Eden Game 4.2

Eden Game

Chapter 41: Before The Finals

2.3M Aug 11,19 Migu

Developed by “God’s Domain Technologies”, virtual reality has taken the world by storm. The virtual world “Eden’s Paradise” is described as a mysterious and flawless universe, and has become the place that every gamer dreams of. Those in reality feel disappointment towards the real world, or want to escape from it, or are possessed by greed, or have dreams, or s
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Kuang Shen 4.4

Kuang Shen

Chapter 47

7.3M Aug 08,19 Tang Jia San Shao

A world where humans, beasts, demons, gods, dragons and pixies fight for supremacy; A war where great beast warriors of the Baemon troop, the dragon knights that soar in the sky, and the demon race that befell into the angel troops battle. A mixed blood child, who bears the blood of a human, demon and beast, went through hardships that no other people had, and has unmatched wild war potential. He
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Yue Shang 4.5

Yue Shang

Chapter 106 [End]

3.9M Aug 04,19 Ai Qing, Mo Huan

Since ancient times, witches fought demons to save the world. However everything changed 100 years ago. The clan of witches secluded themselves in the mountains with a shield enchantment. Only the talented ones are able to freely enter and exit. And among them predicted that the clan of witches would destroyed by the one with siler hair. Daughter of the clan's patriarch, a head of silver ha
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Treading on Fire, Yuwen Jun! 4.1

Treading On Fire, Yuwen Jun!

Chapter 80

8M Jul 22,19 本T, 剑剑

Yuwen Jun (Cheng) came to Japan to get married because of childhood arrangement. Instead he got himself into a thrilling journey where kendo masters, detective sisters, young misses of rich families entangled with him. Yuwen Jun was stunned while facing so many unexpected incidents: "I just came to get married..."
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I Love BL Comics 4.7

I Love Bl Comics

Chapter 43: Episode 43

609.5K Jul 18,19 Li Zhiheng & Mei Dajiong & Buka Manga

LyChee, a young boy who dreams to be a cartoonist, accidentally became the assistant of BL cartoonists! And all of those catoonists are beautiful women! This is a funny story of their life and their work.
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Chang Ge Xing 4.8

Chang Ge Xing

Chapter 61

2.9M Jul 16,19 Xia Da

Chang An in the Tang Dynasty of China (618-907): The demon star is passing through the sky, calamity is about to befall the Tang Dynasty - because of a woman. Skilled in martial arts and war tactics, Princess Li Cheng Ge sets out to avenge her family and take back the throne.
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They are a Couple 4.5

They Are A Couple

Vol.1 Chapter 200

4.7M Jul 07,19 Amberay, Xinghai

When Luo Yunjuan was little, he was the stand-in for his sister in a commercial where he had to crossdress and be kissed by the child star, Ao Yue. Now in his third year of high school, Yunjuan aims to have a profession that will earn him a lot of money so that he can pay for his sister’s medical expenses. Then one day, he’s approached by a man saying he has a way for Yunj
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Adonis Next Door 4.7

Adonis Next Door

Chapter 95: The End

3.5M Jul 06,19 San Fu comic

Su Shuang Shuang comes home one day to find that someone has moved into the apartment next to hers. When curiosity gets the best of her and she goes in to meet her neighbour, a handsome guys comes out of the shower? And he calls the police?
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Ji Ye and Guan Shan 3.7

Ji Ye And Guan Shan

Chapter 22.5

339.3K Jun 29,19 Tyler Tián

This is a heartwarming story that tugs at your heart. Ji Ye is a fine arts student in his third year who is dating his teacher, Guan Shan, 16 years his senior. However, after three years of dating, their relationship slowly turns stale and boring, and the two start facing problems of anger and jealousy as Ji Ye considers breaking up and Guan Shan starts suffering from mid-life crisis.
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The Fifth Encounter 4.7

The Fifth Encounter

Chapter 5

238K Jun 05,19 Dual82

After the main character’s brother died and left him alone, he tries to commit suicide but a thief appears and saves him from death. What is going to happen with these two boys in the end?
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The Lost City 4.7

The Lost City

Chapter 82: Arc 4 - The Haunted House Maze Part 19

1.5M May 25,19 Dong Man Tang

Decommisioned police officer Zhounan, is perplexed by a peculiar psychological experience. Upon contact with any object, he is able to perceive an individual's thoughts and capabilities. Evidently he finds himself entangled within the city he is in - the numerous legends within the Lost City cities. And those seemingly absurd legends hide surprising secrets. A weird world slowly opens its d
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The Temptation of a Cat Demon 4.6

The Temptation Of A Cat Demon

Chapter 107: Sweet Valentine Extra Part 2

2.6M May 04,19 青玉~Gaffey

A cat demon with a split personality is reincarnated with the memories of her past life. She wishes revenge on her lover from her past life, but upon meeting him finds herself falling all over for him again. What should she do?! A female main character with no sense of moral principles, between an arrogant, abstinent man and the charming, indifferent demon king, who will she choose!
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Sunshine & Bright Stars 4.7

Sunshine & Bright Stars

Chapter 69: I Enjoy Every Moment Together With You

1.2M Apr 21,19 NoftB

The story is a little choppy at times but overall it is enjoyable to read and there are a lot of beautiful moments between Ah Ming and Li Zi Ming.
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Modern Lovers 3

Modern Lovers

Chapter 1: Modern Lovers

45.2K Apr 09,19 Okudaira Yla

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Limbless Schira 4.5

Limbless Schira

Chapter 20: Butterfly (2)

806.4K Mar 17,19 Yoousi

Will the child be turned into demons? Why is it related to the past lives? In order to save the white nights that are cursed by the curse, Ye Ye embarked on a curse of liberation and curse. As the journey deepens, the truth of past lives is revealed a little... This is a collection of intrigues, Daguai, friendship and love, and everything. Want to see the magical elements of the hilarious adven
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The Beast Husband 4.4

The Beast Husband

Chapter 13

1M Mar 07,19 Ying qianxian dongman

She was kidnapped by a man all over the city! "Hey, give me a baby..." This black belly prince madly pets the young wife.
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Lil' Green & Lil' Blue 4.9

Lil' Green & Lil' Blue

Chapter 73: A Rhythm Game

536.5K Feb 09,19 Ocarina

This is a Chinese Comedy Webtoon...
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Boundary Apocalypse 3

Boundary Apocalypse

Chapter 7

179.1K Jan 24,19 Drockart黑岩

In the distant future, a war between the alien Thorne Empire and the human New Federation has been waging on for centuries. Our protagonist Stahl enters the scene at this critical moment in history, and with the help of a gorgeous girl and a ridiculous robot, what kind of story will unfold?
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Magical Boys 2.4

Magical Boys

Chapter 3

82.7K Jan 11,19 Zhao Hua She

Summary by BAP Scans: A high school student named Qu Le lived an ordinary life until fate intertwine its mysterious creatures called "sky whale" which changes his life completely. "I signed a contract to become a magical beautiful boy!" -- It was a contract that he signed off to become a magician to fight off monsters. The only twist was that when he transformed, his outf
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A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting To Be Appreciated 4.8

A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting To Be Appreciated

Chapter 8: Desire

376.4K Nov 19,18 鄙木鱼, Rosa

She has unparalleled intelligence which earns her the title of 'Female Zhuge' and is a servant of JingAn Palace ? Bai PingTing. He holds the title of 'Duke' of the Donglin Kingdom, also known as the 'God of War' - Chu BeiJie. They are separated by their loyalty to their kingdoms, therefore making them enemies... yet they cannot escape their love for each other. When the wor
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Dragon and the Phoenix 4.8

Dragon And The Phoenix

Chapter 9

366.1K Nov 18,18 Jie Jie

A Phoenix egg falls from the sky into the sea dragon realm, there the egg hatched into a beautiful and innocent little girl and when she wakes up there is a handsome (but dumbfounded) Dragon beside her...
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Chong Qi Dong Xi Bu Dong Xi 4.6

Chong Qi Dong Xi Bu Dong Xi

Chapter 7: Demon Fox (7)

193.6K Nov 18,18 MAX

In Great Ming Dynasty, sudden unexplained mysteries occurred, In order to investigate the cause, East Faction, West Faction, Imperial Guards and other factions appeared. Searching through the details and clear away the mystery fog, what is actually happening?
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Chronos Ruler 4.7

Chronos Ruler

Vol.8 Chapter 77: Cold Game [End]

1.2M Nov 06,18 Pon Jea

The story centers on "Chronos Rulers," those who fight the time-eating demons that appear when people wish they could turn back time. The Chronos Rulers fight a time-manipulation battle against these demons. Note: This is a Taiwanese manhua that Shueisha is publishing for free on its Shounen Jump+ website and app.
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