Eohwadungdungnae Boreumi 4.8

Eohwadungdungnae Boreumi

Chapter 24

492.9K Jun 10,17 Lee Yun-hee

The protagonist, Boreum Park, is the daughter of a goddess and a womanizing taoist. Stolen from her mother at birth, she lives on earth with her father Chun Park. Her whereabouts are hidden from her mother by the protective charms set up around their house and she is always forbidden to leave them. When on the prowl for women one day, her casanova father comes across a man playing the flute. As th
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Willow 4.6


Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Part 1

98.9K Jun 08,17 Nick Reid

Willow is a young, blind girl, who is born with telekinetic and psychic powers. Her parents tell her to hide her abilities and never use them in an attempt to keep her from hurting herself, or others. But when her parents are killed by home invaders, while Willow and her sister hide, she vows to become stronger so she never feels helpless again. 8 years later, and Willow had made only a little pro
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I Care About You 4.9

I Care About You

Chapter 39

329.3K Jun 02,17 Han Yu-rang

The title says it all....
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Star Star Star - Horoscope Cafe 4.9

Star Star Star - Horoscope Cafe

Chapter 9 : The Fish Heals

128.7K Jun 02,17 Cho Hwa Yo

A tale of constellations, extraordinary people, and their horoscope cafe!
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Skill of Lure 4.8

Skill Of Lure

Chapter 36 - End

9.5M Jun 01,17 Woo Sang-ho

A guide for those who are wandering without a love of their own- A Manhwa that might just change your life around~ ^^ Jang sung-gi who is always misunderstood as a pervert and a worthless man! He meets a mentor who suddenly turns him into a very charismatic man?! A cool and edgey tale of how an average guy who turns into the greatest "pick up artist"... A story about misbehaved men who a
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Amber (Yuno) 4.9

Amber (Yuno)

Chapter 20

344K May 27,17 Yuno

The woman who tells the story with a beautiful voice and the girl who writes it down with beautiful handwriting. The stories which are as mysterious as a fairy tale and as cruel as reality are created by the two of them.
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Sweet Guy 4.5

Sweet Guy

Chapter 74 - End

70.9M May 26,17 Park Hyeong-jun, Lee Won-sik

Once upon a time there was a loser, but that one day he got the ability. Ask what? Well ... it's hard to explain, he knows how to instruct on "the right path" girls who strayed from it. You may also like: + Refrain Love + Skill of Lure +
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Melo Holic 4.6

Melo Holic

Chapter 73 - End

2.5M May 25,17 Team Getname, Aruani, Carnby

"Do you have experience in love?" A Korean Webtoon from Naver It's about a guy who's basically clueless about love and views it with a pessimistic attitude who can also read minds by touching peoples bare skin...
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Love Triangle Within Our House 4.6

Love Triangle Within Our House

Chapter 2

222K May 19,17 Arisang

A secret love-triangle story between Lee Yo Suk with two sisters, Han Yura and Han Yuri.....
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Cohabitation! 3.9


Chapter 54 - End

16.6M May 09,17 Byeongsu

YoonHee is a friend's girlfriend. And yes, she is so damn hot!!! That's how it all started.. What if you know your friend or maybe your girlfriend, or maybe both, is trying to cheat on you?! You'll definitely like: + Household Affairs + Secret X
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Gepetto 4.9


Chapter 166 : Season2 #75 -Legacy

839.1K May 09,17 Jewon Yeon

The decimating war against the androids turned much of the world to wastelands. Humanity though victorious, was forced to start living in shelters, to escape. Dr. Gepetto, one of the brightest android creators of his time, died. Leaving behind an inheritance of untold proportions. The only clue to finding it will be in a blue haired android, that he built and hid away in one of his estates. The an
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Niflheim 4.4


Chapter 73

972.9K May 06,17 Glenade

From Batoto: For a long time, wars have been waged between the Overworld and Underworld. In order to end this, people fought for their own cause.
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Seductive Uniform 4.4

Seductive Uniform

Chapter 21

16.5M Apr 23,17 Durufix

Uniforms that tempt you and make you fantasize. Can you withstand the allure of uniforms?
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Seduction 3.4


Chapter 48 : Season 2 Ch10

4.4M Apr 19,17 Ewha, Liangshan Bo

My wife's young naive sister. A pure innocent girl who had grown into a sexy mature lady, is slowly moving closer to me.
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Like Doodling 4.6

Like Doodling

Chapter 57 : Last

436.5K Apr 14,17 Nasty Cat

Park Nada is an average student that dreams of drawing her own pure Love Manwha and plans to draw manwha quietly while keeping to herself until graduation. Her plan falls to crumbles when she unknowingly enrolls into Bansa High; a infamous school filled with delinquents and terrifying teachers. But not all is lost as two of the most popular and beautiful boys of Bansa High become interested in her
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Blood Bank 4.6

Blood Bank

Chapter 61 - End

12.7M Apr 13,17 Silb

A world where vampire govern humans! Welcome to Blood Bank, it's filled with fresh blood. One is a hard-working banker and isn't affected by vampire pheromones. One day, Shell, the son of an overlord comes to visit for inspection. During One's report, Shell keeps staring at One. And later... follows him to the toilet!
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Moritat 4.5


Chapter 52

1.9M Apr 11,17 Lee Seon-ui, Seo Gyeong

"I woke up in the hospital with nothing but fragments of memories from my life up to now. There was a man standing by my bed, who introduced himself as my lover. But one of my few recollections is of being left for dead in a snowy field by this very same man... Still, he looks like the only one who can provide me with the answers I need. Who the hell is he? What was the real relationship betw
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Sextealer 4.2


Chapter 6

4.8M Apr 04,17 H. Roma

From Lezhin: Having lost all his savings to a female con-artist, Han Taeil prepares to commit suicide. At that point, a mysterious man appears and extends a contract that takes Han Taeil back to his past. Given this seemingly golden opportunity, Taeil is excited to rectify his past. What he didn't know was that the contract came with a very crucial stipulation... You may also like
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unTOUCHable (Massstar) 4.8

Untouchable (Massstar)

Vol.3 Chapter 142

5M Apr 02,17 Massstar

Sia Lee is a modern-day vampire who absorbs energy from humans by touching them instead of drinking their blood. She has been desperate to touch Jiho since the day he moved in next door—but he's a germaphobe. Will Sia best his mysophobia and touch Jiho? Manhwa you may also like: + Ji
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Bastard's Dead Man 4.5

Bastard's Dead Man

Chapter 18

8.3M Mar 20,17 GYUO

Ultra sensitive body doesn't listen anymore!!! The game(?) of robbing and being robbed between rich presidents family which owns a sensitive body and the poor people which only has body begins!
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Bastard (HWANG Youngchan) 4.9

Bastard (Hwang Youngchan)

Chapter 94

21.7M Mar 19,17 Kim Kanbi, Hwang Youngchan

There is a serial killer in my house! What should I do??
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Fujoshi Trapped in a Seme's Perfect Body 4.8

Fujoshi Trapped In A Seme's Perfect Body

Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Chapter 3

631.9K Mar 07,17 Seru, Joberu

Misa Nanase is a normal senior high school student except for the fact that she is a self-proclaimed ultimate-mega-ultra-omnipotent fujoshi queen of the intergalactic multiverse. One fateful day, she saves an old lady from getting hit by a car. In return, the old lady gives her an ocean green pendant and mentions that she can make any wish using it. Later on, the curiosity of the fujoshi gets the
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Polyamory 4.2



1.4M Mar 07,17, Lezhin (Jin)

From Lezhin: In a world where we're made to believe monogamy is the proper way of love, this story provides a naughty peek at what it might be like to enjoy life with multiple partners. You may also like: + How to Open a Triangular Riceball? +
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The Breaker: New Waves 4.6

The Breaker: New Waves

Ch.201.5 : Author's Note

48M Feb 25,17 Geuk-Jin Jeon, Jin-Hwan Park

After his master Goomonryong destroys his ki-center, Shioon leaves the world of the Murim for a normal life to which he believes his master was trying to return him. But for a boy who holds the Phoenix medallion of the Sunwoo clan and the knowledge of the Black Heaven & Earth Technique, the world of the Murim will come to him... Continuation of
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