The Diary to the Stage 4.6

The Diary To The Stage

Chapter 1

107.2K Jan 26,21 You Ling

After numerous training, their dream is about to take flight. The winds of youth are taking their steps towards their dream journey. Glory and fame, dream and sweat. As the trainees aim for the stage, what does it take to get there? What kind of path will they take? This is based on a true story.
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Genius and the Phoenix 4.3

Genius And The Phoenix

Chapter 19.5

327.7K Jan 15,21 Updating

When a phoenix princess gets plotted against and falls into the mortal what would happen? This story begins with our demon princess meeting a mortal cultivator!
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Shen Ze 4.7

Shen Ze

Chapter 24: The Human World [End]

454.5K Jan 02,21 KRE,Djade

From an early age, Xu Shenze would often get caught up in the same strange dream. Over time, the dark shadow that the dream cast over his life grew, until, one day, the shadow became real, and suddenly Xu Shenze's life as he knew it was completely torn to shreds. His parents suddenly meet a gruesome end, and all sorts of other strange and disturbing events kept on happening to him. Alone and a
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A Contract of Feelingless CEO 3.3

A Contract Of Feelingless Ceo

Chapter 185

2.6M Dec 28,20 艾露艾露工作室,凤凰网漫画

She was the princess of rich family, but disasters stoke her one after another. Her father died from a car accident. Her stepmother drove her away. Her bestie and boyfriend betrayed her. What’s worse is that she messed up with the heir of Song’s Group, Eryn Song. She couldn’t afford the debt, so she was for
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River God Seeks Adoption 4.4

River God Seeks Adoption

Vol.1 Chapter 66: Catching A Fish Bare...

2M Dec 25,20 Ruisi, Yikai

Lin Lu, an otaku, wakes up one day to find a strange beauty in his bed. The handsome stranger claims to be a River God and begs Lin Lu to adopt him.
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 Childe and Sweet Wife 4.4

Childe And Sweet Wife

Chapter 147

3.3M Dec 20,20 Dong Man She

He is a dumb and paraplegic child abandoned by his family. Ignoring ridicule of others, she is his wife in their false marriage. After their marriage, she finds that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The ones who call him a dog always pay the price. He said, “Do you know the characters of dog? Brave, loyal and…hungry!”
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Yi Chui Wu Yue Tiao Man Ji 4.7

Yi Chui Wu Yue Tiao Man Ji

Chapter 167: Ripples Of A Butterfly (24)

2.3M Dec 14,20 Ibuki Satsuki (伊吹五月)

A collection of comics depicting the everyday life of characters from the wuxia-themed MMORPG Jian Wang 3. Mainly SoL(slice of life) comic shenanigans set in the Tang Dynasty. Ep 1-42: standalone episodes that don’t have continuity (aka one-shot/omake types) Ep 43 onwards: start of "story"
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Forced Marriage, Stubborn Wife 3.7

Forced Marriage, Stubborn Wife

Chapter 97

1.9M Dec 11,20 Wu li wenhua

NanQiao Chen is a weird beauty. She doesn’t love him, his money and the convenience and aura what his identity brings to her. So BeiCheng Mo has been wondering why she insisted on marrying him. Until that day, he saw the one whom NanQiao Chen love as her life. And then, he exactly knew the true heart hidden in her cold and gorgeous appearance…
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Sealed Lips 4.1

Sealed Lips

Chapter 150 - End

13.4M Nov 25,20 Feng Yu Ziran, Jiuchuan Animation

She was exploited, mistreated by her stepmother and stepsister. They were scum, insane, crazy. She became a tool for her sister's success. After dying of a painful death, she was reborn. In her previous life, she had a fiancee that she admired and loved for a long time, but he was cold and felt disgusted toward her, which brought her pain and made her hopeless. But now, facing him again, she s
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The Skin Painter 4.6

The Skin Painter

Chapter 18: Caged (5)

519.5K Nov 16,20 Updating

On Earth, spirits roam. As thousands of years pass, many curious and peculiar species are birthed. Some spirits satisfy their own desires by devouring weak human begins. With this, a group of humans possessing special powers came into being: exorcists, wizards... Within them, include those miraculous beings who defy natural laws. With one pen, they are able to redraw one's features... We ca
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Sheng Wang 4.5

Sheng Wang

Chapter 24.5

3.4M Oct 29,20 Meng Ru Shen Ji

[From OSTNT] Qi is the origin of all life. Qi Gong is the origin of all cultivation. Yang Qi throw away everything for the woman he loves but in the end he was betrayed by the one he loves the most. Hunted by other aristocrats and with no home to return to. Now with his Qi Gong being destroyed he no longer has the capability to use any martial arts. However, the Heaven has yet to turn its back on
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Your Highness, I’m Pregnant 4.3

Your Highness, I’M Pregnant

Chapter 45

2M Oct 25,20 Hong you ling

The cute and clever “eunuch” was discovered to be pregnant and unexpectedly became the Crown Prince’s personal attendant? The Crown Prince is rumored to be erratic, two-faced and aloof… and yet he keeps indulging her despite her testing his bottom line again and again…Why would she disguise herself as a man after crossing over and insist on staying beside him&hellip
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As You Wish, Prince 4.2

As You Wish, Prince

Chapter 93

14.6M Oct 19,20 Mokgamgi

“If you wrote me, then you can give me the throne!“ Yoonsoo is the successful author of a popular fantasy series. Just as she’s about to start work on a new series, Imperial Prince Einzen Kyte, the worst villain she created has kidnapped her into the world of her own story?! Based on the hit novel.
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The Secret She Keeps 4

The Secret She Keeps

Chapter 114

797.4K Oct 11,20 Updating

In her previous life, Yi Ruo Shui, born in a rich family, was a typically obedient girl who was fond of music and adept at playing piano. At that time, being an innocent and unsophisticated girl, she never doubted anybody, nor did she ever guard against her friends or lover, which, however, brought her only constant disasters. Many years later, being blindsided again, Yi Ruo Shui died in
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Spicy Wife 4.3

Spicy Wife

Chapter 113 - End

2M Oct 05,20 Iciyuan动漫

The first time Jiang Xinger met Xiao Tingyue, a wealthy, misterious and hansome young man, her only wish is to make out with him. And Tingyue, when he first met Xinger, the young rural girl with some special spice, aloof and cool as him, he couldn’t help it but only to let her be…
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Fanboy and Robot Idol 3.9

Fanboy And Robot Idol

Chapter 83

355.5K Oct 05,20 Royan

Picking up a has-been robot idol, who has attacked on human beings and taking him home is the crazy thing our MC has done. Faced with this situation, MC decides to help him return to his idol’s life. So let’s start from being a cross-dress streamer. (Isn’t there anything wrong?)
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Fallen Star 3.9

Fallen Star

Extra 10

408.3K Oct 04,20 KS

Our famous star realized two facts that give him a headache: One, he is gay but that’s not even the worst part; two, the guy he likes is being forced by his family to go on blind dates and that’s terrible!
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My Own Love Only Belongs to Me 4.5

My Own Love Only Belongs To Me

Chapter 92 - End

389.4K Oct 04,20 KS

Magic love story happening in mages’ club makes your heart dokidoki. Who is who’s only belonging?
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Sugar Pet 4

Sugar Pet

Chapter 19

325.8K Oct 04,20 Updating

Ken will do anything to catch Yuuzuki attention.
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Lunatic’s ugly girl 4.3

Lunatic’S Ugly Girl

Chapter 7

151.7K Oct 04,20 Hangman (manyu)

One is the ugly daughter of former prime minister of a dynasty, the other is the foolish abolished Crown Prince. They have their own different purpose, but support each other and grow up together step by step below the dangerous situation!Resources:
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School Hunk Must Love Me 3.4

School Hunk Must Love Me

Chapter 83

319.6K Oct 04,20 Sihai

Souls of two girls have been exchanged with each other after an accident! One is pampered and born with a silver spoon in her mouth while the other is impecunious and dependent on others for living. Will they accept it or struggle with the fate?
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Courage 3.2


Chapter 90

337K Oct 01,20 KS,Sihai

What frightens the young, handsome, gentle, and capable collegue is taking pictures? Will a reunion with an old acquaintanted who now is his new boss uncover a hidden past? What will follow the meeting with a schoolmate? Is it a love triangle? Or a relationship to say goodbye to the past?
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Weak Pretty School Boy’s Love Story 4.4

Weak Pretty School Boy’S Love Story

Chapter 57

260.6K Oct 01,20 Born For Art Comics Studio

Lin Ran, a man with a more beautiful face than women’s, is so timid that even cockroaches can scare him into scream, and his physical strength is also close to zero; meanwhile when he meets the heroic campus girl bully, will it be the journey of a girl bully master and a pretty boy apprentice, or the official opening of a school pretty boy’s courtship diary?
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My Naughty Wife 3.5

My Naughty Wife

Chapter 102

555.7K Sep 30,20 KS,Sihai

A misguided affair began with A Truth or Dare? A intimate night? He licked his bleeding lips with dangerous looks. He blushed and buried his head in her neck with cutesy. Who says it’s better to settle a quarrel than to make one?
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