Super Son-in-law In Another World 3.9

Super Son-In-Law In Another World

Chapter 99

5.4M Jan 02,23 Updating

Qin Shi, an ordinary undergraduate, accidentally goes through the time-space journey and becomes the leader of an evil sect. But this sect is so unreliable that the fund is raised by the leader through marital fraud. Qin Shi wants to resign as this position. This story is about a leader who sticks to core socialist values.
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Webmaster in the End Of the World 3.8

Webmaster In The End Of The World

Chapter 32

1.2M Dec 31,22 Updating

I travelled to the world where the previous civilization disappeared 300 years ago, and did I just became a box? Well, it doesn't matter, even if I don't have any hands and feet's, i can still use my powerful brain and can sweep the whole wasteland with my crazy world changing modern business concepts, and then I will turn this barren wasteland into a super mega empire! But just after the fifteent
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Northern Train X47 4.4

Northern Train X47

Chapter 24

516.1K Dec 29,22 丛潇

The person who was bitten by the mutant mayfly and the protagonist's family of five set foot on the hard-seat green train X47 to go home for the New Year. The train headed north, the temperature dropped to minus 13 degrees, and the people attacked by the float suddenly mutated…
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Cotton Candy & Daydreamer 4.5

Cotton Candy & Daydreamer

Chapter 69: Finale (Second Half)

4.3M Dec 29,22 Kozko

It was late at night. Bai Yimeng the drama actress went to a ramen restaurant for dinner after a toilsome rehearsal. At that time the news about Wu Suowei was being broadcast on television. All guests present took strong interest in this star of the police force and talked about him. What everyone didn't know was, Wu Suowei himself was drinking beer in silence alongside Bai Yimeng. So a good
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I Transmigrated To Demon King Of Harem? 4.1

I Transmigrated To Demon King Of Harem?

Chapter 17

2.5M Dec 28,22 BOOM工作室 , 二三玖陆工作室

[ I am Holy Maiden, Even if you use strange spells I will not give up, and continue to resist the coercion and temptation of you demon lord! Whether it's strange potions, special seals, mental hypnosis, just use them all on me! ] [ I am Lu Xiu, Demon Lord, I am determined to change my destiny, Who will be destroyed as a villain! So you Holy maidens, dwarven princesses, Dark elves, and Valkyries wo
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Under The Black Fog 4.6

Under The Black Fog

Chapter 25.5

1.8M Dec 23,22

Under The Black Fog manhua, The appearance of the unknown black arch caused the whole world to fall into a huge panic, and the [Lighthouse Base], which was responsible for exploring the world behind the door, was established. He thought he would die, but unexpectedly awakened the Avengers profession, which represents wealth and high status. Since then, he has embarked on an unprecedented journey o
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Love You Is My Fault 4.5

Love You Is My Fault

Chapter : Notice

990.3K Dec 22,22 卡比丘 , 哔哩哔哩漫画 , 漫创堂 , 长佩文学 , Yoshida Chiyu

He, who had been waiting in the orphanage, was suddenly found by his biological father and taken back to England. I thought I could live a happy life with "family", but the reason he didn't want his biological father to call him home was to repay the debt. And the young adoptive father who was transferred to seemed to be a big brother known for his cruelty. While smirking his father
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You're Mine 4.2

You're Mine

Chapter 85

814K Dec 19,22

A rich young master and an abandoned son in an orphanage. Two people with different identities and positions, yet became good brothers for ten years.
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Vampire and Hunter 4.2

Vampire And Hunter

Chapter 39

2.5M Dec 16,22 Lalaax

From Manyak Translations: Once upon a time, there was a kid who fell in love with a vampire and promised to marry him after he become a man. Years later they met at a banquet, where the kid, who became a hunter, pointed a gun at the vampire. What could've happened? A cute funny love story between a vampire and a vampire hunter. You can read
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Office Gods 3.8

Office Gods

Chapter 50

659.1K Dec 14,22 Demonicblackcat

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Super Lucky Mr. Fortune Teller 2.6

Super Lucky Mr. Fortune Teller

Chapter 181

6.9M Dec 07,22 Haotoon

Bai Wu, a d-list writer who ran out of money, was thrown out of the house by his landlord. At the lowest point of his life, he walked in a lottery store with 20 bucks. Thinking he had nothing to lose, Bai Wu spent all his money on the lottery. Surprisingly, when he was wondering what the possibility of winning lottery will be, he found he could see the success rate! Then He walked out of the store
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I Became A CEO In The Other World 3.6

I Became A Ceo In The Other World

Chapter 31

887.6K Dec 05,22 修卡

I Became A CEO In The Other World manhua, After being transmigrated to another world, he did one thing and reorganized the labyrinth of the devil into a company, and since then he has embarked on a path he never imagined.
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I Will Bury The Gods 3.6

I Will Bury The Gods

Chapter 52

2M Dec 05,22

I Will Bury The Gods manhua, On a stormy night, the Demon Sect is destroyed and the Daoist Sage arrives in pursuit. At the end of a fatal battle, the old gods descend in the unknown, the ancient dynasties open up to them, and the youngmaster of the Demon Sect embarks on a god-killing adventure.
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The Character From My Novel, Came To Find Me? 4.1

The Character From My Novel, Came To Find Me?

Chapter 15

837.6K Nov 30,22 风行漫画

Qin Ge, just an ordinary novelist, lives a leisurely life. Until he meets a fan and it turns out that his fan is a character from a novel he created!
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I became the chief of a primitive village 4.6

I Became The Chief Of A Primitive Village

Chapter 15

3.7M Nov 29,22 大白怪妖 ; 飞卢小说网 ; 漫幽幽漫画工作室

i became the chief of a primitive village manhua, Su Bai, a novelist, falls from a cliff. Then He Transmigrated To Another World, The Primitive Tribe Society, and Using the Daily Assistance System and Modern Society's Knowledge, he led the Primitive Tribe out of Poverty and transformed it into an advanced civilization! Mc Will Build His Own Territory To Be More Advanced! Animal Ear Girl, Farmland,
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The Strongest Snail Has A Mansion In The World Of Snails 2.7

The Strongest Snail Has A Mansion In The World Of Snails

Chapter 36

655.9K Nov 26,22 Masa茶

The Strongest Snail Has A Mansion In The World Of Snails manhua, Chen Hang has transmigrated! He traveled to the world of the game as "The Strongest Snail" with a set of villas which he had inherited recently. As a hardcore player of this game. Chen Hang has no objection to crossing into this world.
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Demon Keeper 2.3

Demon Keeper

Chapter 10.1

101.4K Nov 19,22 绘境社

The hard-working programmer Qin Jian died unexpectedly after working for several days. His soul penetrated into Qin Jian, the county official of Sanyuan Town of the Tianyuan Dynasty. He has the ability to recognize demons with the Heavenly eyes but because he sleeps with demons all day he was contaminated with their breath which caused a misunderstanding by the demon hunter and the demon clan to b
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ZhiZu Wants To Bully Me 4.3

Zhizu Wants To Bully Me

Chapter 53

576.5K Nov 18,22 In Dream

The Leader of the Imperial Guard, Li Sheng, doesn’t believe that “getting back together is torturous”. So long as he does a good enough job (at being a simp), even an iceberg will melt into a puddle of water! It’s a good thing that Master Lang is so handsome! This time, Li Sheng isn’t running away! He’s putting down roots and staying put! o(*////▽////*)o
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Falling For My Neighbor 4.1

Falling For My Neighbor

Chapter 74

653.4K Nov 13,22 Ake Comic

Yu Xing has just returned for two days when she sees that the man next door is lying on the floor outside her door, is he blackmailing her? What is this? I consider you a friend and you actually want to sleep with me!!! Oh, then you really have good taste! Liu Yu'an Inner OS: Sooner or later I will show you what an iron man is!mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games,
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 Delicious Scandal 4.5

Delicious Scandal

Chapter 62

1.4M Nov 12,22 Lim Solee

Kim Ro Sa has long dreamed of being a singer and finally her dream came true. However, her career did not go as smoothly as expected. Until one day, she met Chef Ian, who turned out to be a judge of the survival cooking event she had attended.
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The World Of Online Games Is Unparalleled 3.5

The World Of Online Games Is Unparalleled

Chapter 11

543.1K Nov 12,22 不仅文化

The World Of Online Games Is Unparalleled manhua, The talented professional player Lu Chen was forced to delete his account and quit the game due to a car accident which caused his nervous reaction to be slow and also the ability to plummet. But through Offline, when he met his lover He Yi from the game, he encountered an ambush by a gangster and was thrown into a river of waste water which contra
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Godly Pet Has Opened Up for Me Again 4.6

Godly Pet Has Opened Up For Me Again

Chapter 49

5.2M Nov 09,22 噼咔噼

Three years ago, three beasts fell from the sky. King Qin of the Western Hill made a contract with one of them and swept through the six kingdoms to unify the Western Hill. Wu Jiu of the Southern Desert made a contract with the other and then he swept through the nineteen sects of the Southern Desert, reaching the peak. Sun Changming also made a contract with one of them, yet three years passed wi
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