Danshi Koukousei wa Isekai de JK ni Natta 3

Danshi Koukousei Wa Isekai De Jk Ni Natta

Vol.1 Chapter 2

104.8K Feb 16,24 Teriya Kihachi

A serious and uptight male high school student becomes a girl in another world...!? Cattleya Lanoquid is a girl from another world who longs for magic. On her 16th birthday, her mother tells her that the way to save their household finances is to... get excited...!? However, Cattleya was actually Ranka Harumigawa, a neat and serious male high school student in his past life!! Ranka (Cattleya) want
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I’m the Only One with Outstanding Cheats After My Class Got Transported to Another World?! 3.5

I’M The Only One With Outstanding Cheats After My Class Got Transported To Another World?!

Chapter 3

107.2K Feb 15,24 Hakurou

Ryuuto was subjected to rampant bullying on an almost daily basis. But on what looked like another day of living he** for him, the classroom was suddenly enveloped in blinding light, and he found himself standing before a man who called himself G**. Ryuuto had been transported to another world, and unfortunately so were his bullies. However, when he saw his stats, Ryuuto realized he was the only o
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The Mochi I Drew Is Tasty Today Too 4.8

The Mochi I Drew Is Tasty Today Too

Chapter 22: I Wish To Be A Painter

2.1M Feb 14,24 Mochimochi Matter,Baito Asuka

Tougo is a high school student who loves drawing more than anything. One day, he woke up in a deep forest filled with vegetations he had never seen before... While he went on an exploration finding answers in this new world, he found them without putting much effort. When he drew a Mochi using pencil and paper, something unusual happened...!? Not just a log house but legendary beasts too!? With ab
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Moe Buta Tensei: Akutoku Shounin Da Kedo Yuusha O Sashioite Isekai Musou Shitemita 4.4

Moe Buta Tensei: Akutoku Shounin Da Kedo Yuusha O Sashioite Isekai Musou Shitemita

Vol.2 Chapter 10

329.1K Feb 12,24 Jintsuriki

“Women are such a pain. It’s easier to hang out with other guys.”Our protagonist, a misogynistic high schooler, was run over by a middle-aged woman who wasn’t paying attention to the road while he was on his way to school one morning.When he regained consciousness, he finds himself in an unfamiliar world where he has been reincarnated as Hawk Gold, a woman-loving, obese child of a wealthy
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Henkyou no Mahou Kusushi - Jiyuu Kimama na Isekai Mono Zukuri Nikki 4.5

Henkyou No Mahou Kusushi - Jiyuu Kimama Na Isekai Mono Zukuri Nikki

Vol.1 Chapter 1.1: Reincarnated In The Goddess World-1

28.8K Feb 10,24 Enaga Yuuki

Me, who has mastered the game profession of "magic medicine doctor," was reborn in a miserable world where the only medicine available was a grotesque recovery potion!Reincarnate as a child of a noble family and save the world by secretly improving magic potions. If you create not only medicines but also various other things, you may be thanked by your cute little sister and everyone in the te
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Tensei Yuusha wa Joshikousei!?: Maou no Dekiai ni Komattemasu 4.9

Tensei Yuusha Wa Joshikousei!?: Maou No Dekiai Ni Komattemasu

Vol.1 Chapter 1.2

13.4K Feb 09,24 Aniya Yuiji

The hero who lost to the Demon King in his previous life has been reincarnated as a high school girl!? The Demon King is a high school boy! Sages, Wizards, Tricksters, Ex-Heroes and friends unfold the most fun and messy school life - The fateful romantic comedy of reincarnation is about to begin!!
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5.1K Feb 09,24 Dapperfruit

Mollie's upbringing was unique. She's a 4 inch tall mouse girl who's lived with a human family for as long as she can remember, never knowing about her true heritage. But a chance encounter with a powerful Runestone in the back of her snack cupboard transports her to dangerous world filled with magic and other mousefolk just like her. Her journey begins as she makes friends who offer to get her ho
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Faker's Light 3.8

Faker's Light

3.8K Feb 08,24 SoenKai

A week too late for the launch of the newest hottest deep-dive VR game S.E.N, “Drakuun” logs in to catch up but somehow the game starts unexpected. Does everyone start just dressed in a loincloth deep inside a dungeon?
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Ryuu Kishi-dan de Ore Dake Neko Kishi 4.5

Ryuu Kishi-Dan De Ore Dake Neko Kishi

Chapter 12

148.3K Feb 06,24 OZE Haruca

What the heck is a "cat knight"?! Transported to another world where cats don't exist, he has only his beloved cat to rely on. And... she's been turned into a giant!
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Listen to My Lady's Story ―Villainess Conquest Record― 4.6

Listen To My Lady's Story ―Villainess Conquest Record―

Chapter 5

6.6M Feb 03,24 Gardenia

Crow, the loyal butler of a villainess, realizes through a series of chance events that he has in fact been reincarnated into another world.With a new perspective on life, he realizes just how badly he's been treated by this haughty, egotistical and prideful noble lady he calls his mistress until now, and boils with rage at the injustice.However, after deciding to take revenge on her in a
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Rebirth Of The Immortal Arrogant Son-in-law 3.8

Rebirth Of The Immortal Arrogant Son-In-Law

Chapter 9: Overpowering The Dogs

1.4M Jan 31,24 Feihong Culture

The loose Immortal cultivator Ye Chen was attacked by a traitor in the immortal world, and he was reborn and returned back into the past. In his previous life, he was persecuted by a rich second generation, his wife was snatched away from him, and he was eventually abducted and died a tragic death in a water cage in northern Myanmar, In his current life, Ye Chen vowed to protect and to see
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Boku igai Zennin Tenseisha ka yo!? 4.7

Boku Igai Zennin Tenseisha Ka Yo!?

Chapter 23.7

611.3K Jan 31,24 Natsuna Yuuma

Rocco is a novice adventurer who begins his journey to save his sister Natty, who is cursed by a demon and asleep. At an adventurer's guild, he meets Taiga, who was given extraordinary abilities when he was reincarnated from another world! He also meets Sawyer and Mia, who were also reincarnated from another world and have cheat abilities, but something happens that shocks even them!
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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money 4.8

Forget My Husband, I’Ll Go Make Money

Chapter 69

16.2M Jan 31,24 Banmu , Joo haeon , Joo haeon / Banmu , Ju Hyeon

Forget About My Husband, I'd Rather Go Make Money at I became the wife of a man who already had a lover.So, I should do my best to help him remain faithful to her, right?But how did I end up destroying the bed with him on our first night together?***Aristine is a royal princess who's been confined all her life, as she is highly disfavored by the emperor.But the truth is, as the possessor o
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My younger brother became ridiculously strong when he trained as his sister told him 4.2

My Younger Brother Became Ridiculously Strong When He Trained As His Sister Told Him

Chapter 10.5

3.8M Jan 30,24 YOSHIDA An

If you're an adventurer, it's normal to be able to do this much...Another world adventure fantasy of a younger brother raised by the world's strongest older sister!Shifa, a boy who longs to be an adventurer, is told by his respected older sister, Rose.Believing in the words, "If you want to be an adventurer, you have to be able to do this," he continues his training.Rose's special training, which
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Mushoku Tensei ~Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu~ Special Book 4.1

Mushoku Tensei ~Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu~ Special Book

Vol.1 Chapter 4

59K Jan 29,24 Higake Take, Yoneda Kazusa, Iwami Shouko, Fujikawa Yuka

Short stories illustrated by the artists who've worked on the main Jobless Reincarnation mangas. **Warning**: Manga-onlies beware spoilers.
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They Live in the Princess' Flower Garden 4.7

They Live In The Princess' Flower Garden

Chapter 14

72.3K Jan 29,24 Gogyeoul, Geomoli

Read manhwa They Live in the Princess' Flower Garden / Thanks to the seal of the king of spirits, she was born with the qualities of a master of spirits. Her parents and brother-in-law pour endless affection on her, and the Knights Templar often follow her around asking for her to be an escort. Furthermore "Why don't you know that your light wish is my earnest desire?" The devil begs for a dif
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Water Magician 4.8

Water Magician

Chapter 6

1.3M Jan 28,24 KUBOU Tadashi

Water Magician manga, Mizu Zokusei no Mahoutsukai @COMIC This is the story of Ryo, who was reincarnated in the world of swords and magic.It is a story of the royal road to survive using the magic of water attribute.What is magic? What is swordsmanship?How does it relate to the laws of physics that we know?Or what is politics? What is a nation?Why are there many kingdoms in reincarnation stories?
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Demon Lord 2099 4.1

Demon Lord 2099

Chapter 2.1

151.8K Jan 28,24 Murasaki Daigo

The winner of the 33rd Fantasia Award, a cyberpunk fantasy, has been adapted into a manga with stunning artwork!In the year 2099 of the Integrated Calendar, in the city of Shinjuku, a city that has reached the ultimate pinnacle of development, the legendary Demon Lord Veltol returns. Amidst the splendid prosperity of the colossal city-state lies a brutal 'darkness' concealed beneath the surfac
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Isekai Tensei Shitara Aiken ga Saikyou ni Narimashita: Silver Fenrir to Ore ga Isekai Kurashi wo Hajimetara 3.7

Isekai Tensei Shitara Aiken Ga Saikyou Ni Narimashita: Silver Fenrir To Ore Ga Isekai Kurashi Wo Hajimetara

Chapter 20

977.2K Jan 28,24 Ryuuou , ICHIKA Hana

Takumi is a salaryman who spends his days working overtime. One day, he wakes up in a deep forest. And in front of him is a huge wolf- "this is Leo, the dog I had (Maltese) !?" His dog, which turned into the strongest demon beast, Silver Fenrir, and the mysterious ability of "weed cultivation" given to Takumi… The goal of two cheats is --- slow life!
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I Used to Be a Disqualified Daughter of the Duke 4.4

I Used To Be A Disqualified Daughter Of The Duke

Chapter 27

2.9M Jan 28,24 ICHIBU Saki , SHIROTORI Ushio

Claire Martino has a fairy-tale life anyone would envy, with a noble upbringing, a crown prince for a fiancé, and a promising future ahead of her as Noston’s most powerful mage. That is, until everything crashes down around her when all of the family magical talent goes to her half sister, Charlotte, instead. With her engagement broken and reputation tarnished, Claire flees the only life she’s eve
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I Became the Chef of the Dragon King 4.8

I Became The Chef Of The Dragon King

Chapter 60

9.3M Jan 27,24 Moon Baek-kyung,옥,카라쿨

Chong Shim threw herself into the sea of Indangsu! What will happen when she wakes up in a lazy dragon’s dungeon? Meet many cute monsters while living a delicious, symbiotic life!
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Henjin no Salad Bowl 4.3

Henjin No Salad Bowl

Vol.1 Chapter 1: The Arrival Of A Genius (From Another World) - 1

16.9K Jan 26,24 Hirasaka Yomi

While trailing someone, the poor detective Sousuke Kaburagi runs into Sara, an imperial princess from another world who uses black magic. Sousuke and Sara gradually begin living together, but in the blink of an eye, Sara becomes accustomed to modern-day Japan...Meanwhile, Livia—a female knight who transferred to the world after Sara, is enjoying a surprisingly pleasant life, even though she is
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According to the Hero Who Returned From Another World 4.4

According To The Hero Who Returned From Another World

Vol.1 Chapter 4: After School

568K Jan 25,24 Koh Suzukure

Kurosu Daiki is an ordinary high school student. He worries about his test results and deals with his cute but overbearing little sister, but he's not entirely dissatisfied with his peaceful everyday life. However, Daiki feels a sense of discomfort with such a routine life. One day, he meets a girl on a street corner who appears with a sudden intense palpitation. She is a witch living in the prese
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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Gaiden - Yuna no Yorimichi Techo 4.5

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Gaiden - Yuna No Yorimichi Techo

Chapter 3

375.2K Jan 23,24 Kumanano

A completely original story of Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear. An exciting tale of featuring Yuna, a bear girl dressed in overpowered and cute bear equipment!While living free-spirited in another world, there are incidents that make Yuna want to rest. An original story that no one knows yet begins with delicious food in hand ♪During their stay in the royal capital, Yuna and Fina hear rumors of a phan
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