brags about her best trait of not being in debt Has an accident with her best friend’s younger brother! The development of a youthful romance in an era where chivarly/courtship is dead The story of Hani’s turbulent romance
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Fantasy Sketch 4

Fantasy Sketch

Chapter 005

107.3K Jan 02,18 Majin

An aspiring manwha author wannabe who was never really interested in girls finds a girl of his taste. However, the girl is taken. Even so, he still goes after the girl. Will he succeed?
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Flow 4.4


Chapter 104

7.1M Jan 02,18 Honey Bee

In this world, every child is born under a god. Some gods are weaker than others. Some gods are stronger than others. Children born under weaker gods become defunct in society, and cannot attend high school. Instead, they must get jobs after middle school. High school in this world is a place that trains students to use their stronger gods. They have one thing in common : They can grant wishes if
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Lover Boy (Jeky) 4.5

Lover Boy (Jeky)

Chapter 055

2.5M Jan 01,18 Jeky (제크), Zec

Eunho, the little neighbor boy that always asked Jaeha to marry him is all grown up now. Jaeha never gave little Eunho a second thought until one day, years later, Eunho suddenly reinserts himself into Jaeha’s life. Will Eunho forever be the little neighbor boy to Jaeha? Or will Jaeha finally see Eunho for the man he’s now become?
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Household Affairs 3.9

Household Affairs

Chapter 77

24M Dec 26,17 Butcherboy

Neglected wife commits adultery with the delivery boy, but unbeknownst to her, her husband is an assassin.... Webtoons you may also like: + Cohabitation! + Ghost Love + Refrain Love +
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Life Howling 4.6

Life Howling

Chapter 57

4.9M Dec 25,17 Sung Sang-Young, Gang-Cha

Jung Yoon-hwan may be an orphan but he was a college student who was focusing hard on his studies, one day he is brought to a mysterious "White room" to fight even when he does not want to. Every time he defeats these monsters he gains psychic power, magic, and items beyond his imaginations....
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SStudy 3.7


Chapter 77.5

33.5M Dec 13,17 Edge Edge, Husky Guy

From Lezhin: A study group is where students gather together with the same goal in mind and help each other succeed. But not every study group is the same. And nooobody said there had to be a single goal in mind. Sunggi enters a study group that is supposedly focused on studying for the government service exam. But that doesn't mean that's all they have to do, right?
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Pulse 4.8


Chapter 67.5

12.5M Nov 26,17 Ratana Satis

Mel, a renowned heart surgeon, lives a carefree life with sex being a tool for joy rather than a show of affection. Then she meets someone that turns her view of love and life upside down. This story is about two people that meet with minimal expectations but soon become enthralled in a relationship that changes everything about themselves. Winner of Lezhin's 2nd World Comic Contest. Webcomic
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Flowers Falling Together 4.6

Flowers Falling Together

Chapter 7

227.8K Nov 04,17 Queenoo

A young female student is willing to confess to the boy she likes, but only after CSAT is over!
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Transparent Cohabitation 4.8

Transparent Cohabitation

Chapter 48 : Epilogue

2.6M Oct 25,17 Jungsuh

The risky cohabitation between a ghost and a human that seems touchable, but isn't.
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If You Hate Me that Much 4.6

If You Hate Me That Much

Chapter 41.5

5.2M Oct 18,17 Fargo

Minjae accidentally witnesses a younger guy, Hyeongjo, jerking over the sleeping Assistant Professor Jinhan. From that day on, Minjae continues to suffer both mentally and physically from Hyeongjo. How will the relationship turn out between two guys who clearly hate each other and yet, who are also drawn towards each other for some reason that they don’t know?
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Love Parameter 4

Love Parameter

Chapter 112 : Q&a

57.2M Oct 11,17 Kkun, Insane

Young Hoon, a nerd guy who always fail in love. He have problem in understanding woman's feeling, that's what make him always getting dumped by his girlfriend. But one day a mystery guy appear and give him a special glasses, the glasses that will change his life forever.
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Penguin Loves Mev 5

Penguin Loves Mev

Chapter 341

538.8K Sep 21,17 Penguin

The English male Mev and the Korean female penguin who had met through an online messenger are enjoying their successful marriage in England for three years, after a lovely honeymoon in Korea. The story of these two, who overcome whatever cultural obstacles they may face with love and affection, are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.
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Whisper 4.5


Chapter 24.5

306.2K Sep 19,17 Yaet Saram

From Batoto: The captivating story of an budding artist, who is willing to come out of his mother's shadow so as to paint whatever he sees... mainly things concerning the supernatural
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Chaos Attack 4.6

Chaos Attack

Chapter 83

820.7K Sep 06,17 Masstar

DoAh Lee, a seemingly "normal" high-school boy, gets caught in a strange and embarrassing situation. Before he knows it, he is blackmailed into becoming the manager for a team of quirky, unruly, not to mention slightly lazy, heroes. Will he ever go back to his "normal" high-school days?
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