My Underworld Boyfriend 3.9

My Underworld Boyfriend

Chapter 100

1.5M Apr 08,20 Updating

Subrina meets the rogue who kisses her. He is very handsome. No, super handsome, but he is not some unknown small potato, but the biggest leader of the underworld – Jim Feng. He tells her to wait for him after school, but she is afraid of being killed and hides in the rooftop with she meets a “prince”, but she doesn’t expect… They turn out to be a group. The one who
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Doubt. 4.2


Chapter 31

922.7K Apr 06,20 Kirara

"I have my eyes on him, only him." Ming ZiQi's attention was drawn to Xiao Luo on his first day as a supervisor in practice. But as a simple murder case becomes something much more, it is time to seek out the truth?
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Hi, Wolf Captain 4

Hi, Wolf Captain

Chapter 61

791.7K Mar 28,20

The moment she woke up, Qiao Yoyo felt that she had a long dream, and the dream brought her a angelical child. Many years later, she worked in a company, little did she think that he would meet the child’s father Ye Yimin…
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Sound of Heaven 4.4

Sound Of Heaven

Chapter 54

1.4M Mar 21,20 Updating

Ordinary young girls who can see people's hearts are invited to join a popular band, falling in a beautiful and deep trap full of opportunities and conspiracy, meet by chance a voice that opened the way for the girls to counterattack and became the start of their travel/trip!
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Maison Toki no Yu 5

Maison Toki No Yu

Chapter 1.1

31.9K Mar 09,20 Ono Miyuki,Seta Kazuno

If you don't have a place where you belong, make one yourself. Minato Mahiko, who graduated from college without a job offer, ends up living and working at the public bathhouse "Toki no Yu" after a series of coincidental events. As he interacts with the regular visitors and creates bonds with those around him, his life slowly but surely changes in more ways than o
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The Journey of Flower 4.7

The Journey Of Flower

Chapter 126

2.9M Mar 05,20 Fresh

his is a story of a young girl named Hu Qian Gu. After losing her father, Qian Gu goes on a spectacular adventure to become an immortal and chases after her dreams.
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My Boss, My First Love 3.5

My Boss, My First Love

Chapter 40

276.1K Mar 04,20 Qian Hui Comic

After finding her handsome boyfriend has cheated on her, 26-year-old Qin Shaofei immediately breaks up with him, and goes back to China. But on the plane, she has a conflict with a cute guy, who later helps her. After getting back to China, Qin Shaofei soon finds a job, but surprisingly, the one that she meets on the plane is actually her new boss Baili Ruyu, and this man lives upstairs. Gradually
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The Knight of the Falling Star 4.4

The Knight Of The Falling Star

Chapter 78

652K Feb 17,20 Sujeong gwa

During a meteor shower, a magical Faerie appears in a dark alley. Lemon, the Fae Knight has come to the human world to complete his final knighthood test. Alongside him is his human companion, Mira, who dreams of being a Black Mage. Will Lemon be able to complete his test in time?
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Devil's Ear 4.6

Devil's Ear

Chapter 76

427.5K Feb 17,20 Updating

A cold an evil president suffered in phonism (hearing things), which allowed him to hear different thoughts from people around him. One time he unknowingly hear the heroin singing, and suddenly all the other noise in the world were gone. From then on, whenever he hear she sings, he would become a docile and cute boy.
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 Phoenix thousand years 4.1

Phoenix Thousand Years

Chapter 32

534.5K Feb 13,20 Updating

ChenXian passing another world into a stupid girl, the day her husband married his concubine, she came to celebrate, immediately she made that concubine embarrassed in front of everyone…
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Three Kingdoms 4.3

Three Kingdoms

Chapter 41

784.5K Feb 11,20 Hēi jiāo

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The Imperial Poisonous Concubine 4.2

The Imperial Poisonous Concubine

Chapter 39

1.4M Feb 07,20 Bo Yi Chong

Easily cowed and bullied, she was the useless, ugly woman with no talent in medical skills. Supported by millions, he was Tianning’s most respected duke with the power to move all under Heaven. On their wedding day the bridal sedan was carried to the front doors, but the Duke of Qin’s gates were shut tight.
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Gentlefolk Queen 4

Gentlefolk Queen

Chapter 208 [ End ]

4.2M Feb 04,20 Qi Chengkun, Meer, Shen Shi, Yin Dang

During the day, she is a beautiful idol star who happened to meet the animal president. In the evening, she removed the star halo and restored the appearance of an ordinary girl. She thought that no one would recognize her double-faced identity. Who knows that the animal president has transformed into her fiancé's uncle? OMG! What is the situation?
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His Mystery Girl 4.7

His Mystery Girl

Chapter 108

3M Feb 04,20 Fubotao, Youmin zhi er, Amu

Once rich, now poor. Two souls, one body. How did she come back from the dead? Just what happened to her in the haunted house?
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Reluctant to go 4

Reluctant To Go

Chapter 100

438.7K Feb 04,20 布布星球

What you want: CEO√ Inspiring√ Office√ Childhood sweethearts√ School bullying√…This is about a man who doesn’t know how to love, he needs to learn responsibility and gentleness; this is about a woman who is afraid to love, she needs to stop escaping her own destiny and face it bravely on.
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Nan Used to Be Mine HD 4

Nan Used To Be Mine Hd

Chapter 5

104K Feb 01,20 Huotu Animation

May escort deserve true love? It that her fault to fall in love with a powerful man like him? Man sees her as a social butterfly, woman disgraces her as a whore/escort. Nan flirted with all sorts of men but what she truly wants is him, no matter how cruelly he treats her with…
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Wicked Young Master’s Forceful Love: Training the Runaway Wife ( Season Two ) 4.8

Wicked Young Master’S Forceful Love: Training The Runaway Wife ( Season Two )

Chapter 28

470.3K Feb 01,20 Chanming,Qaixiwanzi,Tianya,Xianyu

Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter S2 The daughter of Manning Du and Han Nankung has grown up into a brave girl. She is leaving the island for love and freedom. What kind of story will this ignorant girl encounter?
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Tenjou no Niji 4

Tenjou No Niji

Vol.1 Chapter 2

49.1K Jan 30,20 SATONAKA Machiko

Prince Naka-no-Ōe showed his interest in the talent and beauty of Nukata. He then offered Prince Ōama his daughter for marriage, in exchange for Nukata. Prince Ōama was in agony as he was devoted to his brother but in the mean time, he loved Nukata. In the end, he chose to let go of Nukata as a gesture of loyalty to his brother, however heartbroken. This was the beg
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Let's Go! Streamer Girl 3.9

Let's Go! Streamer Girl

Chapter 61

133.9K Jan 27,20 Wanxiang Studio

You must have seen too many beautiful sexy and lovely streamer girls, but I bet you never see a streamer boy in girl’s clothes! Three men can make a drama! Now check out how a true boy becomes a new hot streamer girl!
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Pharaoh's Concubine 4.7

Pharaoh's Concubine

Chapter 67 [ End ]

5M Jan 22,20 Youshi, Misha

She is a girl that everyone loves but she cannot speak of the love she has for her brother because her brother already loves someone else. In despair, she gets dragged into Ancient Egypt by a snake shaped bracelet that is engraved with a three thousand year old love oath. There, she meets the Pharoah's heir, a party boy....
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Medical God's Hand 4.1

Medical God's Hand

Chapter 111

3.7M Jan 17,20 Man Kao La

Genius Doctor Si Kong Jiu Ye was  transmigrated into  a mysterious place. She was harassed by the narcissistic prince, and offended the icy cold prince, and  the medicine crazy guy fall in love with her. What would be the outcome of the story?
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