The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken When She Became Too Perfect is Sold Off to a Neighboring Kingdom 4.8

The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken When She Became Too Perfect Is Sold Off To A Neighboring Kingdom

Chapter 6

3.3M Jan 22,24 FUYUTSUKI Kouki , AYAKITA Mago

Born into a family of saints, Philia’s childhood was filled with harsh education. Nevertheless, it formed her into a great saint and secured her engagement with the second Prince, Julius. But when she became too perfect and thus not cute in his eyes, Julius broke their engagement! That's why he decided to make her leave her homeland and make her a saint for a neighboring kingdom in exchange for mo
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The Adventures of Black Cat 4.8

The Adventures Of Black Cat "nyango": Since I Got A Rare Attribute, I Aim To Be A Carefree Adventurer

Chapter 10

2.3M Jan 22,24 Satou Yuuko,Chira Shinoura

Become a cat and enter another world. An adventure that's not just cute begins! A boy reincarnated in a different world aspires to be an adventurer, but his body is that of the weakest race of cat people, and the magic he wields is an empty attribute that is ridiculed as "empty". However, the boy ignores the big handicap and uses his ingenuity to create weapons and armor from sky magic, transfor
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Astro King - Summoned as a Hero, I Turned Out to Be Low Rank, so I Made a Maid Harem! 3.9

Astro King - Summoned As A Hero, I Turned Out To Be Low Rank, So I Made A Maid Harem!

Vol.3 Chapter 20

20.3M Jan 21,24 Ryuutei Kenji

After being transported to another world with all of his classmates, Yoshitsune was ordered to conquer the dungeon as a hero. While his peers were all reeled in and tamed by the offer of unlimited sex with the castle maids, Yoshitsune, a low-rank hero, devoted his cheat skills to getting more and more maid wives...
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Jinrou e no Tensei, Maou no Fukkan: Hajimari no Shou 4.7

Jinrou E No Tensei, Maou No Fukkan: Hajimari No Shou

Vol.3 Chapter 13

5.2M Jan 20,24 Hyougetsu, Nishi(E)da

Reincarnated to a werewolf magician, the Protagonist Vyett was instated as the vice head of the Demon Lord's third brigade force. Occupying a remote market town, he was entrusted to management and defense. As a former human, born a monster, I can understand the sentiments of both sides well enough. Because of that, those around seem to think I'm a man of wis
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Don't Hire My Brother, Your Highness! 4.6

Don't Hire My Brother, Your Highness!

Chapter 89

8.5M Jan 18,24 Ryu Heeon , 류희온 , 이수호

"Your Highness! The papers have piled up like this!" I reincarnated as Irene Weber, the younger sister of an aide who is suffering from overtime because of the prince who is in love and neglects his work. Irene, who was buried in work before the reincarnation and died of overwork, intends to protect her beloved brother from such a terrible thing. No overtime! No call after work! Evil boss, go away
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How To Survive As A Player 3.5

How To Survive As A Player

Chapter 31

1M Jan 18,24 Sambaek

Beta testing is over! The official server is the real world! ‘Elix’ empire building and cultivating game with many secrets hidden behind the curtain. In this game the player becomes ‘king,’ and rules over the country with their vassals. Before playing the player takes an aptitude test to determine his race. When the player is given a race and enters the game, they are given a helpful vassal called
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Elf-san wa Yaserarenai. 4.7

Elf-San Wa Yaserarenai.

Vol.8 Chapter 47.6: Anime Announcement

8.6M Jan 15,24 Synecdoche

A young man, Naoe Tomoaki, works as a consultant at a popular Seitai therapy clinic. He is in charge of the treatment of a woman on her diet course. But the woman is an elf from a different world with sharp ears and a bow! Why are the elves, who should be slender, getting fat? And will her diet succeed!?(See "Related" tab for sequel series that continues the story after Chapter 47.)---
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I've Probably Made a Mistake in Getting Married 4

I've Probably Made A Mistake In Getting Married

Chapter 19

198.5K Jan 15,24 Singnanda, Yungteol, Kim Daham

I've reincarnated in the world of fiction, where characters are decapitated at the hands of villains.I read the famous gothic novels to cure my timidity and build my courage! Before the real story can begin, I have to get away from the dreaded capital society. So I married a poor baron in the countryside..."Don't make me pay your bills. Do you understand?"This man, who shows up at the
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Romance In Seorabeol 3.9

Romance In Seorabeol

Chapter 48

653.7K Jan 14,24 Gina C , Bamppang

Soyoung is a college girl who insists that life is unfair and nothing changes no matter how hard she tries. She hangs out with her friends every day, spending meaningless time. Just before Coming of Age Day, she finds herself into the body of the princess of Shilla. Soyoung has to hide her blonde hair, which can be a fatal flaw for a royal family member.
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I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace 4.8

I Was Caught Up In A Hero Summoning, But That World Is At Peace

Chapter 51

54M Jan 14,24 Toudai,Jirou Heian

Suddenly appearing in a different world, it looks like I got caught up in a Hero Summoning. And of course, I’m not the Hero, but it’s another guy……and while being very cautious and scared of the cliche of the cliche-like development, I was thrown into the maelstrom of war……or not. The Demon Lord? It was defeated a thousand years ago. Hero? He&rs
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Nenrei Seigentsuki Otome Game no Akuyaku Reijou desu ga, Katabutsu Kishi-sama ga Yuushuu Sugite R Event ga Issai Okinai 4.2

Nenrei Seigentsuki Otome Game No Akuyaku Reijou Desu Ga, Katabutsu Kishi-Sama Ga Yuushuu Sugite R Event Ga Issai Okinai

Chapter 5: I'm Not A Stalker

190.6K Jan 14,24 Kurusu Mikan

One day, Lobelia, the daughter of a marquis, realizes that she is the villainess of an 18-rated otome game and that, Lily, her beloved younger sister, is the main character."I can't let my precious sister be subjected to such a disgusting situation," she said, "And there's no way I was going to bully her!" So begins Lobelia's struggle to change her destiny!Before her reincarnation, she had
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Plant Monster Girl Diary 4.8

Plant Monster Girl Diary

Vol.2 Chapter 11: Ch. 11

3.9M Jan 10,24 Minase,Guu,Riritto

Who knew that even a stationary plant could be surprisingly capable?! Our protagonist is a saint—or was, until she was betrayed by one of her fellow saint apprentices as well as her fiancé, a hero. In her final moments, she recalls her previous life, when she was just a normal Japanese high school girl, but that doesn't help the fact that she's being eaten alive by a massive plant monster. And
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Seizonritsu 0% no Akuyaku Reijou 3.6

Seizonritsu 0% No Akuyaku Reijou

Chapter 2

9.2K Jan 09,24 Kaiho Akiko

If you make the wrong choice, you will die instantly! The worst Otome game ever with death is about to begin!One day, the protagonist receives an email from her former best friend saying, “I finished developing the game we used to make together, and I’d like for you to play it.” However, the day after playing the game, she wakes up and finds herself as “Diana,” the villainess of the game! More
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I Can't Escape From Mr. Naughty Red Riding Hood 4.6

I Can't Escape From Mr. Naughty Red Riding Hood

Chapter 1

243.4K Jan 09,24 五斗

"Hey. Look at me when you're in my arms." An ordinary office worker falls unexpectedly into this fairy tale world and takes the role of the Big, Bad Wolf. It's going to be a long, hard road to make her way back home...
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I Raised the Yandere Villain Empress 4.4

I Raised The Yandere Villain Empress

Chapter 18

2.1M Jan 07,24 笑脸

What is the experience of being betrayed and given to death by a disciple who has been raised with all his heart and soul? Exhausting his cultivation to finally obtain a chance to be reborn! In this life, he's become corrupted. What's the point of helping the heroine? Since I've come to become a villain, I'll do it to the tee! As long as I'm strong enough, I'll be able to win!
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I Met the Male Lead In Prison 4.8

I Met The Male Lead In Prison

Vol.1 Chapter 14

523.6K Jan 07,24 Moon Sihyun

I met the male lead in the prison.I know he's supposed to be a 19+ tragedy novel male lead, but...Why is he like that?"Woof! Woof! Woof! Grrr."It was said that he was cursed to turn into a beast...So, what is it like to awaken from the curse?"T-T-Take responsibility, or d-don't touch me!"I just felt relieved, thinking there wouldn't be any romantic feelings/involvement
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Brother In My Hand 3.7

Brother In My Hand

Chapter 0

9.1K Jan 05,24 Neoman

Brother In My HandBrother In My Hand is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Action series is written by Updating This Comic is AboutFeng Ji and his best friend ( best brother ) Lu Bo Dan died due to being hit by a meteorite, they got isekai-ed after they died, being a legend's reincarnation, they made a deal, to make the world peaceful, so male lead and Lu Bo Dan walks on a path to ge
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Reincarnated With a Metal Bat ~Surviving the Monochrome Madness~ 4.5

Reincarnated With A Metal Bat ~Surviving The Monochrome Madness~

Chapter 1

21.6K Jan 05,24 Okan

Reincarnated With a Metal Bat ~Surviving the Monochrome Madness~The man who can take a full swing into another person's head [Fighting Yankee Imaoka] was reincarnated into another world. There are people who can control lightning to their world, produce infinite amount of magma people who are full of superpowers known as [Gift]. In midst of all of that, the Gift that Imaoka received was obviously
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The Strongest Involution System 4.6

The Strongest Involution System

Chapter 14

53.2K Jan 05,24 若鸿文化

The Strongest Involution SystemChu Xingchen crossed over to the immortal cultivation world, thought he could lie down peaceful to his old age, but he was forcibly bound by the strongest martial g** system, was forced involution, and started the road of strongest male character.
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How to Stop a Tyrant from Being Decadent 5

How To Stop A Tyrant From Being Decadent

Chapter 1

7.6K Jan 05,24 Updating

How to Stop a Tyrant from Being Decadentn contrast to her past life in Korea, the storybook world Rayne Haatz inhabits is full of wondersthink dreamy powers, nobles inspired by card suits, and anthromorphs. There's just one issue her destiny in this world is to die! Luckily, it seems that someone wants her alive. In her fourth life, Rayne vows to stop her scheming family from giving Emperor Jaynen
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The Hero Summoned from Another World is a Cat 4.5

The Hero Summoned From Another World Is A Cat

Chapter 1

8.5K Jan 05,24 KUSUNOKI Hikaru

The Hero Summoned from Another World is a CatIn a world where the demon king who has long laid dormant has reawakened, mankind decided to summon a hero from another world to stand against him. However, the one that appeared from the other world was an unfamiliar being, a cat'. This is an isekai fantasy where people from a world where cats do not exist fall head over heels for a cat's cuteness!
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I, The Invincible Villain Master With My Apprentices 4.4

I, The Invincible Villain Master With My Apprentices

Chapter 99

16.3M Jan 05,24 SF Light Novels, 宁谖

Shen Shi felt very sad. He didn’t understand why he transmigrated into the book he wrote and was not the protagonist. He also didn’t understand why immortal male protagonist became a female? He didn’t understand even more. It was obvious that he wanted to be a cultivator apprentices, so why everyone wanted to become his apprentice The protagonist: “Master! Are you going to eat me first today, or d
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Lady Healer With Zero Luck With Men. Her First Love, a Black Knight, Is Now Her Unchosen Fiancé 4.6

Lady Healer With Zero Luck With Men. Her First Love, A Black Knight, Is Now Her Unchosen Fiancé

Chapter 6

289K Jan 05,24 Hiiragi Ichiha,Gemuta

Lydia, the daughter of a count, reincarnated in an otome game, "Easy Love Simulation Reincarnation System." Life should have been easy… However, because she changed the god's scenario, she has no luck?! With two failed attempts at marriage, worried about finding a decent man to marry, a black knight, who misunderstood that she was looking for a "sacrifice" for drug experiments, came?!
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Experience Distribution Ability 4.4

Experience Distribution Ability

Chapter 17.3

5.5M Jan 03,24 Hino Akira , Itou Souichi , Tsukumo Nishiki , Skyfarm

Fildo is suddenly fired from "Light of Glory," the top guild in the country and a black guild. Although Fildo was mercilessly expelled from the guild, his experience value increased remarkably due to the effect of the Point Gifter "Experience Distributor" skill, and he became the most powerful man on the continent. On the other hand, "Light of Glory" lost a great deal of experience and faced a cri
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